Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/13


Good morning,

Today I did LIVE Push Pull Total Body Heavy Weights, 43 minutes, 256 calories.

Carolyn, Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day! :) nice job with the workouts this week.

Diane Sue, I used to make a broccoli apple salad, but thought it had too much mayo in it. I forgot all about it. What is yours like? Gertie is still on prescription food? How is she doing? It sounds like the remote learning is starting to get easier? Do you think those headaches and neck pain could be from anything different you are doing for the remote learning? Bending over to help your grandson etc? Rest is way more important than cleaning!

Cathy, Have a fun and safe trip! I think the zoo sounds like a wonderful place to walk. Especially if not crowded. Do have a flat screen TV? Ours is pretty old, but it has a USB port, so it was easy to use for streaming. I had to purchase a Chromecast ( about $35) to use to cast off of my phone to the TV. That snapchat video sounds like it was hilarious! You can buy LIVE without Cathe On Demand.

Valerie, I am surprised you left your area, with what is going on in the west.

Lori. great pictures! I am glad you got your flamingo!

Hi to Judy,

Take care,


good morning all. Happy Birthday Carolyn!

Diane sue.... Deb makes a good point about posture, all the extra time leaning forward over a screen can cause neck strain. our heads are heavy. maybe "tech neck"?

Deb we are at risk of fire. we have an onshore wind flow with drizzle/rain expected for monday thru thursday, and cooler temps higher humidity. not perfect, but risk for us farther north dropped a little. people further south like OR and CA are as far as I know still at huge risk. terrible for millions of people! I know many people ( friends and most of our family) in the thick of it. it is terrible for them. so far all I have dealt with is the risk and smoke, so about 1 on the 1-10 misery scale, so I am not really complaining. we drove all day yesterday, most of thru smoke and haze. headlights on. we got here last night and it was clear but this morning smoke has developed overnight here too. less than what we had in WA. the smoke plume blows west to east usually.
Many of the fires are caused by dry winds from the east flowing downslope thru the mountains, with lower pressure to the west. the air is hotter and drier to begin with, and heats up as it falls in elevation, especially when it accelerates thru mountain passes. this wind causes falling trees/ tree limbs that hit power lines and when everything is so dry, sparks fires. people are not always careful. small sparks that usually are no big deal can ignite dry brush and grass. like the cigarette butt tossed from a car window that starts freeway grass fires. or the hot underparts of vehicles touching dry grass. campfires from homeless camps. so many potential causes. forests are dry, and disaster can follow.

there are fires in this area too, some burning currently but not on a scale of CA or OR or WA.

I loved school when I was a kid, mostly a happy experience. I feel bad for kids right now missing out on the social aspect and sitting at home so much. I loved getting away from our home. it was mostly unhappy since parents didn't get along. my mother thought the national enquirer and some other tabloids were a news source. I got to view a bigger, more educated world thru school and made lifelong friends there. hopefully there will be an end to this isolation.

some kind of workout later today. the drive is really tiring so it may not happen..
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Thanks for the birthday wishes. This morning I did a short yoga, Jane Adams Morning Energy practice, but I am mostly taking a rest day.

Deb, nice job with Live Push Pull Total Body.

Valerie, I’m glad that you made it safely to Montana. I loved school too. My family situation was fine, but there were six children in my family. School was my special place.

Hello to Lori, Judy, Diane Sue, and Cathy.
Boys and I ended up going and climbing Sugarloaf Mountain. As mountains go it's rather small. There's a bigger one in the area, but compared to what Valerie is used to they would be little. Kind of bummed because I started my Fitbit, but at some point I must have bumped it and it stopped the workout. I still ended up with 44 active minutes for the day, 36 in the cardio range. We were all kind of disoriented when we got there, because just in the last month (Derek was there the first weekend they went back) they moved the parking lot and changed the way you start out. So we ended up taking the moderate way up (that's a lot of stairs with some rocky, tree rooted paths) and coming back down the difficult path that's pretty much all rocky, with lots of tree roots. It's got amazing views though.

Happy birthday Carolyn. I hope you're having a great day!

Valerie I'm glad you made it safely to MT. Sounds like a rough drive there. My maternal grandparents were big Enquirer fans. Even when I was young, I just didn't get the attraction. OTOH my paternal grandparents were the opposite. Grandma was a teacher, and though Grandpa farmed, he read a lot. They had tons of the Readers Digest books on history, geography, nature... I was always rather glad I took after Dad's side of the family.

