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  • Hello! I was just reading through the posts looking for a way of how I can combine PiYo with Cathe and I saw you did too. Would you be able to share your rotation with me? I'm getting reading to send PiYo back but maybe if I can combine it with my Cathe workouts I'll keep it.
    Thanks for the tip on the quarters! I have so many questions, do people shower between activities on Friday night and Saturday, how many outfits to pack, how did I get so lucky to get a spot...

    As for everyone being friendly, I'm glad to hear that, I'm a little shy in person so it will help that people are welcoming. As for Cathe being a sweetheart, I know!!! I've had the priviledge of working out at Four Seasons and taken Cathe's classes about two times and she was always was wonderful, saying hello before the class started and staying behind to talk to me after..... Love her!

    Hope to see you at the Road Trip!!!!
    Hi!! let me start with- YAY YOU!! you must be on a Cathlete shaped cloud 9!! Congrats on getting in! There is absolutely NOTHING to be worried about. On my first road trip i was super nervous too, but all the things that people say about how friendly and welcoming everyone is is so true (especially Cathe...total sweetheart!!) Don't forget to bring quarters for the gym lockers! :)
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