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I am finding that the more I do this new, unnamed X10 series of 8 workouts, the more I really like them....I have found it interesting that I have really had to do them a few times to understand the thinking behind them and experience what fitness ideas Cathe is communicating....because really, I find this series to be a communication of thought and a concept, with X10 being the capstone or overview of all the workout concepts perhaps contained therein (in this series, that is) and then each of the other 7 workouts more of an expansion of (perhaps) some of the ideas in X10. I also like how the series has some "signature moves" which are interwoven into the fabric of and shared variously within the different workouts.

This may be over-thinking the whole thing, but really, it is an expression of creativity, is it not?


I agree!!! I think a lot as well, and agree with you. Not only that but the cardio blast or was it fat burning section it put me in the mind of about 10 minutes of HS from x train even. So I think x train and the new workouts really go together well, yet it's diverse as well!! I love it. I really feel these are the BEST wo Cathe has to date. The new ones and x train!!


I agree with both of you. I just cannot seem to get enough of Rockout Knockout and the 2 lower body workouts. They blend so well with XTRAIN that I never get bored. I love all the new workouts. I've done them all several or more times each. And just like with XTRAIN, the premixes are great. All of Cathe's workouts are great.


Another one here, I am loving them the more I do them. The step workouts are so much fun - I am afraid I am going to burn out on them by doing them so much, I actually have to force myself to make different choices.

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