Hardcore Fitness Maniacs OCTOBER 2018

so it wedding week and my dad went into the hospital sunday, they found bleeding in stomach again so they worked on that he actually received 2 units of blood yesterday, his bp was so low but he will come home wednesday and he says he will be at the wedding, so alot going on
prayers are welcome

i did an upper body live workout today
Today I did a Cardio Coach Mix that I made a long time ago. Had fun with it, it was tough. It had a challenge from Volume 7 and 2 from Volume 3. Had a great workout and we turned our A/C back on again since it is record breaking heat here lately. Can't wait until Thursday, I think fall will finally arrive.

Workout was 51 minutes, burned 492 calories (woo hoo!), went 3.76 miles and did 7480 steps. HR was 152/189.

Roxie - Nice workout yesterday! Sorry you are getting a lot of rain, we've been having our share here too.

Jolie - Another great workout, love your total body workouts. My hot flashes are getting bad again, too, not sure why? The nights aren't so bad but it seems like I am getting them quite frequently during the day again. And you know, it just makes me mad when that happens and it makes the hot flashes worse. I just don't get why they are hanging on like this. I'm hoping this isn't my new normal forever. Good god, I'd rather be having periods!

Diane Sue - Hope you get your roof done quick, nothing worse than a leaky roof. We recently put a metal roof on both parts of our house and now we don't have to worry about it ever. Love the metal roof, it looks great. Nice job with your workout, I can't wait to do Kelly again. I know I keep saying that! LOL!!

Roselyn - So sorry to hear your dad is still having issues. I am praying for him. I sure hope he can be at the wedding. Hugs to you.

DOZ - Are you doing STS? :)

Have great workouts everyone!!!


Good morning,

If you all don't mind I would like to join your check in.

Today I will do SBF UB barre workout and a walk. I pulled a muscle in my back last week I need to take it easy.

I will be back later.
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Picking up children today since it is parent teacher conferences for their mother. She will be late at the school talking to parents. I wish this rain would let up so we could get the roof repaired.
Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Crush, 33 minutes, heart rate 129 average, 160 max, 2,033 steps, met 5.8, 211 calories. I then did the Coffey Fit Raw Fitness test, average heart rate 121, max 159, met 5.0, 199 calories, 36 minutes, 1,340 steps. This is a weight and endurance test. I did a bit better on some of it than 5 weeks ago. I still used 15# dumbbells for it. Total time today was 97 minutes, 472 calories.

The fitness test is 4 rounds of all the moves as many reps as possible. done for 30 seconds
Bench press 30,33,31,34 reps last time was 32,33,25,32
push up 26,28,22,29 last time 19, 23,28,22
dumbbell squats 19,21,24,23 last time 19,22,23,21
prisoner squats body weight 32,32,32,34 last time 30,32,32,32
shoulder press alternating 24,22,20,24 last time 24,18,18,24
pike push up19,28,23,15 last time 18,18,19,16
biceps curls 17,15,18,15 last time 14, 15,15,14
sit ups 14,15,14,15 last time 14,13,13,14
hands under small of back head up scissors 46,51,56,57 last time 48,50,52, 54

Belinda, welcome :) Take care of that back for sure. I have noticed my right lower back and hip a bit

Debbie, great calorie burn and amount of steps with Cardio Coach this morning. I have really enjoyed Kelly's workouts. That is why I keep doing them. I don't know if our neighborhood association would allow a metal roof. I know they are put on sun rooms a lot. They are pretty picky about everything and you have to get their authorization for anything above the fence line and adding things like satellite dishes, trees, or even taking out trees. It is annoying at times. I had to give them a paint sample color when we had our house repainted for approval. Our problem is with the sun room and the water diverter and flashing is moved and water is being pushed up under the shingles and rotting the wood in the corner. We had it sealed a year ago and it held up through this last spring.


Diane Sue, thanks for the welcome! Take care of that right lower back and hip. I am hoping to get back into heavier weights by next week. My plan was Ripped with HiiT.
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Hey guys,

Yesterday, walked 2.0 hours, This morning, STS chest shoulders biceps and I walked 2 hours. No time for personal, need bath lol, I’ll check back later
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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I did KCM Stepboxing 2 dumbbell drills only before taco Tuesday with my oldest DD and her family its my grandkid night get to see the baby and the other two boys.

Debbie-good job today the rain has stopped for now but its suppose to rain again this weekend, all the creeks are full and they are evacuating and apartment complex. It finally warmed up here again.

Diane Sue-hope they can get that roof fixed soon. When we moved back to town we unfortunately feel into and HOA and they won’t allow us to have our boat in the driveway so we have to keep it at our daughters house.

Jolie-the last time we moved I had to pack up a three story house by myself Dh sat around and played video games very annoying.

Roselyn-enjoy every minute of the wedding when my DD’s got married I was so busy making sure everything was going well I forgot to enjoy the moment.


