Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 8/26


Today I did Cardio Supersets which was 41 minutes and 241 calories burned. My average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 150.

Deb, good job doing the PT exercises. How often do you have therapy? I’m sure you could use broccoli in that salad or even roasted zucchini.

Diane Sue, the roasted vegetable salad sounds delicious. I have had all of those vegetables roasted this week, just not together in a salad. Nice workout today. Are you still enjoying Cathe Live?

Judy, have a wonderful visit with your family.

Lori, I hope you are having a good week.

Hello to Valerie.


I am stuck here while project is on goung.

we have a family joke about "aunt betty broccoli", broccoli boiled mercilessly for 20 minutes, and then 5 min more.... just to be sure. it was gray green mush you could not lift out of the pot it was so disintegrated. I love broccoli, mainly steamed or otherwise lightly cooked. I have not roasted broccoli much. My grandmother liked sauerkraut and cooked cabbage for it. I don't know why anyone would eat anything that smells like that, worse than the stinkiest locker room or shoes. cabbage, in slaw and salads, as long as no mayo. I've had it steamed and roasted and it was pleasant. they were german cooks. I left that house and never ate anything like that again.

everyone here seems to discount the possibility of foul play or the possibility of a scam, like it's unthinkable. It is sad this girl has disappeared and no trace found. it is not all that unusual for someone to get lost or die on a hike. plenty to go wrong. this is not an easy hike but it is popular. it is just odd that this story is getting national coverage.


Valerie, I have made my own sauerkraut and it was not cooked. It was set in a jar in a brine and I had carrots, garlic, and jalapeno in it. It does sort of stink. I kept it covered with a towel in a cabinet for 2 weeks as it fermented. I had to keep it weighted down to keep it covered in the brine. Anyway, it was the best I ever tasted and I would use it on Buffalo Guys bison hot dogs for breakfast or lunch. No bread or anything. I guess it is all a taste. I remember my mother having the stuff in the jars and making sauerkraut and cheap hot dogs. It was not good that way.
Well, maybe they are just keeping some details quiet on the missing girl while hunting for her. You would think if she was attacked by an animal or injured she would be found? I know you hear this happening a lot.


It is a tough steep hike, not doable for the inexperienced. 6-7 hrs RT. she supposedly hiked it several times, but was alone. extremely unlikely to get grabbed by anything....we are lucky to see marmots and chippies. search and rescue has combed the mountain and surrounding areas on foot, by plane and helicopter and these are experienced people with technology. no sign. the formal search is done because no one can survive anywhere this long without water, food, shelter. her family did some really goofy things at first. It is possible she got off course and fell somewhere. this is a very steep rugged, rocky area. whoops, gotta go will finish later....

I wonder... the story seems to be getting coverage ….. what is going on? I hate to think someone would do this, but a scam? or the husband killed her and this is a cover story? the GoFundMe page has $40,000 plus. it is an odd situation and I am wildly speculating here. I feel a connection to it because DH and I have done the hike so many times. it is probably too hard for me now to do it and enjoy it.

no kind of sauerkraut would cut it here ...dislike sour fermented stuff. won't even eat pickles. ick. hot dogs no. never ever eat red meat.
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Good morning,

Yesterday I did Cathe Live Upper Body w/Core Express 44 minutes, 186 calories.

Diane Sue, now I understand, about why you would not get the Honest Kitchen yet. I use ground turkey. Since Keegan had a lot of skin issues, our vet told us to avoid chicken, describing it as a "hot" food for dogs, meaning it was one of the ones that a lot of dogs were allergic to. I have seen people do that in supermarkets too. I think you were right to move in and get a couple of packages before he took it all. Broccoli and zucchini may be good subs for the vegetables. I am going to try that dressing, even if I don't do the roasted vegetables. I really like Cathe Live 200 when I did it.

Valerie, replacing sky lights sounds like a big job! I had not seen anything on that missing hiker. I must have missed it somehow....will look it up. Not like the coverage on Mollie Tibbits, which is still going on today.

Judy, have a great trip!

Carolyn, I am supposed to go to PT every 2 weeks for him to check on my progress. I do the exercises once a day, and ice 3 times a day. Yes, I would definitely try broccoli and/or zucchini for that salad.

Hi to Lori,

I hope everyone is having a nice Labor Day weekend...sad to see the summer go.

Take care,


Deb, it was not that big a deal to my surprise, they replace the glass and leave the metal framework. the glass is newer filtering glass to help stabilize heat loss/gain. we have a big skylight in our master bath that used to heat up the room like an oven. original construction > 30 years old. we had been putting a black net screen over it in the summer. won't have to do that anymore. Deb, I hope you include some sweeter vegie like butternut or a sweet potato . that would be important IMO for texture and contrast.

good job on the therapy exercises. Hope this works. when I had bursitis a few yrs ago, I only could guess to where it came from but it sure was uncomfortable. I thought floor work like hydrants with a band, but can't be sure. I was doing therapy for a knee issue when it developed so doing a lot of different exercises.
funny, you would think chicken would be most benign ingredient.

