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Good evening ladies,

Well I jinxed myself. Did not sleep at all last night. Ended up trying to sleep in a bit. So no workout today. Will be going to bed early tonight.

Thank you Deb and Diane Sue for the doggie treat and food info. I saved the treat recipe and will try out this weekend. I bought Karen Beckers book and also read and watched video in the link you shared. Great information thank you both. And yes Chicken was mentioned as one of the hot foods.

Diane Sue..oh my! I hope the weather gets better soon for you. Rain is heading our way soon.

Valerie..crazy how weight can just creep up. I am back on track and hoping I am here to stay. I feel so much better than I did a month ago.

Carolyn...I renewed SB in September and almost didn’t. She has something going on I think with her knee or hip and has not been active at all with new workouts or even on her social media. I get she can’t do any workouts until she heals but I find it odd she has been so quite for several months now. I renewed because I love her workouts and wish her the best. But selfishly hoping for new workouts.

Hi to Judy!

Have a great night all!


We did a road ride this afternoon, 15 miles in about an hour and 15 min. leaves are falling fast and our regular 25 mile ride is hard to do. the fallen leaves cover all the breaks and splits in the asphalt. this shorter section of the trail is less dicey.
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Deb, I have read some of the articles on dog food in the past. I had not read about the taurine and ingredient problem issues. The Natural balance I am using has taurine added, but does have sweet potato as the first ingredient. I may pick yp some sardines to supplement a couple of times a week. I have avoided foods that say beans and lentils. I just figured they might cause some gastric issues. I saw Thorne taurine supplement mentioned. I love their products.

I saw Kelly was supposed to have her new Raw workout up today that uses the weight vest. She has another coming in a couple of weeks that will be a cardio with the weight vest. She suggests on Cardio Crush that it would be a good time for a weighted vest. She wears a 10 pound. I asked her if she is wearing weighted gloves in her cardio workouts as she wears gloves. She says they are not weighted gloves. Ha, I have been wearing weighted gloves.
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Good morning,

I have PT this morning, hopefully it is not as painful as last time. He will ask me if it has improved, and honestly, I am not sure. For some things it's better, and for others it is the same, or worse. It is so hard to describe.

Valerie, I don't remember the "I Like IKE" buttons, but do remember when hewas President. You, Lori, and I are apparently in the same boat, and I don't see mine changing in the near future. :(. It is pretty tough to cook around here right now, and going out to eat results in horrible food most of the time. I understand your husband's frusyration. John is a 30" length too and has a hard time finding pants he likes.

Diane Sue, hopefully you get better weather today! Yes, the grain free and taurine issue is pretty scary. Protein is the most important nutrient, at least from all I have read. I do a 75/25 protein to carb ratio for the food I make.

Carolyn, I think I tried KCM's first step boxing DVD and did not care for it. I know that happens a lot when I first try something new, then when I try it again later, I like it!

Lori, the book can seem overwhelming at first. Email me with any questions you may have. A friend of mine decided to make her own dog food, bought the book, and we met over breakfast so she could go over it. The firs big decision to make iis wheter you want to do raw or cooked. Then you go on from there. I think her newer version of the book may be improved as to order of things etc.

Hi to Judy,

Take care


This morning I did All Out Low Impact HiiT, no disc cardio, plus Core 1. That was 43 minutes and 279 calories burned. My average heart rate was 126 and maximum heart rate was 164.

It seems that fewer people are using the forums these days which makes me sad. I’m grateful for this group and the fact that we support each other here.

Deb, I hope that your PT is less painful today. It’s the original Step Boxing that I did Monday. I like it more each time that I do it, but I was undecided about it initially.

Lori, I’m sorry about the poor sleep. I read that SB had a hip or knee problem. I hope her recovery is going well.

Hello to Diane Sue, Valerie, and Judy.


