Hardcore Fitness Maniacs OCTOBER 2018

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I did Cathe Ice Upper Body Standing Premix and a 30 minute walk on the treadmill at a slower pace because my legs are killing me. I have managed to eat 1200 calories today got on my new Fitbit scale and was not happy.

Debbie-I hear you on the tight legs. Good job today.

Jolie-it gets old trying to keep your house clean. I thought the house prices in my area were high a dump would cost 130-200 hundred thousand here, rent is ridiculous.

Diane Sue-good workouts today and I like Debbie bow down to you.

Belinda-welcome back
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Belinda, going when the weather is warmer would be much nicer. My husband got golf clubs once and it didn't last long. He didn't care for it much. I am only good at digging up the grass with a club. I am not even good at miniature golf LOL

Roselyn, nice work. Do you like the Max 30 workouts ? I notice you do them quite a bit.

Roxie, I think a walk on the treadmill would probably do your legs some good. I think it helps with recovery from the strength work getting some circulation going. How do you like the Fit Bit scale. I had my eye on one. I know there are some similar that work with the Fit Bit watch, but not Fit Bit brand. I have been on the fence on what to get. My scale is getting old and I spilled acetone nail polish remover on the read out and it makes it hard to see. Are you goals to gain weight or lose weight?

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

I have to go in Earle had a call in so I will do something tonight. I didn’t sleep well and my body is screaming.

Diane Sue-definitely trying to lose weight and I like the scale it’s a lot more accurate than my old scale but that’s part of not liking it I don’t like the numbers I saw. The setup was a little difficult and we haven’t figured out how to do more than one person.
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Today I did Workout 2 from Sculpting RX. I really really liked this workout, it was fun. I started out with 8# dumbbells but dropped to 5's real quick. She suggests you use 5's or 7's so I went with 5's. On some of the exercises I probably could have grabbed my 8's.

I really love how she incorporates abs in her workouts. I never have to worry about doing an ab workout which saves me time.

45 seconds each exercise:
Squat/Lateral Raise - 8's
Lunge Back/Alternate Front Raise - 5's
Plie/Upright Row - 5's
Knee Pulls/Chamber & Heel Push
Front Lunge/Reverse Fly - 5's
Alternate Hi Pull Back/Tempo Doubles - 5's (can't remember what these were)
Rock Row 2/Center Row 4 Tempo - 5's
Rib Rock Side 4 & Reach Over
Roll Down 4 and Squat - 5's (these were sort of like half curls)
Side Lunge w/Curls - 5's
Back Kicks/Hammer Pump Curls - 5's
Prisoner (Frankenstein w/double Crunch)
Kickbacks w/knuckles front/Ski Squat - 5's
Flared Kickbacks/Kickbacks Palm Front - 5's
Curtsy Press/Triceps Extension - 5's
Waist twists/Front Punches

Floor work:
Split Hand Pushups
Low Plank/Hip Drops - Two Knee ins
Wide Duck Hands Pushups
Right Kneeling Russian Twist Crunches/then Left
Regular Crunches
Hip Lifts
Explosive Sit-Ups w/ Knee Hold

Workout was 33 minutes, burned 172 calories and HR was 114/168. I've noticed my calories burns have dropped again. As soon as it gets cold out I don't sweat much. I'm thinking the temperature and humidity makes a big difference for me.

Also walked on my treadmill. My legs are still really sore, especially my right glute/hamstring. Almost feels like it's more than just soreness. I rolled it out with my foam roller and it feels a bit better. Anyways, I burned 119 more calories, did 1 mile and went 2458 steps. HR was 89/121.

Belinda - Glad you had fun with your daughter on her birthday. I'm sure you were wiped out after all that! Nice job getting a workout in!

Jolie - I need to start following your workouts again, they are so fun!! Nice job yesterday. You rocked it! How did your showing go?

Diane - I wonder if I've done that RAW Upper Body one you did? It looks like fun. When I was doing the RAW workouts on my laptop there was something you clicked on that put the workouts you liked in your Favorites so you could just go to them and pick the ones you've done. I don't see that option on the Roku. I'll have to look at it and see if I've done it. I was also looking at the scales that interact with Fitbit but decided against them because I am already obsessed with my fitness tracker. I don't need one more thing to make me more obsessed. LOL!!! Plus they are quite expensive.

Roselyn -Nice job on your cardo!

Roxie - How do you like that scale? I just wrote above to Diane that I wanted to get one but I'm afraid I will be too obsessed with it. I try to weigh myself once a week but even that has fallen to like once a month. I feel I maintain my weight pretty well so I don't need to check it out all the time. Nice workout yesterday!! My legs still hurt, especially my glutes!

Have a great workout everyone!!
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Roxie 1965

Debbie-I try to weigh once a week becI have a follow up doctors appointment in two weeks and the scale is not showing much progress which is a little disappointing. I like that it adds my weight to the Fitbit. Good job today.
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This morning I did Kelly Coffey Amped Up Cardio Live both combined workouts, 57 minutes, 371 calories, heart rate average 140, max 168, Met 5.9, 5,348 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Finisher, 13 minutes, 86 calories, , heart rate average 136, max 168, met 6.0, 1,122 steps. Total time was 70 minutes, calories burned 457, 6,470 steps.

