Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/4

Good morning,

Only PT exercises yesterday. I need to get into the basement workout area and get the "stuff" from upstairs back where it belongs.

Lori, Don't you love coming home when you are tired and know that you have already gotten a workout in that day and it is ot hanging over your head to do? That is the best part of working out in the morning. Gigi is so darn cute in her costume!

Valerie, at this point in time, we cannot leave Ike for more than a couple of hours. It would not be fair to the little guy to make it so he has to go in his crate. Diane Sue is right, they really do not want to do that, but if they are left too long it's bound to happen and that just can start a pattern where they think it is okay to do that. I am going to keep that idea of luxury vinyl squares in mind for any new flooring we do in bathrooms. No, red licorice is usually cherry or strawberry flavored, not anise, which I think is what black is supposed to be? I don't like anise at all, especially in baked goods. There are anise biscotti cookies which are awful to me.

Diane Sue, those recipes sound great. You are getting a lot of use out of that Instant Pot! When we had our upstairs bathroom redone, I had the guys buy the more expensive "stain free" grout. It was a lot more than the regular. Well, it doesn't work! It was never stain free, even when it was new. I think Slow & Heavy may be Cathe's closest thing to a heavier one body part workout series.

Carolyn, thanks for the tip on the Freestyle program. I am going to look into that. Maybe my cousin will do it with me, I know John won't actually do it, buy maybe if I am, he will have to follow along. :).

Hi to Judy,

Take care,
Deb I used to make anise biscotti. they were good but very very. mild. Anise and licorice are similar flavor but licorice is about 1000x stronger Red “licorice “ didn’t taste anything like the black stuff. Ouzo is another horrible experience. terrible flavor like licorice.

So because dogs don’t want to pee and poop where the sleep, crate training teaches them bladder control, huh?

Judy thank you that is a terrific shoulder video. I watched it this morning and will do it today. I tend to hike up my right shoulder. being aware when you do it helps to stop doing it. . I blame it on decades of a shoulder bag.
It's so straightforward and uses a lot of the things I did in PT, but I like the idea of using a band versus a weight. I like band work and it keeps you from jerking or using too heavy a weight for the situation. the main thing I was doing was hiking up my rt shoulder. these look like good moves to reinforce and remind that message. I may have some other issue like a mild impingement situation, but I have not had any actual injury I'm aware of.


This morning I did Fit Split Cardio Shred cardio time saver, 29 minutes, heart rate average 135, max 170, 195 calories, met 6.1, 2,431 steps. I did not do the push ups on the squat thrusts to push ups, instead I did 2 squat thrusts. My neck and shoulders are very painful, mostly the right side. I think some plumbing work we did along with my cold and hard coughing has really aggravated things causing inflammation all over. I finished off with Barre Amped Upper Body Stretch, 13 minutes, met 2.0, 29 calories, 39 steps. Total time was 42 minutes, 234 calories. Last night I did a Youtube yoga for shoulders and neck by a different instructor than my usual one. I wanted to do that workout for shoulders that Judy posted and I thought I had saved to watch later, but under time constraints and couldn't find it, I will have to find it again today and save it.
I read that Dr Axe is going to have a strawberry lemonade flavor of the Beauty and Sleep multi collagen. Reading reviews, a lot of people do not like the lavender flavor. I can't imagine the cucumber lime multi collagen being tasty either. I do like the coconut lime pre workout bone broth drink though. I guess so many of us have different tastes. I don't mind the lavender. I have just started mixing it into a half small glass of water and drinking it that way. I won't buy that flavor again. I ordered some Mercola joint formula that has egg white membrane collagen in it and the Astaxanthin (which is in the Dr Axe sleep muti collagen, boswellia, and hyaluronic acid. Which should cut down on a couple of supplements I take and I already use ashwagandha which is also in the Sleep formula so maybe I will get similar results :) I still think I need the various types of collagen as I have resorted lately to more of the bovine which is type I and III and I am having more joint problems and my fingers have started catching again. So, trying adjustments. The only multi I am using is the scoop of the Beauty and Sleep at night and that is not enough. I am always looking for a more economical way to get what works.

Deb, I think that there is no way at all to keep grout looking pristine clean. It absorbs stuff eventually and there is no way of getting it out. There is licorice made from real licorice root and there is the more artificial stuff that I think they slip in some anise for flavor. I think that fennel has a sort of taste of anise as well and I am not a fan of it in cooking. I just like plain old licorice candy. It is only a rare thing that I would eat. They use licorice in some herbal teas, but they don't taste so much like licorice. The root looks much different than what the candy product is. I feel so sorry for poor pups that are left in crates for long hours or expected to not need outside and hold it way longer than we would. It is not fair.

