Mamas W/ BIG babies! 4/13----->

Steph - Love your avatar pic! So pretty! I have Jari Love and haven't done it in forever. I'll check out the bag thing over on OD so I can vote!

Maggie - Funny about not sharing equipment. DH and I have our own balls and bands. We share very few weights since he lifts way heavier though but I can get stingy about that too if he doesn't put back something where it belongs. So I get the whole "stingy" thing. How's the eating going this weekend? I had Thai last night so wasn't the best "clean" food.

Kate - I know what you mean about the firsts with baby#1 and now it's like no, not yet!! Pomai is trying to crawl already and I'm half excited, half sad kwim?

Becky - How did the shower go? Too funny about the condom and twinkie! I have to remember that one.

Candra - How old is Ryder now? Teeth! Didn't we just give birth yesterday??

Okay off to start my day. GS BSB on tap for today. Hoping to get some cleaning and organizing done as well, but we'll see....

lisa, ooooh i loathe it when mike doesnt clean up the wo room! and i hate, yes hate, unloding the barbell when he leaves it loaded up!!! i can barely move the thing! but then i try to be thankful that he is so crazy-strong! try. try.:p
ita on crawling!
good luck w/ gs!:D

lotsa errands today but so nice to be outside!
im feeling FAT and i hate it i worked so hard to lose the preg weight and i have quite a few lbs back. my own fault. i tried on some clothes today and didnt buy a thing. nothing fit the way i wanted it to. buckle down time. ugh - i hate feelingthis way.

how are our soccer moms holding up?!

becky, cant wait to hear abt the game!!!
Kate - I'm sure you feel fat but you really aren't. You didn't even look big when pg and that is an awesome accomplishment. I have those days too though. Stay away from the mirror and scale until you feel better. That helps me.

Thanks for the encouragement Lisa. It means a lot! I know I'm not FAT but I am definetly NOT where I want to be, or where I was 2 months ago. My belly was much flatter then. Trying on clothes was a major reality check!

But I did STS Legs tongiht and that endorphin rush/sweat fest was good for me! Felt strong!

Hope we all sleep well tonight!
hello all......

Today was another good day. Better than good-- eating wise... just finished a dinner of salmon and salad... yummmmmm decided to try clean eating for the day.

I was able to hop in the treadmill with the baby looking on. That was nice.

Maggie... my hubby and I don't share either!! he likes the ellipical and I like the treadmill- he has a weight rack/barbell and I have dumbbells, he laughs at all my DVDs/Videos--but the cute thing is he knows the difference between P90X and STS--- he always asks... who's winning the fitness war today.... answer is always Cathe!!!

Kate... I feel fat everyday!! people say that I look good for just having a baby and I think "are you kidding me???" I can't even make it through a workout DVD. But I will get there.....:)

becky... how was the game?

Lisa... I did absolutly no cleaning today...hope my DH doesn't read this..

Hi to everyone else.....

good night all
Hi ladies!

We went on a hike up the Columbia Gorge today, so that was my cardio. Ankle felt pretty good the whole way. What a production! But it was sooo nice to get outside. Apparently the entire Portland/metro area felt the same way, because there were lots of people on the trail. I love hiking in Central Oregon because we can really get away from the crowds. The Gorge is just too close to Portland for that, but I'll stop griping. It was really nice. Saw more dogs than kids......

My weight is up 2 lbs. I"m sure it's because of the new meso, but all the same, I hate that:mad:.

I'm going to post quickly and then get church stuff ready for tomorrow and then make the kids watch the rest of a BBC documentary called "The Rise of the Nazi's" (part of our study of WW2). Very, very chilling and sad. The little ones don't watch. They'll hang in the basement with dh who wants to play his game. I make the kids watch lots of documentaries. The girls gripe, but I say, "Hey, this is school. We always loved it when we got to watch stuff for school." I'm a boatload of fun, aren't I?

