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After months of hard work the new 2007 Cathe Catalog is finally ready to go to the printers in just a few more days.... and we would like to ask everyone to help us give the catalog an extra good proofing job. If you see any mistakes please post what you find on this thread. Since we just finished the catalog late last night, our staff hasn’t had much of chance to proof the catalog, so we will be proofing right along with you.

We have just posted an online version of the 2007 catalog using the latest in online catalog software. To help you use the online catalog more efficiently, here are some tips:

#1 To change the page click on the “Previous/Next Page” arrows located at the top of the page.

#2 Click on the box which has the price of the item on each page and you will be taken to the online order page for that item. Click anywhere else on your monitor, but the price box and the catalog page will increase in size for easier viewing. Click again and the catalog will return to normal size. In the expanded mode you can also move the page around on your monitor to fit better if you like.

The Online Catalog is located at:

Please Note: You will see several new clothing items in the Cathe Gear Section. Clicking on the price box for these new items will not work yet as these items are not yet in stock. We will update the links once these items arrive at our facility. We expect this to happen in about three weeks.
Wow...I like it! Nice to see the initials (abbreviations) for the workouts too for those that don't know them. And the Ultimate Guide in the catalog is cool too. You have done a great job...:)
Gorgeous catalogue - I think I'll have to order some Cathe gear !! I really love how the premix times are listed. Rachel
Looks totally awesome!!! I haven't had a real chance to look through it for spelling errors yet (I'm at work), but will when I get a chance. I just wanted to check it out and it's gorgeous!!!
Excellent job with the catalog! I just browsed through it quickly. I wish I didn't already own everything Cathe's put out, because the catalog makes me want to buy more.

One thing I noticed in my quick run through was that the BodyBlast dvds are abbreviated as BB1, BB2, and BB3. I've never seen them written like that. It's always SJP/SB, KPC/LG & SS/PP, at least on these forums.

I will have a more detailed perusal later. Any chance you can upload some great tunes to thump along in the background, while I proofread?

Great job!
Listing of the premixes and their times is a great feature.

However, I did notice that the LIS/TBS DVD's premixes do not have the run time listed next to them as do the other DVD premixes.
The catalogue is great!! I like how the pages turn and all the information. The workouts and the years of release in front is nice along with the page numbers to find out more about the DVD.
Very nice!!
Wow, Cathe & SNM, the new catalog is great!
This is right up my alley as I'm a court reporter so I proof my transcripts all the time. I don't know how technical you want to get as I can give you lots of commas and hyphens to insert in your workout descriptions -- too many to note here page by page right now, but I can get back to you later tonight. Or, I'm nearby to your gym and I could bring the editing changes over Monday.
One noticeable error I saw was on page 22 for Stretch Max you have Premixes listed with stepping combos. I have your FitTV StretchMax DVD and there are no premixes on that, but I'm certain if you have premixes they don't involve stepping.
I'm out today to a soccer game and then two lacrosse games at 4:00 in Avalon, but I'll check back tonight.:)
SNM--I'm sending you an email with typo's I've found highlighted in red. I was going to post here, but the color doesn't show up. The email will be titled "SNM Typos".


PS Mostly the mistakes are hyphens and commas as stated by the above poster. I also found the description of C&W to be off.
RE: Help Us Proof The New 2007 Cathe Catalog - BM2

You rated Body Max 2 as intermediate in the catalog. Elsewhere I have seen it rated advanced. If you really think it is intermediate then fine, but I personally think it is at least as difficult as LIC which was rated intermediate/advanced.
I noticed on page 47 in the Starter Bundle description the word "are" is repeated.
The rest are just numerous grammatical corrections with commas and hyphens which, as I said, I can post later or bring to you tomorrow.
Holy Cow, Bat Man! LOL. That catalog is just fantastic! I hope to get one before the road trip so I can get it signed! LOL.

What a fantastic job you've all done. I'll get a better chance to 'shop' this coming week and look around more!


I did not notice the bigger bundles, like all DVD's or several series of DVD's. That is how I purchased in the past when I converted from all VHS to all DVD's. I only saw the smaller bundles of one series or another. Are you still planning on offering these larger bundles? I liked that option, (my DH never knew I purchased that way, hee,hee)
Where the bullets are on the page talking about the new facility it says, "100 pieces of cardio". I think you may have left out "equipment."

It looks awesome and I can't wait to get one.
I can't wait to receive this! It looks wonderful! I love the fact that the premixes are listed and that the ultimate guide is included. The photos are fabulous too!

Thank you so much for your hard work!:)

I noticed on the Pyramid Upper and Lower body page the Bonus workout isn't listed (the workout that combines upper AND lower the up pyramid cycle only).

It's funny- I just noticed that workout on this DVD yesterday for the FIRST TIME!! I was stunned that I didn't even know that was there and I've owned that workout for years. I'm so excited that have found it and think you should definitely list it!!

RE: Help Us Proof The New 2007 Cathe Catalog - BM2

yes, BM2 found under workoutDVDs it is listed as Advance on this site but in the catalogue it is rated as intermediate. I think it's more intense and difficult than LIC by a long shot.
Other sources have listed your new series as "super advanced."
I just browsed through it again, it is fun!
It has been mentioned a few times already that BM2 is classified as intermediate in the catalog. I think it is advanced or at least intermediate/advanced.

KICKMAX: Let's face it, all of the "Hard Core" Series DVD's should have "advanced" mentioned some where in the catagory description. The kick/punch drills are not so bad but the "blasts" seem advanced to me. Intermediates can do the blasts with modifications but as performed by Cathe et. al., the blasts are definitely advanced.

LOW IMPACT STEP + BODY SCULPTING: The catagory should also include "Toning". Remember there is a Body Scupting workout included on the DVD.

I haven't had a chance to read the entire catalog. Since you already have two court reporters pointing out the grammatical and punctuation errors, I'll stick to checking out descriptions, omissions and continuity issues.

CATALOG LOOK AND LAYOUT: The catalog looks fantastic. I'm a graphic designer for a record label so I recognize the thought and hard work that went into making this catalog. I love the layout, the creativity, the colors, the picture choices, everthing about it. Mega Kudos to everyone involved.

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