Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/16


hello everyone. Good to see you back again Janet. I am not good at early workouts, and prefer later so I will keep my mouth shut. back when I worked, I did do am workouts at least some of the time but did not never like it. Deb, you need to stick to therapy and focus on what you can do most upper body and core things should be workable and will keep you tuned up until the bursitis subsides.

we did some light hiking yesterday and a little bit harder one today. not hard, just hard for SIL. she has crummy boots and is not that stable so we can't do anything steep or long. we have seen a good list of wildlife, and this morning I spotted 2 grizzlies with binoculars. we did not see them very long, and DH got a fast look, but in laws did not. it was an odd time and far away but absolutely no question what we saw. I have been stuck in the back seat. it is an easy spot to get too, and a reliable spot to see bears this time of year although I spotted them accidentally in opposite direction of where everyone had been looking. back to normal tomorrow.
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Carolyn, it is probably best to stay cautious if you think something is a bit off. It is pretty much how I feel, what I choose to do. If something is sore in a not so good way, I change up the workout.

Valerie, seeing the bears would leave one in awe, as long as it is from a good distance. A really good camera to capture that would be fun. But, I imagine that would be cumbersome for what you do.


Good evening ladies,

Yesterday morning was Raw Intervals #4. This was a great workout. Time was a 41 mins. A little longer than her usual 30ish workouts. I then did a short BBS rebounder workout. Total workout time was 50 mins / 380 cal. Today was a LEKfit Bounce that had some amazing upper and lower sculpt. Total time was 48 mins / 341 cal.

Diane Due...I loved the interval workout. I used the step and actually did the core at the end. The core work was so hard but I pushed thru and was pretty pleased with myself for doing so. Lol! I used 12’s mostly but added in 15’s a couple of times. I like that she has Tatum doing one of her workouts. I wonder if Cathe ever thought of having someone else do a Live class?

Hi Janet...I hear you about getting back on track. I am doing that at this moment also. I wasn’t always a morning workout person. Took me a while and now I love it. Stick with it and it will come.

Deb...on the ride home tonight my son and I were having the same conversation. He works out in the evenings but thinking about switching to morning workouts to get it done and over with so he can relax in the evenings. Will see what he does! Yes most of the raw workouts seem to be total body. Right now that is working for me. Waiting on his GF to let me know when we are going to start Double Time. We are just trying to find the time. Her work schedule shifted a bit. Fingers crossed we start on Monday.

Carolyn...hope your knee is better. Smart to take it easy.

Judy...I would love that rotation too!! Premixes can be great. I love making my own with downloads.

Hi to Valerie!


Good morning,

Only PT exercises today. I think I am going to try something very light cardio today, I feel that with all this lying around, I am gaining weight. :(.

Diane Sue, isn't it strange how we remember a workout to be some particular way, then when we do it again it is totally different?

Judy, thanks for the rotation. I may start that this week. I will definitely miss my Live workouts, but maybe starting with this shorter, workout week, I will be motivated to get back into it.

Carolyn, good to give your knees some extra rest, to avoid any issue.

Valerie, that is so nice to accommodate your in-laws so that they can participate in exercise, as well as seeing all the wonderful wildlife in your area.

Lori, nice job on that Raw workout, and the add-on! How is Bob doing?

Take care,


Diane sue, these bears were WAY far away and moved out of sight quickly. we didn't have the telescope along just binoculars but I got a pretty good look and called DH and in laws over, but only DH saw one bear before they got into trees. I am good at spotting things probably because we have done this a lot and you learn what to look for...what is a rock and what is a bear. I have seen grizzlies much closer when we were hiking, and this is very low key compared to when you are on foot, but still exciting.

