Help Us Proof The New 2007 Cathe Catalog

I own the 5 DVDs from the latest series, and technically ordered them through an e-mail link; does this count as having ordered from

Your catalog is top-notch and I can't wait to receive it! I love that you're listing premixes and their times.
/On the page where all the titles and their dates and page numbers are listed, the BB series titles are grouped separately (BBvol 1, BB vol 2, etc.) but the Hardcores are all listed together by series. It's easier to read when they are listed by series.

On B&G you don't mention the times for the bonus Stability Ball Abs and the bonus Lower Body. I really like the way the format is listed on the back of the DVD.

On Muscle Max in the description you say the "music is mostly recognizable, vocal, and instrumental music". There should not be a comma after recognizable.
Page 5, Drill Max is described as a "workout that EXUDES a hybrid of agility training, boot camp conditioning, and functional fitness...."

That makes no sense - 'exude' means to give off or emit, such as an odor or air.

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