Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/9

Hello Ladies,
Today is my rest day so no workout to report. Deb, I’m sure that you will enjoy the trials today even though you are not participating. Diane Sue, have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family. Waves to Judy, Lori, and Valerie.


Today is my rest day. We went to church and family came right afterward. We had a great time together. Tomorrow I pick up the grandchildren from school and Tuesday I am hoping to go visit a friend. I have been trying to reach her. Her son died suddenly and I had talked to her just before she headed to Texas. I have been trying to reach her since this happened in May. Finally someone answered her phone and gave her the phone to talk to me. Bless her heart, she has been very sick. They had medi flighted her back to Oklahoma and she said she put herself in a nursing home. She asked me to come and spend an afternoon as it would take her a long time to explain everything. I have been so worried about her. She has lost both of her sons and her husband and only has her daughter in law and two grandchildren left. She is 85 and in the last few years has lost a lot of what seemed like non stop energy. She always did the the Grief Share for the community and heavily involved in her church. She says she is still teaching her second grade Sunday School class. I am hoping their is not bad news as to what is going on with her. About 4 years ago her neighbor started driving off with her car while my friend was still climbing in and she ended up having foot surgery and has been on crutches ever since. Then she had a bout with cancer. All of this has me worried.

Carolyn, I hope that you enjoyed your rest day.

Deb, I hope the trials were good today. I hope that your hip is doing much better.
Hi Everyone,
Yesterday I did Super Cuts with Core 2 and a short Yin Yoga. This morning I did XTrain Legs- All Sections + Rear Delts. It really cooled off here. It feels like fall. It's in the 50's and raining right now.

Deb-I hope you had fun at the trial!

Carolyn-I hope you enjoyed your rest day!

Diane Sue-I feel so bad for your friend. She has been through so much. It's good that you will be able to visit her.

Hi to Valerie & Lori!

I did chiseled upper body premix and core 1 yesterday plus extra Knee pushups. I crank right thru it if I turn off the music. Did not know it annoyed me so much.

Today we drove to montana. It is lovely and peaceful here but it is a ten and a half hour drive stopping only for gas and bathroom breaks. We want to be here for two weeks or so. Not a bad drive with light traffic and dry sunny weather Hope to get landscaping done that is basically weed control fabric and rocks. Nothing fancy but we are wary of dry conditions and fires. SIL and BIL will visit in about a week. Hopefully no one will get homicidal but it could happen.
Good morning,

A busy day yesterday at the trial, then I ended up taking a couple of the judges to the airport. No exercise except PT ones.

Diane Sue, that is horrible about your friend. I hope you have a nice visit with her. It's great that she has such a good friend.

Judy, we have the same weather. It's been raining all night, and in the low 50's right now. Our heat actually went on this morning for a bit.

Valerie, I am sure you will have a great time, even with the company! I am sure there are lots of things to do there, especially getting prepped for winter.

Hi to Carolyn, & Lori,

Take care,
This morning I did Rhythmic Step, combos 1 and 2 only, for 40 minutes and 267 calories burned. My average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate was 154. I was cautious with this one because it has a lot of pivots and crossing over the step. I didn’t want to make an awkward move that would aggravate my knee again. After my workout I went to my primary care doctor for blood work in preparation for my physical in a couple of weeks. I was really hungry by the time I finished the appointment! I came home to eat breakfast then went out again to get my car emissions inspection and a trip to the grocery store. I feel like I’ve done a days work all before noon :).

Diane Sue, that’s very sad about your friend. I’m glad that you will be able to visit her tomorrow. It’s hard to imagine losing so many family members in a short span of time.

Judy, great job with Super Cuts and Core 2 plus Yin Yoga yesterday and X Train Legs today. Those are great workouts. I love the X Train series.

Valerie, I’m glad that you had a good trip to Montana. It must be beautiful there this time of year.

Lori, I hope you are not too exhausted from your conference. I think you have one more day.

Hi to Deb. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Today's workout was Cathe Live Step and Pump, 59 minutes, heart rate average 133 max 179, 378 calories, 3,959 steps met 5.8. I followed this with Coffey Fit Raw Large Muscle Finisher, 24 minutes (22 minutes) heart rate average 95, max 118, 487 steps, met 4.0, 106 calories. Total time was 83 minutes, 484 calories.
Coffey Fit Raw Large Muscle Finisher

3 rounds of moves (round two skips the pullover and is made up at the end of the third round with alternating dumbbell rows) Everything is 12 reps Kelly uses 15# dbs and 30# Db
Rnd 1
Squats 15# dbs (I increased to 25# dbs on final round)
Lunges alternating 15# dbs
Bench press with a pump move 15# dbs
Flys w/ a turn in up 15# dbs
1 arm row 30# Db
Pullover 30# db rnds 1 and 3 (forgotten on rnd 2)
Rnd 3 adds on alternating row with 15# dbs

