Pentagenarians & Beyond W/B 1/06


This morning I did Coffey Fit Raw Just Step, 24 minutes, heart rate average 128, max 158, 156 calories, met 5.9, 2,133 steps. I then did Raw Tabata Barbell which is the workout I was supposed to have done last week when I did Tabata Weight CIrcuits. This one was 44 minutes, heart rate average 97, max 135, met 4.0 194 calories, 710 steps. I finished off with Suzanne Bowen Barre Amped relaxation stretch, 14 minutes, 31 calories, met 2.0.
Total time was 82 minutes, 381 calories.
Raw Tabata Barbell 20 seconds work 10 rest 8 sets each movement
I used a 35# barbell for all except shoulders
squats 4 sets standard and then 4 sets from the floor (deadlift squats)
bentover rows 4 sets under hand 4 sets overhand
deadlifts 8 sets
upright row alternated with overhead press I dropped to 30# 8 sets
biceps curls 8 sets 35#
triceps skull crushers 8 sets 35#
bridges using the bench and barbell on the hips 35# 8 sets


I made a really good cream of mushroom soup in my Instant Pot tonight. It was really simple. Mostly broth and was a ketogenic recipe. I almost used full fat coconut milk instead of the cream, but it was equal to only an 8th of a cup per serving and I only made two servings since 8 oz of mushrooms was all I had.

Deb, I wasn't so worried about the shipping on mine. I just knew I was not going to order just one if I wanted another and pay that much shipping. But, it is odd that some got free shipping for the whole set and some did not. That does not make sense. I am sorry that you are in so much pain after PT. I wonder what they will say when you tell them that you were in pain. You have been pretty diligent on being careful with workouts. When I do the boneless beef ribs in the instant pot it is so easy and does not take very long. One of the tricks I have found with meats is to saute them first till they are pretty brown before you pressure cook them. It makes the flavor so much better. I do that with roasts too. My granddaughter went back for seconds commenting on how she did not think she had ever had beef ribs only the pork ones from bbq places with bones in them. I will probably still try to work in Kelly's Raw rotation in somewhat next week, but know I will also be working in those Pyramid workouts. The cardio lite dvd should be easy to work in as I have been adding other cardio to the rotation anyway.

Valerie, I think I had a grandchild adjust my bike. I realized that my knees were coming up way to high when I pedaled seated. Checking how straight I could put my leg while sitting left my knee really bent still. This is probably why sometimes I could feel it in my knees. I took an interest in Jack Ryan, other than gory parts. I don't often do that with a show. We are watching a series called A Person of Interest on Netflix now. We are on the 3rd season. I like it sometimes and others, I am not so interested. It kind of has an interesting theme of helping people in bad positions and how they find them to help. Also working on cleaning up a partially corrupt police department.
Advil and Motrin upset my stomach more than Curcumin/tumeric. I think you get different grades of the product though. Like most uncontrolled products go as to which part of the plant, rhizomes, roots, leaves etc. and how much. I just know that Thorne seemed to give me the greatest relief when my neck, head, and shoulders were hurting and I was trying to get away from the Advil which upsets my stomach, makes my ears ring and after a few doses my hearing is muffled. I think it is worth a try.

Carolyn, is that one of the workouts that is by itself or one attached to another workout series? I remember leaner legs from CTX, But I am think that there was one that came out later by itself.

Judy, I looked all over for a free shipping option and it only gave me a choose shipping which usps was the lowest cost. I just figured it was because I only ordered two dvds. Nice workouts this week. I like that she put an extended stretch with the Lite workouts. Do you take Tumeric in capsules. Some of it gives me heart burn. I generally stick with the Meriva Curcumin. It seems to work best for me. There are several brands that carry it. I really liked the Thorne Research Meriva 500-SF curcumin which really helps with pain. It is kind of expensive at 30.00 though. Jarrow makes a Meriva curcumin called Curcumin Phytosome Meriva that is 13.44 on Amazon. It was only so, so after using the Thorne brand though. I love recipes that have curry and tumeric in them and they do sometimes cause me to have digestive issues when I eat them.

Lori, I have seen so many recipes for ribs in the Instant Pot. I looked at different ones on Pinterest and in cookbooks and came up with my own method. As stated above, I have found browning all of the meats really well first makes a huge difference in flavor. I do that, take them out and pit the rack in the bottom, pour in some beef broth instead of water for the liquid, brush with a little liquid smoke and smokey seasoning salt, then put bbq sauce on top and pressure cook them around 25 minutes (yesterday 30) as I put two packs of 8 boneless ribs in. I usually do just one. I let it slow release and they are done. I have seen a coupe of recipes where they used chinese five spice season blend which would be a totally different flavor. Yes, Kelly has put together quite a library in a short amount of time. The new ones she has planned will be great. She has something for everyone there and does listen to what others would like. That is great that you got the downloads done already. My two dvds will be here Monday.
Good morning,

No exercises yesterday.