Candra--Oh my! baby teeth on boobs!They are so dang sharp when they are little. I hate it when they clamp down and then pull back in their sleep. OUCH!:confused:

Stephanie--I think that 20 lbs it pretty heavy for Slow and Heavy. Try it. You'll probably be challenged because the rep speed is so slow and controlled. I'll try and post the green soup recipe when I have more time. It was in the latest issue of Clean Eating. It looks a little gross, like vomit, but if you can get past that, it's tasty, healthy and low cal. Enjoy the symphony! We listen to lots of classical music at home:)

Kate--I hate having to move those 45 lb plates! I can lift 45 lbs, it just feels so awkward from that angle. But it is good that the hubbies work out right?

Lisa--I ate pretty well today. My weight has shot up and that is discouraging. I'm sure yesterdays shortbread didn't do it, because the day as a whole was pretty good calorically speaking. MMmmmmm....I love thai food.

Skyye--we must have posted at the same time--I missed you--sorry! I have to laugh at how we relate to our husbands and exercise! I don't think he'll be motivated to get his own stuff, so I'll have to do it for him....

Hi everyone else--hope you are having a great weekend!

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okay, back on the weights...

yesterday i dusted off LIS (not the 4DS one, the older one) and then thought id go ahead with TBS thats on the same disk thinking it would easy... not so much! well, im not much of cheater anyway. the leg work was totally up my alley. ub i just upped the weights to my own level (they are using like 3 lbs for everything in this one) and abs i did 2x. havent used that disk in forever and it was a pleasant surprise. i really enjoyed the sball work! did TBS dbl abs again today along with 4DS LIS step only. tomorrow is a rest day (still walk tho) before yoga class monday.

funny, yoga is the highlight of my week now! most ppl look forward to weekends but all days are the same for me with no husband right now. not to be negative, just a fact of being on your own and a stay at home mom... its like, wait what day is it again??? yoga has become the thing to look forward to =)

maggie - hiking sounds great! awesome having your kids watch documentaries. my dad didnt alow us much tv growing up but i remember him making us watch all episodes of eyes on the prize on pbs. def stuck with me.

i am sooooo mot rushing on the teeth... my toothless little guy is just fine say the boobs!

steph - clean eating is sitting right next to me, thanks to you guys talking about it on here! the green soup recipe has carrot, celery, potatoes, zuch, kale, collard ,swiss chard, and spinach... if thats sounds good to you then ill post it and save maggie the time, she has more kiddos than me!

hi skyye! my dh definitely knows his cathe, too... hes away right now but when home loves to come in and say "mambo chacha" and also loves to imitate me doing the leg side and knee side repeaters in LIC. lol. the cleaning can wait... enjoy your nb!

kate, you are so NOT fat! now i am actually fat right now... i gained 60 lbs this pregnancy, have only lost 25 of it so far, and i am not a "skinny" person normally. plus im barely 5ft... 35lbs looks like 5 tons! totally understand the feeling but just to put it in perspective... you are in amazing shape and you do some major hardcore wo's! keep your head up girl!

lisa - i dont have to share any equip with dh because he does what we call the jailhouse workout, no equip lol, just push ups and situps. pt at his base consists of running 4x week so thats his cardio. every once in a while he uses the barbell for biceps but thats it.

candra - lol at the 12 angry little leaguers!! i used to be the bad mommy that just brought donut holes... i would never do that now...

