Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 11/4


Diane sue xtrain is a few years ago. at the time I had problems printing off the Cathe site and used workout cards people from forums compiled.
I have different computer and printer now. I remember Deb sending me some and still have them , say Excel 97 but when I try to open it goes to a pop up starting a New version of excel

Thank you to you and Judy. I should be able to get something to work.

Deb I have a box of the tile here and will give you the brand and name off the box in a little while . “Luxury vinyl” refers to whole cAtegory of floor products, like “laminate” is not specific either. Several companies were making making it along with other floor products.
ETA ... flooring places here referred to as "luxury" or "engineered" tile. it looks really nice in person, very much like real stone. its easy to use compared to real stone and way less expensive, lighter, not as hard. can be installed by a homeowner or done professionally. we have used it both with and without grout, a special product that goes with the flooring. it is glued down. the tiles can be cut to fit with a knife and a heat gun. we were able to remove 4 tiles from in front of our shower for the remodel, and will replace them soon. WAY better than having to tear up the whole floor! the product can be used in bathrooms where laminate is not recommended.

So much written lately about voting problems. each state has a different approache. some make it as difficult as possible and constantly purging legitimate voters, while others try to register people automatically, like via the drivers license or while still in school.
WA and OR are the only states using "all mail" voting. It avoids antiquated machines that can be hacked. a lot of people face long drives and long lines to vote, especially in western states. I've voted in person and by mail. Mail voting is vastly better!! If you can switch to it yourself by applying for an absentee ballot , you will not regret it.
every state has their own set of rules. this year WA eliminated postage for ballots. they can be dropped in any mail box, PO, or ballot drop boxes scattered around. It could not be easier. when I used to vote in person, I got there after work. there were lines. it seemed I always forgot to look up something or someone, and had to guess at what to vote for. voting at home with the voters guide is so much easier and better. we ( state of WA)are hoping to increase voter turnout. we transitioned to all mail voting over several years, but I started voting by mail in the late 80's when I was traveling constantly. I registered for absentee and liked it so much I never changed back. DH switched also.
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Judy, I downloaded open office and it works. I opened the files and printed a few but I unfortunately do not have any x train files. I had several but not the ones I need. thank you for trying. I will keep it and use it for other things. it is a nice work around for Office.
Diane sue I am instead trying to go back and get worksheets for x train. not seeing how. I go to calendar. it has 'create or edit" and then you can select cross train, weight, or cardio, but all stops there. I don't get a workout list to select from. I must be doing something stupid or missing something obvious.


Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. Chris is having some problems with GERD and has been taking some time off work for doctor appointments. He is going in next Monday for an endoscopy. His doctor did blood work last week and that was all fine so hopefully it's nothing. We are working on his diet and trying to eliminate things that could be contributing to the problem too.
Saturday I took a rest day, Sunday I did XTrain Legs and yesterday I did Build & Burn KB/KB Fusion, with Muscle Meltdown Triceps and the bonus Rear Delts from XTrain. I also did a Yin Yoga session later in the afternoon.

Deb-I'll have to try baking soda & hydrogen peroxide on the grout in our upstairs bathroom. So far most of the products I've tried have not worked all that well.

Valerie-I started using Open Office when I was running Linux and I liked it so much that I kept using it. I really can't see much difference between it and Microsoft Office.

Lori-I saw a thread on Facebook about SB. It seems like more people are getting concerned that there haven't been any new workouts uploaded and they aren't getting a response when they email and ask about it. I hope she is ok.

Carolyn-Great job with Crossfire! That's another one I need to try.

Diane Sue-Great job with the Raw workouts!



Today I did RWH HiiT Circuit Lower Body. My time was 55 minutes with 347 calories burned. Average heart rate was 126 and maximum heart rate was 160. Yesterday we had an appointment with the neurologist which took most of the afternoon. Everything looks good for my DH with no noticeable changes. That was wonderful news for us.

Deb, yes I’m doing the November rotation. It looked like a fun rotation with many workouts that I enjoy.

Lori, I couldn’t see how to shorten the LW Drop Sets and still get a full workout. I think it has a dread factor for me. It’s wonderful that you have worked out with Chelsie all of this time. Maybe she can continue on her own now that she has gotten started. I have a juicer, but I prefer my Vitamix. The juicer takes a lot of vegetables to produce a small amount of juice and most of the fiber is removed. I want the entire vegetable in my drinks.

