Mamas W/ BIG babies! 4/13----->

Lisa, I wish I like salmon! Gina tried it at a restaurant Friday and liked it!:D
Have fun stepping and good luck with the quilt!

Woke up at 3 w/ Julia to feed her. Fell asleep in the rocker til 5. Woke up and had no clue what time it was but I was so excited walking back to my room that I was going to get to go back to bed. Saw that it was 5, ran downstairs and slammed out Back and Bis!!! It's 6AM and my wo is done!!!!!!!
I hope I can catch a nap later tho!

Julia only nursed on one side when she woke up and on one side I look like MamaKate (deflated, saggy). On the other side I look like StripperKate (super full, beyone perky!) I like StripperKate profile a little better!!!:p
where are my mommies at today!?:D

poor julia cant poop! she ate almost a whole banana yday and the poor thing is so backed up. its actually kinda funny to watch her grunt but.....! mashed up some prunes this a.m. and she ate a ton! should be taking care of that constipation problem! will prob have the opposite problem soon! where are the pampers!!!???:p
Hi everyone!!

kate-yeah for getting your wo in by 6am!!

Had a crazy day yesterday! I just got Ryder to sleep, so it is time for my wo. bbl

Kate - yay for the am wo! I got most of my wo done this am also before Pomai woke!
Candra - have fun wo!!

off to work!

Kate - Did you try giving her oatmeal? I don't know if you guys have papayas there, but ripe papayas also do the trick.
LOL about Mama and Stripper Kate!

Got my wo in!:) I did Ripped 1000. I haven't done that one in awhile and it was HARD!

I have to go pick up Owen and get some stuff together to register him for kindergarten :( I can't believe how fast time goes

Candra, I never thought I'd say this but "I cant wiat for Isabel to start Kindergarten!" Now, I did NOT feel that way about Gina. But Isabel is so muich more social and very bored at home with me and the baby.
GREAT JOB getting your WO in! I dont think we moms of babes give ourselves enough credit for exercising! WE KICK BUTT!!!:cool::D

Lisa, Will look for papayas. She detests her oatmeal!:p It's quite hilarious to try to feed it to her! ROFL!
Candra - I have that wo also and haven't done it in sooo long. I think I did it last before getting pg!

Kate - Funny how even babies know what they like and don't like.

I have to go put my taxes in the mail. I think this is the first year I waited until the deadline. That's what happens when you have three kids is my excuse. Anyway, then it's off to the library with the kiddos!

Hi ladies.

I got around to doing STS 8 last night, as well as weights and plates abs.

Tonight I'm doing some cardio...supposed to be step blast, but I might go more intense. Not sure.

Kate, about the mattress and SIDS thing. There's a chemist in either New Zealand or Australia who says that there are fungi that grow in crib mattresses after babies drool on them (makes complete sense). He says these fungi living on synthetic mattresses have a chemical reaction with the chemicals in the mattress releasing a neurotoxin. He advocates either having a 100% organic cotton mattress or wrapping normal mattresses in a cotton sheet a particular way. Since they started wrapping their mattresses, his followers have not had a single death. To me this makes logical sense. All of the ways we use to prevent SIDS in the US also could be preventing those fumes from reaching the baby (sleeping on back, using a fan in the room). It may not be right, but I say mattress wrapping can't hurt. I bought an organic cotton mattress with a single polymer waterproof cover. True, there is a chemical in that polymer, but it isn't a mixture. I only use cotton bedding, no polyester at all.

Hope everyone has a great night.

Lisa, LOl on the taxes! I am soooo bad at getting them in! Our CPA called me a couple weeks ago warning me we'd have t file an extension! BBUT IT WASNT MY FAULT!!! The SSA office didnt have J's SSN to me - finally got it at the last minute!
Have fun at the library! We dont go to our public one during the school year. Cant WAIT for summer! Gina told me this week there's 8 wks left to go! YAHOO! Poor baby started crying again tonight....but was easily distracted by some cookies! LOL!

Becky, I'm glad someone else likes the wipes warmer! I LOVE THAT THING! Would you want a cold wet cloth on your bottom? NO! They don't either!:p Anytime I have to use a wipe when we're out and about she jumps like "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!!!!!" :p
More intense than SB!?! DANg, girl! Work it!:D:p
Very interesting on the SIDS thing...thanks for posting that. Will read it to DH in a bit...

hope we all sleep tight!:cool:
Got my cardio fix in. I ended up not doing SB. Instead I did the ASC2 through to the beginning of combo 4 and then my brain fried and I couldn't keep up with Amy's crazy choreography. So then I did Boot Camp cardio only twice (skipping the warmup both times and the stretch the first time). Don't think I am a workout fanatic for going that intense...I'm making up for the triple chocolate silk pie I had after dinner. :eek:. I must be getting ready to start because I am craving!!! (and not least I don't see how...condoms are my best friend.)

Kate, that whole mattress SIDS thing might be hooey. Don't know. It hasn't been studied here in the states. Some proponents say that's because the US gov't has spent so much money on the "back to sleep" campaign that they don't want to risk having people start putting babies on their bellies...who knows. I don't really trust the FDA that much anyway. They seem to be more political than medical and in the pocket of big business. I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything but I do know that big pharma rules the roost. Who knows.

Time for bed now...if I can wind down. That's the bad thing about working out at night...I have a hard time falling to sleep...which makes me nap when Z naps in the mornings when I could possibly get back on my morning workout schedule. I'm bound up in this awful workout at night spiraling circle.

WOW BECKY!! Cardio fix for sure! That pie doesnt stand a chance to get to your hips!:p I have ASC2 - never have got past the 1st combo!:p
The mattress thing makes sense tho.... I dont tummy sleep til I see they can pick up their heads. UNtil then its swaddled on their sides. ITA on FDA - dnt trust em a bit - look what they say is "safe" to eat - no thanks to a majority of it.
Thankfully, nighttime WO's dont keep me awake! Knock on wood!:D
Hi ladies,

May I officially join this group? I had my little one 6 weeks ago and I am ready to get back into seriously working out again. I have been doing "light" workouts for the last 3 weeks. Really the light workouts kicked my butt because I stopped exercising for over a year while I went through fertility treatments then pregnancy.
Last night, I ran/walked on the treadmill for 30 mins, then tried Jillian Michaels’ No more trouble zones workout DVD. The DVD is 40 min long and I made it to 20 min—couldn’t go any longer. I will attempt the last 20 min tonight.
Welcome Skyy! I've done No More Trouble Zones, and it is a doozie. I started out with some of Jillian's stuff too. Sounds like you had a great workout!
Hi Skyy! Congrats on your baby!

Eugh, quick check-in. Work called and I need to go in. Having computer issues. Okay, bbl.

Hi mamas!

Quick check-in -- just wanted to say hello to you all. I read all of the above, but don't have time for personals right now, except to say hi to Skyy--congrats and welcome!! Charlie is cutting teeth like a mad man and running a low temp/fussy. Poor guy!! All is well except for my workouts. Eating is OK. Made Mel's muffins today ... YUM!

Hope you all are having a good week!! Hug those babies!
hi becky!

lisa, i hate work issues!!:mad: dont they know we just want to sit home andd let our babies drool on us?!:p:D

good to see you stephanie! eating is the biggest battle - if youre conquering that youre doing better than me right now! wo's will be ready when you are! hows your ankle?
teething is so hard!! 1 yet? none here - i am in no rush either!:D i have a niece younger than j who got her 1stt tooth. im ok to wait! occasionally shell have a hard cpl hrs but usually shes herself. knock on wood!

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