Valerie, that's great that you have an easy system that allows you to share a spin bike. It sounds like you picked out the right bike for you.

Carolyn, Lean Legs & "oldie but goodie" :). I agree, I thought my hip would be better by now too.

Judy, thanks for the preview of the LITE workout....I think I will get mine today, or Monday for sure. Yes, I did the same thing on the shipping charges. Live and learn.

Lori, thanks for the info on the new workouts....I hope there is a cardio that I can do with some modifications for my hip. I sometimes wonder about the PT too, and then I think that I am not that consistent with the exercises, so that may be the problem, not them, but me.

Diane Sue, shipping mystery solved! It appears that Judy and I did not select the free shipping option, but the USPS $495 one instead. So on the fence about the Instant Pot. Can you saute the meats in the Instant Pot or do you use another pan? Is this the curcumin you get:

Agility class this morning,

Take care,


This morning I did FIt Split timesaver kickboxing, 36 minutes, average heart rate 121, max 159, 2,999 steps, 228 calories, met 5.8. That is it for the day. More problems with the range rover so we traded it in and got a new Taurus. We are done with car problems. We have errands to do today and go back for the Taurus to be cleaned up and get the second key.

Deb, yes, my Instant Pot has a saute button, so everything is done in the pot. Yes, that is the Thorne brand Curcumin that I get. I hope that you can get the pain issues resolved soon. It has been quite some time of PT for you.
Today I did RWH Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders with no finishers. My time was 44 minutes and 144 calories burned. Average heart rate was 103 and maximum heart rate was 136.

Diane Sue, I am sure that you are happy to trade the Range Rover for another vehicle! Lean Legs and Abs is a stand alone dvd. It came out in 2013 along with Flex Train, Party Rocking Step, Rockout Knockout, and that group of workouts. I agree that searing meat well before adding to a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or in the oven makes a big difference to the flavor. I often make short ribs in the slow cooker when my family is here.

Deb, I hope your hip pain starts to diminish soon. It does take a long time for some of these injuries.

Lori and Judy, thanks for the info on the LITE workouts. I am looking forward to getting them.

Valerie, I made the sheet pan dish yesterday and it was a big hit with my husband. The romesco sauce is very good. I probably would have overlooked the recipe if you hadn’t mentioned it.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Carolyn, glad you & DH liked it! I know what you mean about overlooking. I usually go thru a magazine once and mark things to try. easy to miss things you might like, sometimes you don't have an ingredient, whatever..... I like the EW feature where they recycle recipes via email. usually not too many to look at. I've had good luck with this, plus I print the recipe right then, and don't have to look back in old magazines. It really influences my cooking choices. I had renewed my magazine subscription but have to say the email links work better for me than the magazine itself. clipping recipes doesn't work well for repeating. all those little shreds get lost.

Yes diane sue, it was time to cut your losses. some cars are flat out lemons. we had a jeep grand Cherokee like that. I was so happy to trade that puppy in. it was always something! DH was still working and I got stuck sitting at the dealer waiting. you'd get one thing fixed and something else would malfunction. endless. time to pass the problem to someone else.

Deb did you ever have any imaging studies done on your hip? Maybe its time to revisit the doc and see what he thinks. whatever you're doing isn't working so may be time to reconsider.

DH has some issues with reflux and NSAIDs bother him. Ithought about trying the curcumin tablets though I see the fresh root in produce all the time. never knew what to do with the fresh stuff. I dislike almost all tea.

most people ride at a seat height that almost straightens their leg. should be a little bend to the knee. then it gets a bit subjective.
This morning I did Lite Metabolic Blast. I liked it a lot but found I needed to use a heavier weight most of the time. There were only a couple of times that I felt her selection worked for me. When she did the scarecow and the side planks. For the side planks I started with 5lbs but needed to drop half way thru to 3’s. I love that you can make this workout work for you by adjusting the weights. I finished up with the firewalker loop calorie crush from the all band workout. I loved this!!!! Can wait to hear your opinions!!!!


Carolyn, that is the workout I was thinking it might be. I found the compound moves on that one and the total body one were very similar till it got to actual leg work.

Valerie, it is a relief knowing the car is going to be trust worthy when we get in it. Every time I would go out in the garage when my husband was gone, I found myself checking the floor to see if it was leaking anything again. Both times we have had some snow and hard rain I found some oily looking stuff, but once it was dry it didn't do it anymore. Then it started making odd noises in the engine and we decided we had enough. I am glad it is gone. That was the biggest mistake we ever made. We have always purchased new cars, or a vehicle that we knew the owner and how it was taken care of.

Judy, that looks like a good curcumin formula. Maybe the Thorne would work better. I know they say if you have gall bladder issues you should not use curcumin. Then some has excesses of other things found in the powders. The Thorne I used is soy free. SF Maybe eating something with it? Or drinking plenty of water with it?

Lori, thanks for your thoughts on the Metabolic workout. Are the moves much different from the other Metabolic workouts? The Calorie crushes sound good.

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