Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 07/24/22

Just finished On the Floor Legs and Core. Only a mat and not easy. Lots of stretching in between which really is a plus.

Rained during the night till about 9 a.m. so we've had plenty of rain and I got my first mosquito bite of the year...while sitting at the dining room table. Ugh. Still surprised we made it this long without them and I've only seen one outside and that was yesterday. I have a feeling they are about to make their presence known.
Good morning. Today is my rest day. Valerie, you are smart to start the thread on Saturday night. That way you don’t need to think about it the next morning. I hope that you enjoy your ride.

Cathy, nice job with On the Floor Legs and Core. Sorry about the mosquito bite.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
done with our ride. 2 hours 5 minutes about 23 miles. that's 3 days in a row. my legs are fine but my butt is screaming for a day or two off. we are getting a hot streak this week. might get to 90, "blistering heat" to me..... don't laugh!.
Tee hee, cathy there is NEVER only one mosquito...
carolyn, since I am PDT zone I would usually be the last one to post on a saturday night. I will continue to start our thread saturday if I'm home. one less thing to do if we want to leave early on sunday to do something.
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Just finished Live Hard Strikes Low Impact Boxing. This is one of the really early lives and the audio was rather shaky especially in the beginning. It also contained a weight section, which I skipped since I'm doing upper body tomorrow. Did do the plank work at the end.

Valerie do you wear padded bike shorts? Though I know from experience that they aren't always helpful if you are riding a lot and 3 days in a row is a lot. I was out for awhile this morning, and didn't see any mosquitos so I'm hoping they are still rare. We had a fair amount of rain yesterday, but because we hadn't been getting regular rain, it all got absorbed so at least there isn't standing water.

Carolyn I hope you had an enjoyable rest day!
we are taking the day off riding. weights later today.
cathy we both wear padded shorts. some bigger padding, some less but honestly, not great. I'm unable to keep the padded area positioned right. its better than none but not as helpful as you expect.
same with bike gloves. I always wear them. they cover backs of hands and wrists so if I wash my hands, I don't need re-sunscreen constantly. (Arms and hands get fried during riding) Gloves prevent callouses on palms just like weight gloves. the padding itself doesn't make much difference. Road biking needs shorts padding than mountain biking because you sit constantly. . DH keeps the padded areas where they need to be. its mainly a body shape problem for me. "Terry" has the best shorts for women. I have limits on how long, how many days I can ride before getting too sore. when I was younger too. sit bones, hands and wrists tolerate 3 hours max on a road bike. mountain bikes ... posture is different. I can go a lot longer and more often.

we are lucky. no significant mosquitos in most areas. the mountains get serious insects, mosquitos black flies, gnats, for a few weeks in summer, so bad I will not go anywhere near. I get eaten alive no matter what repellant or clothing. I remember wisconsin mosquito season well. "memorable" is the word. its dry here in summer but the mountains have the ongoing snowmelt, and OMG the bugs.
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This morning I did XTrain Super Cuts, first part + Core #1. My time was 40 minutes with 177 calories burned. My average heart rate was 119 and maximum heart rate was 145.

Cathy, nice job with Live Hard Strikes Low Impact Boxing. It sounds like the XTrain Hard Strikes that has upper body conditioning. I usually skip that section for the same reason that you did.

Valerie, taking a rest day from riding sounds like just what you need.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue. Have a wonderful day everyone.
This morning I had an appointment with my breast specialist. Everything looks good, including my mammogram. I’m always happy to have that done for another year.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful day.
This morning I did Pyramid Pump Upper Body. I used the same weights at Cathe but it was not easy. I'm surprised that 12's are the heaviest she uses for that workout as I would think she could go higher. Pretty sure I couldn't. LOL

Valerie great that you got a ride in before it heated up for the day. We've actually had a couple of very pleasant mid-70's days. And we aren't going back up above 85 for a week.

