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Good morning,

It's John's birthday today so I took him out to breakfast for his birthday. :)

Diane Sue, I am bummed that KCM is still doing the discounted streaming, but like you said, it makes no sense for me to sign on when I am really not doing much. I have a year subscription for Cathe Live so that has already been paid for. What is in the Multi-Collagen that makes it the "sleep" formula? The new one that I got from Mercola is great for falling asleep fast. I still wake up in the middle of the night at least once to use the bathroom, and can't sleep past 5:00 am no matter what I do. We had grass fed beef hamburgers yesterday, they were delicious!

Valerie, kudos to you for starting x-train again. Those are tough workouts! One good thing about my company and travel for business, they never asked for anyone to "room" with a co-worker on a business trip. I would seriously have either made a big fuss, or definitely paid the difference to get my own room. Travel for business is stressful enough. I think they at least owe you a private place to go to after 12 hours of working.

Carolyn, that's great that your husband likes the healthy food you prepare. I will preview Start Here and see if there would be a lot of modifications. I am betting not, or if any, they would be easy to do.

Hi to Lori & Judy,

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Deb happy birthday to John! Hope he has a nice day to celebrate.

we will be going to MT again soon. boxed sets are easiest to carry. I did TBM yesterday from ICE so will mix it up. I liked the upper body workouts in x train, music is not too loud. but I only have 5, 8,10 lb weights there so will look at xtrain closely and see if will work. I needed 12, 15 and 20 for burn sets so it may not.

company I worked for didn't give us the option of paying extra. meetings were completely scheduled dawn to midnight, pre arranged. It added to the stress level. I always got home exhausted. they liked Florida besides. I HATED Florida. Heat and humidity, my least favorite things. After a certain # of years we got a private room... 15, I think. the meetings tended to be "rah rah booster" meetings, and not real much serious work.

I agree with Deb, Carolyn its great your DH appreciates your efforts in the kitchen.
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Today is my rest day. I did Zen Stretch for the 7th day of the EB program but it was only 15 minutes.

Deb, lunch out is a nice birthday celebration for your husband.

Valerie, X Train is a good program. I hope that you can make it work for your Montana trip.

Hello to Lori, Diane Sue, and Judy. Have a nice afternoon.


Deb, I was a bit surprised when I woke up this morning and I had slept 8 hr 1 minute and had 2 hr 7 minutes rem sleep and 1 hr 18 minutes deep sleep last night according to my FitBit. I have not had that much sleep in so long I can't find it on my history. Generally it is between 5 hrs and 6 and a half hours on average. I have started drinking a cup of India Tulsi/Moringa tea for stress in the evenings for the last week and a half, but still not as much sleep. Last night was the first night with the Multi Collagen Beauty + Sleep. It has ashwagandha which is supposed to help stress and sleep along with focus. I a am guessing it is between the ashwagandha, magnesium hydroxide and the lavender which is supposed to be relaxing. The taste is much like earl grey tea with a bit of sweet to it. I read somewhere on Dr Axe that it has some bergamot in the flavor. The only other thing I have added recently is the India Tulsi/Moringa, tart cherry/celery seed (for gout), some L Glutamine Powder that I started after the colonoscopy which has finally improved my digestive system so it is back to normal. I guess I will see how it does over time. I know you cannot rely on melatonin for a long term fix. I avoid it. Chamomile is not for someone with allergies to ragweed and never helped me relax anyway. I think sometimes it is hit or miss on herbals and adaptogens like ashwagandha as to how much of the good stuff is in it and how it is processed. I have taken some Walmart Ashwagandha Spring Valley and noticed nothing from it. It was root only where the Dr Axe product has leaf and root. I think most of his stuff is feremented for better absorption since it is on it's way to being digested. Something like that. I lucked out with a discount and I see the sleep is out of stock already. They do have it on Amazon.
Enjoy your day celebrating your husbands birthday. Taking him to breakfast was a nice idea, I am sure he loved it.
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I did not workout this morning since I slept so long. I had planned on getting something in because the roof leak is supposed to be fixed tomorrow. Although I am thinking it may not happen since it rained hard this morning and more to come the next two days.. I came home from church and had buckets of water to empty and towels to wash and dry so I can put them back down for tonight when the rains hit again. I think when they got up there and checked where the leak is coming from that they made things worse than ever.

