Mamas W/ BIG babies! 4/13----->



Julia was an allstar last night! Slept 730 - 5, nursed, back to sleep! LOVE HER!!!

Wish us luck this morning - Gina was SOBBING about going back to school today!:( My little homebody mamas girl!:( She kept saying over and over "The more I think about you, the more I want to be with you!" Now if THAT doesnt break your heart.....:(:(

Will do STS while DDs are at school - ONE good thing about them being bts is I can workout during the day!:D


Becky, LOL about Z! Guess she doesnt like tummy sleeping!

Lisa, THose (*&(& jb's are ADDICTING!
J's naps are never too long either. I feel like I've accomplished something great if I can get 45 mins out of her!:mad:


Better get busy!



well i guess not celebrating easter sure does help me on the eating front =)

kate - that gina sure loves her mama =) i remember when my now teen actually wanted to hang with me... now he only wants to be "with" me when im feeding him or something lol.

lisa - yup, they turn the heat way up. combine a sauna (well not quite) and fast moving yoga and youve got my class. love it! some things take getting used to though... i am grossed out by other ppl sweat and its everywhere...a drop might even hit you!!! nasty!!! but its impossible not to be a sopping mess in there.

becky, ive been meaning to say that pic is freakin adorable! you look so calm and beautiful and mama-zen-like and what an perfectly adorable babe!! i love 'em...

re early vs late wo... i usually get at least 1.75 hrs for am nap but the afternoon is often full of cat-naps lately (or no-naps). so its morning or night time for me. sometimes work out in the morning but it can just run away from me... dishes, laundry, showering, etc and 'fore ya know it my little guy is smilin at me =) so i still end up working out at night quite often. my walks are usually mid day after am nap or sometimes late afternoon and home by dinner time.

becky - hooray for an outdoor run! i haven't been out without a stroller or carrier since i cant remember when... i wonder if ill still know how to move without a baby lol =)
probly one of the first things ill do when my husband gets home... i actually lost a few lbs when we moved, we ate so much takeout and i only ate salads with chicken or fish on them while the guys all ate pizza, wings etc for 2 wks straight lol. i kept my own dressing in the fridge at the new place so i wouldnt have to use the nasty pizza shop dressings in the foil envelopes. and apparently the 2 wks of stripping wallpaper, prepping and painting counted for exercise =)

hi to everyone else! happy monday =)



wo done and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! meso2 wk4 ch, sho, tris....def repeating this next wk! lovedloved the dropsets!

gina was my brave girl going into her class....but quietly crying all the way. transitions are so hard for her.

becky, tell me more abt the moldy mattresss thing & sids - never heard of it!

wendy, sounds like all is well at your place!
other peoples sweat gives me the heebie jeebies! ew!:p butthe class sounds great!:)
lol at feeding your teen! im just cherishing these days when they are w/ me so i can put good things in their sponge-heads and hearts. we only get one chance....dont want to mess up!:)
^5 on resisting pizzafest! not easy!


Kate - heartbreaking about Gina. Reminds me of my dd last year. She hardly does it now. I would take 45 min of napping from Pomai anyday!

Wendy - That yoga class sounds tough! Eww about the sweat!

Off to do GS Legs. Hoping Pomai stays asleep.



Kate - Got it done and Pomai slept throughout most of it. Must have been the well wishes vibes!! She got up but wasn't fussing so stayed in bed with DH who was of course, still sleeping. Off to eat breakfast!



Did you guys see the new format on Cathe's website?? Like it? I kinda' like the looks better but have to relearn her site now.



Kate-how sad about Gina:( That would definitely break my heart.

Lisa-Ryder naps about 1 1/2-2 1/2 hrs for his am nap. All the others are shorter around 30-45 min. Glad you got your wo in. It feels so good to get it done in the am!

Becky I love the pic of you and Zoey! Have fun packing:confused:

Wendy-yoga sounds great! I love going to classes.

Hope everyone had a great easter! The boys have today off also, so I think I am going to take them to the zoo. It is a nice day here. Then we have b-ball practice tonight.

Here are some pics of the boys yesterday



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candra!!! too stinkin cute!!!! love your pics!!!
we wanted to go to the zoo over brk - but the weather!!!:mad: have fun!

lisa, yay pomai! dont you love not dreading the evening bec of a wo??!!
new sites not showing up for me yet.....

ginas home & ok...a little moody but i made her fave dinner - steak & my "famous" mashed potatoes, as she calls them! also made pear cake.


Hi ladies!

I've been mia for the last few days, stuffing my face:mad:, but I'm being good now. I'm starting meso 2 today. My ankle still hurts, I think I've diagnosed myself with an anterior ankle impingement. I walked for 30 min today and it felt okay. I'll do 2 more low impact 30 min sessions this week of cardio along with the weights and see if I can increase next week.

Easter went well. My unpleasant sil did not come as she is mad at me for asking her not to parent my children for me at Christmas time. I feel a little bit bad, but the holiday was really pleasant and fun without the constant gloom, negativity, and critisism.

Kate--I'm with my kiddos pretty much all the time and the little ones don't like to be separated from me--it does get better as they age. The older ones are very close to dh and me, but they have no problems with separation now--at least for a time.

Becky--I love your avatar--how nice to see what you look like finally--I love that. Glad your talk went well. I love having a real doctor on the mommy thread.

Wendy--sorry about the wrists, my injury prone friend:(. If something happens to my upper body, I might just completely lose it. Glad your Passover went well.