Carolyn nice job with SuperCuts and core. Very glad to hear your mammogram results were good!
Today I did Kelly Coffey Amped Up Cardio both workouts, 60 minutes, 271 calories, heart rate 123/152, 6,139 steps. This one is always fun for me. Quick paced with some drill breaks in between cardio where you are working 2 moves with one usually to the floor 2 times and then on to the next cardio group. This was a live class. I could have used the dvd and left out the drill parts. They are not too tough though, only 10 reps of each of the drill moves. I did not do the squat thrust and did my own thing. I did do the rest though like plank walk in walk out. I then did Perfect Flow timesaver mix #2 from both workouts, 36 minutes, heart rate 78/105, 57 calories. Total time was 96 minutes, 338 calories. I guess I forgot to post yesterday. I did a CDorner Full Body Strength workout called stronger things, music from stranger things 80's music this week on her workouts. That was 148 calories. I also did a Deep stretch of hers 21 minutes, 37 calories. I really do not know what stranger things is. I must have missed something in the 80's. I was so tired yesterday as I had hardly any sleep and had to get up early as I had someone coming out at 7:30 to look at our sprinklers as some of the grass is not getting enough. Then I had to deal with other things and was lucky I did a workout as I really was not motivated much but thought the 80's music would help. I have been catching up around here after dog sitting.

Carolyn, I am glad that everything looks fine after the mammogram.
Today was Metabolic Burn. Definitely didn't love this one though that may have been a "I'm just not in the mood for this" thing.

Diane Sue Stranger Things is a Sci-Fi horror drama on Netflix. I know a lot of people love it, but it's not my thing at all! Great job with the Amped Up Cardio, Perfect Flow, Full Body workout and the deep stretch. Derek and I are dog sitting this weekend for the neighbors. They are doing a boat parade this weekend with fireworks and one of the dogs is traumatized by them. They rarely go anywhere without the two Goldens.
skipping the ride today since its a hot one again. when it doesn't cool down at night its pretty unpleasant. we have AC, but a lot of people in the PNW don't because it's not needed often. I would never be without it because I have such a negative reaction to heat. weights later today after we do some errands and house things.

I hate most Sci Fi so not familiar with it either. especially not if a slasher type movie! somehow the two seem to end up in the same group for me. I'll watch a little sci fi but not really a favorite thing.

Carolyn congrats on getting thru the mamm process. mine is in a about a week . I always get way over stressed by it and such relief when its over.
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This morning I did Jessica Smith’s Steady, Ready, Go, an interval walk. That was 31 minutes and 200 calories burned. My average heart rate was 129 and maximum heart rate was 149.

Cathy, great job with Pyramid Pump Upper Body and Metabolic Burn.

Diane Sue, nice job with Amped Up Cardio, Perfect Flow timesaver, CDORNER Full Body Strength and Deep Stretch. Stranger Things is not something I would ever watch, but apparently it has made 80’s music very popular with younger people. I do love 80’s music.

Valerie, I’m not surprised that you are skipping the ride today. The heat is overwhelming, especially when you aren’t used to it. Stay hydrated!!

Hello to Judy. Have a wonderful day everyone and try to stay cool.
Today I did CDorner Step and Strength arms, 52 minutes, 200 calories, heart rate 112/146, 2,742 steps. This was a fun way to get in weights and cardio. It was 80's music again. I had a lot to do today so that is it.
Step and Arms
alternates 1 minute step with 1 minute strength
workout went like this
1 minute step (all step segments change each time)
bent over row/reverse fly 8# dbs 1minute
this follows with cardio then the same move two more times
step cardio1 minute
upright row/biceps with a twist 10# dbs
cardio and same weight move two more times
arms stay in L position side lateral/hammer curl stopping half way (this made it harder) 10's then dropped to 8's for the other two times
cardio and weight moves two more times
step cardio
dips or kickbacks and last set overhead triceps extension dbs 8's for me
cardio and weight moves two more times
ends with 2 sets of ab work

Cathy, some workouts just do not click as an "I want to do that again". Goldens usually love the water and being out like that, but I understand the fireworks being a problem. I would not like Stranger Things as I do not watch horror movies. I guess that is why I had no clue what Chris was talking about. The music was good though through most of it. I did not recognize the first music piece though. Today's 80 music was more fun. Songs like Manic Monday Bangles. Today's workout was all women singers from the 80s.

