Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/13


Deb you are doing great getting in plenty of steps.
large grocery is about 30 miles. its highway all the way so doesn't seem that far. I work from a list. not good to forget important items. 100 miles (each way?) is too far IMO. especially since WW I eat more fresh fruit and vegies. it would be hard to do 3 weeks worth at a time.
I bought a new set at costco, an italian brand of non stick that is not 'teflon". it works well. I use a little oil in cooking but not a lot and I hate things sticking to the pan. I never had luck with stainless steel products. I don't put cookware in the DW.

Cathy its hard to get adults to do things they don't want to do. I also would rebel if someone said I had to sleep with that contraption on. still, he should look into other options. there are mouth pieces that might help. my DH uses Breath rite strips on the bridge of his nose. they help keep upper airway open. they are simple OTC strip like a band aid. may help or may not, depends on location of obstruction. there is the "tennis ball pocket on the back of pajama top" that keeps the sleeper off their back. DH is getting the sleep study because of his ongoing hypertension issues. he doesn't snore. some serious issues can develop over time with obstructive sleep apnea. is he over weight? weight loss is often a 'cure". newer machines are a lot quieter.

I agree, it is mind boggling what parents are being asked to do right now in addition to working their jobs if they are lucky enough to have one.


This morning I did RWH Chest, Triceps & Shoulders, a timesaver premix. My time was 32 minutes with 148 calories burned. My average heart rate was 114 and maximum heart rate was 133. I did the premix with 2 sets of each exercise instead of 3 and no finishers.

Valerie, it’s great that you were able to ride yesterday. Meeting another neighbor while you were out must have been nice. I’ve had many of those same brands of cookware over the years. Now I only use my All Clad stainless, Le Creuset, and the other cast iron. I have some very old Club Aluminum that I need to get rid of. I saw the same cookware in harvest gold, avocado green, and brown on Etsy advertised as vintage pieces. I have the brown. I can’t believe that someone would actually buy it.

Cathy, I agree with Deb, it sounds like you may have strained a muscle in your back and rib area. Using Cathe’s rotation gives me the structure that I want in my workouts with a defined goal for each month. I change or substitute for anything that I don’t want to do.

Diane Sue, nice job with Live Low Impact Bootcamp and the Raw stretch.

Deb, you are really getting in the steps these days. Nice job with that and Live Low Impact Cardio.

Hello to Judy and Lori.
This morning I did Biceps and Triceps and then I walked at the zoo. 2 hours and 2 minutes, 3.46 miles (weird because last week I got over 4 miles and walked the exact same areas) 9,712 steps, burned 408 calories. The soreness in my sides/back really feels like DOMS not a strain. It covers to many different muscles for a strain. It is better today.

My oldest is 22 today! He doesn't get to enjoy his birthday until after his class gets out at 8 tonight, as it's his busiest day with four classes and work.

Diane Sue I'm glad you found a workout you liked better yesterday. I really feel for everyone who has kids doing school at home and so much worse for those who don't have the necessary tech equipment and in some places people don't even have internet. A lot of that around here. All people have are their phones.

Deb I messaged you my email. Great job on the steps and workout! With the cooler temps I've having to push myself to get out and walk these days.

Valerie DH is 60 and I gave up trying to get him to do anything. He won't listen. You are closer to where you shop than I am. Takes me about 35-40 minutes to get to decent food. In a pinch, I'm 10 minutes from a store, but it's the smallest in the chain and has the fewest of the things we buy. This area is not exactly full of healthy eaters.

Carolyn nice job on the workout. There probably are people out there who want the old cookware colors. When I look back and the stuff we had back in the 70's in our houses it's makes me laugh. The shag carpets! My sister and I had one that was white, blue and green with matching color flower curtains!


Good afternoon ladies!!

Back to working out in the morning regularly. Only 30 mins though. Any longer and I will not be able to take GiGi for her morning walk. she is tough to walk so I feel I get a good 30 min more of exercise. She loves the morning walks and I do too. It is dark here at 6am so I have a weird routine to make it work...I have my coffee...workout, shower, do hair and eye makeup only...walk GiGi for 30 mins...another quick washing face or hair...get dressed..finish makeup..then out the door. It works so there it is! Lol!!

