Hardcore Fitness Maniacs OCTOBER 2018

Hey everyone,

Today’s workout Cardio Coach ‘PP’ and STS wk 1 chests & triceps.

Yesterday went for a long walk, had to get my last one in for the weather change.

Roselyn- How is you dad?

Debbie- 16 hour day, and you worked out, nice

Diane Sue- Wish I had your energy, awesome work

Jolie- Good luck, with project.
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Good morning,

X Train legs is done.

Debbie - thank you! I never thought of separate tracks and mixing them up to make a new CC workout. I still use his workout for walking. Just love them. I thought about getting rid of them, glad I didn't. Great job with your workouts. You are almost done with STS.

Diane Sue - although I own a lot of KCM workouts, I never really clicked with her workouts. I am really glad I didn't got rid of her dvd's yet. I really like them. I was really surprised DH liked her workout too. One of those day's I will sign up for her Raw workouts. Does Kelly offer her dvd's on her streaming site too?

Have a great day, everyone.
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Today was Meso 3, Week 3 - Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps . Had a pretty strong workout today considering I got to bed really late.

About 1 min. rest between and the was 30 seconds towards the end
Trisets done 4 times through:

Triset 1
Shoulder Press warmup
- 12's/15's - 15/12 reps
Barbell Overhead Press - 43#/43#/43#/43# - 6 reps
Barbell Curls - 45#/45#/45#/45# - 6 reps
Lying Triceps Extension - 18#/18#/18#/18# - 6 reps

Triset 2
Seated Lateral Raise
- 15's/15's/15's/15's - 6 reps
Incline Dumbbell Curls - 22's/22's/22's/22's - 6 reps
One-Arm Seated Overhead Extensions - 17#/17#/17#/17# - 6 reps

Triset 3
Seated Rear Delt Flies
- 20's/20's/20's/20's - 6 reps
Hammer Curls - 23's/23's/23's/23's - 6 reps (was supposed to be concentration curls - hate those)
Close Grip Barbell Press - 65#/65#/65#/65# - 6 reps (was supposed to be Cross Body Extensions)

Workout was 57 minutes, burned 377 calories and HR was 127/177. I did 1906 steps.

I will try to be back later for personals. I am getting ready to head into a meeting. Have great workouts everyone!!
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Hi:), I was wondering if you'll accept a new check in person? Please let me know. Thank you for your time.


On second thought, although this thread looks awesome and has great posters. I do not wish to make anyone feel awkward. I'll need to figure out what to do. Thanks for your time, have a blessed day everyone!
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Diane Sue - thanks for looking up that about workout, I will try it maybe next week if I can find the time.

DOZ - Nice job with your workout!

Roselyn- Glad your dad is home, that is great NEWS!

Jolie - I do not envy you! Hope all goes well.

Belinda - I have made up several cardio coach workouts and made mixes out of them. They are fun but I find they are really hard to do. I always seem to pick the hardest challenges out of each workout. Lol

Have a great weekend everyone!


Debbie - I need to pull out my MP3 player this weekend. Sounds like a fun thing to do. Your CC challenges do look hard, lol. Your are kicking your own butt, lol!


Our internet was not working last night. Thankfully it is working today. More rain last night and the power must have went out. The roofers were supposed to come to day , but I am doubting it. I have a dental check appointment this afternoon. This morning I did Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp time saver cardio and abs, 47 minutes, heart rate average 124, max 161, 3350 steps, met 5.8, 303 calories. I then did Kelly Coffey Build and Burn Cardio Core, 27 minutes, heart rate average 134, max 171, 174 calories, met 5.9, 2,018 steps. Total time 74 minutes, 477 calories.

Roselyn, praying for your Dad more strength and wellness.

Doz, great job with Cardio Coach and STS. You are back at it !1

Belinda, Kelly only has a few of her newer dvd premixes on her streaming. She said it is harder to put the older ones up as technology changes. I am not sure how the process works myself. She has had others ask about it. Her original idea was to put her premixes up so those that purchased downloads could have access to them. You know, years ago I thought Kelly's workouts just were not burning enough calories and somewhat easy. I still liked them though. After wearing the Fit Bit and monitoring different workouts, I have found that she can really get the heart rate up without me trying to break myself doing the workouts and I get plenty of steps. I have been surprised at my heart rate at times. I think her workouts get better all of the time. She is quite creative with lots of options.

Debbie, nice work, you are almost done with STS! Have a great day.
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Diane Sue - thanks about the info on KCM streaming site. I honestly have no clue about technology. I felt the same way you did about KCM years ago. But she does pack a lot in her 30 min workouts. I was sweating like crazy the other day, lol. Her workouts are nonstop. I do agree, she is creative. Some moves I never seen in other workouts. I do need to pull her workouts out more often. Sorry about your internet. Good luck with your dental appointment. I have to see my Orthodontist again on Tuesday about the same problem I had last week. I am a little frustrated.
Evening :)

Today’s workout, 30 min slow steady run and Gym Style Legs. No time for personal chit chat, today I have my grandkids and my puppies over I’ll check in tomorrow have a great evening everyone.


