Mamas W/ BIG babies! 4/13----->

Hi ladies--gone a couple of days and I feel like I've missed sooo much! I'm going to try and catch up.

I have MAJOR DOMS from disks 13 and 14. I mean I'm so dang sore I can hardly move. It's pitiful. I thought I was going to pass out by the end of the leg workout. Today I did the first half of Kelly Coffey Meyers step one that I can never remember the name of. Ankle feels pretty good if I wear my shoes really tight.

I lost another pound this last week despite very bad Easter eating and light cardio, so 7.5 lbs to go. I now fit into my biggest pre preggo pants and it is so nice not to be wearing maternity pants.

Gwen is crabby. She is getting her next top tooth, then all 4 front ones will be in.

Skyye--nice to meet you and glad to have you joining us. I look forward to getting to "know" you. Your little one is absolutely beautiful. Great job on the workout.

Lisa--the eating has been pretty clean this week, but I've indulged in a few dark chocolate chips each afternoon (my weak time). I need to buy a sewing machine. Do you have a recommendation? Costco is selling a Singer for 170. That's within my price range, but I'm not sure I need all the fancy stitches. I'd rather have something really sturdy and long lasting and basic. But I love the idea of pre programmed button holes. I cannot wait to sew again.

Kate--Those pics are adorable. I haven't seen the older two yet. So sweet. LOL at stripper Kate. My poor boobs after 7 kids. Thank goodness for push up bras with a little padding. Sighhhh.....

Stephanie-Did you really go all of Lent with no chocolate? You totally rock, dude (turtle voice from Finding Nemo;)). Hear your pain on the teething. How's the ankle?

Becky--snobby because you are going to be a doctor? I'd think they'd be proud. I would be. What a lot of hard work to get where you've gotten to! Very interesting info about the sids (which is something that I'm really frightened of)

Wendy--glad your wrists are feeling better. Those of us who are injury prone and yet determined to work out are masters at finding modifications aren't we?

Candra--Your boys are so cute:D I love seeing pics of everyone's families.


well I'm off to check in with the six monthers--I'm really bad about that one...

Maggie! WTG on the pound and DOMS!!! Yeehaw!! Are you a daily weigher? I keep thinking I may need to start that again....but I hate the emotional lows that can come with it......
Sing it, sister, on the bras!!! I hear that sigh loud and clear....and I've only nursed 3!
Kate - Your girls are so cute! Pomai has no teeth yet either. My first two got teeth early, but Pomai has none. That's okay, I'm in no rush for her to grow up. I can't believe how fast they do!

Maggie - Way to go with the clean eating. My meals were all pretty good except for today. I had fried chicken and I didn't even enjoy it that much. Felt really gross later. I was eating jelly beans like crazy over Easter. I had a clean dinner and hoping tomorrow goes better than today. I have to confess that I bought a really expensive sewing machine, a Viking. Or I should say DH bought it for me for my 30th bday six years ago. I think the Singer would be good. I know Singers are good sewing machines. I'm planning on getting a Singer Serger soon. Singers last really long. I know what you mean about all the fancy stitches. You usually end up only using a few often and the rest hardly ever. The pre programmed button holes are a must. You can't go back after using it!

Off to finish the baby quilt for my girlfriend's baby shower tomorrow night. No workout today, but hoping to do GS BSB in the morning.

hi all, its been a few days... not sure i can match maggie on the getting-all-caught-up front though!

my wrists are 90% good and i would say that right now knees are 80% good. thats decent for me lol. 4 mile walk yesterday and 2 miles the day before. this past week ive been having trouble motivating to do a video during his nap because the weather is so beautiful (well 50s and sunny =) i just wanna hurry up with my chores and be all ready to hit the road when he wakes! but of course i need to get back on the resistance wagon, walks do nothing serious on that front. oh wagon, where art thou? funny too, i actually get more enjoyment from wts than cardio and yet im skipping it recently! at least im well aware of WHY my scale is not budging right now lol.

anyone eat stonyfield farms yogurt? i made the strawberry muffin recipe thats been on the inside of the foil.. delicious! strawberries were 3 lbs for $5 recently so i made a whole bunch. def a hit with ods and brought the neighborhood teens a-runnin... i know my guy would em but dont think they would travel well =(

kate - beeeyooootiful little ladies! i would love to have a daughter... no teeth on my jj yet either. and no rush!! our nipples are better off without 'em!!

lisa - quilting is so cool! post a pic when youre done?

maggie - awesome that youre still dropping the lbs even with the lt cardio! and 4 teeth on top - woweee!

steph - sorry bout the teething... i dont envy you and maggie right now...

hi candra!

hi skyye! nice to "meet" you =) no rush on the wo intensity... youll get there!

k, im totally motivated to work wts today...just confessing here does wonders for me! think ill do ub today, lb saturday, rest sunday before yoga monday, where i work it all =)

aaahhhh..2 hands to type, but only havw a minute!