Pretty much all unpacked. Everything looks great other than our bedroom and closet. We will need to work on this over the weekend. It is starting to feel like home.

The hurricane ended up hitting the Pensacola area today HARD! Of course Navarre is very close. Fortunately, my inlaws left before the storm hit and they are in NC. we had some one go by and drain the pool a couple of feet. Hoping this was enough. Pensacola is flooded, neighbors to my inlaws have said they are fine, but have not looked yet to see if any damage to the house, from trees and debris. one of the main bridges leading into Pensacola was damage - part of it is actually missing! Yikes!! Just glad my inlaws are safe. 2020 really stinks!!!

valerie...glad you are safe in Montana. The fires are so sad. So devastating.

Carolyn...Happy Belated Birthday!!! I love all my cast iron pans. Some are 50 years old. I recently bought a couple of enameled cast iron dutch ovens for my bread baking. They are so heavy, but love them.

Cathy...congrats on Sugarloaf! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hate it when I do not record my workouts!! Or start my watch on the middle. When we bought our massachuetts home 20 years ago it still had shag carpet in the living room...a bright red! Needless to say it was one of the first things we got rid of!

Diane Sue...I see you signed back up to Cathe Live...I did too last week, but have yet to do a workout! Lol! I actually saw a Sprouts the other day! Have not gone in yet but will soon.

Hi to Deb and Judy!!!

This picture is from this morning’s walk. :) my favorite so far, because GiGi is in it :).



My workout was split this morning. We did science right away, but had to wait for the morning zoom class and then math at 1. I did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Tone 30 minutes, 120 calories, heart rate 120/165, 2,111 steps. Right after we did morning zoom class. I needed to watch because he is starting some reading stuff tomorrow and there are new links for this and the library and it is done via zoom in the am. So, once that was done I gave him a break and did Cathe Live Hearts on Fire 236, 44 minutes( I was going to do just the kickbox part, but kept going) 211 calories, heart rate 120/159, 4080 steps. I swear, my calories burns are dropping. Raw Cardio Tone was less than the last time I did it. Anyway, total time was 74 minutes, 331 calories, 6,191 steps. Hearts on Fire was pretty good, but a bit more burpees and up and down than I wanted. I did not do push ups. My shoulders are still so sore. Boxing portion was only about 20 minutes, then some Hiit, that had some jumping, but went along the line of the low impact hiit on RWH for some of the moves, then a hi/lo segment. I wore my combat gloves as heavy bag gloves sometimes turn my fitbit off.

Valerie, I don't put my ceramic cook wear in the dishwasher. I did not put my Pampered Chef in the dishwasher for years till the started losing teflon and doing what most teflon does after awhile. I really tried to take care of them. When others help clean up in my kitchen, I am always taking things back out of the dishwasher that I don't wash in it. I don't wash any of my pretty shiny stainless steel colanders and mixer bowls and stuff, or my blender and food processor parts in the dishwasher even though they say it is safe as it makes the finish ugly.

Lori, that is a beautiful picture. The colors look almost surreal. It looks like you are settling in to a pattern and getting used to things well.

Cathy, nice work today and you had a good walk at the zoo and steps. To bad your son has to wait till that late to celebrate his birthday. We are having a family gathering at my house tomorrow and celebrating my daughter and my birthdays. Mine was last month and hers was the 3rd. Kind of late :) I am buying bbq and others will bring sides. I am making a cake. Cake is not my favorite thing though. I don't know why, but I just have never loved cake all that much.

Carolyn, nice work with RWH chest, triceps and shoulders.

Deb, I was referring to what I see when I pull up the workouts on my fire stick. They have them listed in order from newest down, also have sections that are all under 35 minutes and all that are under 45 minutes. Otherwise they have the individual categories, like cardio that are newest to oldest. There are enough categories that you don't have to go through very many workouts to check length etc. if you are looking at kickbox, barre, step, cardio etc.. Those links you gave me are useful. I was hoping to look at the PHA with cardio that I saw since I was thinking I might want to try it if my neck and shoulders are not hurting.
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I did a workout last afternoon. did 15 min on the water rower. its an interesting machine but doesn't "do it" for us. we may trade it in on something else. works things differently, but the water sloshing in the kettle makes a lot of noise so its hard to watch any TV. hard to get to out of breath even by speeding up. then did the abs from Flex Train, and most of stacked upper body. did a premix that shortened it a little as I was getting too hungry.

we are still smoky here, but its not as dense as in western WA. still not nice. sept is usually my favorite month and this is so disappointing. weather is not starting a lot of new fires but this is not going away soon.