Valerie, that is too bad the company didn't give you the option to get your own room and pay the difference. I bet you were glad when they changed things. It seems the weight work in X train is all pretty much heavy weight training.

Carolyn, I could sure use more stretching than I have been getting in. I did add some extra yesterday, but did not commit to a dvd or youtube. I just did stretches from different workouts that seem to work and used my therapy balls for a bit.


Good morning,

The floor guys are here and have moved everything from the living room and dining room into the garage. So glad we decided to hire them to do this.

Valerie, good idea to take the boxed sets as your workouts when traveling. A good combination of workouts, along with the premixes. I guess we were pretty lucky that we never were expected to room with anyone. For a long time, the company even paid for spouses when we went for the week long meetings at resorts in Mexico. :).

Diane Sue, I looked for the Dr Axe stuff on Amazon but could not find the right one. Could you put a link here? If you feel it helped you to sleep that well, I would definitely try it. I hope the weather cooperates and you are able to get that leak worked on.

The pic of Ike I attached earlier made him look so big. Here is one where he is next to Kylee so you can see how little he is. He kept trying to pull her leash, :)

Hi to Carolyn, Lori & Judy

Take care


this was a long time ago. this involved hundreds of people. booking most of a hotel was limiting. it would have been a planning nightmare to have everyone making or changing their reservations, plus for everyone who wanted a room alone, they would need to shuffle the original planned roommate to match up with someone different. it still was unpleasant to get matched up with someone you didn't know who might be a smoker, night owl, bathroom hog. they eventually allowed us to request rooms with specific people and that helped a lot.

we haul a lot of things back and forth. having a boxed workout keeps that part simple without loose individual disks floating around. I think I will stick with ICE. lighter weights fit better with what I have to use there. I don't have full weights there. 5,8,10. ball, bands, and a cheapie step. and the water rower. we both use that. its a gentle all over exercise that is fine when you want "something" but nothing too exhausting. its quiet enough to watch a movie or something needing more thinking.

so you decided for sure on which puppy? they both look small! they stay with the breeder until floors are done? so darn cute!.
ETA I did a 35 min premix of Rock em sock em yesterday. nothing this morning, we have some early appts and a lunch with cousin so maybe later this afternoon. I am pretty good about using 4-5 as exercise hour.

I made a tofu dish last night that we like. uses marinara sauce. Costco had a 4 pack of firm tofu for a ridiculously cheap price so out with the favorite tofu recipes. we both like tofu.
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Hi Everyone,

I need to catch up on posting. Chris is on vacation this week and I will be taking an active rest week from workouts starting tomorrow.
Last week I finished 4 weeks of my XTrain/2013 rotation and am tentatively planning an XTrain/RWH rotation. Saturday I did RWH Lift it Hiit it Legs, yesterday I did an indoor ride then Yoga Relax and this morning I did a Spinerval. I am ready for a rest week!

Deb-the puppy is so cute! I love how they look together. I hope your husband had a great birthday! I did Start Here when I was coming back from an injury and I it seemed like a good workout for that. I hope it works for you.

Valerie-I never had to share a hotel room with anyone when I traveled for work, but there weren't that many of us travelling, usually 25-30 people from different areas of the country for a meeting or training class. I can see if there were hundreds of people, getting a hotel room for each one would have been more challenging.
ICE sounds like a good plan for when you are in Montana.

Diane Sue-Those are excellent sleep stats! I'm happy with 7 hours and I usually don't get that much. I never get more than 20-30 minutes of deep sleep, at least according to Fitbit. I'm going to Fresh Thyme today so maybe I can find something similar to the Multi Collagen Beauty + Sleep if they don't carry it. I have some magnesium supplements but I haven't tried Ashwagandha.