Roxie, taco night with the family sounds like fun. My grandchildren just left, they will be ready for bed when they get home. The rain seems to have stopped this evening here as well. I was a bit worried when I was out and it started getting really dark and drizzling. They had quite a few level 1 tornadoes around today. My husband said one went right by his work. We have more chances this weekend too.

Belinda, I like the weight workouts and low impact on RWH :)


Good morning,

DH wanted to get a workout in this morning. We did Kelly Coffey-Meyer 30 Minutes To Fitness Muscle Definition workout #1. I forgot how much she packs into those 30 min. By the end of the workout I was sweating like crazy. I did had to lower my weights, I didn't wanted to irritate my back. So far, it's starting to feel better. I still have get SBF barre workout in later today.

Diane Sue - I like the weight workout and low impact on RWH too. I am looking forward to RWH next week. WOW! that's scary about the tornado by your husbands work. Stay safe! Thank goodness, we don't get them here. I hope they fix your roof soon. Hopefully our roof and siding gets fixed on Thursday. We had a lot of damage with the storm we had a few weeks ago. Both our cars and the house took a beating.

Debbie - fantastic job on your Cardio Coach Mix. Sounds like a lot of fun! How do you mix CC? I have all his workouts including the weight workout he put out.

Roxie - taco night sounds very fun. I'll bet all those grandchildren keep you busy. How is your DD's baby doing?

Roselyn - my thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad!

Jolie - good luck with your move. Moving is very stressful!

DOZ - a few month ago I finished Cathe's pyramid up/down rotation than I did her Bodybuilding rotation. I love STS. Great job!

I will be back later. Have a wonderful workout and day, everyone.
Today I did Meso 3 Legs Week 3 and did the Squat Rack workout. Had a good workout but didn't even break a sweat.

4 sets/8 reps each:
Squats - 15's/15's - 10 reps (warm up)
Squats - 32's/32's/32's/32's
(I used dumbbells)

Elevated Deadlifts - 65#/65#/65#/65#

Leg Press Station - 150#/150#/150#/150#
(Was supposed to be Front Squats)

Static Lunges - 25's/25's/25's/25's
(Used dumbbells on this too)

I did not rest as long as it said to, just fast forwarded through it to give myself like 1 and 1/2 minute of rest.

Workout was 57 minutes, burned 334 calories, HR was 117/156 and went 2260 steps.

I'm sorry, I do not have time for personals today. Have a lot to do at work today. You all had great workouts yesterday!!!


Today I did Step boxing 2 both workouts combined, 48 minutes, 318 calories, met 6.0 heart rate 131 average, 155 max, 4,601 steps. I then did Build and Burn Kettlebell and Kickbox fusion kickbox only mix, 16 minutes, 108 calories, met 6.1, average heart rate 140, max heart rate 167, 1,439 steps. I finished off with Barre Amped relaxation stretch, 15 minutes, 33 calories, met 2.0. Total time was 79 minutes ,459 calories. I want to preview Kelly's new strength workout on her raw channel with the weighted vest for tomorrow.

Belinda, Kelly does manage to pack a lot into her short workouts. I find they are fun and time goes by pretty quickly. I hope that you get your storm damage repaired soon. When we had that happen to one of our homes, we were lucky because our insurance company was quick and we got workers that came out and covered everything and quickly did the repairs. Some people were sitting there for months waiting to get their roofs and windows fixed.

Debbie, nice work today on STS. You are doing well at tackling those long workouts.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I did a StudioSweat Spin after watching my youngest DD’s youngest son he has hand,foot and mouth disease for the second time from daycare. My ride was 22 minutes 6.8 miles 275 calories burned.

Debbie-good job today with STS is this your last week?

Diane-nice workouts. It isn’t raining here today but there are a lot of flood warnings.


Roxie, nice work on getting the Studio sweat ride in. It is tough keeping children well in daycare. I did it for years. My daughter took off for 4 years from teaching to be with her little boy and did daycare, mostly for teachers and people that worked for the schools. That way she had more days free and she had pretty strict rules about bringing children with fevers, vomiting, and obvious illness. When one seemed sick she called the parents to come and get them. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between allergies and viruses. It is hard when children are in groups like that. I guess the same with schools. She has went back to teaching this year.
Today I did a short workout because I have a 16 hour day of work ahead. Yikes!! I did Cardio Coach 1 and did ok other than it being so humid again. I didn't turn on my A/C and I did ok. Now it's like 50 degrees and getting cold out. So weird. I also did the Ab work from SJ&P, I sure can tell I'm neglecting my abs. I think Cathe should have cut the STS workouts by about 15 minutes and add in ab work. It wouldn't have taken away from anything.

Workout today was 36 minutes, I ran 2.55 miles, burned 294 calories and did 5159 steps. HR was 139/176.