Valerie, I too have off shoulders. I put my heavy bag on my right shoulder all of the time and I know that I need to make changes. I really noticed it hurting this morning when we went into church and had to remind myself to change it. My husband is always trying to straighten me up for pictures and hair cuts. It does not feel natural to me. I wanted to do that workout this morning and couldn't find it quick enough. I will do it later or tomorrow and see how it helps.
Today is my rest day. It’s funny that we all have so many similar aches and pains. This morning I noticed a twinge in my left hip joint. I am always really tight in the quads and hip flexors which I’m sure contributes to my problems.

Valerie, I mentioned the various options with weekly points to highlight the built in flexibility. Quinoa, rice, pasta, and beans are all things that I eat regularly. Cheese is very high in points because of the saturated fat so I am careful with that.

Hello to everyone and have a great day.
I did a spin this morning from x-train. 50 min to an hour by them time I got things adjusted right. the timer on the spin bike zeros itself if you step away for a couple minutes.
I did a few of the shoulder moves but not all. need to get the ipad out and follow thru it a few times.

Carolyn I am not so good at precision, so I shoot for 23 points and ignore any extras roll overs and things. some days I have been am under 23, and some days a little over but I am comfortable with that. it's the same with exercise. I know I will go over but I don't pay much attention , I just go over. I don't lose weight like a normal person. its better not to get too picky about details. I love cheese but it is a point killer. I eat whole grains/ bread.... that is where I go over a bit. I need "carby" kinds of things to make me feel like I ate anything. fat and protein don't work without carbs for me.

I don't carry a shoulder bag anymore, but all those years of doing it make me prone to hitch that side upward. I am very aware of it when exercising. doing one arm rows etc. they don't bother my shoulder if I keep it pulled down.

Yes, fennel has a slight anise flavor. I have used it but its expensive and I don't really like it much. just OK. I like maple flavor a lot too, but not in candy when it is so strong and concentrated. I was thinking there is some component in licorice that can be toxic if you get too much of it. will have to look that up.


Valerie, yes there are some reasons not to eat too much licorice. It can raise blood pressure and I know certain medical conditions you would not want to eat it. I would think that most people would not eat enough licorice to cause too much problems. My spin bike zeros out a lot of the time when I do Kelly Coffey's home gym intervals getting off and on it to do the weights. I just use it as a cardio workout and don't think about my mileage and time on the bike.
has to do with lowering potassium levels that can cause problems for people on heart or BP meds. if you don't eat it, the problem goes away. a quick solution!

basically DH walked by and saw only 20 min on the timer after I'd been on it for > 45 min and questioned what I was doing. yes, my bike goes back to zero on all entries in a few minutes, like if you get off to do anything else.
Good morning,

No workout for me. Did not even get to PT exercises. We did a lot of yard work as it finally did not rain and we had some sunshine.

Valerie, good job on the spin workout! Anise is way too strong for me, and I never liked the flavor anyway. Like Diane Sue mentioned, fennel is the same only not used in baked goods. Yes, the theory is that they will "hold it" to prevent going where they sleep, but you should not push it to where they cannot hold it any longer. That is cruel and defeats the purpose.

Judy, I also have the same issue with one shoulder being lower than the other. Blamed it on heavy shoulder bags.

Diane Sue, I would sure like strawberry lemonade better than the lavender. If it helps sleeping, otherwise I would not get it. I have a method that cleans the grout almost to looking brand new, but it is a long drawn out process that I only do maybe twice a year.

Carolyn, I hope your hip is not following all the others here! It seems like hips. shoulders and backs are the joints we are all having problems with.

Hi to Lori,

Take care,
Good morning.
Crate training sounds like a great way to handle behavior problems and help train. most critters would not like to pee where they sleep, so incentive to learn bladder control. .
Lavender doesn't win any points here either. soapy tasting and smelling to me. I never use it. I love the smell and look of lavender in my garden but not in the kitchen. I've used fennel a few times but not a lot. it loses a lot of the flavor and fragrance as it cooks but expensive for what little you get.