Thanks so much abt the girls! We're in love with em!;)

Lisa, AMEN to no rush to growing up. Funny - with your 1st you can't WAIT to see the "firsts" .... with the 3rd you're like "oh no!!! Don't grow up!!!!" May need a 4th.....:p Are your jb's gone? Thank goodness ours are! And not gone as in my belly - gone as OUT THE DOOR!

Wendy, I do LOVE having girls. Kinds silly but the biggest/probably only reason I dont want a boy is I dont want to deal with the circ issue. it would KILL ME to do it, but DH is totally for it and I think I am too. I understand why to do it and not but oh.......the pain for the little guys....:(:(:(:(:(
My scale isnt budgingeither - its rising!!!:eek::mad: Eats have been off-the-charts bad for me. Need to detox!:cool:
Good job w/ the walks!
TX for the yogurt recipe tip!

DDs at school....need to get busy!
Good morning. I did STS disc 9 last night. I did it a tad bit earlier than usual, but still at night. Brian was really tired when he got home from work and he napped in bed with Zoey. She seems to enjoy napping with Daddy. She doesn't sleep the whole time in bed with him, but she's content and I think just happy to be with him. I know that if she lays down with him, I have 1 hour. So I worked out and then topped her off food-wise. I still couldn't get to bed until almost midnight though. I ended up playing on my iphone downloading random applications.

Kate, your kids are adorable! I know what you mean about circing. I thought I wanted a boy (now I don't know what I was thinking...I love having a little girl!) but was dreading having to go through the circ. It's a pretty simple operation and my OB does them, but I didn't want to have to take care of a sore little penis afterwards.

Wendy, I'm going to have to check out that recipe. I have already packed away my muffin tins though, so it will have to wait until after the move. But there's lots of events coming up where muffins will be very welcome.

Lisa, you have a baby shower to go to tomorrow night? I am throwing a lingerie shower for a friend of mine (bridal) tomorrow. I have the funnest games is trying to stuff a twinkie into a condom. You have to get all of it in, even if pieces break off. I do think I am crazy for having it at my house 5 days before moving, but at least the great room/common area is boxless...we've been stacking all of our boxes into one room.

Maggie, Yay on getting into the pants! I am fitting into some of my pre-pregnancy pants (that I couldn't fit into when I was this weight before). I don't know what's up with my body. I guess I am more muscular than before?

Stephanie, I hope Charlie feels better soon.

Hi Candra.

Well, Zoey is sleeping soundly in her bouncy (but probably won't for long enough to get a workout in). I need to fold laundry. I've been putting it off all week!:eek: Now I have no excuse...she's sleeping.

Tonight is supposed to be IMAX 3 I think.

becky, daddies sleepng w/ their babies make my heart melt!
good job w/ sts!!! i'll be joining you in a late wo tonight! imax 3 - gulp! you go girl!:D
shower games!!! fun one w/ the twinkie! try this - you have to put a condom on a banana - WITH YOUR MOUTH!!! soooo funny!
Hi Mamas!
I'm so depressed. I just tried on my fat/post preg pants and they STILL are too tight. Ugh. I'm no longer in maternity, but I am SO FAR from where I used to be. One-digit sizes seem totally unattainable. :mad: If I had known having a baby post 35 would be this hard on the bod, I'd have had them sooner!!!! :mad::mad::mad: *end of venting*

Becky--Good job on your workouts! Your avatar is lovely! You and your baby are beautiful!

Kate--I just love your posts -- so upbeat and happy!! You're such a sunny person! Yes, having to deal with little boys' circumcisions is a pain, but I've had to change my niece's poopy diapers, and I'll take a penis any day over all of those cracks and crevices that you have to clean up after poops! Yikes. I had no idea we were so complex! :confused:

Wendy-- I totally understand the scale not budging! Your workouts sound great, though. A 4-mile walk sounds so nice!

Lisa--I didn't know you quilted! My MIL quilts. I think it's such a wonderful hobby.

