Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/13

This morning I did the step premix for Intensity and if there was ever an aptly name workout it's that one! Then I followed it up with Ab Circuits Stability Ball Abs.

Was thrilled when my adapter and HDMI cable arrived and tested it out with YouTube to make sure it worked and it was super easy. So, then with total optimism, I signed up for 6 months of workouts. Had the app on my iPad and went to sign in and it won't recognize what I used to sign up. Just spins and spins. Tried my forum user name and password and it started a free trial. Ugh! I sent a message in hopes they can get me straightened out. In the meantime, I'm just rather frustrated.

*Editing to add that I was able to get in through my account page, but it would be simpler if I could just use the app. We'll see what they say.

Carolyn I remember Ernestine. I went and googled her and she's now 84 and has an Instagram page. In August she did some kind of Zoom event and she still looks amazing!

Valerie our drive isn't as long as yours, but it's not short and is mostly uphill. Over the years the trees have gotten bigger so we get less drifting. Sorry to hear your DVD player is acting up. Our upstairs one quit working, but we can play videos on the computer instead. Thankfully, the downstairs one is fine. Knock on wood. My Dad is the only guy I know who has no issues going to doctors. As a kid he was in bed with rheumatic fever for a year and was in and out of the hospital. He's had a number of surgeries and just views it as get it over with. He's very careful with his diet now, but his body structure is all out of whack. He leans badly to one side. OTOH my Mom from very early childhood has had a severe white coat phobia. She actually got tossed from a practice a few years ago, and I'm surprised it was the first time. She's a lousy patient.

Diane Sue it's great that you've been managing to get good workouts in even with all the schooling frustration but lousy to hear that you are having continuing pain. Hopefully, they continue to get the schooling going more smoothly. I'm sure it's all a work in progress for the teachers.
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This morning I did part of RWH Lower Body Circuit, skipping the last three exercises, for 41 minutes and 253 calories burned. My average heart rate was 124 and maximum heart rate was 152. After that I went to the outdoor farmer’s market, followed by stops at The Fresh Market and Sprouts. I was starving by the time that I got home. I also bought some scones because my brain wasn’t functioning well by that time :).

Valerie, we had a Nordic Track too and I hated it. It was definitely a space hog and I was glad to get rid of it. I agree, RBG’s passing is so sad. She was an incredible person.

Diane Sue, great job with Live Low Impact Kickboxing and Raw Abs and Stretch. The PHA workout might be too much for your neck and shoulders today. I’m glad that school is going better. That’s funny with your grandson realizing that the teacher could see him.

Cathy, Intensity lives up to it’s name. I looked Ernestine Shepherd up also after she came to mind. She still looks amazing and I could tell that it was a recent picture since she was wearing a face mask.

Deb, nice job with Live PHA Supersets. I’m not surprised that you were wiped out afterwards. The PHA workouts are intense and I imagine that supersets would be even more so.

Waving hello to Judy and Lori. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Today I did Cathe Live Advanced Step Chorography, 53 minutes, 4,643 steps, heart rate 114/155, 244 calories. This was another day of messing with the Fit bit. I was jumping and running around and looked and it kept saying 105. I knew that was not right so kept moving it. It seemed to work best almost onto the top of my hand, at least for a little bit. Do they stay where your heart rate left off when you take them off? I was wondering because when I took it off to take a both it said 98. Right after the workout I tried setting a timer and taking my pulse to see if it was the same and it was at 81-83 on both. So then I did it with my Health Mate app and putting my finger on the lens and it was exactly the same as the watch. Surely I am not pouring sweat and breathing hard and my heart rate that low. I know there are segments that seem light or easy, but this is ridiculous. Also I do extra jumping and arm movements. I got my heart rate up once by shaking the arm with the Fit Bit on it. That is just silly. I liked this workout. The choreography is pretty familiar from her other workouts, but some places she built on several with lots of turns and around and across the step an Cathe messes up so I lose my footing. I am glad she did the one segment over as she was having a hard time getting back into it even though most of her clients were still going. Once I do it a couple of times I won't lose my footing. I was having to concentrate on that one. I don't think I would have been as interested in doing it again if she didn't start it over so I could get back in to it. I remember her doing this on another step workout and one workout that she missed a whole segment and went back and did it. I often wonder how these instructors could be perfect every time. Usually I can keep going with Kelly though.

If I type weird it is because I set up a keyboard that is small to use under the laptop with it on that laptop stand. I had this keyboard for years because our last house I had a built in desk in the kitchen that I had an all in one computer on and I wanted a small keyboard that I could slide under it. I just keep finding myself typing away and hitting the wrong keys.
Also I was going to mention that on Fire Tv Cathe app the segments give how many workouts are in each.
For instance there are 17 low impact workouts, 27 kickbox workouts, 72 under 45 minutes workouts, 25 step workouts .....That is all I wrote down;) There is bar, strength, circuits which I think there were not many of. A few Fit tower and there was a segment that had all of the barre workouts.

Cathy, I am sure they will be able to help you out. I am trying to remember how I got on at first since I was just using my laptop in the beginning. Then I got the app on Roku. I think I may have had to go to my account at first and when I wanted to do the newest workout since then they did not go up on the Roku till two months after. I don't know how soon they go up on Roku and Fire tv now. I don't think that I saw the PHA Supersets on the Fire TV today when I was looking. I am sure you will find plenty that you like.

Carolyn, I went out to do a couple of stops after I got my Whole Foods order. They are usually perfect, but this time the ice cream had melted so it is separated from the sides of the carton. They must have packaged it too soon for delivery since they usually wrap it in some insulated sleeve and stick it in plastic in a foil bag. Also the eggs were put in a foil bag with two glass bottles of kombucha tea. The carton was open and it is one of those plastic fold over cartons and one egg had escaped. Luckily and surprisingly no eggs were broken. I don't get why whoever packed it put eggs and glass bottles together. I was debating on saying something about my package. That Aldens Ice cream is expensive and I got it for my husband. I don't eat before shopping. I worked out and put away the Whole Foods order then went to Dollar general for a couple of things I needed and a card and then hit Sprouts for the hamburger buns and a couple of things Whole Foods was missing. They seem to limit the Kombucha tea as they give me part of it when I order. I wanted to get my granddaughter her favorite oreo chobani flips for this week and they did not have that one or the mint at Whole Foods. I did pickup some Noosa yogurt with topping from Whole Foods. Just two though as I don't know if she likes caramel or not. I may be eating it myself, sugar and all.
I understand the hunger feeling. Generally mine ends up with me bringing home a dark chocolate raspberry bar or something and eating it as soon as I step in the house. I love scones. I have not had one in quite a long time.
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I reloaded the disk Low impact sweat and did a premix of it along with push ups and the ab workout. this time the disk played OK so maybe the disk needed cleaning and it wasn't the player. I was going to do Pyramid pump but weights are too light to bother.

I almost made some scones today speaking of scones. I have a package of scones mix from King arthur flour that was a bonus on a previous order. I need to try them. ran out of time though, and didn't get to them. I seldom use mixes but I had a brownie from the Ghiardelli brownie mix costco carries, and they were darn good. so especially here without a lot of baking supplies mixes don't sound too bad.

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