New Runners All Welcome! Sept. 9, 09


Awww, you guys are all so nice! I promise, if I ever make a calendar, you will each get one free (but only one, dontcha know- gotta make a living!)

Janis, I can't tell you how happy I am that I literally kicked your butt! DOBS it is - kinda weird feeling, ain't it? Not bad, but odd. I also find the leg swooshes and fire hydrants to be burners- the swooshes really creep up on you. You may want to try adding in gliding disk splits, lunges and side lunges as you are farther along the healing route (without weights, of course). I find that they are really effective, and a bit fun. If anyone else is giving it a go, try it with ankle weights to hit it really hard (not you, Janis, oh no, not you!)

And I DO have a birthday coming up- how 'bout that? Any chance of a special, gourmet Janis cake winging my way? :D

By the way, I read your latest blog entry re: the "t" word, and I can completely understand why you are a bit freaked out. I've had docs say that to me before, and after testing, it has always turned out to be nothing (of course, having a touch of the drama queen in me, I would be insanely freaked out until I got the results). Even if it is a "t", you will be absolutely able to handle it with the support you have from your amazing family, but more importantly, with your own internal strength built up through living a life with determination, integrity, a commitment to fitness, fun and compassion. A little bitchiness helps, too. (as a side note, isn't it interesting that the doc pretty much said "Morningstar is right - always listen to Morningstar"? :D)

Tricia, the ironic thing is that I slept in this morning and didn't do MY strength training! I'll try to get it done tonight- shoulders, glutes, hamstrings and abs.

So, Jenn, normally I'd be good at giving that kick in the arse you have been wanting, but given what I just said to Tricia, I'm thinking that might be a bit hypocritical of me!

All of you that get to run with turkeys, I get to do that too- they are the drunks that are finding their way home at 4:00am. Much less cute than the wild kind, unfortunately.

Alisha, I too am jealous over your piano, and I don't even play! I just like 'em- fun to bang on the keys, pretty to look at. I think I used to be able to play part of "heart and soul" when I was a kid, that's it. A piano that size would take up about half the floor space of my condo, I swear. I suppose I could sleep in it (I'd get used to the strings up my butt, I'm sure!) Congrats on the DMV- how're you gonna spend that grand? Hmmm, how much fitness equipment could you get for $1000...? (stares off into space, lost in fitness equipment about that Forerunner, then, or maybe...)

Christine, how are you? It's really nice that you are taking care of your grandma; I know how mentally and physically exhausting it can be to do that, even when it is someone you love and if you enjoy their company.

Okay, guys, gotta finish my coffee and eat breakfast before heading to work. I really am going to try to get my strength split done after work- no, really! :rolleyes:


Morning All!

Jenn - Unfortunately, DH has never had time to play in a band! Unless you count the Marine Corps band!

Jenn & Morningstar - Don't worry about missing a morning! I miss even evening workouts at times! Now THAT'S bad! I may need some of that motivation to get up early once time changes! It's not wise to get out on the bike path being female and alone after dark! Even over the summer, you saw the police driving down the path looking for someone now and then. It was little unnerving!

Janis - DOBS! I like that! Hey! I had a bout of that when I did B&G!

It's running tonight. Probably a steady state. Depends how I feel when I get there!

Christine - Hope all is well!

Alisha - I'm with Morningstar, if you need help spending that grand . . . ;)

One more cup of coffee and it's off to work!

Have a great day everyone!
Hi everyone!

Alisha, yes I'm taking Clariton and it is drying me out so that helps my sore throat and mucus production (gross, sorry!) Your hike sounded awesome, I love the smell of Fall!! (Even if it makes my eyes tear and nose run, HA!)

Janis, I don't mind you asking at all and thanks for the compliment! :) I can only hope to be a good mommy some day! We're not planning for it right now, but it is something we'd like in the future, God willing. I'm so glad you are enjoying your swims! You know, I ended up feeing the same way about my broken foot. It was like a blessing in disguise because it got me doing other things that I might not have ever tried, and gave my body a break (no pun intended :p).