I don't put cookware in the DW but the blender goes in. I have a new one with absolutely huge big blades that are hazardous to hand wash. I worry about grabbing it wrong from the DW and lacerating myself. it works great but would be deadly to hand wash.

Cathy, what can I say? there are reasons men don't live as long as women! its something on the "Y" that makes them think they are bulletproof. If I had sleep apnea I would reject the face mask too but I'd try other approaches. there are dental and surgical ones and when a lot of people lose weight and it disappears too. no guarantee though.
Lori just chimed in. sleep apnea potentially leads to all kinds of other problems that seem unrelated. I hope he will listen to his doctor. men never listen to their wives!
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Valerie...Bob has severe sleep apnea which was the leading cause of him having persistent Afib. he would have his heart shocked, which put his heart in correct rhythm, only to wake up the next morning back in Afib. they finally had him do a sleep study at home which diagnosed his apnea. I could have told them this is what he had. I have been telling him for years he had it. Study showed he had extreme apnea. He wears a mask and we both are used to it. We BOTH sleep better.


Today I did RWH Legs + Bonus Abs #1. That was 46 minutes and 254 calories burned. My average heart rate was 119 and maximum heart rate was 147. This is the leg workout where Cathe alternates a strength exercise with a cardio segment using the same muscles. I also did LiTE Extended Stretch #1 for an additional 12 minutes.

Cathy, nice job with working your biceps and triceps and walking at the zoo. I’m glad that your muscle soreness is better.

Lori, I knew that you would find a way to make your morning workout schedule work. That’s a beautiful early morning photo.

Diane Sue, you are also getting creative with fitting in your workouts with the Zoom school sessions. Nice job with Raw Cardio Tone and Live Hearts on Fire.

Valerie, too bad that the water rower hasn’t worked out for you. Do you have another piece of cardio equipment in mind? I never put my cookware in the dishwash either.

Hello to Deb and a Judy.


we mt biked this morning, 2 hours uphill one way and then all downhill. very rocky. alternates between steep parts and flatter sections so its reasonable both ways. I have trouble getting on the bike if its on an uphilll slope. rocks are looser than in spring so its a little trickier than a few months ago. people drive up, ride ATV's, motorcycles too but not busy overall. the traffic loosens up lots of rocks. we were alone up there.

Carolyn, I would be fine with Cathe cardio but DH doesn't like it. he thinks its all too "dance-y" we could get a nordic track or an elliptical. ( yes Ive tried to tell him its not but he wont listen.?????) I hate nordic track, prefer elliptical. we hope we can trade in the rower. it isn't bad, it's a total body workout.... but its hard for either of us to get to sweat. its loud and makes watching anything difficult and we both NEED to watch something. I used it as a warm up yesterday for 15 minutes but its boring, you move too much and too noisy to watch or listen to anything else. it wasn't that expensive, so might sell it by consignment at the local fitness store. these images are funny but too big to copy/paste. proof of why women live longer.
No workout today as I went shopping. Just watched this video and not only do I want to be her when I grow up, it screams at me that I've been slacking big time! LOL
Lori that's great that you are getting your workouts in again, and that is a gorgeous picture. Glad you in-laws are safe in NC. It looks like it's going to be a rough hurricane season.

Diane Sue glad you are finding a way to get your workouts in around the schooling and finding ways to work around your sore shoulders. I hope they are better soon.

