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Today I did Rockout Knockout, a timesaver premix, that was 44 minutes and 302 calories burned. My average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate was 160.

Deb, I’m glad that you found enjoyable activities for your day away from the house. That sleep device sounds interesting. I can see how a metronome would help with relaxation.

Diane Sue, great job with Boxing Bootcamp and Cardio Core. I like both of those workouts. I don’t know if I could use an implanted device and pain management app like you described. I’ve never heard of that either.

Hello to Valerie, Judy, and Lori. Have a nice day everyone.


We did a mt bike this morning. about 2 hours. the trails will close soon because they are getting muddy, and then we will only use roads. still roads alone are a nice workout for winter. not as challenging as trails.

I read or do a puzzle to get to sleep. as long as it's quiet, either one will usually get me sleepy in 15 minutes.


Carolyn, I think I would like to see if I could find anything on that implanted device to try and understand it. I could not see myself doing something like that. She said when you divert the pain it often dissipates before it gets the other area. It seems quite odd to me and I would worry something would go haywire and send the wrong message or something.

Valerie, I usually look at the computer after dinner then shut it down for a couple of hours and just read a bit before I go to bed. It helps me settle into somewhat of a calmer mood. Although my husband is generally watching television till he goes to bed.


there are all kinds of devices to help dissipate or settle things down. my sister is looking at something called vagus nerve stimulation because her seizures ( epilepsy) are not fully controlled, and this device might diminish them somewhat. gradually over time. its like a pacemaker, implanted, with a wire to the vagus nerve, with an additional hand held device. I am not sure how it works. definitely not anything you would want unless it was needed for seizure control but it has a similar vague sort of effect that might help some people gradually over time and use.
we watch TV until about 8 and then switch off. I might do some email, DH reads, and then I switch to reading or do a puzzle. usually get away from news.
I need silence to sleep. a friend of ours can't sleep without background noise. if its quiet, she will play something in the background because she can't sleep without noise. its hard for me to understand because I can't cancel out noise, like freeway noise, or even water. I need quiet or I can't sleep at all.
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Good morning,

Floors are done except for the week of "curing". They come back Friday to move our furniture back in. I can't wait. Living in the kitchen is getting old!

Valerie, have a safe trip to MT. That is what I thought about the device. Right now I am falling asleep easily, but wake up in the middle of the night frequently, then around 4:30 am I use similar breathing techniques to fall asleep. I'm like you, I need quiet to sleep.

Diane Sue, I hope they get that Dr Axe formula back soon, I really want to try it. I hardly get any deep sleep or REM according to my FitBit. Implanted a device? That really sounds out there and like you said, kind of scary as to what it is doing to the messages from your brain. I never heard of that either. I bet we could figure out an interval set up on our FitBits to work on some breathing pattern, similar to the one the device has you do. Then it would not be something that is projecting on the ceiling etc. I need to think about that.

Hi to Carolyn, Judy, and Lori

Have a nice weekend!


I always carry ear plugs when we stay somewhere. I never sleep in noisy places like airplanes, hotels, airports, even at a beach the sounds of waves... relaxing but it keeps me awake. of if I fall asleep, I wake up every little while. we can't run the furnace at night. I wake up every time it goes on or off. when family visited us in MT she brought a device and ear buds so she could listen to something so she could sleep. because it is very quiet there. DH and I sleep very well there because it is so quiet. If there will be noise issues, I bring ear plugs. I don't think I'll ever be someone who can nod off in front of a TV.

not sure what to do today. its nice out but we have ridden every day this week.


I’m taking today as a rest day. I had to leave early for my monthly meeting that was downtown and I didn’t want to get up earlier. I rode with a friend which is helpful since neither of us was sure about the location. Driving downtown is so stressful that it’s nice to share the misery.

Hello to everyone and have a great day.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #1 which is pretty much cardio with 3-7# dumbbells, 33 minutes, met 6.0, 218 calories heart rate average 128, max 168, 2668 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Sculpt RX workout #1, heart rate average 100, ma 129, met 4.8, 201 calories, 690 steps. I finished off with Barre Amped Upper Stretch adding some lower stretches, 16 minutes, 35 calories, met 2.0, 30 steps. Total time 87 minutes, calories burned 454.
Sculpting RX 10 reps all exercises done in supersets each superset done two times
Hammer curls 17.5# dbs, 17.5 dbs
weights on shoulders squat out and hold then second set pulses 17.5# dbs, 17.5# dbs

front curls 15# dbs, 15# dbs
front lunge on step back knee pull 17.5 dbs, 17.5 dbs