Judy, great job with your chosen workouts this week. I hope Chris can figure out what’s causing his problems with GERD.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Step and the LW posture. I hope the posture workout doesn’t cause more pain for you.

Valerie, we have early voting 2-3 weeks prior to the actual election day which makes voting very easy. I actually enjoy the process of voting in person. Maybe you can search the forums for X Train workout sheets. I remember someone creating them in Excel and making them available on the forum.


I keep running behind on things. My 10 year old granddaughter was sick yesterday and I went and picked her up from school. Had to run before my post workout shower. She was vomiting so I needed to get her as quick as possible and it is not right around the corner. She is here this afternoon, but her Dad brought her over before he went to work
Since my neck and shoulders was very painful last night to the point that Advil was not working, I was careful about the workout choice today. I did Low Impact Sweat workout #2 timesaver with the blizzard blast (omitted the overhead press with the db's) 39 minutes, 254 calories, met 5.9, heart rate average 124, max 158, 2,692 steps. I followed this with Kelly Coffey's Build and Burn lower body tabata, 30 minutes, met 4.5, 149 calories, heart rate average 104, max 147, 1080 steps. Total time was 69 minutes, 403 calories.
Weights for
banded side steps medium band
kickstand dead lifts 15# dbs 6,6,6,6 reps
squat variations 20# dbs 6,6,6,6 reps
side lunge into knee pull body weight 4 sets
front and back lunges 20# dbs 6,6,6,6 reps
split stance plyo pops body weight 4 sets
plie variations ( I did not hold the dumbbells on my shoulders) 15# dbs 4 sets
wide stance dead lift and squat up 20# dbs 4 sets
bridges 8 sets I used a 15# dumbbell when both feet were together on these(they do not use weight)

Valerie, here is how I get the workout cards. I usually do them in the PDF format.
Click workout manager at the top of forum page (it won't let me log in if I do not do it from here)
got to calendar
click add workout
scroll down to X Train workout cards
pick which disc number and click then you can print it


Deb, I went back and researched the ingredients that Dr Axe has in his sleep formula and the ingredients that I see there that would help sleep are ashwagandha which is a help for anxiety and stress and is in many of Dr Axe's newer supplements including the Keto protein powder that I just got. Also the Magnesium Hydroxide. The lavender is supposed to be relaxing (I am guessing the taste and smell??) So, I am not totally sold on it. I take magnesium and have been using ashwagandha, but have lowered taking extra since it is in the protein powder and sleep formula. I checked on the Astaxanthin which is in the sleep formula and Mercola Joint formula and it is more foe skin and joint repair and has some connection with brain function and Mercola highly recommends it. But, I don't see it as necessarily something for sleep. The beauty aspect yes. The joint formula has the Hyaluronic acid, egg shell membrane collagen that is in the Axe multi collagen,and boswellia (Indian Frankincense). So some of the ingredients are in the joint formula, but I would have to get the ashwagandha from something else to make up similar formula which I am. I really don't think that I need the sleep formula other than if I need the other collagen formulas.

Judy, dealing with gerd is tough. I used to have it terribly bad. Now I am hardly bothered unless I go on a dark chocolate binge or eat a bunch of junk food. I quit medication years ago, which I think that I have mentioned before. Hopefully you can get some help. Great work on keeping up with the workouts.

Carolyn, that is good news from the neurologist. That rotation looks like a good one to work through different Cathe workouts.

Valerie, I hope you can figure it out for the X Train workout cards. Maybe you have to log in to the workout manager?? to get full use. I used to have to do that, then it just kept my log in and would sporadically not work. Now I have to be sure I am logged into the forums and then go to the workout manager to get full use.


Apparently it takes a village to get me thru this!! Thank you both. finally got it. I don't know why I had so much trouble getting to the spot. I completely missed the "add workout" box. I must have looked 100x and didn't see it. I looked at some older cathe followers who had put together workout cards lists but some didn't exist anymore giving 404 error. anyway, printed OK, though I might keep working at it to see if I can get into spread sheet format.

