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Good morning,

It finally stopped raining I went for a walk outside. Felt good to be outside.I hope I get a weight workout in too today. We shall see.

I will be back later.
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This morning I did RAW Shadow Boxing 1 and had a great workout. However, the music in this workout is really bad in my opinion. The song "Ridiculous" is in it and goes on forever and ever. I kept yelling to Kelly, "Change the song!" LOL! She didn't. But holy moly, what a crap song that is. Maroon 5 is on this one too, and I don't care for that boy band either. Nex time I'll turn the volume down and just watch what she's doing. Or I'll just do something different. It's a shame because it is a great workout.

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 414 calories (how?), went 3587 step and HR was 150/177. I am not sure why my HR was so high today. I think I need to check my blood pressure again and see what's going on. It's been quite high lately.

Diane - Great combo yesterday, that looked like a fun workout day. I do think I'll do the bootcamp one when I'm off for spring break. I want to try it even though it's so long.

Belinda - Glad you were able to go for a walk today. We got rain yesterday and tornados down in southern Ohio. Scary!!

Jolie - I hope you are enjoying your rest week!

Where is everyone?? Hope you are all ok. Cam and Doreen haven't posted in a long time.

Hope you all have a great weekend! So glad it's Friday!
Today I did Raw Strength balance & core, 36 minutes, heart rate 103/136, 115 calories. That is all I had time for this morning.

Raw Strength Balance & Core 35 minutes 30 sec each move 3 sets each move grouping
10 and 15# dumbbells used and fabric loop

Squat with loop band pressing out medium loop
Squat pulse with loop band press out medium loop
repeat 2 more times

curl/press opposite knee up right 12# db
curl/press opposite knee up left 12# db
repeat 2 more times

front/back lunge right holding 15# dumbbell on shoulder
front/back lunge left holding 15# dumbbell on shoulder
repeat 2 more times

single arm overhead triceps extension leg out to the side balance 12# set 1 10#dumbbell set 2/3 right
single arm overhead triceps extension leg out to the side balance 12# set 1 10# dumbbell set 2/3 left
repeat 2 more times

bird dog row with a dumbbell right 15# db (drag from in front to row)
bird dog row with dumbbell left 15# db
repeat 2 more times

single arm lying fly/close press bridge hold right 10# db
single arm lying fly/ press left 10# db
repeat 2 more times

finishes with balance no weight scale alternating
3 sets

standing arms extended, knee up rotate in and out right
standing arms extended knee up rotate in and out left

figure 4 standing stretch right
figure 4 standing stretch left

Belinda, glad there was no rain and that you were able to get out for a walk.

Debbie, nice work today on Raw Shadowboxing one. I have not done that one much. I really prefer the workouts with some lower body work along with the boxing. Probably because just shadowboxing does not seem to get my heart rate up all that much. My blood pressure was up lately and I think it is the med the doctor gave me. I did not take it yesterday or this morning and it is back in the green zone.

I did a walk outside this evening. Sadie enjoyed it.

Diane -great job on your Raw Strength balance & core yesterday. Yes, we had sunshine this evening, it rained all day long.

Debbie - we have a lot of rain, got a break this late afternoon/evening. Sounds like you have the same crappy weather we do except tornados. I hope you safe and doing well. That sounds scary!
Today I did Raw Box a Better Waistline, 30 minutes, 155 calories, heart rate 129/162, 906 calories. This used a 15# dumbbell for a couple of moves and ankle weights throughout. She did suggest you could use egg weights or light dumbbells no more than 3#. She did not use the egg weights though. This is a standing workout. I then did CDorner To the Beat Cardio Mashup, 28 minutes, 164 calories, heart rate 142/175, 2,977 steps. I finished with CDorner day 26 After Workout Legs Stretch and Day 28 Upper Body Stretch Mobility, 25 minutes, 32 calories. Total time was 83 minutes, 351 calories, 3,883 steps.

Belinda, nice job getting in a walk with Sadie today.

Roselyn, good job on back and bis.
I started back at my workouts this morning, taking 5 days off was so good for my body. Today I did RAW Burn Out Upper Body, same weights as the last time I did the workout and I burned 347 calories. The workout was 43 minutes. I am now off to walk the dog 2 miles since the rain has finally stopped. I am sick of rain and cold weather; I am so ready for summer!

Great job on the workouts over the past few days, you all are killing it!

I took a very long walk outside today. One alone and the other with DD and little Miss Sadie.

Diane - great job on your mix of workouts.

Roselyn - great job yesterday.

Jolie - great job with your weight workout. Enjoy your walk with your pup.

Good night.
This morning I did RAW R&R December 2019. I chose boxing moves over treadmill or MT. Had a great workout. I useed my egg weights today and had a great workout!

