Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/9


Deb time with a 4 and 6 yo must count for exercise! its own special high intensity category. all it IMAX. I completely avoid step workouts, even the "easy" ones. my feet get all confused and I hate it.

I have just started the yogurt during my bout with pyelo. I was on a lot of antibiotics for a week and wanted to head off GI troubles,so I started yogurt for breakfast. so far summer fruit with it... peaches, blueberries, raspberries. sliced toasted almonds on top. a tsp of brown sugar depending on the fruit. I put a tablespoon of crunchy cereal on top a couple times too. a little crunch adds some texture. I don't care for granola but something like Chex or Oat squares. not sure if I will continue this when fruit switches to oranges, apples, and pears. an apple or orange on plain yogurt sounds bad , and if I need a load of sweetener to make it palatable, that won't work. we switch to oatmeal as weather chills, and then apples are fine. I know berries come all year round now but quality drops off and I try to stay seasonal. non fat yogurt has a sharpness to it that I like.

wow a Dremel for dog nails! what a great idea.

never looked up cottage cheese. went to dinner at friends house last night.
today my SIL and BIL are arriving. we are feeling a little like a B&B here but think this will be over after this year. we are getting in a ride this morning. then I will probably not be around for a few days.

Landscaping is done. all the low brush and grass gets very dry here and its possible to start a fire by just driving thru it from the underside of the car. we made sure we have a plant free zone around our house. no trees here, so we could not get a big forest fire but the grass fires that happen along freeways all the time are possible. I assume most of those are caused by people flicking their cigarette butts out the window, the downside to cars not having ashtrays anymore.

Lori hope you are done and that you are nowhere the gas explosion areas. sounds awful.


This morning I did Cathe Live Crush It Live, 34 minutes, heart rate average 125, max 154, 2,549 steps, 210 calories, met 5.6. I talked to my husband and had the guy that came yesterday come back and explain all of the repairs to my husband this morning and we drew up the contract. He probably won't be able to get to it for another 3 weeks. He says it is about a half day job and will try to get here sooner since water leaking is involved. I think I needed a shorter light workout today anyway. I am a bit sore today. Crush it was a good one for getting the blood moving without being excessive. My knee was hurting a bit last night and this morning because of all of the on and off step jumping from Total Body Blast with Step and Ball. I probably should have modified for some of it. I am not sure how Monday will work for a workout.

Deb, a 4 and 6 year old would be a handful. Do they play well together? My 4 and 10 year old grandchildren always want to play on the ipads. But, they both always want the newer blue one as it has more games on it. Then we have fussing :( If I see one of them watching Netflix I make them trade because both run Netflix. I had to get rid of some games on the older one because it will not update enough to play many games. Even the "blue one" has had issues with some of the games, but Angry Birds and Temple Run Play on it. I have a Pedi Paws , but have not tried it. I pulled it out recently and I need to buy batteries. I am not sure that she will allow it or a Dremal one. She flees when I blow dry my hair and vacuum. She goes halfway down the stairs and waits till I turn the drier off. I used to blow dry her after her bath when she was a little pup. I used low on it. But for some reason she has chosen to not like it now. Odd, because when I am outside with the electric lawn mower she hangs out and when I use the battery vacuum for quick pick ups, she stays on her bed and watches. But, the Kirby comes out and she goes in the sunroom and waits and watches till I have done the kitchen and dining room and then she will move to that area as I go the other way. She still wants to be kind of close. I intend to try the Pedi Paws, but am afraid it will not go over well. I like the glass file. Two days of using it and her claws are much smoother than they were with the metal one. I won't have the vet trim again. She has way too much anxiety over someone else messing with her paws, it is too easy to hit the quick as her claws are black. You can only trim the very tips. It seems they almost always manage to hit the quick. Plus she acted like she would like to bite the vet and I don't want that to be an issue. She got this way after the new girl in the old office was so slow and Gertie kept trying to hide under me. The girl put a muzzle on her and she freaked out. I used to be able to handle clipping a few at a time. Now it is a battle so I file and she seems really relaxed with that.

Valerie, I have increased my probiotic foods since the colonoscopy. All of that seems to have messed with my digestion, along with the hydroxychloraquine. I have been buying Farmhouse Culture Gut shots in the beet and ginger. It is a fermented cabbage and veggie beverage. I take a shot a couple of times a day. I tried the tumeric one that has golden beets in it, but didn't like the taste much, and the smell was more offensive. Odd, when I read the reviews on this stuff, many people loved it even though it smells bad. It is salty. So, that and coconut milk yogurt have been in my diet for awhile along with Kombucha in cayenne and ginger. I like apple in tiny dice mixed up with a bit of cinnamon mixed into my plain yogurt and maybe a few walnuts. I have been putting some Crofter raspberry fruit spread in lately. I like a little Bear Naked maple granola on my yogurt once in awhile for texture.


This morning I did WS3 One Mile of Motivation for 15 minutes and 103 calories burned. Average heart rate was was 123 and maximum heart rate was 140. After that I did a timesaver premix from X Train Bis and Tris. That was 33 minutes and 121 calories burned. Average heart rate was 107 and maximum heart rate was 133.

