Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/16

Good morning,

Only PT exercises, and I did do agility class.

Valerie, I think I will get some yogurt and try some of your ideas. Ugh on the cows on the road and spashback...:(

Diane Sue, that's too bad about your knew with the step workout, hope it is ok. I would say that the kids play together well for about 5 minutes of whatever they are doing, and a fight breaks out. Same as what you mentioned, mostly arguing over who is what character, or who gets what toy. You're probably right, it doesn't sound like Gertie would like the dremel. Kylee has black nails also, and I won't even try to clip them. I have glass nail files, I should try using them on her. Thanks for the tip! As for bees, we just had an exterminator here on Thursday..LOL...not the same of course. :) At least you know how your honey is made.

Judy, good workouts! I don't think we have an At Home store, but for some reason the name sounds familiar. Is it the Home side of TJ Maxx?

Lori, those explosions are horrible....I feel so bad for the people that had to evacuate. That is great that your company jumps right in to help. Congratulations on winning that award! You certainly deserved it. :). Good that you are focusing on yourself, and hope it helps with how you have been feeling. It was no wonder with the change and loss that you had in the last year.

Hi to Carolyn,

Take care,
Hi Everyone,
This morning I did Ultimate Yogi-Yin Yoga. I felt a little sore and stiff so this seemed like the best choice for today.

Deb-I don't think At Home is connected to TJ Maxx. I just looked and we have a TJ Maxx Home Goods store here. I'm going to have to try that one too.

Lori-Congratulations on your award! Like Deb said, you deserved it! You have been through so much this year and have had a lot of stress. It's good that you are taking care of yourself now. Kelly's Raw workouts are very good and effective. I'm going to keep her streaming and will probably start using it again after I finish my XTrain rotation.

Diane Sue-I'm sorry about MFP not working right. I hope they fix whatever the problem is.

Hi to Carolyn & Valerie!

Hello Ladies,
Today is a rest day for me. Lori, I’m glad that your conference was such a success and that your hard work was recognized. That award is quite an honor. You have had a very stressful year. Good for you getting your diet under control. It’s amazing how easily we can gain pounds.

Judy, great job with Flex Train and Yin Yoga. That one always makes me feel good afterwards. We have an At Home store nearby, but I don’t go in there often. I have trouble finding things too. It was Garden Ridge before it became At Home.

Deb, plain yogurt with berries and walnuts or hemp seeds is the way that I eat itbfor breakfast. Another brand that I like is Nancy’s either nonfat or full fat.

Diane Sue, my friend with the bees brought me some honey on Friday. She has been very successful with her bees. That’s not something I can even imagine doing! She’s the same friend that I get eggs from occasionally.

Valerie, I’m glad that you were able to ride yesterday but the cow leavings sound pretty disgusting :eek:.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


I decided to do a workout this morning and make tomorrow my rest day since my husband and I will be going out to do some things early and go to the fair. So, I did Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #4, 42 minutes, 265 calories, heart rate average 125, max 154, 2,598 steps. This alternated 30 second intervals of cardio and weight, each cardio and weight segment done twice. It repeats all a second time only a bit quicker by doing the cardio segments two times and then the weight one time or a shortened both sides weight set. It ends with a upper and core two moves done twice. I will post the workout when I am done here.

Lori, I am sorry that you have had so much stress and anxiety. I am an emotional stress eater. Hence the every once in awhile box of crackers or half a cake binge. It is like if I eat it takes care of the having to think and dwell on something so much. I am glad you are getting back on track. Good for you. I am loving the Coffey Fit Raw workouts. I just stopped the live workouts for now and am going to use the Coffey Fit Raw workouts and some dvds for awhile. I don't want to pay for something that I am not going to use much for awhile. I am glad that you got the much deserved award. I know it means a lot. That is wonderful that your company is out there helping and making food. I love that :)

Deb, agility class and PT sounds like a workout to me. I like the glass file so far. I keep thinking I will try the pedi paws, but am almost certain the sound will not go over well. I often wonder what makes dogs have fear of certain things. I know I have mentioned the fly swatter. No reason for her to not like it other than maybe the attitude behind smacking a fly. I try to sneak it and not worry her, but it does not help. It will be nice having honey that I am sure is local honey. Sprouts did just supply some from an Oklahoma City that I purchased the last time I bought some. I just printed a recipe for Pumpkin butter that had honey in it. I have used pumpkin butter in plain yogurt with some nuts and it was really good.

