Men working out with Cathe

I think Cathe's kickboxing and Bootcamp style workouts are good suggestions.
If you want him to see if he's interested in David Jack who leads the MA40 workouts then here are some Spartacus workouts that have different modifications for levels and include agility movements. They're great workouts!

David Jack Spartacus Total body blitz

David Jack Spartacus Triple set scorcher

David Jack Spartacus Bodyweight revolution

David Jack Spartacus ab Attack

David Jack Spartacus Belly crusher

David Jack Spartacus Gladiator Gauntlet

David Jack Spartacus Sweat storm
Just watched a little bit of Jack Spartacus and I am not impressed. Jack doesn’t even do it with you. Yes, it looks like he knows what he is doing, but he doesn’t do it with you. Sorry Jack, but Cathe is better. She does the whole workout and talks while doing it too.


My husband (mid 60's) has been working out with Cathe for over 25 years. His doctor asked him about his workout routine and couldn't believe it's all done at home. Thank you Cathe! My husband recommended Cathe to him. She's an incredible example of how to grow older and stronger.

He has tried many other workouts including P90X but according to him nothing compares to Cathe's workouts in terms of sequencing and overall balance. No gimmicks. He still does other workouts even though the core of his cardio and weight workouts are Cathe. He likes Mark Lauren and we own all his DVDs. He uses "You are Your Own Gym" the most. It's bodyweight functional exercises and some mobility. He likes Riptensity for short workouts or add ons. He also does 1 Jari Love hi rep weight workout, Ripped to the Core for aerobic muscular endurance. He complains about her every single time because he thinks she's too focused on being skinny to the point of not being able to perform the moves correctly but he still does that one workout. I just ordered the RIP DVDs from Power Music which are hi rep work. They are getting rid of their dvds. He liked the look of them but hasn't started using them yet. They have male leads that look like normal guys. I think they will replace the Jari Love workout and give him more variety for hi rep work.

I remember the first time he did Tabatasice. I ran into the room to tell him he doesn't have to do the ricochet move and found him flying across the step as happy and sweaty as can be. Never had to worry about any of the moves after that. He has many favorites including the perfect 30 cardio workouts, the strong and sweaty series, STS, all the metabolics and PHAs etc.... He still does some of the older workouts like After Burn, Drill Max and To The Max among others. He loves the kickboxing workouts. He thinks we have more workouts than we can use for the rest of our lives but looks forward to every new release and actually asks me about them.

I didn't get a chance to read the entire thread but will later, just in case other people mentioned the same workouts. It's really never too late to start exercising.


Snowlover, I had my husband read your post. We don't really have much of a backyard, and we'd have to pick up dog poop each time if we tried to set up an obstacle course there. My husband said, though, that they do have that kind of thing set up for the team at the guy's house where they practice. So, he's going to start practicing with the wrist and ankle weights that we already have, plus a backpack with a bit of weight in it. He has had a history of back issues, so we talked to his chiropractor and he said not to go over 20 lbs. in the backpack. So, I found a weighted vest on Amazon that will allow him to add weight and keep it more evenly distributed (not all on his back). I'm going to wait a bit before ordering, because we kind of ran into some unexpected expenses (car repair, central air repair, and a broken appliance). He tried the obstacle course with 20 lbs. and said he ended up removing some of the weight and finishing his practice with 10 lbs. He said it was a lot harder than it sounded. He's now walking our dogs to the park on the days that he doesn't have practice (wearing the weights) and climbing a hill there with the 10 lbs. plus ankle and wrist weights. He's going to try to get up to the 20 lbs. on his walk before he tries that much with his team member's obstacle course. Hopefully, by the time he accomplishes those goals, I'll be able to order the vest that goes up to 80 lbs. He's also been doing the videos that I pulled off of the shelf for him (based on everybody's suggestions on this site), and says they are just what he had in mind. He doesn't wear any weight for those, though. He said Cathe works him hard enough as it is! Soapmaker, when you wrote about your husband flying across the board, I felt a little guilty. I kind of 'misplaced' Tabatacize. I'll kind of slip it back on the shelf when my husband gets a bit more agile, but right now, he has problems stopping once he's got any kind of momentum going. I'm kind of worried he might fly right over the board and crash into my living room wall. I'm also trying to keep things lower impact for him until he drops some more weight. He's had problems with his knees over the years. I can see why your husband likes it though. Cathe just about kills me in Tabatacize, but it's a fun one. I just pick one workout from it every so often as an add-on with other workouts when I feel I need to burn off a bit more energy. It sounds like your husband has gotten himself in pretty good shape! :)


I've been working out to Videos/DVD's for over 22 years. I just do what I like and don't care what other people think. I only workout to female instructors becuse they seem more genuine, down to earth, and more challenging. Now and again I might get some heat but I don't care. I found something that I like and works for me. People, are going to be how they want to be and think how they want to think.



I don’t know what’s cooler. Your husband working out with Cathe dvds or wearing a suit of armor and doing sword fighting stuff. They’re equally awesome!


I have noticed so many YouTubers who do their workouts but do voiceovers or just signal .
Cathe has always impressed me doing the workout and the cueing.

My husband walked through yesterday when I was doing Athletic step and watched for a bit and said, "She doesn't quit, does she?" :D
My husband had a similar reaction when I was doing AS years ago!


Braille, I just read your "recent" post (sorry I can be quite slow because of lack of regular internet access). I'm glad you shared what I wrote and he's putting some of my ideas to good use, trying and adjusting to what is most effective for him. I really like how he said "it was a lot harder than it sounded" because, quite frankly, I often hear from people that it is no big deal to carry 50-60 lbs up a hill. Or you hear, "that's all?" when they ask how much I can lift doing, say, a front raise or bicep curl. That is because they never do it! I once said to one of those naysayers "can you even pick up 60 lbs and put it on your back? I can" and what do you know, they have no answer.
I hope your husband keeps it up and finds no shame in continuing working out with Cathe. I'm sure no woman has ever felt embarrassed saying she works out with a male instructor!

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