I am so slow at getting to things today. I did Step boxing 2 both workouts combined, 48 minutes, 318 calories, met 6.0 heart rate 131 average, 155 max, 4,601 steps. I then did Build and Burn Kettlebell and Kickbox fusion kickbox only mix, 16 minutes, 108 calories, met 6.1, average heart rate 140, max heart rate 167, 1,439 steps. I finished off with Barre Amped relaxation stretch, 15 minutes, 33 calories, met 2.0. Total time was 79 minutes ,459 calories. I want to preview Kelly's new strength workout on her raw channel with the weighted vest for tomorrow and write down the format before I do it tomorrow. I had a few less calories with the step boxing combined that last time, but I did not wear the weighted gloves this time. I did put them on for the Build and Burn Kickbox. I just did not want to use much weight today since I am planning weights tomorrow and just did the Fitness Test. So, Kelly says that I can increase weight and lower reps next time if I want to do it increasing weight. I just think that 15# dbs is plenty for trying to get high reps in and not get injured. So, I may go that route next time or lighten up and see if I can get a lot of reps in.
One of the things that I like about Kelly's Step Boxing 2 is it is not a choreography challenge and there is only one segment where she crosses briefly to the other side of the step. Along with that some is done off the step or just stepping onto the step with one foot and punching. Anyway, it works well for me :D

Lori, those restless nights when the thoughts just keep going and the sleep does not happen are so exhausting. I feel for you. That is too bad that SB is not making new workouts right now. It looked like she has a lot though. I can understand hoping for some new ones though. That is the way I felt after just two months of doing Cathe's streaming. I could hardly wait to see what the next one was.

I think we might have an I like Ike button around here. I know we have several old political buttons. My husband loves following politics and picks up things like that when he finds them. He did finally get rid of a few things and a lot of life magazines. We have a collection in our glass top coffee table for show. One is the first moon landing. One is on Lee Harvey Oswald. Different events.

Valerie, so do the leaves clear on their own after while, or you just move somewhere else for the season?

Deb, I hope that PT is better today. I have the arthritis doctor ask me how the med is working and if I am better every time I go in. I really don't know half the time. If I am hurting I adjust my meriva curcumin and up it and some anti inflammatory things and it gets better. I just know the medicine makes me feel extremely weak and dizzy and I have pretty much quit taking the early daytime dose and just take one before bed. I think maybe I need to increase Gertie's protein sources a bit. You would think that grain free would be high protein, but I know better just by following my own diet and avoiding grains. I was disappointed when I noticed this dog food's first ingredient is sweet potatoes. She does get bits of chicken, roast beef, etc. when I cook it. If grandchildren are here and do not eat their meet or eggs, I put them in Gertie's bowl. It is my understanding that the protein should be the main source too. It is all about cost effectiveness for these sellers. Not many people are willing to pay the high price. I really do not want to have to concentrate on making the dog food. Gertie eats a lot compared to a smaller dog.

Carolyn, yes, a lot have moved to facebook. Although even facebook seems to have died down some. Maybe people are just putting their interests and time somewhere else. I like checking in here. I have heard others comment about this as well.


Deb I was a little kid, must have been in kindergarten, first grade but I remember "I like Ike" buttons. my parents were not very political. I don't remember another political thing, except them talking about kennedy being catholic before he was elected. funny how big a deal that was then. A cute name for the puppy! Are you able to stay in your house while they do the floors , or are you in a motel? our hardwood was kitchen/dining , but the whole house stunk so we stayed outside in our camper.
The pants I ordered for DH came today and they are GOOD. they fit and are just what he's been looking for. they are definitely outdoor pants. soft shell material with a fuzzy inside to fabric against skin, lots of secure zip pockets, abrasion resistant patches on inside ankles. "jeans" styling, with a little stretch to the fabric. they have ankle zips for on /off over boots. they are Kuhl Klash pants $139. less than half the price of insulated downhill ski pants (that are way overkill) and tend to be too warm. they came in many waist sizes and 30 in inseam. I got thru REI but Kuhl is available elsewhere. I will get a second pair soon if he likes these as much as I think. I got a $20 bonus card with the pants. if you wait until holiday time, everything "short" is sold out.

we mt biked today. I forgot to stop the timer. it was about 3 hours. steady uphill one way, and downhill all the way back. was supposed to be sunny, but was not. wet brush, and then started drizzling so we didn't go as far as planned.

wow, that is concerning about the dog food... no wonder you are all interested in making your own.