Judy, yin yoga feels so good when there is soreness. I got an email from MFP and they are working on it. They sent me more suggestions. I have changed the password again and it matches up on my cell phone and laptop. (the phone app had quit working earlier today again) I just cannot get on the tablet to put in a password. It is a blank white page no matter what I do. It is so weird. At first I thought maybe it was because my phone had just did an update, but that does not affect my tablet. It is not hooked up to an AT&T account. I just use wireless wherever I am at.

Carolyn, I remember the Garden Ridge Stores. I don't think the At Home stores are around here. Now that you mention Nancy's, I bought the full fat probiotic Nancy's recently and I really liked it a lot. You are lucky to get both fresh eggs and honey. Something killed all of my daughter's chickens. They have not replaced them yet. I guess their two labs were not much help for that one. I watched a video of some bee keepers working with them to move the queen bee toward a hive. They were not wearing gear. Just slid them along with carefully with their arms. I would have been petrified !! I guess you would have to know your bees. My grandson, 7 has a bottle of honey with his name on it and some comb in it. :) He staked his claim on it.

Valerie, I have gotten a bit more wary of where and what I spray because of bees dying. I know we cannot always do that. I deliberately avoid spraying my hibiscus bush in front, because the bees seem to love it. Nothing in front gets sprayed other than grass that grows in the concrete cracks and bit of rock around the planters.


Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #4
requires 6 inch step and 12.5 or 15# dbs( I used 15's) Kelly says she usually uses 15#
One cardio 30 sec and one strength move 30 sec repeated twice and move to the next then all are repeated ending with some core and upper body the second time

Split and squat jack cardio/15# dbs power curls

Pendulums cardio/ 15# dbs deadlift upright row dbs

Achy feet cardio/lunge press 1 arm 15# db

Plunge lunge, turn side to side lunge cardio/side lunge curls 15# dbs

Jump on step squat touch down/plank rows 15# dbs alternating

Heel crossovers/ jacks and skates no weights

Repeat all cardio and weight segments again excluding heel cross overs/ jacks and skates , this is shorter, cardios are done two of each followed by a strength segment.

End with lying on step skull crushers to sit ups
Flys with leg raise

Stretch at 39 minutes
we ended up doing a hike today with SIL nd BIL. he has a new hip and she has her second new knee. both are walking much better. we thought SIL in particular would be "trouble" because she did such a bad job on rehab on her first knee, but this one is a vast improvement. her leg is much straighter than it was before but she dug right in and got up the hill. she is complaining about hip pain now but she will wait and see. her leg is aligned differently so maybe it is going to need time to adjust. it was quite warm and windy today, and the park was insanely busy. hiking was around 3 miles not too bad because of being very warm and uphill at 6000 feet elevation.

we use the least sprays we can get by with. tall dry weeds on the driveway are a fire risk so we need to keep those killed off when small.

Deb I've been surprised at how long I stay feeling OK after the yogurt. I thought Id get hungry but not really. there is a fair amount of protein in the yogurt, and then the almonds. not sure it will be good when weather turns cold and hot cereal sounds good but will decide when the time comes.
Good morning,

Only PT exercises yesterday.

Judy, good job choosing yoga being that you were sore. that's right...TJ Maxx's store is called Home Goods.

Carolyn, we have a couple that are members of our dog club that raise bees as a hobby. Their honey is really good. We just had an exterminator here to take care of yellow jackets in our yard. They make their hive in the bricks of our house. I have not seen Nancy's around here.

Diane Sue, I can imagine that it is difficult having 2 streaming services, and trying to use them both to justify the expense. You seem to be really enjoying the Coffey Raw streaming.