Step and Pump Live
Starts with 6 inch step and a step blast segment stopping at 31 minutes then goes on to weights
lower body 8 inch step
lunge kicks 10# dbs, elevated lunges, 10# dbs, cross back lunges 15# db
increase step to 10 inches for drop squats 15# db
Upper body at 41 minutes
traditional curls 15# dbs 12 reps
shoulder press goal post 12# dbs 16 reps
alternating shoulder press with a hammer curl 12# dbs
close grip bench press 15# dbs 20 reps 12 reps second rnd
triceps dips 16 reps
pullovers 15# dbs 8 reps
push ups 5 reps flip over rope climbs 10 reps repeat 5 times

I have to run to pick up the grandchildren. Maybe I can read posts in the car :)
the cathe newsletter was especially good today. I always eat breakfast. I'm hungry when I get up. usually fruit, cereal or yogurt, with a spoonful of nuts, non fat latte. everyone I know who is a breakfast skipper is fat. not a scientific study, but I always wonder, and there apparently still is no clear consensus. I know I can't exercise happily ..ride, hike, etc without eating.
the other article was about whether we "conserve" energy after working out. I know I do . when we road ride or mt bike in the morning, after lunch I am a doormat. it seems about 2 -3 hours of fairly intense work ends up with me fairly sedentary during the afternoon. sometimes I'm so tired I feel like I could nap. I don't eat a heavy lunch, around 400 calorie range. Anyone else read it and have any thoughts? I used to exercise early but I had several problems with it so I got away from that schedule. a lot of times I work out between 3:30 and 5 in the afternoon.
Valerie, I read that article too. I am one who must eat breakfast! Today was a good example since I had blood work this morning I couldn’t eat. I worked out first, then went out. By the time I got back home I felt like I was starving. I had one of the chicken breakfast patties that I made yesterday, 1/4 cup of kale and a whole wheat toast with 1/4 of an avocado. Cereal doesn’t work for me at all. I need some type of protein, a healthy fat and a carbohydrate to feel satisfied. I also liked Cathe’s articles on osteoarthritis and ligaments.
Good morning,

Was not feeling well at all yesterday. Did nothing but read and rest. Hoping today is better.

Diane Sue, busy day with the grandchildren....glad you didn;t feel the need to post while you were in the car...LOL....I know you meant while you were waiting in the car etc, not driving...:)

Carolyn, good that you made sure you did not do any moves that would affect your knee. You sure had a busy day! That is the perfect breakfast! I wish I could stick to those guidelines.

Valerie, 2-3 hours of intensive work would make anyone need a nap! :). I like breakfast, and am in the habit of eating it, but also felt pretty good when I was doing that intermittent fasting, and would not eat until 11:00 am. I think you find that your system adjusts.

Hi to Judy & Lori.

Take care,
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did Hard Strikes, Timesaver (No Conditioning) + Core #1, then I did Burn Sets Bi's + Tri's.

Deb-I'm sorry you didn't feel well yesterday. I hope you feel better today.

Valerie-I thought the newsletter was good too. I definitely conserved energy when I was doing longer distance endurance training. I would usually take a nap or rest in the afternoon after marathon training runs and I tried not to schedule any projects or anything else that day. After training for marathons for several years, I was amazed at how much more energy I had and how much I could get done on weekends when I wasn't training for one. I usually eat breakfast too, but not always before I workout if I workout early. Like Deb, I've done some intermittent fasting and waited until 11 or 12 for my first meal.

Carolyn-I am really enjoying the XTrain rotation. The workouts are fun and effective with no dread factor. I like the music and the variety of premixes in this series too.

Diane Sue-I hope you had a fun day with your grandchildren!

Lori-I hope you are having a good week!



This is from yesterday. I never got to finish as my daughter came in and I spent the evening trying to change the batteries in our deadbolt keypad along with fixing the screw in my husbands glasses. It got to bed time and I just got so tired, I forgot. :) I will come back if I have time before I leave to visit my friend. I need to get the workout in.

I am back from school. Fixing the grandchildren some dinner and got them bathed since my daughter has a meeting for new teachers with the school board.

Judy it is a bit cooler here it was in the upper 70's but moving back up into the 80's this week since it stopped raining. Nice workouts.

Debbie, I hope the work with the trials was good. Somehow a drive to an airport does not sound pleasant to me. I do not like airports.