Judy they try to do non medical measures first to relieve it, and start meds if that doesn't work. list of things to avoid like coffee, alcohol, eating too soon before lying down, weight loss if that's an issue, some food and drink. Raise the head of the bed. My DH has GERD. has the head of the bed up on bricks. He can fall sleep in a chair or recliner. I've been told it doesn't work to prop yourself up on pillows, the bed itself needs to be raised, probably not as much as DH has raised ours.

Carolyn, good news from neurology. I don't like the voting process, mostly because I always had to do it at the end of a long tiring day, always a line, and always something on the ballot I forgot to research. I am in favor of anything that gets more informed people participating.


Good evening ladies,

This morning was a couple of SB Bounces...both were her advanced ones with some great thigh work. My legs are shaking during some of the moves.

I ordered another rebounder that I plan to keep at the office. I miss working out with the ladies (they have all left the company!) at lunch. I need to do something. Some days I am just sitting all day and I hate it. There really is no place to walk as we are on a busy road. So I figured what the heck. I will use it and love it so that is how I justified it. I want to mainly do a freestyle or health bounce for 30 mins. Just get things moving and make me feel better. It will be worth its weight in gold to me. My husband’s first thought was seriously? But then he quickly added..well you will love it. :).

Diane Sue...Good to know you use a ninja also. Apple sounds good to add. My husband will enjoy that. Your poor granddaughter. Hope she is feeling better. I love reading your information about nutrition and supplements. You always have great information. Hoping you get relief from your neck. Sometimes when I have something bothering me I can adapt and still get a great workout. So I can see how you can still get a good workout in.

Valerie...oh I wish Massachusetts was all mail. So much traffic trying to get home. I already commute 50 minutes so it was a terrible ride. Thanks for the link on the tiles. Chelsie’s parents used a similar with grout in their foyer and it came out great.

Deb...I choose to go to Chelsie’s to help her to work out and make it easier for her. It seems to be helping so I am glad. The Double Time workouts have no equipment other than a ball. We use a soccer ball. It is all Hiit with body work. Nicholas has plenty of weights plus I gave her some 1, 3, 5 and 8 lb dumbbells that I had duplicates of. We use this for our bis and tris. We talked about starting Liift 4 (beachbody) when we are done. These workouts require heavier weight so she will come here. So funny Kylee wanders at night. :)

Judy...hoping Chris gets relief. Yes something is going on with SB and I really do hope she is well, as I love her. I just find it very odd that they do not give any updates or that she has not posted on the FB group at all. We are just all concern. Don’t need to know the exact details. She does posts on her instagram, but frankly I do not believe it is her. Thinking it is her staff. I may be wrong but that is what I think.

Carolyn...yes great news!! Awesome!! Good to know you prefer the vitamix. The more we have read this is the way we want to go. All the fiber and other nutrients makes complete sense for us. I thought you were doing the November rotation. You always do great with these!

Have a great night all!


Good morning,

No exercises yesterday.

Valerie, I found an Excel spreadsheet with all the x_Train workout sheets. Give me your email address and I will send it to you. thanks for the link. I will bookmark it on my PC for any future reference in case we decide to do something with the bathroom floors. My brother put regular linoleum in his half bath that looks exactly like an Italian style floor tile, that you almost cannot tell is linoleum until you get right up to it. So easy to take care of. Maybe the XTrain worksheets came with the program? I will look around my PC and see if I have them, now that you can open them.

Judy, so sorry to hear about Chris. I can sympathize, as you all know here. An Endoscopy is nothing, so much easier than a colonoscopy, as there is no prep, except maybe fasting. I hope the baking soda/peroxide mix helps. I made a watery paste, put it on and left it for about 15 minutes, then scrubbed with a soft wire brush. I found that to be better than a toothbrush, or a Magic Eraser works well too.

Lori, that is great that you are able to have a rebounder at the office! :) I say "Go for It"!

Carolyn, that is great news about your husband!

Diane Sue, I hope your granddaughter is better today. Thanks for the breakdown of the formulas! I think I will hold off on any more supplements for sleep for a while.

