Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/16


Good morning ladies,

I did not sleep well thursday night and really did not feel like working out. Decided to try and it turned in to a decent workout. I started with an advance sb weighted lower workout then did a quick bounce of hers. Total time was 42 mins 228 cal. Glad I got this in. This morning going to try out Cathe’s Live from Thursday. It is an upper with hiit workout. Will let you know my thoughts.

Diane Sue...I have done the Compound moves a couple times now and like it. Going to do the raw with tatum after the cathe workout today. Looking forward to it. Enjoy your retreat. I was one of our youth group leaders at our church a few years back and we went on a 5 day retreat. It was a great time.

Deb...once your hip heals you should look into the Raw workouts. Thinking you would like them. Yes...I would stay away from discs.

Valerie...You got in a great hike! I love heariing about the wildlife you see on your hikes.

Hi to Judy and Carolyn!


Good morning,

Yesterday I did Walk Fit Vol 1 on the treadmill, 32 minutes, 206 calories. I can't say that it was 100% pain free, it didn't really hurt, but I "knew my hip was there" if you can understand what that means.

Judy, when you watch a bike race, it is the kind on DVD or streaming where you are "part of the race"?

Valerie, I can see how hiking would be one of the worst things you can do with hip bursitis. All the uneven ground, and uphill stuff would be painful. No regular TV in my workout area, only one hooked up to a DVD player, but I can use my Chromecast and view a YouTube video, maybe I will look for an easy, short bike workout. That's too bad about the parts being overrun with tourists, but at least people are getting out of their TV rooms and seeing the outdoors.

Carolyn, ICE chiseled upper body is one of my favorite upper body workouts. Good idea to ask my PT person about the bike and treadmill.
Diane Sue, when do you leave for the retreat and how long will you be there. You may have mentioned this but I missed it.

Lori, sorry about the sleep issues. I hope you got a better night last night. I previewed Cathe's Live from Thursday, and it looked good, but not for me right now, too much impact to have to modify. Would like to hear what you think of it. I will put it on my "to do" list for later.

Take care,


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did Lean Legs & Abs with Bonus Barre and the 100 Rep Challenges for Biceps & Triceps.

Deb-Great job on the Walk Fit workout. I do understand what you mean about knowing your hip was there. I've had that feeling before, when I was coming back from an injury. I hope that your hip improves and that you will be 100% pain free soon. The older bike races I watch are on DVD, but I do stream current races using the NBC Sports Gold App. It costs $50 a year, but I can watch almost all of the bike races, including the Tour de France and I can stream them on all of my Apple Devices and my computer. Since streaming came out, the company that I bought the DVDs from went out of business. The last year they put them out was 2012 or 2013. I have most from 1999-2012.

Lori-I'm sorry you didn't sleep well. I've had a couple of nights like that this week too. Great that you got the workout in!

Diane Sue-I hope you enjoy your retreat!

Hi to Valerie & Carolyn!



Deb, neither of my workout rooms has regular TV,same as you, hooked to a DVD player. it is an ancient one here but it has lots of features and works fine. I stick in a dvd of something when I work out on the water rower. you flex and stretch everything lightly and I can get out of breath going fast, but I need something on a screen to keep going. sometimes I look at a cathe disk I haven't done for a long time, or we have a bunch of home recorded dvds of travel and nature that are good because there is no story line that needs following. I am not able to pay attention to anything with a plot, and don't use the rower that often.

so I am getting a little political but we need to do something about our national parks. tourists are over running them so badly they are destroying features. incredible traffic jams. I know Zion NP has talked about allowing only a fixed number of cars at any one time because there is no place to accommodate everyone once inside the park. Yosemite was like that long ago. like outside parking lots and entry only by bus.
there are discussions about limiting the number of people at any one time.
it is possible tourists from other countries could pay more than americans. I know that if I go to Canada I will pay more than residents in national parks and the Icefields parkway. I don't remember about campground fees but I think we pay more there too. it is fine. each country pays for and maintains their parks somehow, thru their tax dollars. its not "discrimination" to require people who don't live there to pay more. If I had a video of what the crowds looked like in the parking lot at Grand Prismatic pool or Old Faithful you would be stunned. people from other countries should pay higher admission fees. at grand prismatic ( just one minor feature) they had 2 employees policing the crowds, trying to keep people in a line going around the feature, staying to the right, and also picking up bits of trash dropping everywhere. I saw 8 hats on the water and edges of the pool because they had blown off and could not be retrieved. it might pay for part of the backlog of infrastructure work that needs doing.

Lori we don't always see things, yesterday was pretty quiet. saw lots of hunters but it was still lovely.