It seems like there is a "missing hiker" several times a week this summer but this one is odd. plenty of happy endings where someone got off trail and is quickly found, more falls and rescues than usual. Hiking has gotten more popular and people are going "light". in other words most don't have enough stuff with them to survive minor issues. it is stupid IMO. DH and I were not trained like that, but to always have enough to survive an unplanned night out. I'm sure the girls mother lives east somewhere (Pennsylvania?), and that's a reason why story got more coverage. it is a difficult area ( mountain is called Vesper) with huge boulders and cliffs, but even dogs did not pick up anything. they take a lot of footage from the air and examine it closely, looking for a body where a fall could happen and get stuck on a vertical cliff side. it is a sad story. no body has been found is odd with this intense a search. what comes to mind is something else happened, and there is no body. I hope that is not true but it is hard to explain without thinking of a scam or foul play.

we are doing a short ride with cousin and wife, and then coming back here for lunch so I need to hit the kitchen. Hope everyone is having a good holiday.
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This morning I did Cathe Live Low Impact Hiit and Upper Body, 54 minutes, met 5.8, 346 calories, 2,661 steps.
I followed it with Coffey Fit Raw stretch, 25 minutes, 55 calories. Total time 401 calories, 79 minutes.
Upper Body weights
overhead press 15# dbs 16 reps second round 12 reps
deadlift to upright rows 12# dbs this is a deadlift with 6 upright rows repeated
rear delt flys 10# dbs 2 sets
lateral raise 1 arm, both arms, 1 arm, 8# dbs changes to 5# second round
hammer curl 15# dbs 8 reps
sweeper curls 12# dbs 8 reps
traditional curl 10# dbs 8 reps
reverse curl 8# dbs 8 reps
Overhead extensions 12#dbs 12 reps 1st round 8 reps second
kickbacks 12# dbs 12 reps
wide push ups 8 reps/ close push ups 2 reps on knees repeat
pullovers 15# db first round 15# dbs 2nd round
chest flys 15# dbs
10# reach overhead then to toes 16 Reps
5# dbs reach to opposite toe 12 reps
russian twist 10# db
elbow on floor reach up with opposite hand 8 reps right then 8 left then alternate
leg shooters 16 reps
plank down up toe tap
plank hold

Deb, broccoli and zucchini sound like a good combination for the salad. I really did enjoy the butternut squash. I did not have a pound of brussels sprouts so mine was pretty light on them. That is interesting about the turkey. I always have seen fish and salmon as a sensitive stomach formula so that is why I went with that since chicken and beef didn't set well. I used duck for Mudd.
If I were to try honest kitchen, unless it was the formula with the protein in it, I doubt I would buy fish to put in it.

Valerie, that is a really strange story and also the go fund me page. What are they needing funds for? The officials will search without funds. I buy turkey hot dogs for my husband. I won't eat them though. I try not to think about it too much, but I am particular on hot dogs or sauasage and what it contains. I make my own sauasage patties and will spare extra dollars for decent dogs. I don't eat them very much. I tried some bison dogs from Natural Foods market and they were awful. I gave them to my dog. They no way compared to the Buffalo guys dogs. My grandfather worked in a plant that made hot dogs and said it was basically the garbage that they picked up off the floor. Yew!!


This morning I did a timesaver from PHA Training. It omitted the last round of set 2, so not much of a timesaver. My time was 47 minutes with 269 calories burned. Average heart rate was 122 and maximum heart rate was 162.

Deb, nice job with Cathe Live Upper Body and Core. I agree with Valerie that you should include the butternut squash for a good balance of flavors if you try the salad.

Valerie, I had not heard the news story about the missing hiker. Like Deb, the Molly Tibbets story has dominated the news here. Enjoy your ride and lunch with cousin.

Diane Sue, great job with Live Low Impact HiiT and Upper Body. I haven’t eaten a hot dog in years. I remember seeing a short film about how they are made and that was enough for me!

Hi to Lori and Judy.


Carolyn, I love having the premixes. That is one of the things I love about Cathe and Kelly Coffey's workouts is the multiple premix options to work with my time allotment and things that I want to omit.


I had heard the story had gone national, but no clue why. it's not unusual, except she has not been found despite all extreme the efforts. that is odd. considering the terrain, not impossible. I thought maybe because her family was from northeast. (sorry but the cynic in me remembers the "balloon boy' story out of colorado that got exposed after a national press interview) it's sad to have a lost missing hiker but not unusual unless it turns out to be foul play or a scam. molly tibbets story carried here too, I supposed because all the ICE issues and "murders and rapists" thing is being so amplified mainly to benefit you know who.

I quit eating meat back in about 1970, have not eaten red meat or sausage etc since then. I include a little chicken and fish these days because I like them, its hard to be vegie and eat out with friends, and I think as we age we may not process things as well as when we are 20. no desire to go vegan or even rigid vegetarian. I got tired of saying I was "vegetarian" except for this and that. so mostly vegetarian with an occasional accent of white animal protein. The Jungle by Sinclair Lewis was also a factor.

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