Take care,


I need to hurry and get out to do errands that I have not been able to get to. This morning I did Strong and Sweaty Cardio Slam, 50 minutes, average heart rate 139, max 167, 4,132 steps, met 6.0 331 calories. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Stretch, 28 minutes, 62 calories., 101 steps. Total time 78 minutes, 393 steps.
I will come back and read all of the posts as I see there is quite a bit to read :)


This morning I did Cardio Slam for 50 minutes and 336 calories burned. My average heart rate was 127 and maximum heart rate was 152.

Lori, another rebounder! I understand the need to be able to get some type of movement during your work day and the rebounder is something that you love. Good for you.

Diane Sue, I just saw your post—we were writing at the same time. It’s funny that we did the same workout today.

Hello to Deb, Valerie, and Judy. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Deb I'll bet those spreadsheets are the same ones you sent me once before. I've changed computers at least once since then, lost my word processor, and have the 10 operating system. some of the files are still there but some corruption, title names are lost. I opened each to see what they were. even with the new office type program judy linked me to, they still don't work right.
this "new" computer came with win 10 and supposedly a word processor, but not really there. you need to pay annually to get access. I would use it so little, never liked Word and always used Wordperfect, so I don't want to do it. I found flex train, pieces of x-train, slow and heavy in there, but each was broken into several different files. I never owned slow and heavy but some of it is in there too. .
I got the worksheets off the cathe site but the excel ones are better, or at least what I'm used to, so I will send my email and see what I can do. I tried the regular and PDF printed, PDF is better but excel is better still. thank you all!

Lori that is terrific you can use a rebounder at work. I would need to take all my hair gear with me too to smooth it all down afterwards. Costco has a rebounder again, just saw it in a holiday catalogue.

Deb, more about the floor. styles went to much bigger tiles to eliminate all the tiny frequent grout lines. most floor / wall tiles, stone and manufactured, were 16 inch squares or rectangles. even a few years ago, there were almost zero 4 inch tiles around, which used to be standard. people (like you) got tired of dealing with grout! The Armstrong floor looks like stone, squares, not one sheet, so easier to replace a few tiles if needed, rather than the whole thing. makes it possible for the average person to install it if you want to. Armstrong was not the only brand but we liked it best. each "tile" has a slightly different pattern so when glued down randomly, they look more like real stone than each square is identical. their website lets you plug the tiles you are considering into a "room" on screen so you can get a better idea of how it looks on a large scale.
Judy if you look at any medical site, like Mayo or Cleveland clinic or WebMD they will review non medcal measures you can do yourself. they're the first things your doc is going to tell your DH to do anyway, so might help to start ASAP.
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I got my stuff done. Thankfully Walmart super center was not busy. I figured they were close to Home Depot so went there even though I just needed a few things.

Carolyn, we got close to the same calorie burn. Odd that my heart rate is different and we both use Fit Bit. I swear I think I get cheated with that thing most of the time.

Valerie, I had to sit down and actually pull up the workout cards so I could give you a step by step to getting there. I use the workout manager to put in my workouts and see what my met values are compared to what Cathe has put on there. I just automatically go through the motions all of the time without really reading the buttons :) Glad you finally got it to work. Can you just save each card to your computer so you have them available? My older windows 7 usually saves those to my acrobat documents. My husband has had quite a few problems with his top of the line Samsung laptop that is Windows 10. It seemed to force the Microsoft password and then even having that everything does not work right when it asks for it. He kept purchasing photo editing programs because his older favorite one was not working on Windows 10. I think we may have purchased Word for it. There are just so many things missing unless you pay for them. I am glad that I have not had to get a new computer yet. I am happy with my Windows 8 and like Windows 7 even better.

Lorie, I am sure you will enjoy the rebounder at work :) It is nice that you are able to do that. I keep eyeing mine and thinking I should use it more. I have on some high impact moves. So, do you have 3 or 4 of the rebounders? You must really love it LOL . Right now I am really missing my Ninja. It quit a couple of months ago. I had it for 6 years and really loved it. I had a Magic Bullet twice and they did not last very long. I am going to get another Ninja. I just have not done it yet. I keep using a little battery operated hand blender for my collagen powder and protein powder and would like to have the Ninja because adding fruit and things is not going to work till I get one. You can come up with so many wonderful combinations for the green smoothies. I added about a 1 inch piece of ginger to most of mine. Blueberries or apples and sometimes pineapple were my favorite pieces of fruit to add along with the greens. I threw in some parsley since it is really good for you. I am pretty good at adapting to injured or painful areas.