Debbie, I learned quickly with Sculpting RX 2 that I had to lower the weight. The first time I did it , I thought she says 7# so I will use 8. No way was that working. I really don't know what makes the calorie burns move up and down. I will seem like I am on a roll of better burns and then suddenly they are down and it seems I am not getting my HR up as much. When I read the reviews on the Fit Bit Scale, they were not great. You are right they are expensive. I found others that do the same thing and work with Fit Bit for half the price and better reviews. Still, I am not sure about it. I use my regular scale just occasionally.

Roxie, I only weigh occasionally and I stay off the scale if I know I am likely to be disgusted with myself. I used to put it in the cabinet and then pull it out when I wanted to check. Periodically I pull my Omron device out and check body fat to make sure I haven't added on that much. I change my weight on my Fit Bit occasionally. It has been awhile I think. Right now my weight is down. Maybe lower than my Fit Bit says.


Good morning,

I am still playing around with the ICE workouts. This morning I did ICE Sweat.

Diane Sue - my husband is always trying for me to play golf. I am just not into it. Sounds like you and I have the same golf swing :D Have you ever played Topgolf? That's a lot of fun. You can eat and drink while you play gold. Great step count today.

Debbie - yesterday I was pretty wiped out from all the travel and DD birthday. I did get a good night sleep, that helps. Good job with your weight workout today. Those are KCM new workouts, right? Not that I need more dvd's. Did you pre order Cathe's new Lite workouts?

Roxie - thank you! Are you drinking enough water? I alway's wanted one but like Debbie mention I get to obsessed.

Roselyn - good job on your cardio yesterday. Maybe I need to pull mine out soon.

Jolie - I would love to move closer to DC near my kids, but the prices for houses in DC are insane. Great job yesterday.

Yesterday I caved I and pre ordered Cathe's Lite workouts. What is wrong with me? Like I need more workout dvd's. I hope we see some clips soon.

Happy Friday, everyone.
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Jolie Fit

I walked outside for 3 miles today, beautiful day, cooler and sunny! I am tired from yesterdays workout so I decided to just walk. I burned 421 calories in 58 minutes. I have to say that workout yesterday is one of my favorites! I think I will do that type of workout a couple of days next week switching up the exercises each day. I want to drop a few pounds so I think that workout might do the trick.

Debbie, nice job on the workout today. I need to put abs into my workouts again! I tend to forget about them... Try the workout I did yesterday, it was the bomb. You could run on the TM instead. The house showing went well, I think they have an offer to present.

Diane Sue, nice workout today and nice job on the calorie burn and getting the steps in.

Roselyn, nice job on the workout yesterday, I haven't done that one in a long time.

Roxie, What scale are you using? I used to have on that read everything from water weight to internal fat. I think I should get another one of those because it takes muscle weight into consideration.

Belinda, I love the ICE workouts but STS is still my favorite and so is the Pyramid workouts.

Have a wonderful day and happy November!!


Belinda, the have a Top Golf here and I have seen pictures when my grandchildren have went. No, I haven't tried it. It would be nice not to have to drive so far to see your children. I would have guessed that DC was expensive for living. I will have to see what others think of the New workouts. I did not order.

Jolie, that workout seems like it would work to drop a few pounds. Nice job on the walk today. I hope that your offer is a good one. My scale does bone, muscle, fat, etc. I really wonder at the accuracy though. My bone mass will be 9.9 most of the time and every once in awhile drop to 9.8. I just need a new scale because my readout is hard to see after I damaged it.

Roselyn, nice work.


Diane Sue - if you have a Top Golf near you give it a try. It's fun. No chasing after balls. Everything is computerized. My husband doesn't like living in the city. We really haven't decided if we stay here or not? Our house is just to big for the 2 of us. It's nice when we have visitors. Our house is over 4000 square ft. Lots of room, lots of cleaning. Hiring someone to clean the house is insane $$ wise in our area. I clean my own house, at least I know it's clean. I am so on the fence about the new workouts. Looking at the pictures, it looks very similar to her other stuff. I am pretty sure I will cancel soon. I probably will do a month OnDemand instead of buying the entire series. I am really not saving any money if I don't use them like I did with ICE, Fit Tower. I also want to try BB OnDemand for Lift4 and Les Mills. Or just use what I already have. I have so many KCM dvd's I haven't tried yet.

Jolie - I love STS. It's also my favorite and most used Cathe DVD. I just finished Cathe's Pyramid STS rotation + Bodybuilding rotation. I need a break from STS. I really haven't played around with STS too much since I bought the set. I am running though them now, lol. Off to do ICE UB.


Belinda, I have enjoyed the live streaming workouts. Nice to have many choices of workouts. I do miss the advantage of work sheets and premixes though. I have to type of the workouts so I have them ready for the next time I do them. There are advantages to DVDs. I know about the large house and cleaning. I did love it when we had family all come and stay. But, I can get through my smaller home cleaning in a day if I want to. It is not so hard to keep up with. Nice work with Ice Chiseled Upper body.

I will start a November check in. I have been so busy and preoccupied I forgot.

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