Deb yes, we have a flat screen TV, it's at least 10 years old, but has both a USB and HDMI ports. I was looking at the tutorials and it looks like if I get an adapter for my phone and a HDMI cable I can just stream that way. Going to watch some more of the tutorials.

Diane Sue hope you get everything you ordered from WF this time. When I shopped at mine the other day there were still odd things they were out of. Sounds like things are starting to smooth out with the schooling and I hope it continues to get easier for you.


so here we are and its too ugly to do anything outside. should be better by tuesday so tomorrow will do housekeeping chores and drop off a load of donations at goodwill, groceries. I bought new pans since I cook a lot here, and the old ones are really old. I suppose I can see the NE for laughs, gossip, amusement as long as you don't take it seriously but my mother believed every word. could not convince her otherwise. I had a sister and brother, but the whole house was angry turmoil constantly. my grandmother lived with us too.

cathy the blue sky looks lovely. we definitely have bigger mountains here but enjoy what you have. ours are smoky.


Today I did Cathe Live #282 Cardio Core, 41 minutes, heart rate 121/140, 188 calories, 3,182 steps. I went out and finished shopping for the week, other than what I will order from Amazon. I spent the rest of the afternoon setting up Firetv stick for our main television so that we can use the OU app that we pay for yearly without having to use HDMI to watch it on tv. They said last year they were going to set up OU sports app on Roku, but still have not. Anyway they played Missouri yesterday and we decided to sign up for another year of streaming. They discounted it 20 dollars from what we paid yesterday. Hopefully this week goes smoothly. It is already 7 and I need to go over my grandsons work to see what we are doing tomorrow and submit the numbers.

Carolyn, happy birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day today. Nice that you got in some yoga this morning.

Deb, is is all of the bending over my grandson's paper work, and his tablet. Friday I set it up on my touch screen laptop so maybe I can get it up higher. I tried putting his tablet up on my new laptop desk that I can raise and lower. That has helped me so much till I started this school work. The only thing is my grandson keeps insisting on taking it off and lying it on the table. So I am trying to view the vids with him and help follow instructions on his school work. This goes on most of the day. It hurts my neck when I look down at a recipe on the counter. This desk is great. I was going to get a cheaper one and my husband bought me the one that I have. Here is what it is
I have realized lately whenever I have my head tilted down it starts hurting. It was painful doing the visual field test Friday. I have used way to much Advil and Excedrin the last few days.
I make my own dressing for my broccoli salad. I usually use some yogurt and vinegar and maybe make a honey mustard dressing or a poppy seed dressing is also good. This last time I used Primal Kitchen Avocado oil dressing and marinade that is honey mustard. No mayo.

Kathy, thanks for sharing the pictures. Such beautiful country. That would be a fun climb. I got everything I ordered or a substitution that I authorized except the GT Gingerade Kombucha (hey did offer Ginger Berry but I declined) and they only gave me 3 of the Five bottles of Kevita Ginger Kombucha. So, all in all not bad. I did not get diced fresh chicken breast and they subbed chicken breasts that I had to dice up myself.

Valerie, I hope they get those fires under control soon. I have seen those dead pines go up in flames in an instant. I can only imagine a whole forest of dead trees and brush. I don't know how anyone could believe all of the crazy stuff the NE put out. The family issues does not sound pleasant at all.


Good morning,

Today I did Live Crush It Low Impact 34 minutes, 236 calories

Valerie, that is so scary....prayers that your area stays safe. I can't imagine what it is like there. Will never complain about snow storms again!

Carolyn, hope you had a wonderful restful Birthday!

Cathy, sounds like a great climb! Nice pics!

Diane Sue, that looks like a great stand for you laptop. Thanks for the info on the dressing. I need to make that salad again. I forgot how good it can be.

Hi to Judy and Lori,

Take care,


there is this overwhelming feeling that bad fires are inevitable yearly. we always had a fire season but mostly limited to the dry east side of the mountains. a lot of trees have been killed by insects and plant diseases and this makes for more fuel for fires on both sides of the mountains. human caused climate change is staring us squarely in the face. I'm so tired of the climate deniers acting like nothing is different, and that ignoring it will make it go away. this is a global emergency.
pictures show how it looks. smoky area covered is vast. there is always change happening but not at this rapid pace.

didn't end up doing anything yesterday except set up a new bed and change up some household things. cousin that moved gave us a lovely bed frame they decided not to take with them to AZ. they will have only one bed in their new place while we had an inexpensive headboard. also a nice wrought iron outdoor table. we sent them pictures so they could see how nicely their things fit in here. they will visit us for sure in the future. DH has the head of his bed elevated for reflux. I cant sleep in that position at all. I wake up a lot at night and read, so we long ago switched to separate sleeping rooms so we both get rest.
weather is not good today so sticking with our shopping/recycle plan.