Our guests left this morning. I am tired! they are quite different from us. well meaning and appreciative etc but 4 days and I am burned out. SIL's cheap boots fell apart as we were leaving the parking lot. she is not in great shape anyway, and going uphill at all on uneven surfaces is hard for her, and the boots disintegrating didn't help. DH and I carry all their stuff too. it is hard spending 24 hrs a day in the same house and hiking, eating, and driving.
Yellowstone is a wonderful place but the crowds were daunting. you would think by mid September it would be slowing down but it was just plain awful, even on monday. by noon we had to get out of the park or scream! there is a huge percentage of international travelers, mostly Asian. it feels like we are being crowded out of our own national parks. I am not an intolerant, hostile, narrow minded person but if you have visited a national park in recent years you will understand what I'm talking about. maybe it's the same in other countries with American tourists rudely and carelessly overwhelming scenic or historical places. DH and I don't go into the park much during summer especially, but stick to surrounding areas. people walk everywhere, off trails, and get too close to wildlife and geysers as you might have seen on TV news lately but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Deb, hope you can get in some cardio but not if it hurts. have you thought about getting a spin bike? they are not expensive and don't take up much space but would give you a workaround if bursitis doesn't go away quickly.
ETA deb I forgot to say that when I had bursitis, walking was the worst aggravator. especially uphill. I could use the elliptical OK but stayed with the mainly the spin bike and regular outdoor rides. I avoided floor work as I think that is what caused the bursitis for me. it has been years now and it never came back, but I don't do barre etc except rarely.
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Today I did Lower Body Blast for 61 minutes and 296 calories burned. My average heart rate was 112 and maximum heart rate was 156. My knee is fine today. I have learned to be cautious with wide lateral moves during cardio and strength workouts. I didn’t do the lateral slides on the disc today.

Lori, great job with Raw Intervals #4. I read a Chris Freytag article today that talked about losing your workout motivation. She recommended things that we have discussed here such as trying a different type of workout, perhaps something a bit easier and shorter. She also said to do a workout that you are in the mood for instead of forcing yourself to do what you think you “should”. It was a timely reminder for me because I am ready for a little change.

Valerie, having house guests is always exhausting for me. I’m sure that they enjoyed the visit and activities different from their usual routine.

Deb, a spin bike sounds like a good suggestion. Are you able to walk without pain? If so you might be able to do simple walking cardio like something with Jessica Smith.

Diane Sue, I have Amped Up Cardio, but have never done it. I have been able to modify my movements in the workouts so that I still enjoy them and get a good workout.

Judy, you are great with the spin bike. I really admire what you are able to do. I hope to use mine more once the weather is cooler. Right now my room is too hot to do it!

Hi to Janet.


did a 10 min warm up on the rower, then high reps upper body and core. took a generous hour, but I didn't time it. I haven't done HR in a while so did not do all reps of everything. I don't have a barbell or weight bar here, so did most things with dumbbells although not as heavy as cathe. I have 5, 8, 10 but that is fine and a good workout. we want to do a "real" hike tomorrow so did not want to wear myself out further. we are both really tired.


Good evening ladies,

This morning was Lekfit newest workout posted yesterday. I did the bounce sections only plus added on another 10 min bounce. I used 2.5lb ankle weights since there were a lot of kicks in the Lek bounce. Wow my legs and core felt completely worked when done. Total times was 46 mins / 414 cal.

Judy...thanks for the rotation. This looks like a fun rotation that will still allow me to add in.

Deb...I agree, I think a spin bike would be great for you. I am going to try and use it more in the winter like Carolyn mentioned. I seem to only ride it when it is cold weather. Not sure why this is. I have a/c in my workout area so it makes no difference in warm weather.

Carolyn...thanks for the info from Chris Freytag. That has encouraged me. The Raw workouts are short and what I am enjoying. As soon as I finish posting here I am actually excited to look at her site to get a feel of what I will be doing in the morning. I usually decide my workouts in the morning so this says a lot. Yes!!! Bring on the motivation!

Diane Sue...I have Amped Up Cardio too. Now that I am on a Kelly Raw kick perhaps I should pull out the few dvd’s that I have of hers and revisit. I liked them back then, but they were never my go to workouts so I rarely did them.