Morningstar, I would buy your calendar of all those beautiful pictures too!! I'm lucky that my grandma still has it together mentally & for the most part physically. She gets around, cleans & dresses herself, etc. She basically just needs me to test her sugar levels and make sure she's eating the right stuff. I hope to be in as good shape as she is if I make it to 91!

Jen, I workout in the mornings too. If I don't get it done I end up spending the rest of the day wondering where I will fit it in and that drives me nuts! Fortunately my grandma likes Regis & Kelly, so I've been doing it between 9-10 while she's watching TV. :p Were you able to get in a workout today?

Hi Tricia! How are you doing?

Today's workout was Turbo Jam's Punch, Kick & Jam. I also stretched with Slim & Limber. Now I'm off to get some cleaning done. It's pouring rain here.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good Afternoon Fitness Friends

I ended up having a much busier a.m. than normal for some reason, then after dropping DS at school I went up to the health club for a swim. Both PT’s were there today with clients, I ended up climbing out of the pool to go speak with them. The woman just looked at me with a blank expression, raised her eyebrows and asked “yes?”. I thought her unfriendly and rude, maybe she thought I was going to ask her for advice or something. I dunno. I simply said, “I’ll be lap swimming for another 15 minutes.” Her reply was something like, "My clients won’t interfere with your swimming.” To my ears it sounded a bit snippy. I strolled back to my side of the pool, slipped in, and swam solidly for the stated 15 minutes, then I treaded water for 4 minutes, and did a jog sprint in place for 2. Boy that got my heart rate up.

Now I am eating, actually it is more like shoveling food into my mouth.

Dear Morningstar – I would absolutely love to make you a cake for your birthday.:) Tell me where to wing it to.

Yep I was still sore this morning, and I felt those adductors while I was swimming. You got me good. :D I was thinking it could be DOGS too. I got DOGS biting my butt. {laughing}

The “T” word, I know. Why do they do that – do they have any idea how that makes us feel? Was that his version of scared straight? I was thinking about this, he looked at the x-rays before he came in, it’s like he had a card up his sleeve the whole time, and the way he delivered that line was with playful banter.

You know – when he said to me word for word what you had said, I started smiling ear to ear. He stopped, cocked his head to the side, smiled back at me and asked “what?”. I think he thought I was smiling AT him. {chuckling}

Thank you for your kind words, the what if’s have plagued me. But then I think of Jim McClaren and I suck it up.

Tricia – have you sorted out which wineries you’re going to yet? Might I suggest a visit to Schramsburg (you might have to book an appt) Also there is Sterling, which is right around the corner from Chateau Montelena, they do a nice tour, they have a beautiful building and grounds, you take an aerial cable car ride from the parking lot which is fun {singing, “on a clear day you can see forever”} The wine is just so-so, but drinkable, but make up for it by making an appt at Cuvaison. Oh, and Francis Ford Coppola’s place down the road, Neibaum-Coppola, is a good stop too. You probably have it all mapped out already! One tip I will give you though is, being you’re an east coast girl coming to the west coast – we are casual (read:jeans) and second, you’re visiting sleepy little towns - the sidewalks roll up early!

Report back about your run, I need my fix!

Christine – yes my injury has been a blessing in disguise, that’s a good way to describe it. And I am so very thankful for the help and encouragement everyone has given me. I do miss running though. I am longing to run. I know I will have to be very, very careful when I return to running. What is funny is the swimming pool is so short I hardly need all the stuff I bought to distract me, two or three breathes and I am to the other side. Have you been running? With helping grandma I suppose you can’t get outside until your mom comes to pick her up. I so hope my children will be as kind and loving to me as you and your mom are when I am 90.