Valerie sorry to hear that the rower isn't working for you. Hopefully you can find someone who wants it. I don't put any of my pots and pans in the dishwasher, but if I'm away for a couple days DH does. If it hasn't run, I just rearrange everything. I usually have to rearrange things anyway, as I swear I can get twice as much stuff in as he can. Fortunately, I'm rarely gone long enough for it to matter. My DH does do Cathe workouts, but mostly the older ones and he has her easy and medium workouts. Thankfully, he's downstairs when he does it. Years ago when we worked in a smaller space it was hard to avoid watching and it's kind of like a train wreck where you can't look away. LOL His form is just so bad, and he certainly isn't going to take advice. Sounds like you got a good workout on your ride today.

Carolyn great workout! Why don't I remember that workout. I'm quite sure I've done it.

Does anyone else have some ancient workout equipment? I realized the other day that my FIRM barbell and adjustable ankle weights are not that far off of 30 years old. WOW!


Cathy-I have a pair of ankle weights and a set of dumbbells that I bought in the late 80's. They aren't in that bad of shape for being over 30 years old. A couple of them still have the price stickers on them.



I did the new workout that Kelly Put up on her Raw channel, which was perfect. Not too intense, but some of everything and short. This was Lift N Box quick fix, 34 minutes, 99 calories, heart rate 98/160 , 1,392 steps. That is it. This was at 2:30 this afternoon and I really needed it to help relieve some stress. I wish they did not keep changing things. We started a new class for 9 am. Math was supposed to be 1:00, I wasted time because at 9:30 when we were done with the zoom class the teacher said instead of math we would be going to a library session and showed how to access this via zoom. So, then it was a struggle to get math done since the teacher was not teaching it at 1 so we were ready for the library session. Then music zoom link took me to a new app that would not allow access. I wasted time there as well. It was all frustrating and non cooperation as well. When there was not music, I took him outside and did a couple of things and we blew bubbles and he ran up and down the walk way. It really was nice outside this afternoon. Praying tomorrow runs smoothly.
Raw LIFT N BOX quick fix 34 minutes
no impact, dumbbells 8 and 12 #, barbell, egg weights if you have them 50 seconds each move
lateral raise/connected front raise 8# dbs
side lunge kickbacks alternating sides 8# dbs
boxing with egg weights (me 1# dbs)
barbell (25# me) push press
dips on the barbell
boxing with egg weights(1# dbs)
single pledge double pledge 12 # dbs
step front and row 12# dbs alternating
boxing egg weights (1# dbs)
barbell curls 25#
barbell bend and row 25#
boxing egg weights (1# dbs)
to the floor
flies pinkies in 12# dbs
bridges 12# dbs
boxing egg weights (1# dbs)
to the floor
flies 12# dbs
bridges 12# dbs
sit up boxing with egg weights(1# dbs)
barbell bench press 25#
feet on barbell bridges
feet under barbell sit up and boxing
plank/down dog touch ankle
child pose/cobra


Cathy that is one strong woman! great balance. an inspiration. especially those roll outs. fantastic core strength.

had dinner with our neighbors last night, both of us contributing so it was easy. also had met another new neighbor who does a lot of road maintenance and put down gravel for us on our driveway. we can hire him to clear our driveway in winter if it gets deep. he has all kinds of equipment and is very good at using it. trucks, a skid steer.... similar to a Bobcat. we do our own driveway for minor accumulations but sometimes we get a big wind drift we can't begin to clear. he will be able to do it. a person needs experience in running equipment like that and we don't have any! its not a problem all winter or every winter, but it stops us from going sometimes because we don't want to get trapped there.

our camper has developed another issue and we think its time to trade it in on a new model but need to look at what's available. camping has been a challenge this year to say the least.

I had a set of dumbbells from the 1980's but DH gave almost the whole set away to a nephew when I wasn't home. all I have left are the 12's. they are the all metal ones with round ends. I have the handles duct taped because I get a strange smell on my hands from them. wish I had the rest of them now. our barbells are old too and have the screw type pieces to attach plates. we tend to set them up and leave them since its hard to switch plates quickly.

tee hee what is it with men and dishwashers? DH can't load it either. plastic on the middle shelf, silverware up top, and things facing the spray arm and tipped so water doesn't puddle. I have to readjust everything when he loads it so its better if he leaves things in the sink.
Just finished XTrain Legs and I did the premix that is Barre, Ball, and Floor. Don't know why I never did that premix before. It's a very thorough workout.