Valerie...enjoy your hike! You deserve it after spending all that time with your inlaws. It can be exhausting when you are with other people over a few days. I remember you saying how Yellowstone has changed. I mentioned once before I was there in 1984. I need to look up my pictures and reminisce.

Have a great night all!


his morning I did Coffey Fit Raw Athletic Cardio Drills and Bar, 34 minutes, met 5.8, 218 calories, heart rate average 116, max 147, 1,604 steps. I can't find my print out on that one so will write it up again. I have done it before. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Compound Moves, 31 minutes, average heart rate 115, max 155, 670 steps, met 4.9, 168 calories. Total time was 65 minutes, 386 calories.

Coffey Fit Compound Moves this is quick paced
1 minute each exercise 10# dbs
squat/squat elbow pull back
side to side lung/row
plank row 2 jacks ending with just rows
lunge front biceps curls
plie pulse wit biceps pulses
squat curl press
row into kickback
reverse lunge 1 arm front rsaise
1 leg balance single arm lateral raise
side step upright row
triceps dips/ knee ins with hips raised (crab)
skull crushers with leg lifts
flys to sit up
bench press alternating with bicycle move
crunch crunch /reverse curl
mountain climbers
plank to frog squat /plank walk in to frog squat

Raw Athletic Cardio drill and bar work Barbell used but can use dumbbells. I used a 35# barbell for most and picked up db's for a couple of the moves. A Step is used for some of the cardio which is easy.
cardio, front squats 35# barbell
cardio, biceps curls 35# barbell
cardio, upright row/hang curl 35# barbell
cardio, clean from the hip 35# barbell
cardio, push press 12# dbs ( I think I could have done the 35# barbell)
cardio, hang clean press 15# dbs
cardio, bench press 35# barbell
get rid of step
squat thrust using barbell/ barbell roll out
sit up flip around
feet on bar hip lift
push up on the barbell
barbell squat curl press 35#


Hi Everyone,

Wednesday I went for a short walk and did Burn Sets, Back & Biceps. Today I did an indoor ride, a little over an hour.

Deb-I hope you'll be back to normal workouts soon. I know you miss the Live ones.

Valerie-It can be very exhausting having house guests. It's nice to have visitors but usually a relief when you can get back to your normal routine. I haven't been to a national park but I think I read something about how crowded they were getting.

Carolyn-Thank you! I do love my spin bike but I haven't ridden it as much this year as I have in the past.

Lori-Great workout! I think I might use some of the premixes in that XTrain rotation too. They are perfect for adding on to other workouts.

Diane Sue-Great job with the Raw workouts!

Hi to Janet!



I have had a lot to do today. Tomorrow afternoon I will be meeting with some ladies from my church to go to a women's retreat. It is supposed to rain a lot tomorrow. We have another two weeks or so before they get to our leak. I have to have that set up well before I leave, as it will be a couple of hours before my husband comes home from work and I am gone.

Lori, Tatum did a good job on the workout. Kelly can put in some tough ab moves at the end of a workout when your arms are already fried. I find sometimes when I revisit something that wasn't my go to workout, I end up really liking it and wondering why I didn't do it more. I think the same thing could have happened with Tatum Coffey's workout, because the first time I was having a hard time getting through even the cardio. Maybe overtired and sore or something. It was fun and did not seem that difficult this time. Kelly pops in to grab some dumbbells while Tatum is leading the class :) I like the length of Kelly's workouts too. It is easy, when I want to add some extra stuff to it. Her back and front workouts are set up where you can do one side at a time if you don't want to spend almost an hour doing it.

Deb, I remember feeling like I must be gaining weight when I had surgery. I was so careful about what I ate and avoided the scale for a long time, as I didn't want to feel the need to get into working out too soon. When I did I started with spin bike, then low impact. You will be fine, I know how you feel though.

