Help Us Proof The New 2007 Cathe Catalog

Phyllis, it may be your computer. I was able to go directly to the page using the steps you described.

I would suggest removing the word "Latest" that you have associated with DM, LIC, CF, BM2, and BG.
On page 31, you list these workouts a being part of the series "Latest". While I get that these workouts are your most recently produced DVDs, there is no series actually called "Latest" like there is for Body Blast, Intensity, Hardcore etc.
I think this would prevent confusion down the road and also make that page of the catalog consistent with the rest of the listings.
Hello! Here are my observations....

1. Hard Core Extreme list premixes which are the same as the format....this may be misleading.
2. High Step Challenge Page lists its' category as "upper body toning" instead of circuit.
3. Basic Step + Body Fusion doesn't list the "Add Ons" to the format (upper/lower/ab are only written discriptions).
4. Boot Camp and Muscle Endurance "Bonus" premix is not listed.
5. CTX, please list upper body split in format. Also, in format portion "All Step" is listed as "All Steps".

I hope that helps! I can't wait to receive it!

I wish there was a hard copy of this catalog that I could keep on file for my own references to all the workouts. Plus, sometimes my computer doesn't like to cooperate, but my phone does. What do you think? Maybe it could be offered quarterly or yearly or whenever there was an update. I also know some ladies around where I live who do not use the computer at all but are into fitness and would love a peek at the great products offered:)

Just a thought.

Glancing through it I noticed there were no running times listed next to the premixes for Low Impact Step & Total Body Sculpting.
For Pyramid Upper and Lower Body, I think they are more well known as PUB and PLB instead of IS3.
I love your new catalog. I've never seen any of your previous catalogs so I have nothing to compare it to, but this one is perfect. I love the layout and I especially like the way you listed each premix. The Ultimate Guide section turned out really well, and the colored bar graphs make it so easy to tell at a glance which workouts your fans love most. Great job!!;) :)
For the older workouts such as MIS, MIC, Step Heat, etc. I find it a little misleading to see the production date listed as 1999, 2001 and 2002. I know these are the years these workouts were released on DVD (formerly VHS) but for people new to your workouts I can see how they would be easily misled into thinking that is the year the workouts were filmed.

Maybe it would help to list both dates. Keep the production date in the index as is but in the workout description mention the year the original workout was filmed.

In the Drill Max description you list 5 fitness cycles instead of 6. (page 5).

On Page 11, you categorize Low impact step as step/stretch.

For some workouts, you mention that a dynaband is needed and others you mention that a medium tension resistance band is needed.

High Step Challenge is listed as an upper body toning workout

Stretch max is listed as an interval workout

Terminator is listed as total body toning instead of circuit

Under "format" - you may want to list the total time so people don't have to add up the minutes to find out the total time of each workout.

Sorry if anyone has already listed these. BTW - the catalog looks amazing.
I'm pretty new on the block. Can someone fill me in as to how we can get a printed copy of the catalog when it's available? Thank you.
Hi SNM, just a quick question. I'm an international customer who has used the on-line shop previously. Do we receive the catalogues automatically or just if we order again, for example if we ordered clothing or new DVD's?
Many thanks
We include the catalog with all orders, but we only send the catalog to USA custmers. It's just way to expensive to ship the catalog overseas.

Triceps is written as "tricep" at one point in the description (about mid paragraph). As you know, it's literal translation is "three heads" so the word is always plural.
The upper body circuit in Low Impact Circuit (the latest one) is listed as 55 1/2 min. But I think the actual time is 65 1/2 mins.Alsosome of the gymstyles have wrong timings.

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