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aqua girl

I'm in! Just thought I would mention again how much I appreciate any time Cathe explains and/or shows
Modifications for the ones of us that like to or need to modify. I still think a short 5-10 min. separate section, maybe Called modifications would help...nothing fancy, for example, showing a particular higher impact move, then Show the modification, and so on.....then when that move comes in the workout, people that modify would
Recognize and know what to do....makes sense to me, but maybe not feasible, just thought I would throw the
Idea out there :). I really like all the ones that have been shown in recent workouts, and in turn, has helped me
To go back to some older workouts and exercises that I may have skipped when I have recognized a move and
Remembered a recent easier to do move for it. Anyway, thanks for all you do.


Wow, this was best news!!! I saw it on Facebook and right there I clicked and ordered - hardly read any of the descriptions. Whatever you get from Cathe is going to be fabulous!!! Thank You Cathe!!!!


These sound great! I will definitely be preordering :)

In the past I've asked for a kickboxing/barre workout - do you think this can be part of the Boxing Bootcamp/Legs and Glutes workout? I've missed the barre exercises on your past couple of series.

Get the latest Fit Tower workout for barre work. I'd be surprised if the legs and glutes workout in the new series had a barre focus quite honestly. It might be too soon for Cathe after the Fit Tower releases. You might look to other instructors for more barre work in the meantime: Linda Wooldridge, Suzanne Bowen, Leah Sarago .....

Any chance barbell hip thrusts will be included in the glute workout? I love them and unless I'm wrong they only show up in xtrains 100 rep challenge.

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Just wanted to add that I love them too. You're right, Hip thrust has only been lined up once as you mentioned above.
It would be great to revisit it using the tower to safely rack up a loaded barbell:p;);) I think there are enough documents
out there confirming how effective it is for glute development.:)

Single leg glute bridge are fine and have been extensively covered for more than a decade:);)


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Just curious about the cardio sections. Does the cardio have complex steps and moves? Does all the cardio use the step? I can't do complicated step moves.


Hi, Cathe, I am training Marathon. I am really looking forward to weight, conditioning workout within 30 min. Hope you will include those 30 min pre mix.

I am not a fan of steps work out. It really bothers my knees. Will this series contain steps workout?

I love, love love your Kickboxing and Fit Tower Barr workouts. Hope you includes those in this 4 split series.


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