Carolyn-That's really nice that your husband appreciates your cooking. I'm still working on my husband's diet, and trying to make it healthier. He is a very picky eater too and it's challenging to make healthy dishes that he really likes.

Hi to Lori!

Have a great week!



Today I did KCM Step Boxing workout one. I did a premix with extra drills for 41 minutes and 313 calories burned. My average heart rate was 134 and maximum heart rate was 157.

Diane Sue, that’s a nice amount of sleep for you. I can really feel the difference when I don’t get in stretching.

Deb, good luck with the flooring project. It sounds like you chose a good company.

Judy, great job with the X Train rotation.

Hello to Valerie and Lori.


This morning I worked out early just in case the roofers came and so I could go to the bank. No bank today it is a holiday for them. No roofers either as it is still raining. I did Fit Split Mixed Impact cardio premix, 29 minutes, heart rate 138 average, 167 max, met 5.9, 189 calories, 2,597 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #3, 27 minutes, met 6.0, heart rate average 134, max 188, 1,934 steps. Total time was 56 minutes, 368 calories. I have been preparing dinner since my grandson is bringing over a girl for us to meet :D More rain tomorrow. I have grandchildren to pick up two days this week. I got my new Lilly Pulitzer agenda book today and accidentally ordered the bigger one. I don't like it so much. I usually get one every year and it has enough space on each day that I log my workouts and info on it and this one just has space for week of activities :( I like that I have pages that I keep specific notes on that I want handy and my birthdays and anniversaries lists along with pockets for things. I am hoping that I can figure out a way to make this bigger one work. If I could write a whole day's activities on one line it would work. Ha!

Deb, I just checked Amazon and they don't have the Multi Collagen Beauty + sleep. Only the Beauty Within. They must be out too. I saw it there after I ordered from Dr Axe. It seems a lot of people wanted the sleep formula. I slept pretty well last night and still had good deep sleep and rem sleep. Not as the night before, but I was coughing a lot plus had consumed caffeine too late in the day , so I am surprised I did as well as I did. I still has an hour and a half of deep sleep and an hour and 20 minutes of rem sleep, but 6 hrs and 211 minutes of sleep. I mixed the collagen into my tulsi tea last night. The new puppy is so cute. the dogs are adorable. What did you name him ? I don't recall if you said.

Valerie, Ice would be a good choice for travel. I have tried tofu dishes many times and really have not liked many of them. When I tried vegan I used a lot of tempeh in recipes like chili. The P90X 2 book had some recipes using vegan items.

Judy, maybe individual ingredients to make up what that formula has. I have been using some ashwagandha for awhile, but I am finding many supplements are trial and error to find the ones that work well. So, far Dr Axe products, though pricey work well. I liked the Mercola probiotic I used better than the last one I bought. I am always trying to find a lower cost alternative and it does not always work as well. You have been hitting X Train pretty hard and with RWH in the mix, I am sure a recovery week would be in order.

Carolyn, nice work with the step boxing. Have you purchased the Step Boxing 2? I think they are similar in extra drills.


probably taking a day off. traffic was awful and need to get dinner going. I could use a day off.

I like tempeh but DH is not much of a fan. Tofu is a lot more versatile. I have a few recipes I make somewhat regularly but I've tried a lot that were not so great. pretty much the same as looking for anything... not everyone enjoys the same flavors or textures. I find I like tofu best in non Asian uses. I use it with marinara sauce. you slice into cutlets, roll in panko, saute and serve over spaghetti with a little parm and whatever your favorite marinara is. sometimes I saute some mushrooms and onions and put that on too. I have a couple tofu "hash" recipes with Mexican flavors, one with zucchini and the other with an avocado dre3ssing. I like it sautéed and as a sandwich filler too. I have a separate file for tofu. I like it in stir fry things too. I used to like tempeh but DH thinks its bitter so I get an argument when I buy some.

