July 10' rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! This month we are kicking it up a notch with cardio endurance. To maximize your results eat well, drink extra water, increase your protein slightly and sleep hard. Have fun!

Mon: Imax One
Tues: High Step Challenge Advanced
Wed: Power Max
Thurs: Muscle Max
Fri: Hiit 40/20
Sat: Body Max 2
Sun: Core Max Segment 1 and stretch workout of choice

Mon: Imax 2
Tues: Step Jump and Pump
Wed: Rhythmic Step
Thurs: Muscle Endurance
Fri: Hiit 30/30
Sat: Drill Max
Sun: Core Max Segment 2 and stretch workout of choice

Mon: Imax 3
Tues: Low Impact Circuit
Wed: Step Max
Thurs: Power Hour
Fri: Hiit Double Wave Pyramid
Sat: Boot Camp Original
Sun: Core Max Segment 3 and stretch workout of choice

Mon: Cardio Core Circuit
Tues: Circuit Max
Wed: Step Jam
Thurs: Maximum Intensity Strength
Fri: Maximum Intensity Cardio
Sat: Body Max Original
Sun: Ab Circuits Pilates based and stretch workout of choice
Thanks Cathe, this looks intense! Would you recommend this rotation for weight loss? Or, would a rotation that had more heavier weight training be better?
This looks good - I'll be finishing up Meso 3 shortly and I'm ready for some more cardio! Looks like a nice mix! Have a happy 4th Cathe!
This looks excellent! Can't wait to get started. :D Thanks, Cathe, for taking the time to put these rotations together!
Thanks Cathe...Need that cardio!! Looks great. Can't wait to get started with it...Happy 4th of July!!
Sounds good Cathe, a nice warm up to the Glassboro RT at the end of the month! If I can figure out how to sneak in a run and a bike ride within the rotation ;), I might just participate....:eek:
quick question

Hi Cathe, Just a quick question, is this really the July '11 rotation or the July rotation from last year?

I don't think she has posted a new rotation for July 2011 because of the road trip this weekend.

This thread was originally posted last year, so this would be an old one :)
It's one of her older ones, you can find it in the Cardio Hits DVD. It includes 2 other workouts for the DVD or you should be able to get just Power Max as a download :)
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this rotation! I just completed it for the first time a few weeks ago and I am loving the results. As my first post-STS rotation, it was the perfect change from the heavy weights/split style workouts and I think it completely shocked my body. :)

Thanks Cathe!!!


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