Alisha – Tell me does seeing this strike fear in your heart too? While driving ds to school we saw a CDF flat bed truck hauling a backhoe. I swear I almost came to a complete stop in the road, my heart rate spiked and I had a spasm of “oh no where’s the fire?” But, there is no smoke nor helicopters in the air, so he must be returning from a fire, not going to one. Phew.

Someday I will have to buy my ds a real piano. He has a full size hammer keyed Suzuki keyboard. The other day he asked me if he was a weird boy because he likes to listen to classical music.:) He’s always had sensitive ears.

Jenn – no, no need for a donut yet! Ha! I’m glad your family is having a good time in Las Vegas. Personally I hate that place, I don’t like fake - being steeped in it would kill me!
Have you been able to run lately?

Okey dokey - off to accomplish something - what - I don't know yet! Maybe a nap! {laughing out loud}.

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Evening Ladies!

Christine - I'm doing well! Getting ready to go on vacation for a few days! Ahhhh! I really need it! Before that, I'm doing an all day Chakra workshop on Saturday! I so need it! Glad to hear you are able to get some workouts in while you're tending to your grandmother. I've never had to be a caretaker before, it must be exhausting! Rewarding, but exhausting!

Janis - I'm glad you got a good swim in today! I can't believe the physical therapists could be so rude! You'd think they'd be nicer having to work with people all the time. Go figure.

Other than the wedding, I wasn't planning on taking anything too fancy to wear! Thanks for the heads up on "dress code" and time tables! We'll take a look at our itinerary. It's not 100% set, so if these are in our path, we'll try to stop! I'll wave towards you from our balloon ride! Which direction should I wave in? :D

I got in a nice run this evening! It was little bit cool, and when I started to stretch when I got there, it started to rain! It had been such a gray day today. So, I took off from the second parking lot this time instead of the first one just to change it up a little bit. There was hardly anyone out. I like that! Fewer bikes to dodge! I ran just over halfway before turning around. On my way back, I spotted the cutest little bunny! He hopped alongside me for just a few steps and stopped. I made sure to tell him bye! Did a good 5k today! Shaved just a couple of seconds off my pace! Very few, but at least I'm a teeney bit faster!

That was my run today! Once it starts getting really cold, I'll need to see if there is any such thing as a warmer for the air to put over my nose and mouth because I know I'll have breathing trouble with the cold air. It can't fog my glasses, though.

Oh, and Janis, if you're going to make Morningstar a birthday cake, you know you have to make one for me too! I expect delivery on Oct. 22nd! ;)


Its a Thursday woo hoo. . .

I tried a yoga dvd and it was so bad I stopped after 15 minutes. pulse yoga? give me a break.:rolleyes: I did go to work and got some video in this afternoon. Everyday I try to get as much done as possible, chores, practice, skill improvement, and lately I just am working real hard to be upbeat in spite of everything. Its working. My health is getting better, I'm making strides in terms of photographic skill, ear training, and I'm a valuable asset on site (apparently the guys have been missing me.) I'm not exactly where I want to be physically, emotionally, or professionally but I'm getting there.

Tricia- I do both jazz and classical. I also play fiddle, I have an electric but its over kill without the rest of the band. I inquired at Yamaha and they told me the piano was built in 1965. No triatholons for me either btw. Wish I could take your chakra class, that sounds interesting. I love bunny stories. I have two cousins whose totem are ghatyaze (spl?) which is Cherokee for rabbit.

Janis- Nutrition class was kind of lame old stuff (low fat, are we still on that old saw?) only for weight loss- seriously I could have taught that one myself. There is nothing weird about boys liking classical music. Most composers in history were men. All of my conductors have been men and none were missing any testosterone. If you decide to go up to the foothills for whatever reason stop by and your ds can try my piano. It is a different experience. I play both electric and acoustic.

DOBS bwahaha I get that from doing hula.

Jenn- Thanks for the ^^5s, that’s so cool about your uncle! That’s just neat. I wish I was playing with a band. I miss that interplay.