It is sad forums have passed their peak. I have no clue why Fb is so popular although yes, currently it seems some of its gloss is gone. I also like checking in here and the good conversation and support we give each other.

Carolyn, diane sue I don't know why I didn't imagine a step workout combined with punching, but I didn't. not sure that would work for me. I'm really limited on what I can do on a step.

ETA the leaves crunch down or are blown off as the season goes on. right now things are falling fast and leaves hide the bumps and splits in the asphalt plus they are wet and slippery. the parks dept runs a blower down the trail after leaves are mostly down but right now its pretty.... but a little awkward. we will probably ride it tomorrow anyway after its been dry for 36 hours.
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Hi Everyone,

My rest week is going pretty well. Yesterday I did Yin Yoga and today I did a short stretching session and a short and easy indoor ride.

Deb-I hope your PT session went well today and that it wasn't as painful as the last time. Ike is such a cute name for a puppy! That is scary about the dog food issues. I've been thinking about preparing food for Chino and Shadow. I should take a look at the book you mentioned.

Carolyn-Great workouts this week! I really like All Out Low Impact HiiT. It's become one of my favorite Cathe cardio workouts. I've noticed that forums aren't used as much as they used to be. I was on a Cat forum that went from being extremely active to almost no one posting at all. That made me sad as it had been a very supportive forum at one time.

Diane Sue-Great job with the KCM workouts! Step boxing 2 looks like a good one. I might try it next week. I also want to look at her new strength workout where she uses the weighted vest. I think I would like that one. I haven't used my vest recently and it would probably be good to use it again.

Valerie-my parents weren't very political either but I remember that my mom was a Ross Perot fan and she had one of his campaign buttons. Great job with the bike ride today!

Lori-That's too bad about SB. I didn't know that she was injured. I was subscribed to her channel for a couple of years but didn't renew it last year. I just wasn't using it enough to justify keeping it. It seems odd that she isn't communicating with her subscribers more. I hope she recovers quickly.



Valerie , here is a clip from Kelly's Step Boxing so you have an idea of what it is. The weight segments are optional. Also there is one of the ladies doing the workout on the floor. That is great that the pants worked out perfectly.
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My parents talked about politics, but not like my husband. He watches and reads all of the media to see all sides. I have watched enough now and have come to reading and searching out things myself to make my decisions. When I was in school, government was the most boring thing in the world to me.

Judy, I previewed the new Kelly Raw Sculpt workout and typed up the moves etc.. She is wearing a 15# weight vest, uses 10# dbs, and some tubing for a finisher. The lower work is pretty much done with just the vest as the weight. It is 34 minutes and at 25 minutes she takes off the vest and does abs with upper body chest flys, pullover deadbug moves. She does lower moves squat, reverse lunge, side to side lunge, deadlift, front lunge touch down , frog, moves to upper moves three done together then doing each of the three moves separately and finishes off with the moves with tubing for a burn out. Then moves to the same lower again followed by another set of 3 different upper moves and finisher, then abs with the chest work and pullover moves. It looks pretty good. This is all from memory, so don't hold me to it exactly. I will probably end up adding notes to the typed page and editing it when I am done.


Thanks, that is not too bad at all. I could do that. it somehow never occurred to me that boxing could be combined with a step but that looks easily do-able, even for me, Trigger . sometimes I think I should get workouts from someone else just for a little variety in approach. KCM appeals to me because of her calm demeanor, which is why I got her Start Here DVD for SIL. . especially in winter, I end up doing more inside workouts.
the world seems to sweep between very politically active times and times when it is dead zone quiet. we just watched two recent LBJ movies, both very good, and were reminded of the civil rights movements of the mid sixties and how turbulent those times were. I was not paying much attention then mostly because I ran out of time. can't go to college and work and have much time left.


Deb where are you this morning? hope therapy went OK.

we are going to ride our regular trail this morning. I doubt they have blown off the leaves yet so we will need to be careful. it's sunny today, like it was supposed to be yesterday. we are going to ride every day since we don't think we will take our bikes with us to MT. pretty cold there now, plus our niece and her husband are coming and she is pg so we won't be riding, just hiking some if possible. that is why I was thinking harder than usual about what DVD workouts to take along.