Today I did RWH Back, Biceps, and Shoulders, no Finishers premix. My time was 45 minutes with 221 calories burned. Average heart rate was 117 and maximum heart rate was 148. I went light with the biceps to avoid irritating my muscles.

Cathy, those are nice pictures from your hike. It’s good that you were able to do that with your sons.

Diane Sue, great job with Live Cardio Core. Thanks for the link for the laptop desk. It looks like it would be very helpful.

Deb, nice job with Live Crush It Low Impact.

Valerie, avoiding outside exercise is probably smart right now. The stories that I have read about the fires and the people affected by them are heartbreaking.

Hello to Judy and Lori.
Today was mostly driving, though I did get in a hike through a marsh this morning. I walked and drank my hot tea as it was only in the upper 40's. Sunny and pretty though. After I drove through the wildlife refuge it was later than I'd originally planned on being and I opted to skip walking down into the gorge, and out to Lake Michigan at Cut River. Mainly because I was down to an apple and one date and I needed to get an hour below the bridge for food. Which meant it was after 1:30 before I got lunch. I love being in the UP, but for vegans decent food is not always available.

Last night I meant to stretch well and then I was tired to a shower and went to bed early. So, today my back has been really cranky. Came home and made friends with my heated rice pack. Sore calves and quads to from climbing, so it's probably just as well I didn't do the hundreds of stairs at Cut River.

Valerie I hope you can start getting outside again. The smoke is supposed to reach Michigan at some point soon, though it won't be nearly as bad by the time it gets here. DH and I haven't shared a room for years either. 1) He snores so loud that I can often still hear him through a closed door and 2) his body has a very messed up temperature regulation. Year round he has a heater going in his room. I'm years past hot flashes and I still CANNOT sleep in a hot room.

Diane Sue that looks like a great desk. I bought a new computer desk last year that worked very well, except it's now DH's work set up, so I just put my laptop wherever. Great workout!

Deb that sounds like a fun workout!

Carolyn great workout!


Today I did Cathe Live Plyo Legs + #256, 33 minutes, 116/151 heart rate, 143 calories, 2,028 steps. This used 5# dumbbells and way too many overhead and lateral raise moves for me along with lower body work between the plyo moves and ends with an abs section. Another that was not a favorite. Cathe does a lot of shoulder work in her workouts imo. I was hoping for more just cardio workouts and particulaly step and low impact, but she really does not have that much of that. They either use weights or have jumping and there are only a few step workouts and some of those involve weight work. I am a little disappointed. I may do something Kelly tomorrow. It depends on my time constraints. We had 2 zoom classes and PE youtubes today which left me short on time along with all the paper work. I also got a little work out with my grandson this afternoon. I did it the last time so he wanted me to do it again. I am fine till they do it on zoom and I will bow out. They did football drills with a football, and a broom handle moving different directions and going down to the floor and up. I recognized a lot of moves. He liked it better than the Zumba classes.
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Good morning,

Yesterday I did 10,447 steps and today I did Live Burn Sets Lower Body, heavy weights, 34 minutes, 168 calories.

Valerie, nice that you were able to get the bed frame and table from your cousins. Are they settled in AZ now?

Carolyn, nice job on RW/Hiit Back, Biceps and Shoulders.

Cathy, that sounds like a really nice hike. It's very cold here today too....not normal temps for September here. I hope your back feels better today.

Diane Sue, sorry you are not finding workouts with the LIVE streaming that you like. :(. I find them more interesting, and really like the ones that Cathe has done on her own since the gym was shut down. Have you used the link where they show what is needed, and have the video clip? It may help you avoid ones where she is doing a lot of neck/shoulders. Doing that virtual learning with your grandson sounds like a part time job!

Hi to Lori, & Judy

Take care,


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did Rock'm Sock'm KB with Muscle Meltdown Triceps and Icy Core 1.

Deb-Great job with Live Burn Sets Lower! I love that one and plan on doing it this week. It was cold here this morning. The weather changed very quickly over the past week. Now it really feels like fall.

Diane Sue-I agree with Deb, it sounds like you have a part time job with the virtual learning.

Cathy-The photos of your hike are very pretty. I haven't made it to that part of Michigan. It looks like a beautiful place.

Carolyn-Great job with the RWH workout!