Mstar- Birthday thoughts. . . mmm. . . don’t you love making wish lists? Yeah I stear clear of drunks. You can play my piano if you come over, just let me know so that I remember to vacuum. We have industrial strength dust bunnies that multiply in public- its so rude. As for workout equipment, I could go for one of those hrms with the GPS in it and some off road shoes. My old ones are not cutting it.

Christine- I hope you are having a good day. I’m glad the Claritin is helping. Yeah, fall smells give me a slight sore throat but I don’t seem to mind too much.


Hi Alisha!

It's good to hear from you tonight! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing better! I hope you continue to improve! It's good to stay busy! At least you've been able to be productive and make improvements in your skills while you've been working on getting well! Go slowly and keep the positive attitude! All will be right where you want it! It'll take time, but you'll get there!

I haven't taken the time to determine my totem animal yet. I just need to sit down and do the meditation. I love meditation! I just don't take enough time out for it. Of course, my pups don't make it easy either! That's partly why I take these classes and workshops! Gives me the quiet time I need for my own healing and restoration.


Hi ladies,

I have decided to take a rest week. Then next week start fresh again starting Sunday. Maybe my brain just needs a break.

Christine - I do the same exact thing, if I don't get it done in the morning it won't happen when I get home from work. And if I don't do it early on my days off then something will come up or I procastinate. You don't want watch Regis & Kelly with grandma? I use to watch them all the time but then I stopped. I love the opening talk segement. They are a riot together.

Tricia - What is chakra class? Sounds interesting. I wish I could turn my brain off long enough to mediate. I feel like I'm always on, maybe that's why I don't enjoy stretching because I can't settle myself. ^^5's on the awesome run today.

Alisha - What kind of work do you do? If you don't mind me asking. My guess would be something artistic and/or musical. I unfortunately have no musical, or artistic talent. It all went to my younger sister.

Janis - Glad you were able to get your swim in uninterrupted, but these PT's sound awfully uppity.

Hi Morningstar. Did you get your workout in after work?

Time for bed, hope everyone has a good night.


Jenn- I am a camera operator/business owner. I was certified to video depositions and to do legal work but that market has dried up like so much seaweed on the beach. I have worked in the independent film industry as a script supervisor and also as a second assistant camera person. Then, when the hours were not reasonable (20 hours/day 6 days per week for 6-8 weeks and swing shifts) I decided to go to work for myself. I want to produce work like Planet Earth, thats really where my strengths lie. I love doing nature work, editing, and writing music. I am doing some construction video work for my Dad until I have another source of income. My back up plans went up in smoke with the economy. I am trying to make the best of my time and trying to stay super upbeat. I can't let the dementors win. I know I will be kicking myself in the behind if I don't take advantage of this downtime and improve my skills while I have the time to do so. Thanks for asking, what do you do?


I DID IT!!!!

So, what was it that I did? Well, I did my first 5k run all the way through- no walking! It took me a slow 33 minutes, but I did the whole thing and there were about 4 hills too! The longest I have run before this was 26 minutes, so I ran 7 minutes more than my longest run too! After the 5k, I walked about 10 minutes, and then ran sprint intervals for half an hour. I started running them at the same pace as the endurance run, but had no energy for any more of that. So I ran at my fun run pace for the sprints and it turns out I had TONS of energy for that- go figure! It had been ages since I had run sprints and I forgot how much fun they are and how good they feel. So, yay me!

When I was walking to work today, I had a thought (well, I had many, but most of them weren't worth sharing). I realized that I am an average-sized woman. Not too big but not slender either. But from a fitness point of view, I rock! I have lots of muscle, I have good cardiovascular endurance, which is only getting better, and I am fairly flexible. I will probably never be slender, but that's okay.

