Okay Cathe - this is what we want...


1st and foremost, for you to have a safe, easy delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby. Okay, onto the selfish stuff:

A hi/lo tape that is INTENSE! to balance out all of the awesome step workouts you've done.
A split tape series much like PS series.
Another kickbox tape - Cardio Kicks was so great!!!

Anyone else want to chime in here? I can't wait to hear what others are jonesing for!
How about a step tape that doesnt have power moves that we can alternate with the other tapes on days we dont feel like hopping?
With loud music like Kelli Roberts Ultimate step/Circuit training? Check out the music they used on those tapes...is it techno? It's really good! Makes you really want to go "yeah!"
How about a chapter that demos your step moves for those of us who arent as familiar with your choreography? It would be great to have that at the end.
Abs on a fitball would also be good variety.
RE: Vote early, vote often

1. Kickbox Interval Max

2. Hi/Lo Leg Circuit Max

3. Abdominator Max (crunches, planks, stability ball, shoot the works)

4. 15-15-15 Max(Hi/lo Kickbox Step)

5. Munchkin Max (Cathe turns her new little one into a home gym - uses him for a weight vest, hand weight, and stroller cardio)

RE: Vote early, vote often

1. Kickbox Interval Max

2. Kickbox Circiut Max

3. Kickboxing using a step

4. Kickboxing drills

5. All Kick

6. Hi/lo Kickbox Step

7. all abs & glutes (including LOTS of floor work)

It would be a boxed series. One for each day of the week.

P.S. Whatever you do PLEASE push us to the Max!!!

Thank You,
RE: Vote early, vote often

I'd like:

Another step workout with hi/lo (jumping jacks--no sashays) mixed into the combinations;

Kickboxing on and off the step with hi/lo incorporated for intensity;

More leaner legs that is tougher and longer;

Another Power Hour type tape; and

I like Christi Taylor's music. The 'rockin' beginning part of Cool Step is excellent.
RE: Vote early, vote often

I vote for a pilates/yoga video (no spiritual woo-woo) done with a flexi-ball/fit ball. I think this would be a fantastic tape for rest days :-tired and stretching.

RE: Vote early, vote often

Another vote for a 2-part heavy split. Like PS but each tape can be a leetle longer than an hour (yes!)

Anything you come up with, Cathe, I trust you and I see the method behind your choices! Another vote for cool music (your music is not bad at all!) We like variety.

RE: Vote early, vote often

Cathe I love your videos, your style, and your music!

My vote is for:
1. hi/low kick box on & off the step no longer than 70"

2. A igh intensity low impact workout no longer than 70"

3. a stretching session that is short (15") for days when a treadmill or power walk/run are done outdoors.

4. Power yoga

Thanks for letting us our wishes!

Take time to enjoy those who matter most to you & do all things in moderation :)
I love the fact that Cathe's tapes are a great work out. If I want a rest day then I do one of my other tapes by someone else. Also, any of Cathe's tapes can be modified for easier workout. Please Cathe, don't change your style. I love the fact that when I plug in one of your videos, I am going to get a great, intense, fun workout. I love the workouts that have cardio and muscle training. Cathe, I hope you are feeling well and looking forward to your new workouts!


I'm ROFLMBO at the "Munchkin Max"......lolololololololololol Too funny! :-jumpy

Anything Cathe wants to do is okay by me...just keep that intensity up!!! Another split series sounds good, as does another straight cardio tape (something with 50 minutes to a full hour of cardio would be great). But like I said, I trust Cathe's judgement so I'm game for whatever she's planning. But of course, to quote Jillybean - just have a happy healthy baby & a nice restful recovery first!! :D
Just to add my vote for the

1) kickbox circuits and kickbox intervals --awesome!

2) hi/lo intervals and /or hi/lo circuits

(MIC hi/lo is great, but it ends just as we are getting pumped. Ho about soe intervals at the end of it, say 20 inutes worth?)

3) power yoga


Hi Cathe, I completely trust you. Having said that, whatever you do please make it INTENSE and extremelly CHALLANGING.

Hi Cathe, I completely trust you. Having said that, whatever you do please make it INTENSE and extremelly CHALLANGING.

Whatever Cathe decides to do, I will "buy it & try it". What I'd love to see the most is:

1. new step tape...don't care what she includes, love them all.

2. new kickbox tape

3. one tape of all ab workout/workouts

4. balance ball workout

5. weight lifting workout using pyramid methods.

6. new step tape...oh, did I say that already?!

Balance ball abs or upperbody would really rock! I did the UB of Body max on my ball last night and in the morning I was wondering why I was so sore!
I too would like and Split Weights, Kickbox Circuits, or anything you'd like to do with Kickboxing. Or, how about a 20-20 tape; like 10-10-10 but with Step and Kickboxing. I really don't care for hi-lo--I have space restrictions! Another step workout would be wonderful--another series like CTX would be great. Whatever you sell, we'll try it!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Apr-16-02 AT 11:53AM (Est)[/font][p]INTERVAL MAX 2!!!

Split series where you pyramid up the wts? (Not sure what that's called exactly)

Cardio tape - long and straight cardio...no step,low impact and tough. Can that be done lo impact? If not, I'll take the impact.

Like others have said, *You* make it..I'll buy it.


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