Valerie I had to get a new dishwasher a year or so ago, our 22+ year old one started shooting water everywhere! What a mess. But, the new one has a third rack at the top where you can lay all your silverware out sideways in rows. Best thing ever-at least as far as dishwashing goes.

Not looking forward to the boys being gone most of the winter as we just shovel our drive. Though they will have an 8 week break this year as NMU announced yesterday that they are not starting until Jan 19, no spring break and done May 1. Having kids travel for spring break would have been worse than letting them travel at Thanksgiving.

Diane Sue it sounds like you had a very frustrating day yesterday. I sure hope today goes more smoothly for you. That's a great workout you got in and I'm sure it did help release some of your stress.


Today I did WS3 One Mile of Motivation for 15 minutes and 127 calories burned. Average heart rate was 129 and maximum heart rate was 145. Then I did WS3 Pilates + Yoga which was 32 minutes and 78 calories burned. Average heart rate was 101 and maximum heart rate was 130.

Cathy, nice job with X Train Legs. That’s a very strong women. What a motivation. Eight or nine years ago I ran across aa article and video of Ernestine Shepherd who was 72 at the time. Her workout routine was amazing. I decided that I wanted to age like Ernestine!

Diane Sue, great job getting your workout done in the afternoon. That sounds like a frustrating school day for you and your grandson. I hope this online experience doesn’t give him a negative view of school.

Judy, I have the same 10# dumbbells. They are the oldest weights that we own. My husband brought them home before I started using weights at home.

Hello to Valerie, Deb, and Lori.


I LOVE the DW third rack for cutlery. works so much better than clustered in the bottom. I had a Bosch with 3 racks, and within warranty the heater failed. service replaced it under warranty. about 3 yrs later it failed again. Bosch did not stand behind the product and it cost a lot to replace the heater. I bought a new DW. this is a few years ago, and Bosch was still the only one with the third rack. so I bought another Bosch. I think others have the third rack now. DH laughed and said I'd never use it. Even CR was skeptical of the feature. glad I stuck with it. current Bosch DW is running fine with no issues, I HATE hand washing dishes.

cathy we also hand shovel our parking pad, driveway and walkway in WA. it is uphill and probably 200 yds of shoveling. plus our decks. a LOT of work. doesn't snow every year here but some years multiple times and snow is always wet and heavy. the MT house has a driveway >1/4 mile long, both up and downhill. extremely windy so some parts blow dry, but a few spots develop big drifts and pack solid from the wind. you can hardly get a shovel into it and it might be 6-7 feet tall. we might get a snowblower but will hire the neighbor to plow when we get a huge drift. we put in snow fencing to lessen the drift size.

carolyn I need to look up that lady and see if she is the one I also remember.

Lori that is quite the workout plan!. my hair and florida weather do not agree at all.
doing some indoor workout shortly. still very hazy here but not too smoky smelling. we are under the smoke plume from CA and OR.

ETA earnestine shepherd is about 84 and still looks the same. What an amazing woman!

I did rev’d up rumble Put in low impact sweat but disk would not play correctly so I switched to a workout that worked in this player before. Will need to replace the DVD player most likely. Dh had a disk Not work earlier too
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Today I did Cathe Live # 301 All Low Impact Kickboxing Hiit and Core, 52 minutes, 200 calories, heart rate 105/162, 2,980 Steps. I followed this with Raw virtual road trip abs and stretch, 25 minutes, 43 calories, 4,498 steps, heart rate 86/136. Total time 77 minutes, calories burned 243, 4498 steps. Thinks went pretty well today except I can't get on the Friday PE/Music and we were able to watch yesterdays music lesson, but not view the other video and get an exit ticket assignment. It takes me somewhere besides youtube. Sleep was not good and I tried to go to bed early and ended up spending about 40 minutes trying to get a frayed strand of dental floss unstuck in my teeth :rolleyes: Really a silly reason to be kept up. I am kind of sore today so will see how I feel tomorrow. I had planned on doing a PHA workout this weekend. I saw the new superset one is up. Not too long. It may have to be another cardio day though.

