March 2013 Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! Since we have had such a popular request for another ALL LOW IMPACT rotation, I have designed one for the March 2013 rotation. Eat well along with this rotation and double your results. Enjoy!


Mon …..Low Impact Circuit
Tues…..Cardio Supersets
Wed…..Legs and Glutes
Thurs…..Low Max
Fri…..Muscle Max


Mon …..Low Impact Step plus Ab Circuits Stability Ball Abs
Tues…..Gym Style Chest and Triceps
Wed…..RIDE (or sub an incline walk on treadmill for 45 minutes) plus Ab Circuits: Yoga inspired ABS
Thurs….. Slide and Glide (cardio portion only) PLUS Athletic Training (cardio portion only)
Fri…..Gym Style Back Shoulders and Biceps
Sat….. Gym Style Legs
Sun….. REST


Mon …..Low Max
Tues…..Pyramid Upper Body
Wed…..Cardio Supersets plus Ab Circuits: Pilates Inspired
Thurs…..Pyramid Lower Body
Fri…..Cycle Max or Afterburn
Sat…..Low Impact Circuit
Sun….. REST


Mon …..Slide and Glide
Tues…..Total Body Trisets: Upper Body
Wed…..Low Impact Step PLUS 20 minutes incline walk on treadmill

Thurs….. Total Body Trisets: Lower Body
Fri…..Afterburn plus Ab Circuits: Weights and Plates
Sat…..Athletic Training
Sun….. REST
Thanks for taking the time (and late on a Sunday night to boot!) to post this rotation, Cathe. This looks great. I could use some low impact now, so this is right on the mark for me too.

Lo ve this! Has all my favs! I may do this one! But wait no xtrain in here? I will have to add some xtrain too.
I am almost done with the Xtrain 90 day rotation and will have to do this one next I think. I was looking at doing the Xtrain/LIS rotation next but this one has alot of my fav workouts in it decisions, decisions...:)

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