Valerie, that's great that you got the in-laws to do that hike, and even with those repairs that she had. I like walnuts in a lot of things, yogurt, cottage cheese, of my favorite nuts.

Hi to Lori,

Take care,
Today I did Afterburn for 54 minutes and 317 calories burned. My average heart rate was 122 and maximum heart rate was 159. This was quite a workout.

Deb, it’s good that you are keeping up with the PT exercises. It takes a while to feel the benefit from them when you are experiencing pain.

Valerie, I’m glad that you were able to hike with your in-laws yesterday. Sounds like they are both recovering well.

Diane Sue, great job with Coffeyfit Raw. It’s obvious that you really enjoy the workouts. It’s smart to focus on one streaming subscription to get the most for your money.

Hello to Judy and Lori.
Good evening ladies,

This morning was Raw Compound Moves. Loved this one. I followed up with a quick BBS dance. Total time was 45m / 301 cal. I am on my 5th day of clean eating and all is going well. I do not feel so bloated! Very happy about this. :)

Judy...Xtrain was a favorite rotation of mine. I know Kelly was offering a reduced price for the Summer. Not sure when she will be increasing or keeping it at the current price. Funny I was hesitant to start with her Raw and glad I did.

Diane Sue...I am planning to do Interval 4 tomorrow. Thanks for the detail. Pumpkin butter in plain yogurt sounds delicious!

Carolyn...I put on weight easily and the past few months is when it started piling on. One minute I was carrying an extra 5 lbs which you can hide easily then next thing you know not so much. The fresh honey must have been wonderful. I love fresh eggs. We have a friend that we buy eggs from every now and then. Been a while since I have done Afterburn. I remember it being a tough one. Good for you.

Valerie...good for you going on a hike with SIL and BIL. Great with the new knees jumping right in. Someone I work with is having a knee replacement this week. He is one that needs it. Always in constant pain. has you hip been feeling. How much longer of PT do you have? I have 6 streaming sites. Crazy right?

Have a great night all!


Today was my rest day. We were going to go to the State Fair, but it was so busy that we went to the Oklahoma National Memorial Museum. I have not been to the museum, just to the bombing site and outdoor memorial. It is emotional walking through the room with pictures of each individual that has died and a special momento with them. It made me teary. We met our son in law for lunch since his office is downtown. We ate at a place called the Health Nut Cafe :) I will be waiting up for my grandson to get off work and bring my car back tonight. I loaned it to him as long as I could while he is waiting for the part to get his car fixed. We had to put our Range Rover back in the shop this afternoon. I saw a pink drip on the garage floor again. So, we have no car for my husband to go to work tomorrow without mine. I had to cancel tomorrow's dentist appointment. Hoping it is a quick fix. We will borrow my son in law's truck tomorrow night so I can pick up the grandchildren from school on Wednesday. I really need to go to the grocery store too. Hopefully my grandson can work something out with vehicles or rides to school and work the rest of the week. The part should be in by the weekend. The auto parts place said they were out of stock for the part they have been waiting a week for. They ordered one on ebay.

Valerie, that your SIL and BIL are able to do the climbing. I knew a woman that had knee replacement surgery and the doctor told her she would feel like she could do about anything when healed, but not to push too hard as she would be back where she was. She was following orders and doing a lot of time on n exercise bike. I think a lot of her problem was carrying around some excess weight.

Deb, I get Nancy's yogurt at Sprouts. I loved the honey from my aunts bees. It was really dark and had a lot of flavor. I would like to try out Les Mills Streaming service someday. There seems to be quite a variety of types of workouts and I like that there is some yoga in the mix along with the combat and strength stuff. It is more costly though at 12.99 a month. I will wait though. I did a lot of the Cathe Live workouts in those two months I have had it :) She has some good ones, but many are a lot like her dvds which is fine, it is the bits of change that make them new. I really liked a several of the step workouts.

Carolyn, nice work today. Afterburn always seemed like one of the toughest of the Low Impact Series workouts to me. It is a good one.