Good morning,

I been wanting to try Linda Barlates Body Blitz Endurance 80 Series Interval Body weight workout. Is was by far the craziest workout I have ever done. Not sure if I like or hate it, lol. I had to modify the headstand and a few other exercises. Still sweating like crazy. Linda posted she got inspired with her endurance series by Tonique workouts

Have a great weekend everyone.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #1 which is pretty much cardio with 3-7# dumbbells, 33 minutes, met 6.0, 218 calories heart rate average 128, max 168, 2668 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Sculpt RX workout #1, heart rate average 100, ma 129, met 4.8, 201 calories, 690 steps. I finished off with Barre Amped Upper Stretch adding some lower stretches, 16 minutes, 35 calories, met 2.0, 30 steps. Total time 87 minutes, calories burned 454.
Sculpting RX 10 reps all exercises done in supersets each superset done two times
Hammer curls 17.5# dbs, 17.5 dbs
weights on shoulders squat out and hold then second set pulses 17.5# dbs, 17.5# dbs

front curls 15# dbs, 15# dbs
front lunge on step back knee pull 17.5 dbs, 17.5 dbs

alternating supination curl 17.5# dbs second set double arm curl
squat fold and up 17.5 dbs 17.5 dbs

row on step underhand 1 arm 30# db, 30# db
front raise 1 db 17.5, 15#

bent over row overhand 25# dbs, 25# dbs
lateral raise 8# dbs, 8#dbs

row from feet seated 17.5# dbs, 15# dbs
overhead press seated 1 & 1/2 8# dbs, 8# dbs

flys pinky in 15# dbs , 15# dbs
skull crusher 15# dbs, 15# dbs

bench press 15# dbs, 15# dbs
seated kickbacks 15# dbs, 15# dbs

push ups
dips pulses

Belinda, sorry you are still having problems and need to go back to the orthodontist. Yes, Kelly, does not waste time. You pack a lot in in a short amount of time. Yikes, I do not like Tonique. I don't like that style so I do not think that I would like that workout.

Doz, nice work. Enjoy the family and the dogs ;)


Diane Sue - you really know how to mix those workouts. Wow, on your weight with kickback. You are very strong, girl! Great workout today. Yeah, I really don't click with Tonique. Or her style. Not sure why I bought some of her workouts, lol. I thought I would like her but really never reach for her workouts. Linda's workout was only a little over 30 min. I don't think I would survived more than that. Don't give me wrong, I was sweating like crazy. When Linda did the handstand on the floor, I am too old for that. I used a chair instead throwing myself on the floor. Maybe I should have sat in my chair instead, lol. My back can't handle that kinda torture. Lots of balance work in that one too. While she was doing the different lunge/squat/curtsy/kicks sequence she was swinging around with light weights. I was like forget about using hand weights, I couldn't keep up with the leg sequence. At one point I put the weights down to keep up with all those lunges/squats/curtsy/kicks I had to hold on to my chair. I think she did like over 50 reps each side.She didn't slow down. It's probably why I was sweating like crazy. I usually enjoy Linda's workouts not sure about this one or that style of workout.


Belinda, I remember trying to do those hand stands :) It is not something I have attempted in a very long time. I used to see others getting excited over some instructor and would buy the workouts thinking they must be fun. It took awhile, but I learned that I did not love everything others liked and most of the time it was not long and those workouts seem to fade out of everyone's memories. It is the ones that stay around that are usually decent workouts.


Diane Sue - I am 55 year old, lol. I was like you got to be kidding me with all those handstands. I can't do a handstand to safe my live. Like I said, I used a chair instead going down on the floor. I was afraid I do handstand on the floor and flip and need an ambulance, lol. Plus, I was afraid to trow out my back. I can't remember the last time I did a handstand? Maybe when I was 5? I know a lot of people like Tonique. Now I know why I never tried one of her workouts. I used to buy workouts on others likes,they really made them sound like fun. They were not fun after I tried them. I am more selected these day's. No wonder I own so many workout dvd's.
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The wedding was yesterday and it was perfect and my dad made it he cried so hard when he saw Danielle walk down the aisle it was perfect all around it did rain and was cold but nothing seemed effected by that, she was calm and collected all day!!

So no exercise the past 2 mornings got to hit it hard eating stuff i normally do not but did not care.

I don't know how to put pics on here i will try I am on FB if anyone here is


Today was a rest day. I slept in and went to church. Getting some things done today. It is still drizzling outside. I am not sure which day they will be able to come and work on our roof. I think maybe Tuesday and Wednesday so far is rain free. I have grandchildren Wed, Thurs, and Friday so it will be busy :)

Roselyn, that is great that your dad was able to be at the wedding. It sounds like it was wonderful. You were meant to enjoy the wedding, not spend time worrying about what you ate ;) You have to shrink the pictures to around 300 pixels and they will attach easily. If you don't and it works they are really large. I have tried that direct from my cell phone and they are really big. I like to put what I want to use on my desk top and then it is easy to find them when I want to attach them. Would love to see. I remember seeing your facebook page before when I saw the someone you may know pop up. I might be able to find it again.

Belinda, I need to get in some stretching. I left my mat out yesterday thinking I would do some before I showered this morning, but I slept to long and it did not happen.

Roxie 1965

Good Afternoon,

I did a StudioSweat Spin Recovery Ride wasn’t really in the mood to workout the weather here is so gray and cold we almost had snow.

Dianne Sue-hope your roof gets fixed soon

Roslyn-glad everything went well.
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Roxy, the weather is kind of dismal lately. I am ready for some sunshine :) Nice work getting in the recovery ride.

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