I liked the raspberry lemonade. DH orders it in restaurants sometimes. I'll bet strawberry is good too. I love raspberries and strawberries. so glad raspberries are available year round now.

when we grouted our floor we used a grayish brown grout. looks good with the gray/tan slate tiles. it is a special kind of grout used with luxury vinyl floor tiles. it does not discolor or need special cleaning. the grout in the shower I guess we will see. it is light colored. hopefully it won't get mildew.
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This morning I did Crossfire for 57 minutes and 377 calories burned. My average heart rate was 127 and maximum heart rate was 148. I don’t remember the last time that I had done this one, but I really enjoyed it today. It has a bit of everything in it.

Deb, it must have felt good to get the yard work done. Fortunately my hip feels fine today. I did a little gentle stretching for my lower body yesterday and that helped the tightness.

Diane Sue, great job getting your workout done yesterday.

Valerie, I agree with you about fennel. I don’t like it enough to pay what it costs. I do like to use fennel seeds in my Italian sausage recipe.

Hello to Lori and Judy.


This morning I did Kelly's new Coffey Fit Raw Step 2, 40 minutes, heart rate average 131, max 162, 256 calories, met 5.8, 3,563 steps. I followed this with her new 6&60/core workout, 13 minutes, met 3.5, 50 calories, and finished with Linda Woolridge Barlates Posture workout for neck and shoulders, 21 minutes, 46 calories, met 2.0. Total time was 74 minutes, 353 calories. I am hoping that that band work on the posture work does not set off the pain more in my neck area! Not sure how I felt, my elbows pull away from the wall when doing those up against the wall moves.
I need to get out to Home Depot to get parts for our bath sink faucet and I am on call all week to pick up my grandson from school if needed.
I really liked this step workout. The first half is step moves then she does a quick lower focused cardio segment followed by boxing drills and ending with standing ab work which all still keeps the heart rate elevated. When I was done I discovered there was the additional core workout to add on to other workout.
The core workout is done in 60 second ab exercises alternated with 10 rep push up variations
Basic crunch
10 pushups from the floor
leg raises
10 push ups from knees
twisted crunch all right side
10 dolphin push ups
twisted crunches left side
push ups with off set hands right
seated knee pulls
push ups with off set hands left
frankinstein sit ups (arms straight up to sit ups)
10 push ups


Deb, I do not feel like doing yard work, but need to get out when it is not raining and clean up the falling leaves and those acorns that are going to start popping up trees if I don't rake them up. It is windy today, so I am sure there will be plenty more on the ground. I may try the strawberry lemonade some time. I do like that the sleep one does seem to help me relax and sleep, but like I said there may be other ways to get that. We had one house that I used some baking soda paste and scrubbed the grout with a tooth brush then steam mopped it, I never got the whole area done before it was all dirty again where I had done. We had the large ceramic throughout an open area of kitchen, dining room and living room. It was way too tedious.

Valerie, I remember trying to grow fennel for the bulbs and I didn't know when to harvest. They eventually attracted black wasps of some kind in droves and the bulb looked awful when I dug it up. I have purchased fennel bulb twice for recipes that called for it and was not a fan of that. Not a lot of taste, but did not add to salads in my opinion.

Carolyn, nice work getting Crossfire in this morning.
Good morning ladies!

Yesterday I did Fit Spit Boxing followed up with the Metabolic conditioning workout. Loved doing these two together. This morning was a LEKfit bounce that used a firewalker loop for one of the intervals. Tonight will be a double time workout.

Deb...I hear you on working out in the morning. Now that I have been doing double time after work with Chelsie it is getting really hard to continue. If you remember I was helping her get motivated, but to tell you the truth, it is hard to come home, change and then go over. I do this 2x a week. Once I am done I am glad to have done is just getting me there. Can’t wait for this to be over!!!! I was able to get some leave raking in on Sunday. We are so behind due to all the rain we have had on the weekends. With GiGi we had a neighbor come over and let her out while we were at work. She has been amazing with house training. Once she got it that was it. Can’t remember the last time she had an accident in the house.

Valerie...yes...that is the idea with the crate. But it always made me sad to keep them in there. We did with GiGi and Chester. But we did not follow what you are supposed to. Once they were trained we did not use the crate anymore. We left it open and they loved sleeping in it but they could come and go as they pleased. GiGi is confined to the kitchen while we are away and we have folded up her crate and put away. We bought a large serta dog bed for her and she is quite comfy on it. We did not want a house full of hair like we did with Chester. She goes to day care 2x a week, and the other days she just chills. I have noticed she is tired on her off days that is why we have the comfy bed for her. Nice ride!!