Today I did Cardio Core from KCM’s Build and Burn. That was 27 minutes and 170 calories burned. My average heart rate was 122 and maximum heart rate was 156. I followed that with a JS 10 Minute Interval Walk from her YouTube channel. It was actually 12 minutes with 87 calories burned. Average heart rate was 127 and maximum heart rate was 151.

Deb, good job with Walk Fit. I know what you mean by an awareness of the affected body part, but not really pain. I have had the same with my knee.

Judy, Lean Legs and Abs is a nice workout. I like both that one and Great Glutes quite a bit.

Lori, that’s great that you were able to work out after your poor nights sleep.

Valerie, I haven’t been to the national parks, but I have read about the poor funding and need for some changes. You should write in and get your concerns on record.

Diane Sue, I hope that you had an enjoyable retreat. Going away and getting to know some of the ladies better sounds like fun. Very different from the work retreat.


No workout today. I am so tired. We were up till midnight and I woke up at 4 a.m and have been going all day. I had more caffeine in one day than I have probably had in two months. It made me feel kind of dizzy today. I am not used to that much. They cancelled the hay ride and outdoor activities and had a framed art craft after our sessions and then ice cream with all kinds of toppings. There was an huge amount of women that packed the building and gym. This was their first retreat here, so it was all new to them. 3 sessions today with a snack time and beverages in between and lunch. We all got bags of goodies and there were drawings. We all got 25% off at a new Coffee place called The Perk and we went there before heading home and got coffees to take with us. We were all tired. I think women from other areas had the same idea, as we were all dressed up and waiting in line for our coffee :) No workout and not so healthy eating. I didn't mind. I even went for a large mocha espresso coffee since I was off the healthy eating plan . They had a photographer to get individual pictures if desired that they were going to post on their website where we could download them. We were all so frazzled after loading up in pouring rain and then stopping right at the church before the hotel. No way did any of us want our picture taken.

Valerie, I guess the bears do not bother the cattle? What do they eat? I guess I never thought too much about it, other than I wouldn't want to meet one up close. I was glad we did not do the outdoor activities. It was still raining some when we got there. Most of the older women were not excited about the outdoor activities anyway. I imagine some would have headed back to the hotel. I don't necessarily call that political. It does sound like something needs to be worked out. Trash on the ground should be fined, if you ask me. Unless it is not deliberate. I hate when people do that. Sure, it is our country. I don't see anything wrong with extra cost for people from out of country or something. Our people pay for out parks and recreation areas. We live here and it should be mostly for our enjoyment.

Lorie, our church has not went to one of the planned retreats before because so many have been too far away. This one being a little less than two hours away and just the two days was much more doable for those that work and getting back with a bit of time to rest up before church. Some of the ladies have went to other retreats, but not with our church as a group. We have several of the women that teach in our church school, so that meant they needed the time to see the children picked up just before we left. A couple of ladies drove up a bit later after work. They are having a youth retreat next month in the same church which looks fun. We used to go to this church which is pretty large, before we moved back to Oklahoma City. I kind of knew my way around, and directions around that city which is around 25,000 population I think. Lots of laughs and fun there :)
Cathe Live weights and Tatums should be a good combo.

Deb, I know what you mean. You just notice the feel of the hip movement enough to be aware of it. As you can see, I am back. I think a long retreat might be exhausting unless they get to bed earlier. I met one of the ladies and we ate at the hotel rather than go to the church for pastries and fruit. I got eggs and a piece of bacon.

Judy, when I got back to our city, I had forgotten that there was a triathlon or something and they had police on corners and cones marking off lanes on the streets for the bike riders. They always move through a course in our area. I saw a map of it Thursday night. Fortunately I didn't find myself having to wait on riders at intersections, because I just wanted to get home:)

Carolyn, I like that Cardio Core Build and Burn workout. I don't even mind the plank kick through move near the start. Not bad with the step to use. Yes, this type of retreat would be much different from a work retreat. I can now remember most of the women's names and some bits about each one and what they do etc.. The lady driving and I hit it off well. Funny she sits on the opposite side of the church and we really never sat and talked. It was quite fun, and we stayed in a group most of the time, and included others from other churches to come and sit at our table. Met up at breakfast this morning. I loved it. And the sessions were all motivating and helpful. Music and a comical video about men and women relationships called stereotyping. Probably most men would not have found it particularly funny though. Most are not really like that, but maybe a bit. It got a lot of laughs and the preacher and his wife and others in that church were the stars. It was funny.


Diane sue I have always wondered why cattle seem to get a free pass. They are slow and dumb and defenseless but I have never heard much about bears preying on them. Wolves take a few cows down. And I suppose bears do too but not much noise about it.

We did a hard ride today steep and not very nice. Only about five miles RT but exhausting. Lot of cows!! More tomorrow while driving

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