Carolyn how does KCM step boxing compare to Cathe? Cathe is the only ones I have. I am surprisingly sore today so expect its from rock/sock. after I do it a few times I get better at it and put more energy into the movements.

crap, forgot its a fed holiday today. no wonder no mail and traffic was awful.
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Good evening ladies!

I have done great with workouts the past few days. A mixture of BBS, SB, LEKfit, a Double Time with Chelsie and a raw workout. SB started a new challenge today but I completely forgot about it! I did a couple of SanFran bounces using ankle and 2lb hand weights. These always exhaust my arms. I have not got on the scale since I came back from my conference, but I can feel the weight loss. I will hop on the scale at the end of the month. My husband mentioned I am back to normal. Closer, but not there yet...but he loves me no matter what. :). to pay to have them move everything. Bob and I would have done the same thing. Worth every penny! The puppy is sooo cute!!!!!

All this talk about xtrain is making be want to do a rotation. Was just looking at one of the 30 day rotation. This may be what I need. I swear I looked the best ever once I finished the 90 day rotation when it first came out.

Valerie...are you able to sub in bands? I do when I travel. I too think Ice may work better with the weights you have in MT.

When I book for our conference everyone has a roommate unless you are a VP. Everyone is used to it and we hardly have issues. Many will request a roommate and I will always accomodate and switch people around when I can.

Diane Sue...hoping you get that roof fixed soon! Ugh coming home to buckets!! I have been sleeping great the past few days. I am so thankful for this.

Judy....great job with xtrain!!!! Enjoy your rest week and time with Chris.

Diane Sue and Deb...I know you both make your own Dog Treats. Do you make dog food too? We are told GiGi has allergies so we need to completely switch her food. Can you share some recipies? We were told to try her on Wellness Simple for food and Bully Sticks for treats. They are both so expensive. We of course will get these products but hoping we can find a cheaper alternative.

Hi to Carolyn!


Lori, I have went through a lot of dog foods with Gertie and with stomach issues. Periodically I would have to cook up chicken and give her that with rice and a spoon of pumpkin to help with the vomiting and loose stools. I finally discovered that the Blue Basics limited ingredient grain free salmon worked and have stuck with that for the last couple of years with no problems. I noticed the last couple of bags that she was hesitant to eat it and saw that peoples dogs were getting sick so switched to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet grain free sweet potato and fish formula which is similar ingredients with no problems. I think the fish is better for the sensitive stomach. I think that Deb uses turkey and makes hers. I make dog treats and have adjusted down the fat in them a bit and also add a bit of pumpkin to them. I have looked at Wellness treats, but as many as we use it would be expensive.
Here is the recipe I use
Hypoallergenic Dog Treats
1 1/4 cup white rice flour
3 TBS coconut oil (I use 1 1/2)
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup beef or chicken broth + more if needed (You can use water) I make sure there is not garlic in the ingredients
I add a Tablespoon or two of pumpkin puree You can use baby food veggies
Preheat oven 325, line cookie sheet with parchment (not necessary) Stir ingredients together in bowl. It should look like playdoh. Add 1 to 2 Tbs more broth if needed. Roll out on cutting board to a little less than 1/4 inch. Cut in shapes or squares. Put on baking sheet and back at 325 for 25 minutes or till starting to brown and crisp. Cool and store in airtight container.

Not all Tempeh tastes the same. I don't remember the brand that I bought, but I had a particular one that I would use or I made my own. It took a bit to get used to the white coating on it while it was culturing or whatever that is. It had a real mild taste. I used to try frying the tofu. I still didn't care for it. It was better that way than some of other ways of with it. I did make up an apple dessert that I used tofu in as part of the creamy ingredients, sort of like cheese cake with an apple cinnamon topping that my husband really liked. It was always a hit. It was a recipe though that I kind of put things together myself and worked on the macros to get the carbs down for my husband.
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Good morning,

The floor sanding and repair got underway yesterday. It's going to be a long 2 weeks.

