PHA 3+Ab Stacker


This workout is the main reason I purchased the entire set since I don't love step cardio but I will do anything Cathe puts out & I knew I wanted this one plus the bonus abs & extended stretches. I am so happy I did-it does not dissappoint!!! Same as Cathe's other PHA's, alternating between lower & upper but this was seemed to have me more "breathy" - she does say it has more of a cardio effect than the others. There were not cardio bursts and the pace was not rushed, but the exercises were functional based & I was definitely winded. I absolutely loved all the new exercises/variations & the inclusion of the step & platform! Plus instead of repeating the exercises 3 times, you repeat them 2 times so it didn't feel too repetitive. Time flew by & I can't wait to do it again! The abs were really tough. I did the first stacking abs good but then with the obliques stacking & the plank stacking, let's just say the risers weren't being stacked quietly-it was rough, that will be one to work up to. But I totally loved the intense hard abs because it's a challenge & these moves make it such a new and refreshing way to attack the abs! I can't say enough awesome things about these two workouts-absolutely worth the money. Thank you Cathe for continuing to come up with fun new ways to torture us & yes, I felt it!!!
Thank you for the review, now I'm even more excited !!!
The abs sound tough, wow our core will be rockn' can't wait to stack !
PHA review sounds just awesome too, cardio factor, not rushed, breathy,
functional, and repeated two times, and new variations and exercises Yes !!!
Hope mine come soon :):D
Thank you for the review. I always look forward to your prompt appraisal of Cathe's workouts.

Being in the UK, I rely on your reviews whenever a new series is released, as genuine thoughts on new DVDs just add to the anticipation and the thrill of it all.

Shipment takes a seemingly long time to get here. Or perhaps I'm just impatient. Anyway, thank you again for your speedy review.
I just did this one this morning. For weights with Cathe, I have always been an advanced intermediate—if that’s even a level. Especially with upper body. I usually can’t lift as heavy as her. I used the same weights and felt very challenged. The ab routine was a nice change of pace. I felt the burn on a few of those exercises too. I really like the pace of this PHA. Definitely a cardio effect. I think it might be my favorite PHA.
Cathe does not disappoint. Completed PHA3 with extended stretch.I was far more sweaty and winded than I had anticipated. This workout is deceiving. It builds up. I used lower weights than Cathe since it was my first time and I wanted to focus on form and it was still a challenging workout. I really enjoyed the extended stretch. I think this week will be a PHA rotation week, while I wait for the user guide. Great job Cathe, you never disappoint and it is always money well spent.
Love the exercises and sequencing, but DO NOT attempt to do this fasted! :oops: Had to pause and let the dizziness fade LOL! Started the Step Rotation yesterday!

I feel the same as is very difficult, harder than any other PHA that Cathe has done, including the Live versions. I did the workout in 2 session, first half one time, second half the next time. I still do not think I could do the whole workout at one time. Today I did the Upper Body only premix, and except for the 1 arm rows ( which I modify and just do them the normal way) and the push ups to tricep dip one, it was pretty doable. :)
I feel the same as both of you too....I, too, will just do the rows the regular way,
And probably will never do the sliding lunges from the step, feels awkward to me
And the cross over squat lunge, I will only do with the platform. On the positive
Side, I like the different biceps, lat raises, Arnold presses, the squat/deadlift combo...this is where the blender comes in handy, to add what you will do, and
Fill in with other stuff...:). Thanks for reminding me about the upper body only
Premix on the DVD, I was thinking that I wouldn't get much use from the DVD, but
That sounds doable...
Did PHA 3 this morning. Loved it of course. I will never be able to do Cathe's glide out push-ups. Instead I glide my legs out and move them out but I can't quite get my arms to bend into a push-up, afraid I'll fall flat on my face. I do push-ups on my knees only. I was able to do all the one-armed rows on the step with 10lb weight. Very hard for me though. AB Stacker was rough, moving the risers from the middle to the side in a plank position was killer. And I was unable to keep my feet elevated off the matt moving the risers from one side of the body to the other. Bu even with modifications and less weight than Cathe, I was huffing and puffing in a good way. Love the swear factor.

Exactly the same way I am on these. I can't do the push up/glide thing, just do pushups, maybe a few more. I do pushups on my knees also. Also, the plank where you move the risers side to side is NOT happening with me.

Anyone know a way you can modify some of these?

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