You know what's really weird? About a month ago, I stopped following a diet. I stopped my nutrition journal. I started taking supplements for specific issues and then adjusted them. Now I eat what I want, when I want it. I do not eat low fat (just eating good fats), and I do not restrict my intake of complex carbs. I'm not working really hard to get tons of protein, but I am getting a good amount of it. I stopped overtraining, just doing 3-4 cardio sessions per week and 2-4 short, light strength sessions per week to maintain my muscle, plus walking to and from work. Nothing intense. And my weight has stabilized - it's not going up and down anymore. I, of course, wouldn't mind if it went down by another 20-30 pounds or so, but I am happy at this weight and with this body composition. I'm even happier that I don't seem to have to kill myself to maintain it.


Alisha: it sounds like you have a really good strategy to maximize your potential during the economic downturn. Don't worry about the dust bunnies - I have whole dust rhinos at my place, and they are constantly at war with the dust hippos. I would never want anyone to vacuum on my behalf; they might expect the same from me!

Jenn: thanks for asking about my workout- I DID do my strength workout after work yesterday! It was only about 45 minutes, as I am working on maintaining rather than building muscle right now. It was great! A rest week may be just what the doctor ordered. They say you should take a rest week at least once every three months.

Tricia, I am intensely jealous of your experience with the curious bunny. I love rabbits and it would make my week to have one join me on a run. And congrats on YOUR 5K! Yay us!

Janis, I have to admit that my birthday isn't until December (a mere 3 months away!), so I think Tricia's need for birthday cake trumps mine (unless she's willing to share). The nice thing about virtual cake is that it has no calories! Although the taste is lacking a little something... However, feel free to send me a Forerunner any time your little heart desires! I would hate to deprive you of an opportunity to purchase more fitness gear!

Thanks for the info on the tempo run; someone who works down the hall from me said that a tempo run was basically runner-lingo for a HIIT run. She runs in a lot of races, so I am using her as a resource to get me ready for my October race. With regard to the download programs, thank you for being willing to endure the scorn of your sons on my behalf! :D I have a program that does download free music, but it stopped working and I can't figure out why.

Christine, great life choice to work out instead of watching TV! Much healthier, both mentally and physically.

Okay guys, well, I gotta go do what they pay me for around here. What was that again?


Janis, I'd like to send you an email, but both of our user settings are set to not allow emails to be sent to us. Would you mind changing your user settings just long enough to allow me to do that, and then change your settings back to disallowing emails to be sent to you? Or I could change my settings temporarily and you could send me an email! I don't do private messaging.


Janis, I'd like to send you an email, but both of our user settings are set to not allow emails to be sent to us. Would you mind changing your user settings just long enough to allow me to do that, and then change your settings back to disallowing emails to be sent to you? Or I could change my settings temporarily and you could send me an email! I don't do private messaging.

I changed my settings.


Good morning Ladies

Today is back and tri's, which will all be done sitting and weightless - modify, modify, modify is the name of the game. I asked Ed a question at the inner circle (Tom Venuto's forum) and he gave me 1)an upbeat reminder to view my rest month as a positive way to focus on certain goals and 2)focus on working my pull muscles, we tend to use our push muscles much more. He gave me a list of exercises to work the pull muscles, which are the same muscles I need to work to refine my freestyle stroke.

I slept long and hard last night; I am still in the ethereal world this morning.

Tricia - on the day your hot air balloon launches, if it is foggy in Calistoga, the secondary launch site will take you up a mountain, my house is in that mountain. You'll be able to see my house! You might need binocs though. Oh, and on the car ride up the Mtn, (if it is a foggy day, and you don't launch in Calistoga) the house with the blue roof is Robin Williams. I have never seen him in/around Calistoga, but I have seen Joe Montana! (I was never into movie stars, but Joe Montana - oh my!)

BBL - I need to lift before an 11:00 webinar I am attending at the request of the school principal, it's about an editing software program for students to use to develop their composition skills. Hey, maybe it will help me break my comma abuse habit.:)
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Wow - time just keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'

Where the heck did my day go, exactly?