Valerie, that has to be wonderful seeing the wild life. I would not enjoy a bunch of tourists hanging around the quiet and beauty of nature. I would imagine they are not very quiet. It is hard to imagine a bear up in a tree. They have such huge claws. I guess carrying around the extra equipment added to the workout side of your trek :)

Carolyn, I have to be extra careful with how wide I slide laterally or I will almost always end up with some knee pain. The other thing is moves that tend to twist the knee in cardio or movements in kickboxing where I really do need to lift my foot off the carpet as I turn. Also those cross back lunges. I need to adjust the angle a bit. When I first did these I was doing it with a larger spacing of my feet and more exaggerated movement. It really made my knee hurt. I guess we learn as we do the workouts.

Judy, you are doing great with your workouts and the Cross train workouts. I liked the Burn Sets upper body workouts better than the other ones.


Good morning,

Yesterday I did Live Low Impact Conditioning, 37 minutes, 224 calories. I however did not do the PT exercises. I was very careful with any of the lower body work in the Live workout, especially the ones using the disks.

Valerie, yes, house guests can be tiring, and even a bit overwhelming. 4 days is a long time to have your schedule etc interrupted. It sounds like they really enjoy visiting you. Do they fly in or drive there? We have a stationery bike, not exactly a spin bike, ( I never really did understand the difference), but I am really not one to use it. I would think pushing down on a pedal with my one leg would not be good. Out of all cardio equipment, the only one I enjoy is the treadmill. I am thinking of doing a walk workout that I have on it today but after reading your post, I will make sure I don't use the incline! If it even start to hurt at all, I will stop.
Carolyn, I like that info that you posted regarding motivation. Picking something that you like, rather what you think you "should" do is probably the best approach. I can pretty much walk without pain, especially if I am wearing good sneakers.

Lori, that's great that you are enjoying the KCM Raw so much that you want to revisit her DVD's.

Diane Sue, great workout! Will you be going to the retreat? My cousin is going to one in Florida at the end of the month. We have cousins there, and she will be going with them. They actually take away any electronics and you don't have any way to contact people, except in an emergency.

Judy, I am amazed at how long you can do an indoor ride. You do those pre-set workouts, are they MP3? Or built into the bike? John's bike has a bunch of programs, like the Tour de France...( lots of different lengths, levels etc, )he uses that one.

Take care,


Deb-My bike doesn't have any presets or programs built into it. I usually use DVDs or sometimes my iPad. Yesterday I did about 20 minutes of a Spinerval to get warmed up then I watched a bike race. I have several older races on DVD.


Deb I had no discomfort from spinning. a spin bike can be way more intense than a indoor bike because you stand and spend a lot of time rising up and down. for me, any kind of bike was fine. walking uphill especially was unpleasant quickly. even flat or downhill was painful once the area got irritated, which happened in a mile . we didn't hike much for a while. I did other things, like spin, or ride road and mt bikes, and bursitis got better and has not returned. we are all different! do whatever works. I forgot you had a regular exercise bike. I'd jump on it and watch TV or preview another exercise disk. I usually use Cathe spin disks and do it more in winter, when too crummy to exercise outdoors. for whatever reason, riding did not irritate the sore spot for me. I can't spin as long as Judy can, so stick with around 45 min.

they were actually here a little longer than 4 days. they got here last Saturday afternoon and left early Thursday morning. we thought they would go into the park themselves but they said they would just go home instead. it is a long 2 day drive each way from Oregon coast. we caved in and said we would take them around. so I guess we got suckered into doing it. this is not a big house and guests are pretty much "in your face". we think this summer most people who will visit us.... will do it, then quiet down. We want to have guests, but this got a little long.
Yellowstone, grand teton, Glacier park as well as many others have gotten very popular with American and international tourists. Yosemite, Zion, Bryce, and I'm sure others have gotten so busy they are unbearable sometimes. when you read about other well known places, like the Inca ruins, Galapagos, and europe in general, they are absolutely overwhelmed by tourism, to the point of becoming awful to visit. Loved to death.