This is a quick check in because I have a few things going on today. Hello to all and have a great day.


we did a mt bike this morning, 1 hr 45 min. a pretty rough ride up a "road" to a cell tower. the first time we rode it we had to stop half a dozen times, but this time we stopped twice, and not even that out of breath but to decide on where we would go.
we could not get out of cell range because of waiting for a call. the road is used for cell tower maintenance but also to move cows uphill and back down. it seems the cows must have been brought back down from high country yesterday due to start of hunting season, so the road had "evidence" of cows passing thru. :eek::eek:o_O everything needed washing after that. cows are disgusting creatures. mountain bike tires pick up a whole lot of unpleasantness and sling it back toward the rider.
I may give the yogurt /apple/cinnamon but not sure about that. I don't have a great sense of smell, but will not eat anything that smells bad. hydrogen sulfide smell is a real "no" for me. hard boiled eggs, cooked cabbage, sauerkraut...those smells.
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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did Flex Train and today was a rest day. I may take tomorrow as a rest day too. We went shopping for new computer parts today. Chris wants to upgrade one of our computers so we needed a new motherboard and processor. We stopped at an "At Home" store too. That was my first time shopping there. I was surprised at how disorganized that it was. It was hard to find anything and not really any employees on the floor to help. We did see a few things we liked. We ended up buying a rug. We wanted to get a clock for the living room too, but we couldn't find the exact color and size that we wanted.

Deb-that babysitting sounds like a workout to me!

Diane Sue-I haven't had any trouble with MFP this week, but I've had issues in the past.

Carolyn-Great job with WS3 and XTrain!

Valerie-Nice mountain bike ride! That's too bad about the cows passing through there. I wouldn't like riding in that mess at all.

Hi to Lori!



My daughter just sent me a picture of all of their jars of honey they just put up from their bees. They got new bees a few months ago and these are friendly bees. My son in law didn't get stung once. Their last bunch were mean bees.

Carolyn, it looks like we both had rushed workouts and business today.

Judy, I just tried to get on MFP and I let it sit there and spin for a long time. Finally it popped up and said they were going to have everyone change their passwords and I could go ahead and do it now so I wouldn't have interruptions in their service. Once I did that I could get on my cell phone app. I haven't tried the new password on my tablet yet. I have not heard of an At Home store.

Valerie, that would be nasty riding through after the cattle. Let alone the flies and stench. You could probably even stir up a bit of brown sugar into the apples and cinnamon before you add it. I can't get started on brown sugar. I love brown sugar.


Well, MFP is still doing the same thing on both devices. I emailed MFP. I have shut the devices down and tried reinstalling and it is not working. I need to complete my diary and I do not like putting my foods in on the laptop. It does not have my recipes easy to get to, that I can see. I just end up scrolling through loads of recipes and couldn't find the one I wanted yesterday. My usual combined foods are not easily accessed. I like the app much better.


Good morning all!

I am about an hour from the explosions. All so scary. Bertucci’s immediatley went out and set up our mobile oven to cook pizzas for the first reponders. Our VP of construction oversees the mobile oven and is amazing with things like this. He does it because it is the right thing to do...not for publicity at all. He was a marine and we are always welcoming troops home with food and volunteers. It is wonderful.

I came back late wednesday. The conference was amazing. Everything went smoothly. The executives from our new company were very impressed with my coworker’s and my meeting planning skills. Even our CEO mentioned he is afraid we will start our own business. It was a really nice compliment. I won an award for my hard work and dedication! It is the first annual award of its kind in our company and very prestigious. I am so touched it was given to me. I’ll post pictures of it when I am on my laptop. It is a beautiful trophy.

I mentioned before I have been in a funk. Started of course with my company and everything that has gone on with it this year. Loosing Nilla then Madeline. I put on few pounds last year and after Madeline passed on came some more. As much as I workout my diet has been out of control the last few months. I am a stress eater and not good for my type 2. I now find I need to loose 12lbs! Yikes. When you are short it might as well be 25lbs!! I promised myself as soon as I came back from the conference I was going to take care of me. So far so good. 4 days of clean eating and I am back on track.

I am really enjoying Kelly’s raw workouts more than 80day. I find they are short but amazinly effective. Started Thursday and I swear with the clean eating and after 4 days I am already seeing my body change. I found with 80 day it was not going to be what I needed at this time. I would like to restart when I am in a different mindset.

Everyone looks like they had a great fitness week. I am going to read thru posts and respond. Thank you all for thinking of me this past week!


Lori so good you are OK regarding the explosions. I don't know the area, so when I hear
boston, I think "Lori". congratulations on your award!. yes, all the travel and difficult situations are always filled with bad food choices and the stress makes it even more likely to indulge. well, we all know how to get back on the horse!! even with all our workouts, we all know you can't out-exercise bad food choices. so you know what you gotta do, and are doing it...

our ride was really nice but mt bike tires can pick up some unpleasant stuff! no flies or stink, it is actually a nice ride. I think the cows go up in early summer, and back down in fall, so most of the year not an issue. but you can tell cows passed that way.

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