I Need Quiet Early Morning Workouts Suggestions


I'm considering doing early morning workouts. So I need quiet, quick cardio.
I have db, so quiet weightlifting is no problem.
I love kpc, L&G, HiiT, STS Plyo, bootcamp style
Not interested in step.
Always mostinterested in workouts that work my whole body or focus on legs.
The ideas could also be workouts not from Cathe.
I have access to the internet, a TV, and plenty of space.
We also have a small gym room, on the main floor, but the equip. I can think of to use is too loud.
-punching bag, weight machines, rebounder trampoline.
If needed I could set up a workout area in the basement, where I
can jump all I want, but I would still need to keep it down.
But if anyone has ideas how I can make it work
upstairs that would obviously be more convenient.
Which is important for that first couple weeks of establishing a new habit.
Once it gets warm I can walk/run in the park or do something in my yard in the morning,
but obviously in the winter before 6am it's still very dark.
Cant think of anything else. Any suggestions?
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Hmmm....a few suggestions....

Slide and Glide
any boxing/kickboxing workouts

I work out early morning too! I like to do step and worry sometimes that I might be waking my neighbor with the stomping. :eek:
For cardio, as a PP said, any kickboxing or boxing workout should work.

Here are some ideas for weights/toning, off the top of my head (if you have heavy enough dumbbells, you can use those instead of a barbell):

Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones
Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolish
Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs
Cathe Gym Style Legs
Cathe Pyramid Upper/Lower Body
Cathe High Reps
Kelley Coffey Meyer 30 Mins to Fitness Weights
Jari Love Get Extremely Ripped (people seem to like or loathe Jari, so beware)


1 set of 25's
1 adjustable db with 3# plates
and too many 10's and 15's plates to count
those work well for abs.

thanks for all the suggestions!

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