Today I did ICE Chiseled Upper Body for 46 minutes and 145 calories burned. Average heart rate was 102 and maximum heart rate was 133.

Deb, that’s good that you were able to do Live Low Impact Conditioning without adverse effects. Just be cautious as you figure out what you can do. Your PT might have an opinion about the stationary bike and treadmill.

Diane Sue, I hope you enjoy the retreat. I always dreaded retreats, but they were work related. I might feel differently about another context.

Hello to everyone and have a great day.


My workout is done. I need to get things packed up and try to figure out what to wear since it turned off cooler and is raining. This morning's workout was Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Crush, 33 minutes, heart rate average 126, max, 156, 2,244 steps, 211 calories met 5.8. I then did Kelly's 30 minutes to fitness step boxing workout #1 , 33 minutes with the stretch which is separate from the workout, met 5.9, 215 calories, heart rate average 128, max 163, 3,047 steps. Total time 66 minutes, 426 calories.
I wore my 1# gloves for both workouts. On Cardio Crush Kelly mentions it would be a good time to wear a weighted vests. She has gloves of some type on with both of these workouts, but never mentions them.

Carolyn, I have never been to a retreat before. I hope I enjoy it. I found out yesterday that they were planning an optional hayride, bonfire, smores, activities thing tonight. I was not terribly pleased as my allergies are acting up and I will be at the mercy of the driver if I want to go back to the hotel. The indoor stuff tomorrow looks like fun. There will be some crafts and activities as well as some sort of talks and materials handed out. I thought it would be a way to get to know some of the ladies in my church better.

Deb, I sure hope they don't take away devices. I know they do that to the teens for some of their retreats and mission trips. That is sort of understandable. But, the adults, it seems ridiculous. I hope it is fun, I just paid 120 dollars my birthday money to go. Nice job on getting a workout in. You are smart to be so careful.

Judy, one of the things I liked about my Nautilus Treadmill was the programs built in. It had programs for interval training. Ones that you could get online or video and hook up to the treadmill that automatically adjusted the treadmill for you. Although, I did not use that function very much. I sole it to my Daughter right after my knee surgery. I kind o miss that treadmill.

Valerie, when I had my knee surgery, I had to be cautious about the standing work on the spin bike. Very light resistance. But, it did work for me. I started with 20 minutes and gradually built up as my knee tolerated it.


I guess I wasn't clear. the bears were going uphill on an open slope of short grass and sagebrush. I was watching with binoculars from a long way away. there were some big bands of trees in the valley between the hillsides, and they disappeared into the swath of trees. it is high rolling hills and a large group of black cows were grazing on the upper part of the hills, so at first I thought the bear was just a wayward cow working his way up to join the herd. the bears just disappeared into the dense trees, but didn't climb anything.
I have seen bears climb trees before. it is impressive. Forget immediately climbing a tree to get away from a bear! you will need one heck of a head start. they will shoot straight up a tree like they are rocket powered, even cubs can do it. black bears are strong and agile. I stood in awe the first time I saw it. I have not seen a grizzly climb a tree as they are bigger, more aggressive, and unlikely to get treed easily.

we hiked today, about 5 hours. very pretty out, and freezing to start with. lots of hunting in the area but the trail we used was closed to motorized so no hunters on their ATVs. we want to mt bike tomorrow if it is not a hunted area and then drive home on sunday.
I don't remember if I could use the elliptical when I had bursitis. I think I did but I'm not sure. I know the spin bike and outdoor bikes were fine. I could not do the treadmill because the hip got sore after a mile. deb hope it worked out Ok for you. it is so frustrating to feel so limited.

diane sue good luck on the retreat. I am not a fan of those activities. the dust in the hay on a hayride is hard to deal with, and would kick my allergies into first gear. like Carolyn, mine were work related and they were big on golf related things, and that is my main allergy. I skipped them. I can see why they'd want you to shut down your devices but adults shouldn't be treated like children. you should keep your devices if you agree to not use them as a distraction.

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