Valerie, I don't know, but I can never push my husband to go to doctors and take care of things and I know he would not wear an apparatus to bed. That is funny on why women live longer. I have learned to put all knives and blades in sight and not just drop them in the dishwater. I have cut myself too many times. I wash all by hand though. I put the glass container to my blender in the dishwasher sometimes. I think that the only piece of fitness equipment that I used lot was my nautilus treadmill and the Proform I had before that. I could read and walk on it for long periods and even jog. Also worked on intervals of 8mph. I just can't get into the spin bike that much. You can't read on a spin bike. I can't concentrate on movies or shows. My first barbell has the screw on star shapes on the ends. My grandchildren have all played with those and took plates off and on my bar many times. In fact my grandson asked me where they went the other day, as he wanted to change weights on the dumbbell bars to play with them. I had put the screw on collars up so I didn't have to hunt for them.

Cathy, in my younger days I stood on my Bosu flat side up with dumbbells, barbell roll outs, and a lot of crazy stuff, but as I watch that vid I think that looks like I would hurt. My adjustable ankle weights are probably the same as yours. I think I have went through a lot of equipment, but there are pieces that are very old. My grandson 6 keeps asking me why and when I got this and that and why I have so much exercise stuff. I even have an old long flat heavy band that loops with buckles on the ends much like tubing except the band is the handles. I got it to use with an old instructors workout. It has hung around for years. Back when the step company was first coming out with step benches. My first step bench was a wooden box my husband made me. I have my first barbell as well that is pretty long that I got to use with those first Firm workouts. What was their reason for skipping spring break and ending the year early. That would be nice to have a rack to lay the utensils sideways. I don't even think the baskets that are in my dishwasher are the ones that came with it when it was new. We have lived here for over 6 years now and changed the control panel as I went for almost the whole first year not using the dishwasher because it wouldn't start and we had someone come out and said 225 dollars for the part. I later looked at how to vids and ordered the part for way less and we fixed it ourselves. Then about a year ago it started leaking and I looked it up and we changed the seal around the front. I don't know how old it is though.

Judy , that is funny that your dumbbells still have the price stickers :) I have had my iron ones for a lot of years.

Carolyn, nice work with 1 mile of motivation today along with the pilates and yoga from WS3. I have been trying really hard to make the school experience good, but it is not always working. Today was a decent day and we just didn't worry about the PE/ Music class. We were able to watch yesterday's music lesson, but not the you tube video and whatever we were supposed to submit. We had fun doing crescendo's and decrescendos LOL We even found time to read part of a book I bought him about dinosaurs and put a puzzle together. He was more attentive with the teacher online, even though she still had some problems this morning. I sat him down a couple of days ago and showed him how the teacher sees the whole class and hears them just like in a classroom, so she can see when he wads up his paper and throws his pencil. I think he had no clue even though I kept trying to tell him. So, I just showed him on zoom how it is. Today he participated. Held up his paper and responded when the teacher asked who had this or asked a question.


Good morning,

Yesterday I did the newest Live PHA Supersets, 44 minutes, 268 calories. This one really got me! I was really spent when I finished it.

Valerie, yes, 30 miles, especially if it is highway does not seem so bad. I never thought about the fresh stuff, fruits/vegs etc. Maybe they had some type of farmers market for that kind of stuff. I know she mentioned paper products and making sure they had enough of those things. I wish I could get John to use the mouth guard that he made for himself for snoring....I know he would never try those breath strips. MEN! I hated our Nordic Track too. We gave it away. An elliptical sounds good. I gave that away too though, as I always picked the treadmill over it and it took up too much space. I like that my treadmill folds up and I can maximize the space for other workouts. Only got the one image of the man on the ladder....LOL....

Carolyn, nice job on the Ripped/W/HIit. I forgot how good those premixes are, lots of choices. Ugh, I remember all those harvest gold, green and brown things...

Cathy, hope your back etc feels better. 22? nice...where did the time go right? I had a BB/DB set from the 80"s... so difficult to change the weights...and this was when you had to change the DB weights too. I gave it away. I kept the 2 bars and some plates so that if I ever want DB's over 20 #. I can use those. I have them set to 25.