30 seconds each exercise with no rest.

Boxing segment warmup

Biceps - 21's - 20# BB
Push/Press - 20# BB
Double Arm Row/Stand: 20# BB
REPEAT - no rest


Hammer Curls: 15's
Upright Row: 20# BB
Double Arm Row: 20# BB
REPEAT - no rest


Skull Crusher: 20# BB
Chest Press: 15's
Chest Press: 15's
Skull Crushers: 20# BB


Skull Crusher: 20# BB
Chest Flies: 15's
Chest Flies: 15's
Skull Crushers: 20# BB

Total workout was 43 minutes, burned 374 calories, did 1968 steps and HR was 134/178. Fun workout!

Great workouts this weekend, everyone!! Have a great day! Busy at work so I have to get going.
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Today I had an excellent workout. I did RAW Box and Pump 4, 2# egg weights and I used 15# DB's and 8# DB's for the weight work. However, I did not do the lunges at all, I used my rowing machine instead and did not go deep so I would not irritate my knee again. I think the squats bothered it but that is how it has been for the last 18 years. I have arthritis and tendonitis so bad and doing legs has always bothered it. I will use my red infrared light and take a bunch of MSM, Turmeric and collagen to see if that will take some of the inflammation away. Workout was 47 minutes and I burned 507 calories. I added an additional 8 minutes of abs on the end, making the workout 55 minutes in length.

Also, I walked my pup 4 miles yesterday through the hills after my weight workout and my legs are feeling it today.

Debbie, great job with the R & R workout today. I wrote it down, I will to do it this week, it looks like a great workout! Wow on the amount of skull crushers!!!

I hope you all have great workouts today.
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Slow & Heavy Legs/shoulder is done. I can‘t remember the last time I did that workout. Great workout.

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Today I did Raw Kettlebells #3 3/24, 29 minutes, 116 calories, heart rate 113/158. I then wanted more so did Row Total Body Drop Sets Express, 30 minutes, 104/137 heart rate, 101 calories. I finished off with Raw Athletic Stretch #2, 29 minutes, 46 calories. Total time was 88 minutes, 263 calories.

Kettlebell #3 3/24
uses 15#,20#, & 25# kettlebells
10 moves back-to-back 45 seconds work 2 times

1. press/triceps extension/halo/squat 15# kettlebell rnd 2 20# kettlebell
2. around the body twice/squat alternating sides 15# kettlebells rnd 2 20# kettlebell
3. Kettlebell swings 20# rnd 2 25# kettlebell
4. deadlift/squat 20# kettlebell rnd 2 25# kettlebell
5. alternating swings 20# kettlebell rnd 2 20# kettlebell
6. Gorilla Row alternating 25# kettlebell( rnd 2 is done with a 20 and 25# kettlebell 2 sets switching sides)
7. wide stance side to side lunge 20# kettlebell rnd 2 25# kettlebell
8. curl/push front 15# kettlebell rnd 2 15# kettlebell
9.pass around leg alternating (crazy 8's) 15# kettlebell rnd 2 20# kettlebell
10. hold kettlebell over head while doing alternating knee lifts 15# kettlebell rnd 2 20# kettlebell
stretch after 2nd round

Raw Total Body Drop sets Express
Uses an incline step , 10 reps each move first set heavy second set drop to lower weight increment
Warm Up

Front Curl/Overhead press 15# dbs
Front Curl/Overhead press 12# dbs

Crush Grip hold away from chest/squat 30# db
Crush Grip hold away from chest/squat 20# db

Pull over 30# db
Pull over 20# db

dumbbells swing 15's# dbs 20 reps
dumbbell swings 12's#dbs 20 reps

rows 30# db lft/rt
rows 20# db lft/rt

Thrusters(squat press) 15# dbs
Thrusters 12# dbs

1 arm bench press 17.5# db
1 arm bench press 15# db

Debbie, great job on Raw R & R December 2019. I noticed Kelly dated the two newest workouts she put up. Maybe she will do that with others or at least from now on.

Jolie, nice work on Box and Pump #4 and good idea subbing rowing for the lunges. I went to Thorne and got all of the supplements that they recommended together for bones and joints. I have been using some of them anyway, and my husband bought me enough for two to 3 months. A couple of weeks in and I am feeling much better. Even feeling a bit more energetic than usual. Their top multi is expensive at over 60 dollars but has a am and pm bottle. They include extra curcumin on top of the joint support one. I was not taking the EPA before so this was new to me. Arthritis is tough one to deal with. I hope your knee feels better. I always want to kick myself for letting up on the supplements and then the inflammation hits like crazy.