Judy...I watch the video and think I am going to give it a try. Thanks for posting. I love Linda’s workouts.

Carolyn....thanks for the info on WWs. Going to check it out again. Yes we all have our aches and pains. My left shoulder and forearm has been bugging me lately. It is always something. I looked at the drop set workouts and I do not see how I would shorten. Wanted to see if I could take all the workouts and create a total body. I like these workouts but it is hard for me to 30 to 40 mins or so just on chest or bis or 55 mins on just inner and outer thighs. I have to gear myself up for these workouts.

Diane Sue...Good to not do the pushups with the pain you are having. Hoping it has subsided a bit for you. I agree, strawberry lemonade sounds much nicer than the lavendar. Do you ever drink celery juice? My husband and I have been reading about the healthe benefits and we decided to try it out. Today was our first day. We bought plenty of organi celery, chopped it up, added some water and blended. I did not mind the flavor at all and thought the drink was refreshing. We do not have a juicer but we do have a ninja blender that makes a nice smoothie. Read this works fine for the benefits we want. If we are really enjoying it and stay committed then we may look into a juicer.

Have a great day all!


Lori, I take a Solaray Tart Cherry and celery seed supplement at night. I read that it heals gout. Those two workouts would be good combined. Nice work. Some of the supplements I have come up with came from Chris Kresser when he did a talk on how he would treat his patients with functional medicine for Rheumatoid arthritis. I used to throw organic celery leaves and all into my green smoothies with some ginger and lemon juice and drink it. You can even throw a bit of green apple or something in. I drank them every day for lunch and usually was not that hungry at dinner time. I did a Raw Challenge for green juice drinks that was on facebook :) I have always liked celery. I just used a Ninja to blend my green drinks up. I tried different greens to put in and veggie combos.
I did x train bi's and tris and core 1. I have not looked yet, but I had printed work sheets from years ago. I try to record weights I used and other useful data. eventually the sheets get too scribbled on and I always printed new ones without a problem. Deb, I think you sent me some, and some I got off a thread here many years ago. I had saved them to my hard drive. previously, I had a word processor but I did not buy one with this computer, and although I was told Word was on this system, it was not. when I try to print saved documents, it brings up Excel and won't let me print them without purchasing either Excel or Office. these are files from 1997. wow. Again, I have not looked around yet, but does anyone know if I can print work sheets off the Cathe site somewhere? I will look tomorrow, too tired tonight to search around.

Speaking of elections... thru some recent articles I read WA and OR are the only states who have gone to all mail voting. It is so incredibly easy and convenient and works so well, without chance of hacking because the ballots are paper so there is always a paper trail. I voted a week ago, and dropped the postage free ballot in the mail days ago. I have voted by mail for decades because my previous job …. travel often had me gone at election time, so back in the 80's I signed up for absentee ballot. It was so much better than going to a polling place, standing in line, and trying to vote in a rush and without means to look up anything you didn't understand. voting from home is 1000x better. then the whole state switched to all mail voting, following Oregon. If you can switch to voting by mail, I encourage you to do it.
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Good morning,

No exercises yesterday.

Valerie, I Googled "Luxury Floor Tiles" but only saw the flooring that simulates wood, and it appeared to be in long sections, not squares where you would need to grout. No mail voting here unless it is some special exception.

Carolyn, it looks like you are doing the November rotation?

Diane Sue, that step workout of Kelly's sounds interesting. I have used hydrogen peroxide with baking soda on grout and it works, but you have to leave it on in sections for about 15 minutes, then scrub with a brush. My kitchen is very small so it is not that hard to do, just time consuming. Which Dr Mercola supplement were you looking at to replace some of the DR Axe ones? Does it have the sleep ingredients that the lavender stuff has?

Lori, I am surprised that you go to Chelsea's and she does not come to your house, since you have all the equipment. :). Same here with Kylee, Keegan and previous dogs. Once they are trained, the crate is just another bed for them. The doors rarely closed. I close Kylee's upstairs one when we go to bed because she is what we call a "midnight rambler". Wanders around for some reason in the middle of the night and that wakes me up. Hope the video Judy posted helps your shoulder.

Hi to Judy,

Take care,


You can get workout cards for X train off the workout manager. You have to go to the calendar and click to add a workout. When you pull up the workout list there is a link to X train workout cards.

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