I finished disc 8 of STS, back and tri's heavily modified. I also attended the webinar, then made sandwiches for ds and his girl-friend. They have friday's off from college classes.

Does anyone else have trouble with the workout manager? I may have to stop using it, it seems to take forever to load and forever to make changes or adjustments.

Tricia - I meant to congratulate you on your 5k bunny run and congrats, too, on the faster pace. One time we had a cat follow us on a 2 mile hike. She stayed with us the whole way, when we returned to our vehicle she trotted home. Cute. Of course I will send you a birthday cake! Have a great time this weekend at your course. BTW when do you leave for the wedding? Please tell me the wedding is at Auberge? oh, wait, is the WEDDING at Chateau Montelena?

Alisha - I often wonder how or why certain nutrition myths are still circling. Good thing you're such a smart girl and savvy consumer. Your copulating dust bunny joke made me laugh out loud. Funny. Finding a niche for video work, especially in N.CAL, is a great idea. While you're working on your skills, maybe you could work on contacts too. (just a thought:))

Jenn - taking a rest week is good. I think it is always smart to listen to your intuition (feel free to call me a hypocrite though!)

Morningstar - YAY! I don't have any bad poetry composed just yet, but know I am very happy for you and proud of your 5k this morning. 33 minutes with 4 hills is a great time! Finding the perfect pace for you is much more important than using heart rate zones. When I changed my pace everything sort of clicked, it went from a drag my ass struggle to feeling fleet footed. (and the endorphin pay off was sublime :D )

I haven't been keeping a food journal either, I stopped at the end of August sometime. I, too, feel like I have found some sort of balance. I know when I need more and when I need less, I don't seem to need the data to figure that out anymore. :)

All right my dears, I really need to hop in the shower. :)


Janis, thank you! I read your blog about the Inner Circle advice, and I am simultaneously confused and impressed. I don't really understand everything he said, but it was interesting- especially the pull thingy. I like that bit about this isn't about a training restriction, but it is about a specific time period with specific, achievable goals. What a great spin to put on it!


Good Morning Ladies!

I have been inundated with fuzzy children since last night, so haven't really been able to get on my computer! LOL! Now that it's starting to get chilly, everyone wants to cuddle all the time!

Jenn - Chakras are energy centers in the body. Although there are lots of small ones, there are 7 major ones that most energy healers concentrate on. They allow for the constant and smooth flow of energy through the body to help keep us healthy in mind, body and spirit. They get out whack frequently depending on external factors and internal factors whether they are recent or long buried ones. Today, we're going to learn more about how to heal them using different aids and methods.

Enjoy your rest week! You're going to find you have more energy for your workouts when you get back on them!

Alisha - Sounds like you've got a great plan! I love that you are so creative! I wish I had some of that creativity!

Morningstar - Congrats on completing a 5K!!! Woo-Hoo! Your time sounds really good! You're probably faster than me. I'm not doing hills right now. Isn't it great to not have to log food? I quit doing that a few weeks ago and it is liberating! I'm staying clean, mostly, and maintaining my weight with only a 1-2 pound fluctuation, which I consider pretty normal, between 124 and 126. I, too, will never be slinky skinny and that's okay. I'm at comfort level with my body now except that I'm a bit flabby, but I'm working on that!

Janis - Thanks for letting me know where you are kinda sorta! I'll be sure to wave hello! It sounds beautiful and peaceful where you are! The wedding is actually in Vegas. Thus, we fly into Vegas, stay overnight at my DH's sister's house, get up on Saturday and try to go to Red Rock for the morning, then the wedding's at noon. We fly into SF that night, pick up our rental car and drive to the hotel. Get a couple of hours sleep and get going the next morning on our wine tour! I wish the wedding were at one of the wineries! How fun would that be? We leave this coming Friday. I kennel my babies on Thursday, but kitty stays home. I have a friend who comes and checks on him when we're gone. He's pretty self-sufficient, but then, what kitty isn't?