Hi to Valerie & Lori!


our project yesterday was grocery shopping and taking a previous bedframe and a whole lot of old kitchen gear to a community center in Livingston. the local Goodwill. I didn't buy cookware and was using oldies from our other house. we like it here though, so I donated all the Revere ware and other pans. the bedframe was pretty new but the one from cousin is nicer. Gone! let someone else enjoy it. we dont have extra room. made me decide to donate and be done. people there were really nice and helped us unload.

we still have some smoke here but its better than western WA. were going to ride this morning as long as it is reasonable at the trailhead nearby.
Cousin and wife were taking possession of their new place this week and moving van was arriving with their stuff so they are busy. we sent pics of how "their things" look in our house. really nice!

Cathy I hear you on a cool room for sleeping. DH and I both need that. loud snoring can be an indicator of sleep apnea. he should talk to his doctor about it. my DH doesn't snore but has sleep issues and is getting some test later this fall. I think it is done at home, more when I find out more. sleep apnea is pretty common and can lead to a lot of serious problems. something to be aware of.


Today I did RWH Low Impact HiiT One for 28 minutes and 223 calories burned. My average heart rate was 138 and maximum heart rate was 161. The September rotation focuses on a different series each week. It’s a nice reminder for some workouts that I haven’t done on a while. I had forgotten how much I liked the weight workouts.

Cathy, it sounds like you had a good drive home. I understand about waiting to find decent food when traveling by car. We do the same.

Diane Sue, good job with Live Plyo Legs even though it wasn’t a favorite. I hope that you find enough of the cardio workouts to make the subscription worthwhile. Yesterday’s Zoom PE class sounds like fun for a kindergarten class.

Deb, congratulations on getting 10,447 steps! Nice job with Live Burn Sets Lower Body.

Judy, good job with Rock’m Sock’m, Muscle Meltdown Triceps, and Icy Core #1.

Valerie, it feels good to donate old cookware and appliances. I have a few things that I need to clear out. My husband did an at home sleep study a few years ago. I took pictures of the nurse attaching all of the wires to avoid confusion. It was an interesting experience for both of us.

Hello to Lori.


back from our ride, one hour 40 min. pleasant. some climbing both directions. not all easy. met another neighbor on our way back on our bikes. she is caretaker for an old cabin at the end of the road, the old Sam Peckinpaw cabin.... the wild and crazy movie director of The Wild Bunch. cabin has had many owners since then. nice chatting with her. looked closer at the big road slump at the beginning that the FS has fixed enough for vehicles. we decided it's an earthquake fault, not a wash out from water damage. easier to see this kind of thing from a bike compared to a car. lots of bear scat on the road( most would not call this a "road" and tons of berries ..... choke cherries, currrants,and rose hips. bears love them. they eat tons of them and then poop all the seeds.

I had pieces of calphalon, anolon, revere ware, and visions cookware but if I haven't used it in 20 yrs, I l wont start now. Gone.

Carolyn that's what I was talking about. especially with covid, not leaving your house and trying to sleep in a foreign location probably works better to begin with. I had a sleep test once. didnt sleep. DH gets so agitated I doubt he'd be able to. at home should work. Cathy most people who snore should get tested. I know a lot of people who have sleep apnea. best friend, sister, closest neighbor and more.

I never find decent food traveling, a reason I dont like travel. we bring most of our own food. ice packs or a plug in cooler keeps it all cold. saves time and money plus you get what you like.
This morning I was still sore so I did the Lying Stretch from Step Boss, then Shoulders and finished with the band stretch from Stretch Max. Weird thing is that I'm the sorest around the sides of my ribcage going all the way across my back. I have NO idea why. I spent the last two days mostly driving, and I've never had that area get sore from driving. It's actually gotten sorer as the day has gone on.

Valerie so glad you were able to get out and get a ride in today. DH was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea more than 10 years ago. Tried using a machine and couldn't ever get to sleep and has refused to try anything since. Generally, I take along food at least for the trip up and snacks.

Diane Sue sorry you didn't like that workout. I agree on the jumping. I've been avoiding workouts that have much of it and doing my own thing during those times. Not surprising that your grandson would prefer that kind of PE to Zumba. I know I would prefer Zumba. LOL

Deb are a lot of the LIVE workouts on the shorter side? I've gotten so used to having shorter workouts that when I pull out the old ones that are an hour long they just seem SO long. My back wasn't nearly as bad today as I was expecting it to me. Though my sides are making up for it.

Carolyn great workout. I'm not sure I've ever done one of Cathe's monthly rotations, though I've done that ones that come with series.


