Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 07/24/22

Today I did CDorner 80's Dance workout, 45 minutes, heart rate 136/167, 255 calories I then did Coffey Fit Raw abs finisher standing portion and stretch finisher, 17 minutes, heart rate 98/117, 49 calories. Total time was 62 minutes, 304 calories, 5,224 steps. I used 8# for the ab work and some 5#. Finally it is raining. Some areas got some yesterday, but it missed us. It just started so we will see how long it goes. Sprinklers are supposed to go off in the morning. If this keeps up for a while I will shut them off.

Judy, nice work with the Total Body Live workout. I never did any of the first ones that Cathe put out. It seemed I always went for the newest first and would go back to a few I really liked from prior times I streamed live.

Valerie, I was telling my husband Christmas in England was never how I imagined from old movies like Scrooge. The only snow I ever saw was a few large flakes one year that melted before they hit the ground. Otherwise, I don't remember it ever being extremely hot, and everything was green. I do remember it being chilly in the winter and my parents using kerosine heaters, and a potbellied stove in the fireplace burning coal or coke. My parents put cardboard in the fireplaces in the bedrooms to block wind coming through. My daughter says they have too much yard to be watering. My neighbor has not water as much as us and I think their sprinklers must not work on the strip along the side of the driveway next to our yard. It has turned to all dirt at the end of their driveway, and I think some of our water helps keep the rest of that alive, but not green. We gave spent plenty having our yard fertilized and stuff along with new sprinkler heads. So I keep it watered. That being said, there are brown patches. They are coming out next month to move some sprinkler heads and add several as some shrubs are blocking water flow. I had to thin out the crepe myrtle so water could get through at least some. Great job getting in a good ride and X Train Bis and Tris.

Cathy, you never know what your children are going to decide to do. We got Sling a couple of years just for College Football for my husband to watch. Later we got Cox streaming back when it was cheap and now we do Hulu instead. We really don't watch movies on it though. It is just for Sports and news. We watch Netflix and Amazon Prime. They have free movies and also Vudu has some free ones with ads along with the paid streaming. We did cut the cable cord for a long time and then changed to stuff we can cancel whenever we want. Once a year we pay for the OU channel for their sports. This is for my husband as I do not really pay much attention to sports.

Carolyn, great job on Stacked Sets Upper Body and Extended Stretch 2.
This morning I did Rev’d Up Rumble for 41 minutes and 281 calories burned. My average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 167.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner 80’s Dance workout and Raw Abs Finisher. That’s good that you are finally getting some rain.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
went on a local hike this morning, near the water. one we do regularly but not often in summer. so cool and pleasant near the water! 60-65 degrees and lovely whereas not far inland it was already 80 degrees and climbing. 2 hours with a fair amount of up and down. this is not an easy hike but not killer either. .

we switched to U tube TV. we still get land line and internet thru cable but dropped their ridiculously TV expensive service long ago. we have Netflix, Hulu and Prime. there are surprisingly few good movies these days. it seems most movies are being made for kids and 15-20 yo's and not a lot of good adult fare. seems all the good writing has gone to longer series so that's what we watch mostly. We just finished a particularly good series I mentioned before, The Split. British but easy to understand. 3 seasons. on Hulu. we are looking around now for something new to watch. because most series are intended to be several seasons, I've learned not to judge them in the first 10 minutes or even the first episode.

PNW weather is maritime. strongly influenced by the ocean. temps are moderate most of the year and usually plenty of rain. usually light rain over long time periods rather than downpours. I have hoods on my jackets but Ive never owned an umbrella. A lot of time 40 -50 degrees and drizzling. july and august are usually dry. I like the climate here but not everyone does. I would not live someplace where I could not enjoy the outdoors much of the year. . we can grow tomatoes and peppers but a challenge some years. we get a lot of snow but mostly in the mountains where it accumulates to huge depths. I've been to england and ireland, and its very similar. very green!. right now its getting brown. we can go thru july and aug with little to no rain. we water our vegie garden and some flowering plants if they need it but most plants that grow well here are adapted to it. if there was something easier than grass, we would have it. its mostly dead now but will green back up as soon as it rains again.
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Today is my rest day. I did the usual Farmer’s market run this morning making sure that I left early. The market opens at 9:00 and I arrived shortly after that. It was already getting crowded, but not too bad. There was a very long line for my peach vendor, but I was near the front .

Valerie, nice job with the local hike. It sounds lovely where you live. We talked about visiting Seattle many times, but never made it there.

Hello to Judy, Cathy, and Diane Sue. Have a wonderful day everyone.
So apparently it was a figment of my imagination that I posted yesterday. LOL Well yesterday, I did Hearts on Fire which is kickboxing followed by Hiit and then Hi/Low. It's an excellent workout, though there are three different kinds of burpees. Today I did the IMAX workout I put together. Watching the dogs this weekend for the neighbors and the silly things would rather be in the house than outside. Even in the morning when it's cool. I have notes for my next months workouts, but I need to add them to my calendar so that's my next project today.

Carolyn great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body, stretch and Rev'd Up Rumble.

Diane Sue, nice job with the Dance and ab workouts. I just don't spend much time watching things. My husband and I have different tastes and with him working from home in a small house it means going downstairs. When I was home and he was going to work, I would have things on during the day. I'm not one to sit and just watch stuff.

Valerie that sounds like a wonderful hike you did yesterday! We've had enough rain here and everything is green. Doesn't hurt that our yard is more than half not actually grass, just things that are green. LOL

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