alternating supination curl 17.5# dbs second set double arm curl
squat fold and up 17.5 dbs 17.5 dbs

row on step underhand 1 arm 30# db, 30# db
front raise 1 db 17.5, 15#

bent over row overhand 25# dbs, 25# dbs
lateral raise 8# dbs, 8#dbs

row from feet seated 17.5# dbs, 15# dbs
overhead press seated 1 & 1/2 8# dbs, 8# dbs

flys pinky in 15# dbs , 15# dbs
skull crusher 15# dbs, 15# dbs

bench press 15# dbs, 15# dbs
seated kickbacks 15# dbs, 15# dbs

push ups
dips pulses


Valerie, that is interesting how they can add those devices and make the body adjust things. It seems in the long run it would be better than the side affects of some drugs given. But, also a bit worrying having something relying on electronic device communication. I would worry about failure. I leave a lamp on for my husband when he stays up late so he doesn't trip over things going to bed and wear a sleep mask or put the sheet over my head. We have a street behind our house and sometimes I get woke up because of that. People will turn the corner and stop looking for addresses or something. Once we had a fire truck out there and between the lights and their engine running I was wide awake. My husband and I both heard a gun go off at 12:30 a couple of nights ago. I laid there listening for sirens or something, but heard nothing. I prefer silence when I am sleeping, but it is often illusive.

Deb, the Dr Axe formula seems to be helping. I am not sure what all helps the sleep. They generally say ashwagandha does and I have read collagen helps at night. But, it does also have purple carrot, apple cider vinegar, magnesium hydroxide, and the antaxanthin. I emailed their contact to ask about the ashwagandha being in so many of their products, if there is a limit on how much should be used since it is in the sleep formula and the Protein Fit that I am taking along with a 5oo mg tablet I have been taking.. It does not say how much is in their sleep formula or the Protein Fit. They have not answered me yet and it has been three days. I do not think I am taking too much though. From researching I have read some have used way more than I am pretty sure that I am using. We already have a clock projecting on the ceiling because my husband wanted it. I really would rather not have anything projecting on the ceiling that I am having to look at. The relax calm feature on the watch just vibrates for each long breath you take.

Carolyn, I refuse to drive downtown here. Someone else has to do it. Even jury duty, I got my son in law to pick me up and take me home. Too many one way streets, construction, and things keep changing. Plus you usually have to find paid parking or a parking garage. They have an underground food court I have been in once. Now they have a trolly car system they are setting up in the streets. No way do I want to go down there by myself.


My sister does not have good choices. epilepsy is awful, has had seizures since she was 16. none of the meds work well enough anymore, so she has seizures anyway, and that is why this implantable device is on the list of possibilities. there are side effects to all the drugs plus none work anymore. this device may reduce them in number but wont stop them entirely. the device... not clear how it works... by seizures are dangerous.
I cover the clock face with a magazine. the light disturbs sleep. weird how fussy sleep gets!.

I can handle the drive downtown but I plan it and did a dry run to the courthouse. parking is complicated. traffic is nuts. drivers are impatient. I had jury duty 2 yrs ago. it was hard but at least there was a parking tower. luckily I got excused early in the process. it was hard the first time but better after that. it was dark in the morning, and it was raining hard and a lot of construction zones.
we have night lights with motion detectors that work nicely. we keep flashlights in every room. learned the hard way with power outs at night. less frequent than they used to be.

I did rock'em sock' em plus core . I have to do workouts multiple times before I get comfortable with them.
I will look at KCM workouts when I have down time. is the background music an issue with hers?


Deb-that sleep device looks interesting. According to Fitbit, I don't get much deep or REM sleep either. I wore my Garmin 735 last night to compare with Fitbit. The Garmin said I got 1 hour and 17 minutes of deep sleep and Fitbit said 38 minutes. Fitbit has more detail than Garmin but I've read that Garmin is working on their sleep tracking and improving it. I've been thinking of switching from Fitbit to Garmin for that but I'm not sure yet.

Diane Sue-I think I will do a couple of weeks of KCM before I start a new rotation. I want to start RWH+XTrain in November. The RAW workouts look good and it really helps that you post the breakdowns. Thank you!

Valerie-Nice rides this week! I hope you have a good trip to Montana.

Carolyn-I hope you had a nice rest day!

Lori-I forgot to ask, are you looking at the Apple Watch 4? Chris and I are going to the Apple Store on Monday to look at them. I'm trying to talk Chris into getting one for the new cardiovascular features.


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