Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/4


Damage to our box was not as bad as we thought at first. we bent/ tweaked brackets back into place. close enough, anyway. we can still use the newspaper tube, and put reflective address numbers on a new post. had to go buy a 4x4 post & bracketed it into existing hole. surprisingly, the lock on the box worked OK once it was right side up. a load of mail inside. we last checked mail at 4pm yesterday. assumed we didn't get any new yesterday. our neighbors box was in worse shape. not mail thieves, just punks having a good time. destroying other peoples property is so obnoxious.

Ajinomoto Tokyo Shoyu Ramen with Chicken 11 points is the food. the pic on the box shows sliced chicken and vegetables with a few noodles showing at the edges. not really. I won't get more. totally blindsided by the numbers. I knew ramen was not a good choice.
when I first tried the scanner, only about 1 in 10 items I tried were in their listings. it is much better now. It never used to work with Costco foods, but that is where soup was from, and it was in there.

Did Cardio supersets and flex train abs for about an hour total. have not done either disk in a while and used sliding disks. I can do regular jacks when I use the disks. For mountain climbers, the disks help. I grab the feet of a bench to avoid my hands down flat. it helps for pushups and mt climbers. slightly different wrist and hand position and less stressful. arthritis problems there.
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I ended up with my two younger grandsons today. One daughter and her husband went to the football game and the other wanted to take her daughter to a movie and bought me the little one. Poor little guy started running a fever. I sat between them and they both showed me all of the things they liked in the Amazon toy catalog that came in the mail. We played games.

Lori, your decision to just have a rest day sounds nice with the rocking chair, coffee, and kitty :)

Judy, nice work with the Jessica Smith workouts. I wish LW posture stretch would have helped me. I had more pain afterward. I think the band work was just too much. It aggravated things. I usually have cracking in my neck area and sometimes tingling up from my shoulder to the top of my head, so I think I have some nerve problems in there. I can see it being great for strengthening and preventing problems though.

Valerie, I made a recipe once, that called for rice noodles . They just boiled some water and poured it over the noodles, stirring occasionally till they were limp and ready to use. I forgot that ramen noodles were fried. That is terrible that you keep having to replace your mail box. I hope you can get a clue from the camera.

Deb, we have a little snow in the forecast for Monday. That is the only day next week though. Nice that you are able to try a few workouts again. I hope Ike is doing better.

Carolyn, it is nice to have a workout to fall back on when you don't feel like doing an intense one. I love the color fuschia in clothing. I have a magenta skirt I purchased and have a hard time finding the right color of top to wear with it and I love the color.
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