Today I did ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast which was 48 minutes and 292 calories burned. My average heart rate was 124 and maximum heart rate was 153.

Valerie, something from KCM would be a nice addition to your workouts. She has several premixes on her newer workouts that provide a lot of variety.

Judy, great job with your rest week. I think that rest and recovery time is extremely important. I am always trying to balance taking rest time without losing my momentum and motivation.

Diane Sue, thanks for posting the clip for Step Boxing. Do you like the Sculpting Rx workout?

Deb, I hope you are doing okay today.

Waving hello to Lori.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Body Sculpt Overload, 34 minutes, heart rate 113 average, 149 max, met 4.9, 184 calories, 1,126 steps. I used a 20# vest and started with 12# dbs for the upper but soon dropped to 10#. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Home Gym Intervals using the spin bike for the cardio intervals, 27 minutes, 238 calories, heart rate average 120, max 150, met 5.8, 1700 steps. I finished off with a Sarah Beth you tube morning yoga, 10 minutes, 22 calories. Total time was 78 minutes, 444 calories. This Home Gym Intervals workout is a bit more weights than some of the others. I wish I had a weight vest more like Kelly's we used to have one that was more like vest that my husband used. We have no idea where it went to. The one I have is like the Cathe one. It tends to slip and really does aggravate my shoulder where I get the nerve pain. I may lighten it a bit next time.
Raw Body Sculpt overload
34 minutes Kelly uses a 15# vest, 10# dumbbells and tubing for the upper finisher moves. The vest is take off at 25 minutes in for floor abs and upper body moves
reverse lunge touch down
side lunge pulses then alternating singles touch down
pick up 10# dbs for deadlifts (I used 12's here)
frog squats
front lunge touch down
UPPER 10# db curls, lateral raise, bend and row altogether
curls singles
lateral raise singles
rows singles
then do all together again 10 dbs
tubing all moves done 8 reps each
repeat the firs round of lower body
UPPER 10dbs
front curl, front raise, W pull back altogether
front curl single
front raise single
W pull back single
repeat altogether
tubing singles front curl, front raise, pull backs with tubing held in front wrapped around hands
FLOOR remove vest @25 minutes
10# dbs weighted pull over dead bug knee in with a crunch
deadbug no weight opposing arm and leg
1 10 db skull crusher sit up
dbs flys to sit up
finish with skull crushers and flys

Valerie, it was kind of hard to explain Kelly's Step Boxing. I kind of thought that if you saw how she does it, you might find it was doable.

Carolyn, I really like the Sculpting RX workouts. They are both great and the mixes are really good as well. Lots of options.

Deb, I hope the PT was okay today and not painful.


Good morning,

We had a busy day yesterday, had to get out of the house early, didn't get to a computer until pretty late. We went to our coffe place, and then to a dog show that is going on this weekend. Spent a lot of thime there walking around seeing friends and how they were ding in the show. We had Kylee with us, so needed to go to places where dogs are welcome. Then we went across town to a favorite restaurant and had lunch on the patio. They love having dogs on the patio there.

Carolyn, I am also grateful for this group and I hope Cathe does not go the way others have (KCM) and just use FB instead of her website forums. PT was goo the other day. The only thing is when they attach the Tens machine, I have ti lie on my side (the good side) on a table for 15 minutes and that is painful. Ican't think of another way to do it though

Diane Sue, A strength workout using the weighted vest sounds really interesting. How is the new sleep aid from Dr Axe working? I saw this sleep thing on FB that looks interesting. It is a mechanical disc with a light that shows on the ceiling and you regulate your breathing using it. It goes. Off automatically with a timer, and goes on by tapping it. They have it on Amazon too. Thanks for posting that KCM link.

Valerie, we are able to stay in the house, but I try to get out when they firat put the polyurethane on. As long as it isn't going to rain, we have 11 windows in the living room ad 2 in the dini ng room that we can keep open. Yesterday they predicted rain, so we left the house with windows down, but with their industrial fan blowing from the kitchen, and the fan only option on our living room air conditioner.