Valerie, it seems loike it was a lot of work organizing those business trips. When we had to go, it was up to the individuals (or their Admins) to make their own arrangements. It seemed to work very well. Yes, we decoded on a puppy and the breeder agreed to keep him unti the floors ae done, and "cured". I could never get into tofu for some reason. Did you get Travel Fit? Its a great workout for when you don't have a lot of space or equipment. Its pretty decieving too...seems easy but you sure feel it the next day. I did it a lot in hotel rooms.

Judy, it sure does sound like you are ready for a rest week! Anything fun planned for Chris's vacation? Magnesium really helped stop the leg cramps I was getting at night, but not any improvement with sleeping.

Diane too bad aoubt the weather..:(. That's funny that the larger agenda book would be less convenient to use. I checked Dr Axe site too and they were out. I added my email address to be notified when they got it back in. Keep us updated on how it is working for you. We named the puppy "Ike". Got away from the "K" names for a change. LOL. Be very careful with grain free kibble. Lots going on wth that an the lack of some vitamin/minerals and affecting dog's hearts. Dr Becker has a few good articles, and the FDA is investigating.

Lori, great job on the workouts and the eating! I really need a program to follow. Our eating has gone way overboard. Yes I make dog food, use info from Dr Karen Becker's book, "Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats". Lots of info... if you are interested I will email you some stuff. Too much to do here. I have her free E-book of treats you can make, and there are a lot out there with simple ingredients on Pinterest etc. As for allergies, it could be the food or a lot of other things. Usually they say to switch the protein source first, and my vet says that chicken is a :hot: food for dogs, meaning it is generally one they are allergic to. Like Diane Sue, I make dog treats with limited ingredients, using baby food.

Hi to Carolyn

Take care


Deb, I need to go read some more. I don't like experimenting too much as it might set off Gerties digestive issues. Maybe I need to pick up a vitamin supplement. I checked out Dr Becker'S stuff after you mentioning her before. I looked at the human grade food from Honest kitchen. It is quite expensive when you realize how much is a serving. I wonder about the one that you add your protein source to. Maybe it would be better nutrition wise. The only thing is I would not be doing fish. Fish is expensive for good quality.
Mudd used to have grass allergies. Every year the vet would give her a steroid injection and drops for her ears. I had to check her paws for grass seedlings. I mostly just wiped them down. Changing foods did not help her. The vet that treated her first gave her a soy food. She hated it.


Deb, the trips were mostly rewards for a good sales year, or 'rev up the troops" ones to get everyone enthused for a new product to sell. also for people to mix and mingle with co workers they rarely saw. they also had at least one play day for golf, shopping, other activities.
floor refinishing is a long process. we only had our kitchen in hardwood so we were in our camper for two nights I think. it got stinky but only one room and little furniture to move. that's a cute name for the puppy. I can only think of president Eisenhower! but I'm a little older and remember all the "I like Ike" buttons from the 50's.

Deb I am in the same situation as Lori. I gained several pounds recently, failing the dreaded "tight jeans" test. the transition to fall weather gets me almost every year. I'm inside more, sitting more, and apparently eating more. or eating the same and exercising less time, although I have skipped very few days. the longer outdoor exercise keeps things in check, but rain is back and 45min -1 hr inside is less time. most of the tofu dishes I use are pretty low calorie. I keep our meals varied. a 4 pack of tofu makes it a frequent flier for a couple weeks since most dishes make 4 servings.
I aim for a wide variety of different food. Rice and rice products have a unavoidable level of arsenic due to the plant itself, so that is the one grain I watch for frequency.