Maggie--Glad your ankle is better! Mine is too! I told DH I want him and I to move the treadmill from the garage to the bonus room (upstairs :confused:) this weekend. He grimaced, but I need to start running again!!! So, I'll try to *convince* him tonight. ;) I'm not above using my wiles (if I still have any left :confused:). Yes, I gave up chocolate for Lent and have been making up for it since Easter. :rolleyes: When will I learn?
Well, the catnapper is awake. Hello, 20 minutes does not a nap make. Ugh!!! Teething stinks. Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!! :)
Hi everyone. Thank you all for the welcome! It is going to take a little time to get to "know" everyone.

Kate-- your baby girls are all so beautiful!! All those blue eyes!! I love blue-eyed babies! and brown eyed babies; and green eyed babies...... Ok... I love babies!!

The only workout I got in last night was taking Anna and chewie (my puppy) on a 1.5 mile walk. The sun was finally out and I had to get out of the house. Plus, I was still sore from the JM DVD workout the day before.

Today.. I pulled out my Cathe steps to do one of her step workouts tonight after my run. I have two left feet so I'm probably do Basic Step.
stephanie, hugs! im feelin' like big bertha myself! ive gained too much in the last couple months and i WAS below my pre-preg weight! its like pp all over again! but i see your avatar and read your posts and i see a beatiful woman who is a gret friend and wonderful mama and wife. we will get the bodies we want! we will!!!
lol on the complex girl parts! glad i can make YOU :D too.....
julia can be the catnapper queen to your king!:confused::confused::confused:

thanks clarissa & skyy!
hows brody?

skyy, good job being active!

i need a great cardio session tonight...but my day started at 4 and im tired!!!!
imax2 is always fun...maybe i'll do that...or at least part of it!
Hi ladies!! Quick post before I leave. Today is crazy busy!! I am off to get some errands done. Need to get some lunch before my headache grows. Hope everyone is having a good Friday!!

Kate-- Thanks for your sweet words! That avatar pic was taken pre-Charlie/25 pounds ago, but I'll get there again. Your avatar is lovely! I agree with Clarissa. Such a sweetie! Don't you just love little pudgy cheeks. I could kiss Charlie's little cheeks all day long!!

OK I'm off to the soccer fields. I so dread carting the boys, the baby, the lawn chairs, the stroller, the diaper bag, the soccer balls and the water bottles to the field. THAT should count as a workout. Soccermommax. :D

Later taters.
lisa, swing into mcds or bk for a grilled chicken salad?????
deep cleansing breath!

stephanie, soccermommax sounds brutaal!!!
we WILL meet our goals!! no sweets tonight will be a challenge for me but im facing it head on!
yes, i smooch j's cheeks ALL DAY LONG!!! they must have cocaine or something on them bec i positively addicted!:p:p:D:D
Oh my! not only am I terribly sore, but I'm terribly hungry. I just ate some cheerios right out of the box and some shortbread, but the day is not blown if I just stop now....having "green" soup for dinner.

I weighed Gwen last night and she hasn't gained anything--must be burning it off, but my she looks good and chubby. I look forward to the doctor's more accurate scale.

Oh and both dh and ds14 want to do STS, so they are planning to start their one rep maxes this weekend. Problem: I'm a little stingy with my more fragile equipment (band, stability ball, weighted gloves) and want them to get their own.

Oh and by number 7, you're like, "Don't encourage her! Just let her sit!"

Kate--I weigh about 5 times per week. It seems to hold me accountable and I've been writing it down. That way, I won't freak out if it goes up because I can start to see patterns (ate lots of carbs or sodium the day before? probably water weight, etc). I am retaining major water right now because of the new meso, so the scale is not my friend:mad:.

Lisa--my clean eating was slightly not clean today--I blame STS:p. Thanks for the sewing machine thoughts. I'd love a serger, but I'm not sure it's in the budget now. 250 is my ultimate limit--I'm just not sure where to start there is so much out there. My girls are really looking forward to creating their own fashions (me too!)

Wendy--I understand about wanting to be out in the weather--I'd say walk and enjoy it. The weights aren't going anywhere. We eat Nancy's yogurt--it's local and organic and has all the good little beasties in it.

Becky--sweet about Zoey and your dh---awwww. Yeah baby, it's muscle. Enjoy it:D.

Stephanie--I'm a firm believer that a well satisfied husband;) is a happy one and is more likely to respond to those little requests we have, like moving treadmills upstairs or finding a new home for the old appliances out in the garage....