Lori, nice work. You will be back to where you were in not time. I have not heard when Kelly's price goes back up. I think my last payment was near the end of August. Enjoy Intervals #4 tomorrow :)
Good morning,

Only PT exercises yesterday

Carolyn, Afterburn is a tough workout, good job!

Lori, kudos on the clean eating. I need to do that too. It is really hard. I keep thinking I should have signed up for KCM's Raw streaming at the discounted summer price, but know I probably would not be able to use it with my hip as it is. There is no set time on the PT end. My PT person told me it would not be an "overnight process".

Diane Sue, that is too bad about the Range Rover having to go in again. :). I hope the part comes in for your grandson's car soon. Things can get really complicated when we have our cars out of commission. That is one reason I hang on to the is really great to have a spare car when one of ours has an issue. I agree on the Live workouts, I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the workouts, and I have my favorites that I keep going back to.

Hi to Valerie & Judy,

Take care,
Hello Ladies,

I miss you all. I was doing great with my workouts and diet, I even reached my goal of being below 170 lbs (I'm tall) until my birthday vacation in July - I turned 56. Since my return, I have been kind of wobbly, giving everything 50% effort. I have to snap myself back into gear. I need a plan, a routine and some discipline.

A big problem for me is getting up on time so that I can get the workout in and get to work on time.

I hope everyone is well, and I will be lurking here for motivation from all of you stars!
This morning I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix, workout one. I had planned to do yoga afterwards but my knee wasn’t feeling just right. I decided to stop after the cardio.

Deb, I also get Nancy’s yogurt from Sprouts, however, the company website has a store finder that you can use. It’s probably available in your area. I like it because of the probiotics.

Diane Sue, it sounds like you had a great day out yesterday. The museum sounds nice. I hope your vehicle is repaired quickly. It’s hard to be without transportation when everyone needs to go in a different direction.

Lori, I’m glad that you are enjoying the Coffeyfit Raw workouts. Getting back to clean eating is a big step in the right direction. You don’t need to be perfect, just moving in the right direction :).

Janet, welcome back and hang in there. You’ll find your routine soon. When I was working I started with only short workouts initially. After I had established a routine of getting up earlier I began to add more time.

Hi to Valerie and Judy. Have a wonderful day everyone.


This morning I did Coffey Fit Raw Tabata Weights, 39 minutes(a bit longer than actual for making weight adjustments), 198 calories, heart rate average 100, max 144, met 4.6, 902 steps. I went heavier than the first time with this workout. I also did Coffey FIt Raw Interval's #3 keeping Kelly's weights at the 3# and 10# weights. I wanted it more for the cardio :) Total time was 66 minutes and calories burned 373.
Raw tabata weights all rounds are timed, rounds 1-3 Kelly goes a bit lower in weight using a heavy, medium, and light weight, increases on rounds 4 and 5 and then round 6 is not timed, everything is done at the heavier weight for 12 reps
1 arm row 25# for rounds 1-3, 30# rnds 4-6
bench press 17.5# dbs for rounds 1-3, 4-6 20# dbs
biceps 17.5# dbs for rounds 1-3, , 4-6 is supinated curls and I used 20# dbs
lateral raise/front raise alternating sides 1-3 10# dbs , rnds 4-6 12# dbs just lateral raise
overhead triceps extensions rounds 1-3 12# dbs , rounds 4-6 15# dbs
squats 30# dbs all 6 rounds
deadlifts 25# dbs rounds 1-3, 30# dbs 4-6

Deb, it seems like a lot of Kelly's workouts are total body. I can understand your reservations with your hip. She has put in a few for those with problem areas they need to work around. I have tried all of them. You do not want a set back on mending though and it is probably safer to do workouts that you are familiar with for a work around. We have had those times where we hung on to that third car just for such problems.

Janet, good luck with getting back in to the workouts seeing the progress that you can make. For me workouts are such a habit, I feel like I missed out on something if I miss it.