Today I did Cathe Live # 195 Low Impact Bootcamp, 49 minutes (46), 202 calories, heart rate 114/147, 2,658 steps. I then did Raw 5 day strength stretch, 41 minutes(36 because I kept having to stop) 41 calories, 60 steps.
Total time 90 minutes, 243 calories, 2,718 steps. Way too much overhead with press and plank positions stuff. I had to modify. I liked it though. Today was a bit of a reprieve from lots of written school work. We had two zoom meetings. This morning they were going over some changes and additional links and apps so I sat with my paper and took notes. She shows it like she is showing the 1st graders what to click and how to submit. I bet there are not many that are going to just get on there and do that. There is another grandmother that is on there a lot with her granddaughter and she asked how to get to the one of the lessons and submit it, so the teacher showed the whole thing on screen. I already have that down, but felt sorry for her when the teacher told her you just click on the download link and print it. She does not have a printer. So, she gets to write out everything and I guess she would have to have drew the parrot they colored. I have already found that if she knew how to do it she could pull up the lesson download and there is a spot to do the work on the tablet itself and a link that you can submit it. Even colors to color. I have not tried because I would hate to have him do the work and accidentally delete it. We just had to watch videos and he had to sing on film and count 1-100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's. Which was fast. More of an evaluation thing. I think the teacher is busy getting her work caught up and setting up more stuff for the online work.

Deb, I do need to spend more time going over the workouts since I have the links. I have been so busy getting things done around here and errands when free and just end up pulling up a workout if I have time. Nice work on the 10,447 steps and the workout today. If my grandson wasn't so young it would not be as much work. I have to be there so he does not push buttons on the laptop and tablet that he shouldn't. He wanted the video to end today and kept sliding the youtube to the end. We had a struggle getting through that video. He know how to work ipads though. Well enough to get to youtube and find what he wants and how to add and delete games. So, I think it is more not wanting to listen. Zoom time he keeps messing with the mike and video. I cannot imagine someone that has to help multiple children doing this.

Judy, nice work with the Rock'em Sock'em and triceps with icy core.

Valerie, I got rid of a lot of cookware when we moved into the house we are in now. Then after I got the ceramic cookware I tossed most of the rest. I need to replace a smaller pampered chef sauce pan. The teflon is disappearing and I was cooking recently and saw little black specks in the food that I could only identify as the teflon.

Carolyn, nice work on the RWH Low Impact. That would be a good way to revisit some of the workouts. I think the PE would be more fun if the other children were doing it at the same time, but I guess that would be noisy if the mics were all on. The PE teacher made you tubes of the workouts. to watch after you get on. I don't know how they are going to do the whole school PE when they do Fridays how planned. So far most is done via you tube links after we get on Zoom. Same with music. The teacher has not quite figured out how to sing along with the child, so once she demonstrated, we had to film singing going from Forte to lower or lower to Forte. Anyway, I think we must have missed a lesson somewhere.

Cathy, I get doms and sometimes do not feel the soreness as much till maybe 2 days later. Maybe the shoulder work pushed it over the edge. The Zumba music was fun music. He is all boy so I get it. I was glad to see the school coach did something the boys would enjoy. I could see the children having fun with it in a class setting. Plus the coach seems to enjoy the music he is playing :)
Not Deb, but the live workouts have lists by dates and lists by length. There is a section that is all 45 minutes or less.


Good morning,

Yesterday I did 10,653 steps, and today I did LIVe Low Impact Cardio HIIT. 34 minutes, 234 calories.

Judy, nice job on Roc'm Soc'm, and the Muscle Meltdown workouts. I like the change in weather, but not what is coming up soon!

Valerie, that's great that you were able to donate that stuff. How far a drive is Livingston? I have a friend that lives in Sweetgrass Montana, on the Canadian border. It is 100 miles to the nearest large grocery chain. They used to shop only about every 3 weeks. Did you have to purchase new cookware, or are you bringing it from Seattle?

Carolyn, great job on the Ripped workout. I saw that rotation and was tempted to try it out. Maybe in a few weeks.

Cathy, that soreness doesn't sound like DOMS, more like muscle strain....I feel for your husband, I can't imagine what it would be like to sleep with one of those machines. There has to be something better. Yes, there are shorter workouts...if you would like, pm your email address to me and I can send you the spreadsheet I have, sorted by times. It is not complete, ( I have been pretty lax on filling in the more recent workouts) but it has about 260, so you can get an idea of the times etc.

Diane Sue, I am awed at all that you do, and what the schools expect of care takers of young children when it comes to virtual learning. On the list that you replied to Cathy about, is that something on the Cathe site list? The one that I sent the link to?

Hi to Lori

Take care,

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