Skyye--take your time getting to know all of us. I joined a six month STS check in and it's 8 weeks later and I still haven't figured everyone out quite yet. I'm getting there:).

Hi Candra! Hi Clarissa!

Trish--you out there anywhere? Dh left for Iraq yet? You are in my prayers (((hugs)))

take care all
Hi girls!:)

Maggie-I am jealous of your doms! I haven't been able to wo in two days and it is driving me crazy:mad:

Stephanie-I hear you on taking kids to sports! Tomorrow both boys have games and snack and guess who isn't helping?? That would be my husband:mad:

Kate-love the pics of the girls! Will you please tell me how to set up my avatar????????

Lisa-busy girl:) Hope you had a good day and ate some lunch;)

Becky-Lol on the condom game!! Have a fun shower.

Skyye-Welcome and enjoy that baby:)

Hi Wendy!

Well tonight is more b-ball. Wilson has batting practice, then tomorrow is games. Wilson even has a game on Sunday:( So much for a relaxing w/e:eek: Oh well the season is almost over:D:D:D

Ryder has his two bottom teeth. My boobs do not want anymore teeth:D

Hope everyone has a good night

maggie, i hate that ravenous feeling where you stand at the pantry door wondering what you can devour!!!

i love a chubby baby! acc to our scale my 6-monther is 19 lbs!:D

maybe i need to weigh daily again....

lol at not sharing ... and #7!!!

candra, my boobs are dreading js teeth!

avartar.... go to user cp from main forum page.....i dont remember!!! i'll pm my phone# to you!

hows dh getting off the hook!!!??? and yuck to a sunday game!:mad: id skip:eek::eek::eek:

hope you can catch a wo sat!
Candra-- Stinks about tomorrow's game/snacks/no help! I'm making the boys miss their game tomorrow so we can go to the symphony. We have "Pied Piper" tickets (children's series). We go at Christmas and in the spring. They have been SO MAD at me for making them go tomorrow. I told them that I'm the only girl in the house (besides the dog), and they HAVE TO humor me. Their future wives will thank me one day for culturing them (a seemingly impossible task). And I'm not one bit guilty about missing the game tomorrow!! :p

Kate--NO SWEETS on a Friday night? I watched my food intake all day so I could have my movie sweet. (One of Melanie's muffins and a cup of cocoa. :eek:) I've been upping my milk intake. I always shed weight when I drink lots of milk and eat protein bars for some reason.

Maggie--What's your green soup recipe? It sounds familiar. You may have posted the recipe at one time and I forgot it.

BECKY!!!--Typing the word "recipe" reminded me that I forgot to put my orange cake recipe on here for you! I'm so sorry! I'll have to dig out that book and post it. I'm such a scatter brain!

Well, I ordered Slow & Heavy. Did I tell you guys that? I'm super excited to get it (hopefully soon). I'm going to ebay some of my old workout DVDs like the preggers ones and perhaps my Jari Love stuff. I just don't like her as much as Cathe. But I'm on the fence on those. Once I can get DH to bring the treadmill in and I start the S&H three days a week with cardio in between I'm hoping the weight will start coming off... Do any of you have S&H? If so, how heavy is heavy? My heaviest dumbbells are 20 lbs. :confused: (I know I"m a lightweight compared to you STSers!!!)

ETA: I posted a thread on OD asking everyone to vote for my Kroger bag design. If you get a chance and feel so inclined, would you vote for me?? Thanks!! :)
Last edited:
Kate- thanks for your #! If I try tomorrow I will give you a call:) I wish I could skip games tomorrow. Wilson's game is at 8:30 am:mad: But tomorrow is my turn for snacks and I don't need 12 little leaguers mad at me:rolleyes:

Stephanie-have fun at the symphony!!! I'm impressed you get your husband to go:)

Have a good night:)

Stephanie, I ended up having a small portion of dessert last night. :eek::eek: Need to budget during the day better tho, calorically, so its not such a hit.
Have fn at the Pied Piper!'
I need to drink more milk too.....
GREAT PLAN on S&H! Not sure what my heaviest was on that series. Haven't done it since pre-preg. I am using 50# db;s now tho for legs and depending on the exercise for UB...umm/...trying to remember....seems like 30-something for 1-arm rows??????? I don't have any Jari stuff - she looks scary to me!:eek: I KNOW I shouldnt judge......
Will go check out OD/vote for you now!

Candra, That totally stinks having to be out the door so early on a Saturday!

Good productive morning! Better get off here and get busy again!

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