Poor doggie!


I don't know what it is but I must have a sign at my front door for all stray animals to find their way to my door step.

There has been a stray dog running around our neighborhood and someone had called Animal Control but they couldn't catch him. Now he has been laying by my front door since last night.

He seems to be so scared! Last night I went out to give him some food (yeah, stupid I know, now he is never going to leave) I was sitting on the floor talking to him, he actually came closer and put his head on my lap and let me pet him.

I can't take him inside because my dogs will go balistic but I don't want Animal Control to get him either because I am sure they will put him down because of his fear issues. And he is so cute, he looks like a teddy bear.

I have already tried all the no-kill shelter but they are all completely filled.

Anyone want to come to Arizona to get a dog :eek:?


Oh Carola that makes me so sad :( Poor guy just wants someone to love him. How kind of you to look after him a bit and try to place him.


Can you see any kind of identifiable breed in there? Chow, maybe? (Teddy bear reference) If you did, maybe a breed rescue might be a possibility? Just a thought...

Poor puppy...:(


Awe, wish I could help. :( I'm a sucker for a lost pooch too Carola. That's how I ended up with a Rottie mix for a while when Dakota was a baby.


Can you put him in the garage or something? Poor thing is probably terrified. If you can determine a breed cross, you may want to try one of their rescues. If I lived closer I would foster him. :( I'm sorry. It's so hard.

Miss Lee

OH gosh, that breaks my heart :(. Don't you just want to find the owner(s) and smack 'em!? I don't know how people can be so negligent, or mean (maybe they just threw the dog out).


I swear, animals know an animal-lover when they see one. That's why he's on your doorstep.

Oh, how I wish I could help you. I'm in IL. :(


Did you take a pic of him?? Post it if you did.

Do you really have 5 dogs?

Yes, I have 5 Aussies :D

The picture is not great because I had to print it and then scan it. Couldn't find the cable for my digital camera :confused:

Looks like a Chow/Shepherd mix to me. What do you guys think?



No, I already called them. By state law they can't take any healthy strays over 4 months.

I would have to turn him into Maricopa Animal Control and I don't want to do that. They were going to put down another stray that I had turned in a couple of years ago because of fear issues. I had also contacted Border Collie rescue and that's why he was saved from euthanasia and now lives happily with a new owner.


I'm no expert, but his ears seem to have a "Chow-ness" about them...kinda thick, not too big, the way they're carried in the pic. His muzzle and coloring kinda go that way, too.

He is a cutie. I wish I had a good answer for where you could turn to.

I volunteer a bit for the rescue that we adopted Rascal from and they're getting a lot more owner surrenders than usual, as are shelters all over the country. I want to try fostering, but DH doesn't think he could handle it emotionally...he won't even do transports with me because he's afraid he'd end up bringing the dog home.
Oh my gosh Carola, he is sooooo cute!! How sad that he's homeless!! :( I think another poster asked but do you have a place where you can keep him safe from the outdoors, but not inside your house (like the garage)? Maybe you can socialize him yourself and make up flyers to put at the vet's office or all over town to see who may want to adopt him? I know that puts a huge responsibility on you though. I feel for you about this situation you are in. My hubby and I love animals too and are big into rescue, but there are only so many you can keep yourself! I am in NY or else I'd try and help you out more. I did find some links though:

This no-kill rescue is in Pheonix (not sure what part of AZ you are in), maybe they will take the dog or help you out?

These links seem to have every pet shelter and breed rescues in AZ:



Let me know if you want/need any help calling some places. You can always PM me with any and all info you have about the pup and I'd be glad to help out!

Sad but true about animal control, I'm sure they would put the little guy down. :(

Good luck and bless you for caring!!
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He is soooooo cute! Give an extra hug from me. Poor baby, all alone and scared. Sucks that the humane society won't take him. And animal control will give him a few weeks and put him down. :mad: No collar, I take it? I'd bring home every stray if I could. I brought one home, once. DH was NOT happy. I think thats the only time we've ever actually fought.:confused:

I'd agree with keeping him in the garage if you can, and then maybe putting posters around and contacting local vets offices? Maybe he's microchipped??? He looks to be a mutt, but mine is as well, and he's chipped - was required at adoption. He looks relatively healthy in the picture, but I wonder if he's been abused if he is that timid. Now I'm going to get all teary. I don't do well with sad puppy stories.

Give him another hug and an ear scratch for me,


I could possibly check on one of Pet Forums to see if we can get a car train going to get him to my place. I can surrender him to the HSSV which is where my daughter volunteers and is a really great no-kill shelter. They'd find a home for him in a snap - he's adorable. I want to come out and just hug him.

He is definitely a Shepherd mix. Not sure about the chow but chows are very common in the Southwest, so could be and I trust your judgement. Poor abandoned doggie. :(
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Oh what a sweet baby! I know what you mean by "dumping ground". This has sadly happened to us MANY times. I also know what it is like trying to make room for yet another furry baby...it makes you want to cry in frustration. BTW...I would say that baby has chow chow in him. I had a chow chow for many years. I hope that one of the shelters will help you!


I volunteer a bit for the rescue that we adopted Rascal from and they're getting a lot more owner surrenders than usual, as are shelters all over the country.

I can vouch for for that! Surrenders are through the roof and adoptions are at an all time low. We are overwhelmed. Things will have to improve to suck.

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