Lori, Beautiful picture! I hope all is okay with your and your in-laws from the hurricane. How do you and your husband like the new jobs? Are you in the same field you were in Massachusetts? This may seem way off...but why 2 showers? Why not just walk Gigi when you are done working out, then do the whole shower/hair/makeup thing at one time? Do you want my updated LIVE spreadsheet? (not 100% there yet, but up to #260)..

Diane Sue, wow, that learning is really time consuming. It's good that you are able to work around the schedule and get a workout in. I don't understand why they just don't have the teacher on line, with the kids watching from home and doing what they would be doing sitting in the classroom? The parents would be there of course, to make sure they are paying attention. I didn;t even think about PE and what they might do for that. I don't know if I can get what you described on the LIVE listings with my Chromecast. mmm....Did I give you the better version of the spreadsheet that sorted correctly?

Have a great weekend!


What is it with men?? ( rhetorical question) women get used to going to doctors when young for birth control, menstrual issues, pap smears, UTI's, pregnancy. general reproductive care that can't get accomplished any other way. many men get to skip over preventive care and get they idea they are all bulletproof. well, they aren't.
seems like some kind of acute life threatening event forces them to medical care, and then whatever the problem is, its been there for 30 years and may not be easily fixable. so many things, reflux, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, colon cancer and on and on. things treatable and mostly fixable if caught early. not so much if you've had them for decades.
I don't want to nag. will shut up about this now. mayo clinic has a a great website. go to diseases and conditions, and then an alphabetic list of health problems. this is a link to obstructive sleep apnea. it is clear, concise, and a great source written in plain english. the treatment part talks about different things that can get done to help make this easier to adjust to. You can look up everything there.

Deb we had at least 4 or 5 nordic tracks. wore them out. DH elevated the front several inches. I couldn't use it in that position, and lowering it seriously pinched my fingers. I disliked it intensely. took up a huge amount of space allowing for the skis to move back and forth. so I said no, we will not get another one. I don't want the entire room hogged by that thing.
we realized the exercise equipment place we thought was here... is not. it closed years ago but it still shows up on internet search. no dumbbells. one set of 12's was close to $50. don't understand why weights are still in such short supply.
on the other end of things, I'm amazed that DVD players are so dirt cheap now. this one is an old Toshiba. works fine on some disks, skips and jumps constantly on others.

I am incredibly sad over the passing of RBG. a hero, a brilliant fearless woman I admired more than anyone else. RIP RBG.


I am going to workout in a little while. I am not sure about PHA though. My lats and neck are really hurting this morning. Better after some stretching and curcumin, but I will have to see. I have to run a couple of errands after I get my Whole Foods order. I thought just one, but now I need to pick up a birthday card for a friend of ours. It seems his wife is wanting exactly how old he is going to be in birthday cards :)

Deb, yes I got the better version of the list. Thank you. I checked out a couple of the videos the other night to help my choices. So far we are only having two class sessions a day via zoom. The last two was more like a classroom setting. I think they are just ironing out the problems and getting the children, since they are so young, used to virtual learning. The teacher suggested that the child that is playing with the pencil put it down for now as they aren't using it and need to look at what she is showing them. She gave a 15 minute break for those who needed to get a drink or use the restroom. So, they are working on that. I am moving out of the scene more. The last couple of times I sat at my counter nearby and read, just so I was available. They did not have the Math zoom class yesterday though, so I got him started on some of it early. The teacher films her going step by step through the lessons on youtube. They can pause to write things down if it is moving too fast. Also, even if she does the class with them, they can go back and watch the youtube lesson and other videos before we submit the work. The sad thing is, there are children that do not get on for their classes even though they have the tablet's set up for them. I think some parents work with them when they get home from work, as when we were doing music, a mother said she had just walked in. The music teacher said she could go back and watch the youtube video and pick up on what they missed.
My 12 year old granddaughter is not having problems maneuvering her lessons and watching and listening to her work. I gave her a pair of earbuds she wears, that way my grandson and his classes do not cause as much distraction. There are two children in one of my grandson's class trying to do it at the same time and the teacher had to ask them to share one tablet as the two together kept causing all kinds of static and screeching like when you get two mics close together.

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