Patrick Goudeau's 24/7


I did his Hardwork Conditioning 24/7 w/o this morning & I love it!!!!!!! He is so motivating and creative it is ridiculous. It is challenging yet easy to follow. I watched it once and was able to complete it. It was a lot of fun :). Some moves he did I did not think I would be able to do, but my body surprised the heck out of me and did its thing.

Don't you just love when you complete a move you did not think was possible?


I want to get that workout, plus his new Play Ball 4. I have several of his others, and they do get the heart thumping.


I've really been eyeballing these... but can you tell me... does he say "Omigosh" a lot? Some of his others are riddled with this, and it is annoying!!:rolleyes::confused::eek:

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In 24/7 Patrick's voice tone is calmer and I don't think he says "oh my gosh" much. I too really love that dvd. All his functional fitness dvds-Hard Work Conditioning, Body Design, Kitchen Sink Conditioning and now 24/7 are creative and fun, yet very challenging.

My experience is that the type of fitness you get from functional fitness exercise allows you to do a wide variety of activities safely-yard work, hiking, moving furniture. I include 1-2 workouts of this type each week in my rotation.


Thanks for the review, I've heard really good things about 24/7 and I'll probably get it for my birthday. :D


Has anyone done his play ball 4 workout yet? I saw it in my collage catalogue but it said not recommended for carpet. I have carpet in the room I work out in and wondered if it was absolutely a no go or if it might work, kinda.

I haven't done any of his workouts but am really interested in getting one. Which one would you recommend for a first workout? I love cardio with the medicine ball.

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