Deb, I used a magic eraser on the grout too. The only thing is, as much floor as I had they would start crumbling, but it does work pretty well.


Valerie, I found your email address and sent you the spreadsheet. I hope it works for you!
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Good evening ladies,

This morning was Fit Split Pull and a San Fran Bounce that really works the arms. Total times was I think was 62 mins. I am not near my phone to check.

I know it is in sane I am getting another. But I am feeling so lethargic in the afternoons. I know rebounding at lunch will be amazing. It’s arriving on Monday. I will use it for a week then Bob and I leave for Florida for thanksgiving to visit his parents. Oh how I wish they had one!!! Lol!!

Deb...I have your Xtrain excel sheets and loved them when I did the rotation. I need to update the Live list. It has been a while. I know you have not been doing Live while you are healing but want to have it ready when you are ready.

Diane Sue...I know crazy I bought another and of course it ended up being a Bellicon. I wanted to purchase the cheapest 200 Jumpsport that has the folding legs and folds in half but the reviews were scary on Amazon. People were hurt (requiring facial stitches) trying to open it! This scared me a bit. So I ended up with the 39 inch Bellicon with folding legs. Needed the legs to fold for easy storage at work. Hated to spend the money but needed those legs for me to be able to have it. My husband is very understanding. :) You are correct this would be my 4th rebounder that I have bought. I gave my 350 Jumpsport to Chelsie (which she loves) and I have at home a 44in Jumpsport 550 Pro with Bar that I leave on and a 39in Bellicon. Both I use regularly depending on the workout. I pretty much bounce everyday and yes I love it. I have not had a cold in just about 2 years. I swear it is from rebounding pumping my lymphatic system. My family has been sick but it completely passes me. :) We love our Ninja and it works well for now. If we stay committed to these drinks we will invest in a Vitamix. As Carolyn mentioned too...we like the idea of keeping the entire vegetable and the benefits of doing so. How is your neck today? Hoping better.

Valerie...fortunately we do have a shower at the office so I can quickly freshen up. I always wear my hair up so that will not be a problem! workload has increase so much that I find I am not up and about as I used to be. I am hating this. I always felt great after my lunch workouts with the ladies so hoping this will do the trick. Good for you and Diane Sue tackling Cardio Slam!

Hi to Judy!

Have a great night!!!


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did Muscle Meltdown Back & Biceps and today I did Lower Body Blast and Burn Sets Shoulders.
Thanks for the comments about Chris. He is feeling a little better. His doctor has him taking Nexium and Zantac for a couple of weeks and he is doing a lot better watching his diet. I've got him drinking more water too.

Deb-I hadn't thought of trying magic erasers on the grout. I will try that too.

Diane Sue-Great job with Cardio Slam! I need to do that one again.

Valerie-I picked this pillow up for Chris the other day. He's been using it and thinks it might be helping.

Carolyn-Great job with RWH HiiT Circuit Lower Body and Cardio Slam! That is very good news about your husband's doctor visit.

Lori-That's great that you are getting a rebounder for work! I bet you are right about SB's staff posting for her. She seems like such a nice person. I really hope she is ok and can get back to being active with her site.

Have a great night!



Lori, it seems I get a bit lethargic in the afternoon. Maybe I need to bounce a little I just kick back and read, sometimes doze and somehow the energy comes back.
My Urban rebounder can folding half, but after reading the warnings and suggestion to have two people do it. I never folded it back up after getting it open. It seriously could injure someone. I just folded the legs to put it in my car. My neck was good till I lugged a 32 pack of water into the cart, car, and house. Iit's still not as bad as it was a few days ago.

Judy, that pillow looks like it would be helpful. Great job with your workouts.



Judy, there are dozens of similar articles online. GERD is common. read thru the list and see what you might have chris try if he's willing. google "non medical measures and GERD" or "non medical measures and reflux". they will mostly recommend the same basic things, and not everyone has a problem with all of the things. they explain why they think pillows don't work, but the same thing does not work for everyone. My DH takes meds occasionally if needed but the bed elevation works for him. unfortunately, it doesn't work for me... I can't sleep in the elevated position.

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