Candra--this is really bad, but Gwen sleeps in my arms to nap--rather inconvenient, but sweet. I can sit at the kitchen table and nurse her on my left breast and still teach because my right hand is free to write. I also use her nap time to do our history/reading aloud/spelling because I don't have to write anything at all. Sometimes I'll just pass the sleepy baby to someone else. I know these are really bad habits. I did it for all of them and they all learned to sleep on their own eventually.....

Lisa--I'll clean eat with you;). I'm glad you are aware of the potential ballet pitfalls with eating disorders and body image (you sound like the kind of mama who would be:D). Oh and get a baby jogger if you can. I love my jogging stroller. It is really old now, but very sturdy and it's gotten a lot of use.

Hi Stephanie, Hi Clarissa!



maggie, good plan on lowimpact
i have a pib sil too....grrrrrr glad it went well!!!
i lovethat yu hold gwen at naps & coseep...wish i could! but i would *never* get a thing done. theres always someone to cuddle her wheen shes awake tho!:D


Maggie - Hope your ankle feels better. How was your eats today? My meals were great but I caved AGAIN to jelly bellies. Easter treats be gone!!!!

Kate - I love not having to check off working out because it's already done!! I can work on the baby quilt now. I'm so impressed with all your cooking!! Your family is lucky.

Better get some work done while Pomai naps,



Hi mamas!

Hope everyone's Easter went well! My in-laws came and FIL taught Charlie how to say "blah blah blah" (actually, sounded like "bah bah bah"). I had to take him out of church because he started babbling and I was afraid he'd yell "blah blah blah" during the deeply emotional sermon. :eek: I've been eating badly. Note to self: never give up chocolate for Lent again unless you are prepared to binge on chocolate Easter day and Easter Monday. Yikes. TOMORROW, is "new diet TUESDAY." Boy, I'm pathetic! :confused:

Had such a nice weekend with DH. He goes back to work tomorrow. :( I'm bummed spring break is over. Only about a month and a half till school is out, though!! Looking forward to it!!

Well, sorry no personals. I've got to go pack lunches for the boys. Hope everyone's babies are happy and well!!! Have a great Tuesday, mamas!! :)


hi mommas! just poppin in briefly cuz ive got a super busy day of shopping, 2 playdates (love how we have playdates for 7mo babies lol, theyre really for the mamas), cooking for older ds, and finishing laundry from LAST WEEK--eek! wrists are ok after yoga last night but i was careful not to hold down dog too long and would go down to dolphin when needed.

o/t... anyone know how to use the 20% coupon from preordering? i cant find my preorder email confirmation =( hoping its just a simple code and not something more personalized.

bbl tonight for personals!



lisa, %$#^ jelly beans!
cooking is my therapy! when i can get in the kitchen it calms me. wierd, i know.

stephanie, lol at charlie! cute!
ive been curious abt the abs diet for women...looks sensible. i need to get the book...

wendy, i think if you contacted snm they could resend your email.

did ctx kb early this a.m. ...really want to do abs/strtch tonight.
today is stressmax - not sure why - maybe the gray weather????


Hi ladies. I have been doing late night workouts since Zoey has been sleeping in her own crib and going down at like 8:30pm. I just workout after I put her down. So last night I did BodyMax2 62 minute cardio premix. Whoa do those leg drill intervals kick butt after 40 minutes of steady state step!

Tonight I'm supposed to do STS disc 8.

I sold some things on Craigslist yesterday. That was awesome. I got rid of some barstools, a Weber grill, an ugly ugly picture I bought at Big Lots when I was in college. Its starting to actually look like we're moving! I still have TONS of laundry to fold. I was going to pack up a lot of that laundry but then Brian accurately told me that the newly clean clothes are the ones we actually wear, so I packed everything else and I'm just pulling daily clothes out of clothesbaskets. :eek: I really need to fold them, but I hate folding clothes. :p

Lisa, I agree about the website. It looks much cleaner, but I don't know where to find anything now!

Candra, your boys are so cute! Looks like you had a fun weekend.

Maggie, glad you had a good easter. We have a family member like your sil. He gets all moody and is easily upset. He didn't even come to my wedding because when his wife called to ask if he could wear jeans I told her that he could but he might want to at least wear khakis because I didn't think anyone else would be in jeans and I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable. Then after that his sons told me that their mom and dad thought I was snobby because I am going to be a doctor. Ugh! There's one in every bunch.

Stephanie, funny about the "blah blah blah". I often wonder what Zoey's first word will be...I'm afraid it will be something terrible.

Kate, I hope the stress decreases. I've had a few of those days lately myself.

Z and I are doing a late lunch date with a couple of my girlfriends. Since we're moving next week, we wanted to get one last "date" in before we're in Cinci. We're going to a new seafood place by the bay. I'm excited.



becky, props to you on the late wo's!!! my hero!
wtg on craigs list stuff too! thats great! we have so much stuff to get rid of!
hope your lunch is good! boy, are you gonna miss sunny weather!:p

productive day for me. lotsa laundry. and someone PLEASE get rid of the easter candy!:mad:


Kate - Those jelly beans are pure evil and bliss at the same time!!! I'm having stressmax today too. Must be all those darn deadlines for work and taxes!! Eugh!

Steph - Tomorrow is always a new day. That's what I have to keep telling myself with the eating.

Becky - Yay on getting progress with the move!

Hi Wendy!

Quick drop in to say hello! At work and eugh...stress!



lisa, odd as it seems - i got bust prepping/cooking dinner and stress be gone! :D or maybe its bec mike came home! lol!!!
good luck at work!!


Yay Kate on destressing! I'm going to cook salmon when DH comes home from basketball then it's a workout tonight. Thinking step. I'll finish up my baby quilt to unwind and destress!

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