Quick post. Will bbl for personals. My baby has gotten baby acne/heat rash on her forehead! It's not too bad, but I hate seeing it on her. She doesn't seemed bothered by it so I'm more concerned than need be. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

skyy, lol at the cleaning!!! i dont mind picking up/organizing but i detest i have a lady that comes every other friday!:D id have to be stone-broke before i gave her up!:D:D
wtg on the eats & tm time!

maggie, your hike sounds great! gwen in the moby? ive got my eye in a beco or ergo....cant gecide. i get so sick of all the moby fabric!
can i come oer and be one of your students!? i love docu's....
i wish 2# was all i was up.....doing better today tho! keepp up w/ the good eating! weekends are so much harder it seems...

wendy, great wo's!!! hope yoga is good too! - so glad you have that to look forward too. and i never know what the date is!:eek:
my weight gain shows quick too - i have a petite frame w/ stick legs. all extra fluff goes straight tto my misdection.
not rushing teeth either! i like gums!

speaking of gums/gummies...mike let julia suck on a gummy worm! oh boy did she like that!:eek:

lisa, oh, i hate when the lo's get skin afflictions! hope it clears up soon! j has veryvery mild cradle cap still....thankful that thats been our biggest "concern". so many babies we know lately have some awful thing going on...sad.


nice day, family time....and i got to groc shop ALONE!!!!! i should "thank " mike for that! yeah, right! im goin'to sleep!!!!

going to do imax2 tonight....not sure how much of it tho. "stop sucking, julia!:p"
decided against imax.....i did 20 min of tracey's sss then bm2 cardio & abs. loved it!

julia just woke up scraming:confused::confused::confused: - rocking in the dark now. shes conking out - i love the smell, sound, feel of her breath on my neck!:D
Hi ladies. This weekend has been CRAZY! Friday night I was only able to get in the first 7 step plus interval segments of IMAX 3. It was getting really late and I was starting to feel sick. I ended up not working out either Saturday or today. :eek: It was just way too busy. But...Saturday morning was filled with packmax and cleanmax. I'm sure I burned some calories there. I guess I could workout tonight, but it is almost 11pm and I am pooped.

The shower went really well, except something odd happened to my chocolate fondue...oil separated and it looked awful. I don't know what happened. I used a different fondue pot for the chocolate this time (a metal one...usually use a small ceramic one but I broke it a while bigger ceramic one is for cheese). The cheese one went well though.

The condom game was pretty funny. The bride's little sister (19) won. Their mom was like "hum...what have you been up to?" We also played a "game" where we broke into teams and "made" panties. We took huge granny panties and one team decorated a honeymoon pair, a wedding night pair, and a normal pair. It was pretty funny. We had all sorts of craft supplies.

This morning we had a bridesmaid luncheon at Olive Garden (I did soup, salad, and breadsticks). Then DH, Z, and I went over to his now ex bosses house for a cookout. Brian and his boss are great friends and we stayed there until 8pm!:eek: Boss's wife gave me a projector now I'll be able to do a mural for Z's new room. She had one she never uses. One more thing to pack. I kind of want it not in the moving truck though because I'd like to do her room before the movers arrive. We'll see how things fit the night before.

Now that Brian is sort of unemployeed, he's set to help finish packing. This is crazy! I'm waiting to pack my workout stuff until Tuesday night. Movers come on Thursday. I figure I'll just go for a run on Wednesday.

Sorry about no personals. I'll get some in tomorrow.

I need to sleep!

Becky... sounded like you had a nice time @ the party. Lots of fun.

baby is still asleep so I was able to get on the teadmill then do part of a power squeeze!!! I am glad about that. So this may be my new routine. give Anna her early morning feeding, then jump on the treadmill. Then if she is not restless, do a DVD. That leaves the afternoon for walks and maybe another workout.

"talk with you later,
Quick post because I'm sure we'll probably soon start a new thread...
Maggie and Becky--Thanks for offering the green soup recipe -- it must have sounded familiar because I have Clean Eating Magazine. I'll check it out!

Kate--I'm sure that you are not fat!!! Could be that you are retaining water --especially if you're seeing it in your belly. I agree that you always have looked tiny to me -- and all I have to go by are your prego pictures!!

Hi to everyone else! Hope everybody had a great weekend!!

ETA: Thanks, Lisa, for the sweet words about my avatar. I feel kinda like a fraud though; that pic was pre-Charlie, but it's kind of my "goal-weight" picture!! LOL

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