No, I never got Travel Fit. I have lots of room in MT and no reason I can't do regular workouts. its been a long time since I did Xtrain. it focused on fewer reps and heavier weights. I'll take Ice and High reps. usually we can hike a few times so I don't need something every day. we will decide at the last minute about mountain bikes. might be too cold there now to bother taking them.

did some shopping yesterday and DH is annoyed (as usual) with the limited choices on mens winter pants. they are all ridiculously long. there must be some reason companies act like all men are tall and need 36"inseams. winter pants especially have zippers or abrasion resistant material on the bottoms that make shortening impossible. He can manage a 30" inseam but try to find one. he ordered a pair of "short" length pants but they were still too long.
I ordered him pants in a 30 in inseam. there are more choices this year. winter pants often aim at skiing and are made even longer for downhill ski boots. DH sometimes is too impatient. I saw these pants yesterday but only in "regular". looking online they come in several inseams but every REI store does not carry every option. hopefully these fit. when our camper was broken into 2 yrs ago, the jerk stole his favorite pair of pants. DH never found a good replacement. early in the season is when the best selection is available.
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Still raining !! I have to keep dumping buckets and wash towels. I put plastic table cloths over the floor and carpet. I know the roofers cannot help the weather. I think we may have a two day reprieve before more rain starting tomorrow. Picking up children today since it is parent teacher conferences for their mother. She will be late at the school talking to parents.
Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Crush, 33 minutes, heart rate 129 average, 160 max, 2,033 steps, met 5.8, 211 calories. I then did the Coffey Fit Raw Fitness test, average heart rate 121, max 159, met 5.0, 199 calories, 36 minutes, 1,340 steps. This is a weight and endurance test. I did a bit better on some of it than 5 weeks ago. I still used 15# dumbbells for it. Total time today was 97 minutes, 472 calories.

The fitness test is 4 rounds of all the moves as many reps as possible. done for 30 seconds
Bench press 30,33,31,34 reps last time was 32,33,25,32
push up 26,28,22,29 last time 19, 23,28,22
dumbbell squats 19,21,24,23 last time 19,22,23,21
prisoner squats body weight 32,32,32,34 last time 30,32,32,32
shoulder press alternating 24,22,20,24 last time 24,18,18,24
pike push up19,28,23,15 last time 18,18,19,16
biceps curls 17,15,18,15 last time 14, 15,15,14
sit ups 14,15,14,15 last time 14,13,13,14
hands under small of back head up scissors 46,51,56,57 last time 48,50,52, 54

Deb, thank you for the links. I will be looking them over. Ike is such a cute name for the puppy. It fits well :)

Valerie, I think be out away from the house keeps us from the kitchen and grabbing a bite here and there. If I can stay busy, occupying myself with projects I can forget food. It is when I am sitting at the computer or watching television that the food monster creeps up. That is odd that they do not make more lengths in the pants.


This morning I did ICE Chiseled Upper Body which was 47 minutes and 227 calories burned. My average heart rate was 116 and maximum heart rate was 160.

Deb, it’s hard to have floors refinished when you are still in the house. We have one large area with hardwood flooring that had to be repaired. It was smelly and difficult to move around for several days.

Valerie, KCM Step Boxing is very different from Cathe’s step workouts. Kelly does some basic step moves for transitions, but the step is used more for the boxing. For example, when you step forward to do a jab and cross, one foot is on the step instead of the floor. I tried tofu in a few recipes years ago, but I try to avoid soy products these days. There is a lot of opinions about problems with soy for those of us with thyroid concerns, so I just don’t eat it.

Diane Sue, I didn’t order Step Boxing 2 but it sounds like I would like it. I had the Step Boxing dvd for a long time before the tried it. Now I really enjoy it. I keep notes on my workouts in a workout log book. I like to review them periodically to see how I felt about a workout.

Lori, great job with BBS, SB, Lekfit, and Double Time workouts. I saw the email about Suzanne’s gratitude challenge but it canceled my membership last week. It was nearly time to renew and I didn’t want to be billed again. I didn’t use it enough to justify the expense.

Judy, I hope you are having a good rest/recovery week.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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