May 07' Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi All! This month I am designing a rotation using ALL PREMIXES from various titles. It will focus on fat loss, muscle endurance and cardio conditioning.

Have Fun!


Mon: Drill Max "Cardio & All Upper Body" Premix (60 Min)

Tues: Kick Max "Low Impact Kickbox" Premix (58 Min)

Wed: LIC "Cardio Blast Timesaver" (48 min) PLUS Core Max "Complete Core" Premix (21 min)

Thurs: B&G "Overall Legs" Premix (65 Min)

Fri: BM2 "Double Upper Body" Premix (72 Min)

Sat: Low Impact Step "Lower Body Cardio Blast" Premix (49 Min)

Sun: Core Max "Tough Core" Premix (18 Min) PLUS Total Body Stretching "Stretch #3" Premix (11 Min)


Mon: Kick Max "Cardio Leg Sculpt" Premix (52 Min) PLUS Core Max "Balanced Core" (22 Min)

Tues: BM2 "Cardio Blast" Premix (62 Min)

Wed: Legs & Glutes "Legs & Glutes Xtreme" Premix (79 Min)

Thurs: Supersets/Push pull "Upper Body 3 Sets" Premix #18 (65 Min)

Fri: KPC "Cardio Conditioning" Premix (37 min) PLUS KPC Stability Ball Abs and Stretch (12.5 Min)

Sat: Cardio & Weights "Cardio and Compound Weights Only" Premix (48 Min)

Sun: OFF


Mon: Pyramid Lower Body "Pyramid Up Only" Premix (40 Min) PLUS Pyramid Upper Body "Pyramid Up Only" Premix ((40 Min)

Tues: SPJ/Step Blast DVD "Step and Hi/lo" Premix #16 (90 Min)

Wed: Boot Camp/Muscle Endurance DVD "Everything But Core" Premix (48 Min) PLUS Abs from Muscle Endurance (9.5 Min)

Thurs: Kick Max "Low Impact Timesaver" Premix (48 Min) Plus Kick Max Stretch (6 Min)

Fri: BM2 "Timesaver Cardio Only" Premix (43 min) PLUS BM2 Abs (9 Min)

Sat: Muscle Max "Timesaver" Premix (56 Min)

Sun: OFF


Mon: SJP/Step Blast DVD "Weights and Step" Premix #23 (61 Min)

Tues: Cardio Fusion "Mixed Cardio" Premix (41.5 Min) PLUS Ab Hits #7 (9 Min)

Wed: Low Max "Step Combo's Only" Premix (44 min) Followed by "All 7 Blasts" Premix (23 Min)

Thurs: Cardio Fusion "Mix and Max" Premix (80 Min)

Fri: Imax 2 "Blast Mania" Premix (41 Min) PLUS Core Max "Tough Core" Premix (18 Min)

Sat: OFF

Sun: B&G "Floorwork and Abs" Premix (49 Min)


Thank you! This is just what I've been hoping for. I've been wanting to do some of the different premixes - many thanks!


Hi Cathe (or fitness friends)

Is there anything that I can sub for Legs & Glutes premix and the Supersets Push Pull premix? I don't have the body blast series yet. I have them recorded from fit tv though. I have all of the other Cathe series except for Pure Strength.



Cathe Friedrich

Hi Teals! Try Butts and Guts "Leg Blast" or Drill Max "Cardio Leg Blast" in place of the Legs and Glutes Xtreme premix.

Try Body Max 2 "Double Upper Body" Premix or Muscle Max's "Upper Body Only" Premix in place of Supersets/Push Pull Premix.



This looks great Cathe. It will be nice to learn the premixes. I can't believe it's already May. This will be great. Thanks for taking the time to do this.


Thanks Cathe! I started this rotation this morning! Drill Max Cardio & All Upper Body Premix is a lot of fun! Sweat, sweat, sweat!

I don't have Kick Max. Can I substitute with KPC?

Thank you!!



Since Cathe didn't post - I would substitute.......

Any premix from KPC - I just did the premix that was 51 mins long last week and it was great :)


Active Member
Hi Cathe,

I don't have the new series but I have everything else. I'm assuming I can sub L & G's for the B&G segments but I'm not sure about the following, any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

Week 1 Drill Max & LIC
Week 2 BM2 cardio
Week 3 BM2
Week 4 Cardio Fusion, both

The other ones I think I can figure out a sub.


Cathe Friedrich

Hi Heather!

Week One's Drill Max can be subbed with IMAX 2/CARDIO & WEIGHTS DVD "Cardio and Compound Weights" premix (48 min) followed immediately by the same DVD premix titled "Timesaver Upper Body Heavy wWeights"(18 min)

LIC can be subbed with SJP/STEP BLAST DVD Premix #12 "Combo 2, 3, & Challenge" (45 min).

Week Two's BM2 can be subbed with IMAX 3 Premix #2 Step Only (31 min) followed immediately by Premix #1 "All 10 Blasts" (24 min)

Week three's BM2 can be subbed with IMAX 2/Cardio Weights DVD Premix # 1 Imax 2's Interval 1-5 premix (33 min) immediately followed by Cardio Weights premix #2 "Timesaver Step" (35 min)

Week Four's Cardio Fusion can be subbed with SJP/STEP BLAST DVD Premix #3 Step & Hi/Lo (45 Min)

The Second Week Four Cardio Fusion can be subbed with SJP/STEP BLAST DVD Premix # 18 "step Hi/Lo & Weights Circuit" (85 Min)


Thanks for the rotation! I don't usually do premixes so this will be a fun change. Question: I don't have Low Impact Step so should I sub it with LIC or Low Max premix?

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