Info on new workouts coming.......

aqua girl

Do you all know yet when the live Facebook session is going to be in your road trip that Cathe
Mentioned in the last one where she will give some info on the next Cathe presale? Thanks !
I hope we hear something soon. Doing it over the weekend would be great for me so I don't miss it live. Also hoping Cathe posts the fit tower comparison video(s).
I wish they could give us a timeframe, I would so love to watch it live, and plan my time around it....maybe
They will tomorrow...

Peanuts, I 'm thinking they're not going to post the comparison video......maybe.......
This one sounds terrific. I am excited about the Total Body workout and the PHA training. I will be signing up for this on day one!

I think its been a while since Cathe has put out a Total Body Weights workout (STS Total Body?). That type of workout is one of my favorites!

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