Valerie, I skimmed over Cathe's news letter yesterday. I do not eat breakfast and by no means in fat. More on the thin side most of the time. I personally think that eating sugars and excessive amounts of processed carbs cause people to feel hungry when they really should not because they have had enough calories for their activity. I can tell a difference when I splurge and will wake up feeling excessively hungry in the morning. I found the article on leg length and knee issues quite interesting as I have always gravitated toward a limp and had friends question if I had hurt myself. I have one knee cap slightly higher than the other. It might have been helpful had I known and could have compensated with an orthotic for one shoe.


I am making this quick as I really need to get going out the door. I did Coffey Fit Raw Interval Training #1 which is mainly cardio with bit of weights which Kelly uses 7# for. This was 34 minutes, heart rate average 124, max 160, met 5.9, 221 calories, 2,601 steps. I then did Cathe Live, Ready Set Step (yeah!! they put August workouts on the Roku and I had planned something else just because I did not want to use my computer) This was 44 minutes, met 5.9, 286 calories, average heart rate 137, max heart rate 163, 4,167 steps. Total time was 78 minutes, 507 calories.

Oh, and I did read the posts yesterday in my car on my phone, but, I sit in one line parked for 45 minutes and the other line for 30 minutes. So I do a lot of sitting just to avoid being parked in a street or having to deal with not getting stuck in an intersection. That city has lousy planning.
Today I did Legs and Glutes from the Bodyblast series, standing only. That was 41 minutes and 156 calories burned. My average heart rate was 104 and maximum heart rate was 141. I had a dental appointment this morning which meant getting out of the house early again. Now I need to go out again to renew my vehicle registration.

Deb, I hope you are feeling better today. I have never done intermittent fasting but I try not to eat anything after dinner. That usually gives me about 12 hours between meals. My eating is usually between 6:30 a.m and 6:30 p.m.

Diane Sue, that’s great that you were able to do Ready, Set, Step today. Have a good visit with your friend. I know she will be glad to see you.

Hi to Judy, Lori, and Valerie.
I was so tired yesterday, the first nights sleep at elevation is usually not good. I used the water rower for 35 min and did the last few exercises in high reps, & ab section. the rower is not terribly intense but works everything, nice when you are getting used to elevation and spend enough time breathless. sitting and driving the day before gave me knee discomfort so I let it rest yesterday, and today it's OK. we did a hike 3 hrs, probably 3 miles or so but up to 8000 feet. not on a trail so all by ourselves. windy.
DH has problems with hunger giving him migraines, so we eat 3 meals and he snacks a lot. I don't snack unless I have done something very significant, and then its usually a Kind bar or PB toast. I think it was clear from cathes article that it's not the same for everyone. I am thinking of my SIL and BIL who will visit soon, and how they make such a big deal about not eating breakfast but starting at noon, wow, stand back! yep, they are both fat but they drink a lot of beer. I had relatives who also made a big show of "never eating breakfast" but made up for lost time later in the day.
If I eat 3x a day I have control and can resist junk. getting too hungry is not good. I don't eat after 7 but in the morning I am very hungry. for the last few weeks I've been having unsweetened greek yogurt with fruit and sliced almonds. whole grain cereal,fruit almonds today. I ran out of yogurt and Costco was out too but I hope to restock this week. greek yogurt has a lot of protein but not as much calcium as I expected. no, diane sue you are not fat …. but I'll bet you don't drink a lot of beer! I would never go off to an appt without eating something. I need that in the morning. lunch I could skip. I tried fasting when I was young but I didn't lose much. the worst was the ketogenic diet. terrible experience. never again.


I spent the entire afternoon with my friend. She had another friend come in and cut her hair. She is going to a special dinner at Olive Garden tonight that is in thanks for the man that got her help and medi flighted back to Oklahoma. She says she knows she would not have lived if she stayed in the hospital where she was at. She had multiple blood clots, was terribly sick and could not eat. She said she was so sick she was not able to grieve for her son like she should have. That came later. Everyone has been good to her in the nursing home and she is getting her strength back some. She just graduated to a walker from the wheel chair. She is pretty weak. I think she likes it there. She says they check her blood pressure and monitor things well and bring her medicines regularly. Although today they explained to her that when she misses the meds, it is because by law if it passes a certain time frame they cannot give it to her if she is gone. That is so someone doesn't give her something that should not be given on top of something else. She has those that pick her up for church activities etc.. I think she is choosing to stay there because she has a heart for those people that have no one and are so helpless. She says so many have wonderful life stories from their past that no one knows, and now are in a position where they are left and no one cares. It is sad. That is my friend:) She cares more for others comforts than herself. She is a selfless person. She has the staff laughing and smiling. She is an encourager to the workers. Compliments the cooks instead of complains. I think they are loving it. I seriously don't know how easy it would be for me to go from a 2700 foot condo to a room that I share the bath with someone else in and enjoy it!