Valerie, I was telling my husband that I am sure glad we have a good air conditioner. I was hoping for rain today and a few drips came down when clouds came up and then it cleared, and the sun was right back. I have had to water lots, or our yard would be dirt. I have the sprinkler people coming back to add more sprinkler heads and move some as it is not getting enough water through the shrubbery to the grass. I am glad that I have light all around the back because I went out last night after dark to do some hand watering. All of the blooms dried up and fell off of my hydrangea even though it has some shelter under the eve of the house. I put extra water on all of the flowers.
I will watch some sci-fi like stargate or star trek with my husband because that is his fall back when nothing appeals, but horror, bloodshed, raunchy stuff I avoid. I am not a big television watcher anyway.

Carolyn, nice work on Jessica Smith Ready Steady Go. That is a good choice. I just looked up Stranger Things. No, that is not something I would watch. I do like some of the 80's music. I would be happy if she did 70's music:)
Today I did Live Total Body Sculpt. It's one of her earlier live ones, from 2014. It's also one of the longer ones at 71 minutes.

Carolyn-That's wonderful news about your mammogram. Great job with Steady, Ready, Go.

Valerie-I'm not a sci fi fan either. My mammogram is in December and I always get very stressed out about it too.

Cathy-Great job with Pyramid Pump Upper Body and Metabolic Burn. I have a friend who is watching Stranger Things with her granddaughter and they are really into it. It doesn't sound like anything I would watch.

Diane Sue-Great job with Amped Up Cardio and CDorner Step and Strength arms.
the pacific northwest is a lot like England, where nobody ever thinks they will need AC. well, england just found out they aren't immune . we also get wildfire smoke sometimes, often the same as when it gets hot, and AC gives a good way to filter out smoke too. I definitely feel it was worth the money when we had to buy our last heat pump, to include AC. our old unit had it too but it was not working well anymore after 25 years.

we did house projects here. later I did a premix from X train chest back and shoulders, and x train abs. we plan to ride early tomorrow again.

I will look up Stranger Things but pretty sure I would not want to watch it. I will watch interesting sci fi but most of it is just crap so Im pretty fast to say I wont watch it at all. I will but it has to be high quality .

we water our vegetable garden and any new plants or flowers we planted this year but the lawn can die to brown, fine with us. bigger bushes and a lot of flowers are just fine with dry sunny conditions so we leave them to theri own devices.
No workout for me today as I shopped. My preference if I'm watching something is comedies. I get Netflix about one month a year and binge watch. I don't have anything I pay for streaming, except Cathe. I've considered getting the Sling package that doesn't include sports, but I won't do it until Derek goes back to college. Not sure I'd use it enough to justify paying for it. Nick is now seriously considering getting his prerequisites starting next summer for medical school or a PhD. It's truly mind blowing to me that the kid who spent the majority of his life freaked out by blood is working in ED's let alone considering med school. LOL

Valerie sorry to the hear that the heat is messing with your ability to ride. Good that you were able to get a ride in this morning. We are having a very nice 70's day here today. Going up into the 80's for awhile, but it still won't be the crazy heat other places are getting. We probably use our air no more than half the days during summer. But, we also set it on 78, so unless it's into the 80's it's not going on. Great job with the XTrain workouts.

Carolyn nice job with the Steady, Ready Go walk workout.

Judy great job with the Total Body Sculpt.

Diane Sue nice job with Step and Strength. The dogs love going to the boat with them, and they go most weekends out of the summer. The older one isn't bothered by much of anything, but the younger one has always been more easily upset.
This morning I did Stacked Sets Upper Body and the Extended Stretch #2. That was 56 minutes and 213 calories burned. My average heart rate was 118 and maximum heart rate was 158.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Step and Strength Arms. Yes, 70’s music is good. We have some very old vinyl record albums and it’s nice to just listen and remember that time period. We were so young!

Judy, nice job with Live Total Body Sculpt.

Valerie, nice job with XTrain Chest, Back, and Shoulders and Abs. XTrain is a great series to revisit.

Cathy, if you have Amazon Prime you have access to a lot of movies and program. There are so many streaming services now that it is confusing to me. All of the major networks have some “plus” service. ABC/Disney has Hulu, NBC has Peacock, and CBS has Paramount Plus. Everything is streaming.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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