Judy, nice rest week! It is sad about the forums.

Hi to Lori,

Take care


This is the device I was mentioning. Sounds interesting.

Dodow - Sleep Aid Device - More Than 150.000 Users are Falling Asleep Faster with Dodow!

Price:$59.00 & FREE Shipping.Details

Dodow is a metronome with a light system that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally, without taking any medicine.
  • Tap the touch-sensitive surface once for the 8-minute mode and twice for the 20-minute mode.
  • At the end of the exercise (8 or 20 minutes) Dodow switches itself off.
  • With Dodow, someone who normally takes 60 minutes to fall asleep will take no more than 25 - and will gain around hundred more hours of sleep per year.
  • More than 150,000 people are already falling asleep with Dodow. Amongst them, those who have difficulties getting to sleep (aged 6 years and up); troubled thoughts, stress, restlessness, chronic insomnia, etc.


Our internet was not working last night. Thankfully it is working today. More rain last night and the power must have went out. The roofers were supposed to come to day , but I am doubting it. I have a dental check appointment this afternoon. This morning I did Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp time saver cardio and abs, 47 minutes, heart rate average 124, max 161, 3350 steps, met 5.8, 303 calories. I then did Kelly Coffey Build and Burn Cardio Core, 27 minutes, heart rate average 134, max 171, 174 calories, met 5.9, 2,018 steps. Total time 74 minutes, 477 calories.
I need to get showered and dressed just in case the roofers come. I will come back and do personals.


We did our regular 25 mile trail ride yesterday. 2 hrs 15 min the trail had been swept or blown off. only scattered patches of leaves. it was easier to see bumps and splits. there are a lot of them. expect it will get closed down next summer to get repaired. incredible how quickly the damage happened.

Deb that is inconvenient but at least you can sleep at home. out house is a very open floor plan. we could not contain the odor or happily sleep there so we spent 2 nights in our camper. I cook in there too. 2 days was easy. Nasty smell. that device looks interesting. I fall asleep easily, but have trouble going back to sleep in middle of the night.

we are planning to leave sunday. not that much packing to do. this gets easier as we get supplies build up there. probably not taking the bikes. freezing most nights. we might get in a ride but wed have to wait for it to warm up in the morning, and ice on the trails does not sound good. I will be doing more indoor workouts this time.


Deb, it sounds like you had a busy and pleasant day yesterday. That is so nice that you were able to take Kylee with you. I am doing pretty well with the new Dr Axe sleep formula. I am staying asleep much longer and longer rem and deep sleep. If I get to bed early enough I get longer sleep. I hate when that alarm goes off for my husband at 5 or 5:30. I have to get out of bed when I know I could sleep longer. That sleep device sound interesting. I don't know if that would bother my husband though. I have used that relaxing feature on my Fit Bit that has you take long slow deep breaths for calmness. It only lasts two to 5 minutes. A friend gave me a link to a spiritual sleep therapy app that actually does put me to sleep. I never hear everything they say and I think a lot is the music. I used to have another recorded sleep therapy that i would listen to. I never got far into it before I was out. I hated waking up with the ear buds still in my ears in the middle of the night and often wondered if I was being hypnotized in some way. I have only used the app my friend gave me to try and relax and have a power nap. Most are only 20 to 30 minutes long and I usually am asleep maybe 10 minutes. Those recordings always warn about trying to listen while driving. I am not sure why anyone would want to do that.

Valerie, that is nice the leaves were blown or swept off. Weather and vehicles do a lot of damage. It is costly to repair. The varnish and stuff they use on the wood floors smells so strong.

I was thinking about the sleep device and the friend that gave me the link to the sleep app. She has had a lot of pain and surgeries. The doctor has implanted some sort of device that she uses with a cell phone app and when she has pain she can choose another area to transfer the pain to. I am not fully understanding how it clicks with the brain and moves the pain to. It seems a bit risky to me when you are talking about the brain and messages sent to the body. She says she is weaning herself off of the medicine they had been giving her and is almost completely off of it because of this device. She showed me the app as she was putting her laundry in the machine, she suddenly stopped and grabbed her phone to make the adjustments. I had never heard of such a thing.

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