I used my google maps gps to go there today and I came home a different way. It had me jogging all over the place and hitting tons of road work, which is why I thought it was taking me such a strange route. I got home way faster even with the one road going down to 2 lanes coming back, because there was less traffic that way.

Valerie, late afternoon is when I usually run out of steam. I don't think I could work out then. I workout, have lunch and start in on household projects or running errands. Sometimes I don't eat till after I get out and do the errands, but will pick up a nutrition bar and kombucha tea when I am out to tide me over. Sometimes I eat a lot later in the day and sometimes I just forget to eat or eat something light just to keep going. I try not to eat too late. Usually some collagen protein powder mixed in almond butter to help my joints. A collagen bar if I have one. I don't drink any beer :) So, that would definitely not be a problem.

Carolyn, I have a dental appointment next week too. At least it is just a routine check and cleaning. I remember running 10 miles on my treadmill and then going in to do blood work and have a physical afterward. I was so hungry when I got home. I read somewhere once that intense exercise can sometimes alter results? I am not sure where I read that. I have heard that it hampers sound sleep if a person eats too late and their body is working on digesting food. This is the second time I have done Ready Set Step. There is one segment in it that is kind of tricky footing and everyone seems to get a bit confused when Cathe loses her footing. I wanted to see if I could master it and not look at them :)

Judy, I always figured training for a marathon or something like a triathlon would require quite a bit more food and rest for recovery. I like Hard Strikes. I was not quite so sure how I felt about the live Low Impact Hard Strikes though

Deb, I hope the rest helped. I think there are some viruses already going around. I heard some saying there was stomach virus and others seem to be having a scratchy throat. My daughter had this yesterday. Mine started, but I was thinking it may be that second round of birch pollen that comes in September. I am unsure.
Good morning,

Only PT exercises yesterday.

Judy, good job on the X-Train rotation! I remember that I really liked the Burn Sets. PT appointment today.

Diane Sue, I just skimmed Cathe's newsletter too, have to go back and read what she wrote on leg length. I know one of my arms is longer than the other, very noticeable when I look in a mirror, standing straight with arms at my sides. It was pointed out to me by a chiropractor many years ago. She said it was from my heavy shoulder bag always carrying it on the same arm. Maybe my arm is not actually longer, but the shoulder muscle or whatever has drooped or something.

Carolyn, not eating after dinner is one of the important factors that supposedly makes intermittent fasting work. 12 hours without food is a good fast.

Valerie, I can imagine that it is an adjustment going from the Seattle elevation to Montana! If 3 meals a day is what works, then that is what you should do. Like you said, everyone is different.

Hi to Judy & Lori,

Take care,
Ha Deb I get 3 meals DH gets 3 plus constant snacking. I would skip or make less but he is an eating machine. always eating. he is not fat but not skinny. If I ate like him I'd weigh 300 lbs. I proportion our servings so he gets 2/3 and I get 1/3.

few of us are proportioned perfectly 'even'. it's not uncommon for legs to be slightly different length, and often its because hips do not sit perfectly even and level, so even if legs are the same length it can look like they are different. just look at all the problems people get into with running. trying to get miles of repeat motions done without stressing joints. there are a lot of runners on our regular bike rides. its fun to ride behind and see al the crazy and different ways people run , how their feet hit the ground. some people look like its an easy natural movement but most are contorted.
most of us have a favorite side and that gets more developed than the other. I find it hard to stand squarely on both feet with weight evenly distributed and seem to always have a lightly off center stance. when I do upper body weights, I cannot get the dumbbells level. it is impossible the way my arms connect. my arms tip the inner edges of the dumbbells down and the outer edges up, can see it in the mirror when I do curls.

I found the paperwork for my therapy I must have brought it a long time ago and left it with my workout stuff. I was doing bridges with a band. plenty of other things.

diane sue we are apparently different species. "forgetting to eat" is somewhere up there with "forgetting to breathe" or "forgetting to pee" for me. just not going to happen.

If I have an early appointment, like for a blood draw, I will bring a PB sandwich along so I can eat. I am so hungry I can't think and my stomach makes so much noise it is comical and embarrassing. I don't need a lot but I need something.
Today I did a premix from Kick Punch and Crunch. My time was 43 minutes with 269 calories burned. Average heart rate was 124 and maximum heart rate was 150. I have always loved this workout and the stability ball abs at the end.

Deb, I hope your PT goes well today. I read somewhere that there are several ways to do intermittent fasting. I think the NGs talked about it a few weeks ago.

Diane Sue, your friend sounds like an amazing person. I would be really sick if I went for long periods without eating during the day. I never forget to eat!

Valerie, you are so funny about forgetting to eat :).

Hello to Lori and Judy.

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