Diane Sue - That sucks that you have to follow rules your housing area makes you follow, but I understand as we have those here too. Nice job on your workouts. Does Kelly have any ab work on RAW? I can't remember and I haven't been on her site to see. If so, have you tried it? I don't remember you reviewing one so I thought I'd ask.

Roxie - We had taco night when you did. LOL! Love tacos. My last week of STS is next week.

Belinda - To mix Cardio Coach I just use separate tracks and mix them up making a directory for mixed workouts. So like my Mix 2 had the warmup, steady state and challenge 1 from CC7, then I had a stead state from CC3 I think, a challenge from CC3, a SS from CC5 I think and then another challenge from CC3. You just copy the tracks in a directory on your MP3 player and they play in that order. It's fun. I made like 8 different mixes with all the CC workouts I have.

Jolie - Where are you? I'll have to go find your last post, I don't remember you saying you will be gone this week. Hope all is well.

DOZ - Nice job on STS!! I'm glad I'm almost done with it, getting sick of it.

Roselyn - How is your dad? Praying for him.

Have great workouts everyone!!

Jolie Fit

Ok, kill me now!!!! I have a total of 9 men working in my house the last 3 days, almost all of my furniture is gone and the entire house is being painted inside and out. I think I could cry at this point. Next Thursday are all of the pictures being taken to put online and on all of the marketing pieces. My gym is totally being painted so I cannot workout the last 2 days. I look horrible and feel bad too. I am leaving with my husband tomorrow to go see my sons football game in Nevada, 10 hour drive and wont be back till Monday night. I guess I have a forced rest week. Tuesday my house will be cleaned and Wed professionally staged and then Brokers Open house and then that weekend the first open house! OMG! I do not recommend going this fast but interest rates are on the rise so I want to sell at the high! My 20th wedding anniversary was yesterday and all we did was work on the house and give each other a card. That is why we are going on the trip so we can get a way and enjoy each other for once. My mom is coming to stay at my house while I am gone to deal with all of the contractors. Thank God for her, bless her heart she is 82 years old and bailing me out! She looks 60 because she has worked out her entire life.

Good job everyone on your workouts. I hope to be back at it next week starting Tues if I am lucky.

Roselyn, I am praying for your DAD and good luck with the wedding this weekend.

I'll be back next week, talk to you all then.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Body Sculpt Overload, 34 minutes, heart rate 113 average, 149 max, met 4.9, 184 calories, 1,126 steps. I used a 20# vest and started with 12# dbs for the upper but soon dropped to 10#. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Home Gym Intervals using the spin bike for the cardio intervals, 27 minutes, 238 calories, heart rate average 120, max 150, met 5.8, 1700 steps. I finished off with a Sarah Beth you tube morning yoga, 10 minutes, 22 calories. Total time was 78 minutes, 444 calories. This Home Gym Intervals workout is a bit more weights than some of the others. I wish I had a weight vest more like Kelly's we used to have one that was more like vest that my husband used. We have no idea where it went to. The one I have is like the Cathe one. It tends to slip and really does aggravate my shoulder where I get the nerve pain. I may lighten it a bit next time.
Raw Body Sculpt overload
34 minutes Kelly uses a 15# vest, 10# dumbbells and tubing for the upper finisher moves. The vest is take off at 25 minutes in for floor abs and upper body moves
reverse lunge touch down
side lunge pulses then alternating singles touch down
pick up 10# dbs for deadlifts (I used 12's here)
frog squats
front lunge touch down
UPPER 10# db curls, lateral raise, bend and row altogether
curls singles
lateral raise singles
rows singles
then do all together again 10 dbs
tubing all moves done 8 reps each
repeat the firs round of lower body
UPPER 10dbs
front curl, front raise, W pull back altogether
front curl single
front raise single
W pull back single
repeat altogether
tubing singles front curl, front raise, pull backs with tubing held in front wrapped around hands
FLOOR remove vest @25 minutes
10# dbs weighted pull over dead bug knee in with a crunch
deadbug no weight opposing arm and leg
1 10 db skull crusher sit up
dbs flys to sit up
finish with skull crushers and flys


Belinda, nice work with Step Blast. That is a fun workout.

Debbie, I have done Kelly's Raw Core Moves many times. It is 28 minutes and uses a stability ball throughout. I really like it. I think I might have a movement write up for it. I will have to look. You even get a bit of bridge work with it. She does ad abs to a lot of her workouts. That is the only just abs/core workout.

Jolie, moving and all the extras is a tremendous burden. It will be worth it once you are settled in your new home. A rest is okay once in awhile ;)


Debbie, I do not have a full run down of the moves in Raw Core moves. I have that it is 24 minutes and each move is done twice. The warm up even uses the stability ball as well as the stretch. It will do moves like the overhead to crunch, oblique twists, plank to pikes, bridges, side crunches on the ball, plank with the knee pull ins.

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