Carolyn, I hope that your knee feels better. I still have not purchased Kellly Coffey's Cardio quick fix workout. I have almost all of them. I am looking forward to the new ones that should be on the way soon. She said this month.
Hi Everyone,

Sunday afternoon I did Burn Sets, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. Yesterday I did All Out Low Impact HiiT and the 100 rep Scarecrow Challenge and today I did Cardio Leg Blast with Core 2.

Deb-Great job on keeping up with your PT exercises.

Carolyn-They have Nancy's yogurt at Plum Market. I'll have to pick some up the next time I am there. I'm always trying new yogurts and probiotics. I hope your knee feels better.

Diane Sue-Great job with the KCM Raw workouts! I agree, Yin Yoga is so good when you are sore. I need to stay on track and try to get it in once a week. I really feel it when I don't. That is weird about MFP on your tablet. I've seen it act like that on a web browser but not on my phone or ipad.

Lori-I am really loving the XTrain rotation. I think I will keep going with it next month too.

Valerie-Great job on the hike with your SIL and BIL.

Janet-Welcome back! I think Carolyn's idea of starting out with shorter workouts is good. It can be very challenging to get up early and workout before work.

Have a great night!



Judy, nice work with the X Train workouts. I made coconut milk yogurt in my Instant Pot and let it ferment overnight. I put it in jars this afternoon. It is really good. MFP is still not working on my tablet. I can get it on my cell phone, but it takes a long waiting period. I pull it up and let it spin and do something else for awhile. MFP sent some suggestions, but I have tried all of them. I read something when doing a search about them having a problem with some android version devices. Seems odd though, since I have never had this happen before.
Good morning,

Only PT exercises.

Janet, kudos to you for making that goal. :) I know how hard it is to do a workout before going to work, but just remember that great feeling when you are on your way home, and you know that the workout is behind you, not hanging over your head! You are at the right place for motivation, ( actually I could use some myself right now)

Carolyn, hope your knee is better today. thanks for the tip on finding the Nancy's yogurt. I am going to go over to their website once I finish here.

Diane Sue, you are right about the KCM workouts being a lot of Total Body. I do have most of her DVD's and can find premixes that would work without hurting my hip. I just find that my energy is so low lately, I barely want to do the PT exercises.

Judy, you are making me want to look at X-Train again, but I know that I would not be able to do 75% of the workouts. :(

Hi to Valerie & Lori,

Take care,


This morning I did Coffey Fit Raw Hi/Lo with Tatum Coffey. This seemed easier than I remember it from the first time I did it. I was probably tired or sore the first time. It is hi lo cardio the first half and then she picks up 3# dumbbells and it is hi rep upper and lower combos ending with some abs. Non-stop movement. This was 34 minutes, heart rate average 123, max 175, met 5.8, 218 calories, 1,929 steps. I then did Kelly's Live Amped Up Cardio ( I love this one and have not done it in awhile) , 30 minutes, heart rate average 117, max 158, 194 calories, 2,090 steps. Total time was 64 minutes, calories burned 412. I need to get out to the store before I pick up the grandchildren from school and get them ready to go to their church activity tonight. MFP did an update and now it is working again :D

Deb, that is the nice thing about the pre-mixes. You can usually find a way to work certain body parts or avoid the drills or whatever is a problem. I am sure you will gradually build your energy back up. Right now your body is busy trying to mend.
Deb-Some time ago I found a modified XTrain rotation on another forum and I copied and saved it. It's 3-4 days a week and uses shorter premixes so all the workouts are in the 30 minute range. I can email it to you if you like.
I didn’t do a workout today. I decided to give my knee a day of rest. It’s more proactive than due to real pain, but I want to avoid problems if possible. I think that I had a small tear that seems to be healing nicely and I want to keep it that way.

Deb, it’s easy to lose motivation after time off from working out. Sometimes I tell myself to just do 10 minutes of movement, not even calling it a workout. If I do that I can usually go a little longer. Go easy on yourself and don’t feel like you need to work at your normal level.

Judy, I like the shortened workouts using premixes and fewer days in a weekly rotation. I have found that my body needs more recovery time some weeks.

Hello to Diane Sue, Lori, Valerie, and Janet.

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