I haven't had any problems with WM, but I've been a little slack in using it. I faithfully plugged my workouts in everyday and now I forget and usually have to log 2 or 3 days at a time. It's a little slow, but not annoyingly so. I'll have to check it out today.

BTW, I had a big crush on Joe Montana when he played for Notre Dame! I used to watch the games just to see him. When he went to the 49er's, that's when our "relationship" ended! LOL! I was a Dallas fan. Could never work out between Joe and me! ;)

Hi Christine! - Sounds like you got a great workout in yesterday! Things are working out for you and your grandmother it sounds like.

I did a double Cardio Coach workout yesterday! I did Vol. 2, then picked up the challenges from Vol. 3! That's the first time I've done two together! Other than being a bit uncomfortable, the run was fantastic! It was weird. I always use the bathroom before I leave and go straight to the path for my run. The whole run, I felt pressure. It drove me crazy! Not sure why, but I made it through. Just one of those funky things. :confused: I think I drank water way too late in the day! I usually stop at least an hour before I leave, so I don't have that problem! :eek: I guess I just forgot yesterday!

No workout for me today as I will be meditating and learning more about chakras!

Oh, Janis, I love german chocolate cake! That's one of my favorites! ;);)

Have a beautiful Saturday!
Hi Tricia! Where are you going on vacation? I'm sorry if you posted it and I missed it. I hope you have fun! Okay, I just read something about Calistoga in Janis's post. Where is that? Also, what is Chakra? Nevermind, I just read your explanation to Jenn. hee :) What do you usually wear in the winter to run? This will be my first "cold season" running and I'm also wondering what I can do so I'm not sucking in cold air! :confused:

Janis, Okay, I woke up with that "slippin, slippin, slippin" song in my head this morning having no idea why. It was bugging me that I couldn't get it out of my head. I finally forgot about it and then read your post from yesterday! You're killin' me!!! :p Oh, by the way,since you're already making so many cakes in October, you can make me one for 10/26!! :) ;) I meant to tell you too that I made an appointment with an allergist to confirm whether or not I actually do have allergies and if so, which one(s). It's ragweed season now, so I wonder if that's the source of my troubles. My throat & glands hurt now that I've been back from running for a while.

Alicia, I'm glad things are getting better for you with your health! A positive attitude can do wonders! The mind is a very powerful & influential thing (IMO!!) You used to video depositions!? That must have been interesting. I worked as a paralegal for many years but got laid off this year. It was a blessing for me though because I simply could not stand my line of work anymore. I'm MUCH happier at home, taking care of hubby, grandma, and fur-family! :D

Jen, I hope you enjoy your rest week! I do a full week off from time to time too. My body just needs it and it feels really good to rest up.

Morningstar, CONGRATS on your 5K run, yah!! I'm so happy for you! Remember when you thought distance running could never be done? Good for you with your eating plan and weight stabilization too! I think sometimes we can all obsess and over-think what we're eating, or not eating, and exercise too much. It ends up being such a stress relief when you don't constantly think about that stuff. I had a similar experience with over-exercising (too much high intensity cardio) and worrying about what I ate. When I let it all go and decreased the frequency of my intense workouts, everything fell into place on its own! :) Good for you!

Yesterday's workout was Jari's Slim & Lean. Today was my first run in about 2 weeks! I did 25 minutes, which was good enough for me being my first time back. It felt good but uncomfortable at the same time. It was so cold this morning that I wore my sweatshirt and started out my run freezing. Then I started sweating (off came the sweatshirt) and my nose was ruuuuuning like CRAZY! During my cool down I was freezing again, LOL. It felt good to run again though. I left my pedometer home so I'm not sure how far it was. My hubby was going to get his car inspected this morning and surprised us (me and my dog) by driving through the park to say hello! Oh yeah, and we're keeping our kitty! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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