Belinda, nice work on Slow and Heavy legs and shoulders. I agree, it is a good workout. I like the slow work with 8 reps.
I am not feeling very well today, I have some sinus issue going on and a really bad headache. Hope it goes away and doesn't get worse. I hate this time of year!

This morning I did a workout I've never done before nor do I remember ever seeing it. It's RAW Upper Sculpt/Lower Tone and I had an excellent workout. I used my 3# dumbbells for the upper sculpt, which was boxing moves and I used 5# ankle weights for the lower body part. Kelly used 8# ankle weights but I don't have any that high. I actually had to put two different ankle weights of mine together on one ankle to get it to 5#. LOL! It was enough, though, I really felt it.

This was 50 seconds on/10 off although toward the end Kelly shortened it. Thisis how it went:

3# dumbbells - did right side, then left:
Upper Cuts
Speed Bag - These were hard with the 3# db

Standing legs using 5# ankle weights - did right side, then left:
Shin Blocks
Knee Pull
Back Kicks or Lifts

Above Jabs, hooks, upper cuts, speed bag but faster - first right then left side

Above Shin Blocks, Knee Pull, Back Kicks but faster - first right, then left side

Jab/Cross (each side separately)
Hook/Up (each side separately)

Leg work on the Floor:
Rt/Lft Glute Kicks
Alternate Fire Hydrants

Above Jab/Dross and Hook/Ups but faster

Leg work on the floor:
Up & Over
Leg back, heel up/Toe to floor raises

Jab, Hook, Upper, Squats
Repeat other side

Leg work on floor:
Cross Over, each side separately
Hamstring Curls, each side separately

Alt. Jabs, Hooks, Ups, Squat
Same without weights (cool down)

Really fun workout and really burned. I felt it everywhere.
Workout was 53 minutes, burned 345 calories, did 2425 steps and HR was 120/159.

Jolie - Great job on Box & Pump 4 yesterday, that one is a fun one. Be careful with that knee, I'm sure the rowing machine is hard on them.

Belinda - Great job with S&H! I haven't done those workouts in ages.

Diane - I almost did the Kettlebell #3 workout this moring but my low back has been really tight. I didn't think it was a good idea, maybe later on this week I'll try it. Looks like fun. Interesting on Kelly dating stuff, not sure that will help much, though. Oh well. She has them organized pretty well on the Raw channel.

Roselyn - Great job with the Tabata yesterday!

Have a great workout today.
Today I did CDorner Step #363 Taylor Swift again, 33 minutes, heart rate 129/163, 2891 steps. I also did CDorner Day 8 Full Body Post Workout Stretch, 13 minutes, 22 calories. Total time was 46 minutes, 185 calories. I wanted to be dressed and ready to go vote when my husband gets up.

No walk today. I did get in a 60 min dance workout.

Debbie - I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon, Great job on your workout today.

Diane - great job on your step workout. Is that a new one?

Roselyn - Great job with the Tabata yesterday!

Have a great evening.
Belinda, here is a link to the workout I did today. I think she did it about 2 weeks ago. It is beginner intermediate so not difficult choreography.
Nice that you got in a 60 minute dance workout. This workout was all Taylor Swift music. She did another a few weeks ago that had Taylor Swift and another singers song.

Debbie, nice work on Upper Sculpt Lower tone today. I have a pair of adjustable ankle weights that go to 5# that I usually keep at 3# and then a pair of 5#. I was stiff when I got up this morning after the Kettlebell workout. It felt good to move and get in the stretch to loosen up. I have not done much with kettlebells in a while.
No workout for me this morning, I wasn't feeling good and didn't sleep well. I'm all congested and snot keeps running down my throat. I'm coughing a bit but hopefully it won't get worse. I may do a virtual doctor visit this evening to see if I can get some antibiotics. I have a spelling bee next week and a music event the folowing week. I don't need to be coughing all over people. This happens EVERY year. I am always sick in March and April and I don't understand why. I've upped my VC and D3 since December plus I'm taking zinc. Oh well. 'Tis the season I guess.

Diane - Nice job with the Taylor Swift step workout. I'd probably like that one because I love Taylor, but I just don't love step workouts anymore. Not sure why. Have you ever done the Upper Sculpt/Lower Tone workout? I think you'd like it. I think I might try that kettlebell one tomorrow if I'm feeling better.

Belinda - Nice job with the 60 min. dance!! I am feeling ok right now, just have a headache and my head if full of pressure. Hopefully it will go away soon. I hate when this happens.

Hello to Jolie, Roselyn, Roxie, Doreen and Cam!!
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Well, I have fixed my knee problem, and it was such an easy solution. After I work out, I sit and watch the news for 20 minutes and put my far Infared light on my knees and it takes all the inflammation away and I have ZERO knee pain. Nothing else worked for me, I have been suffering for years and now this easy solution works!!! I ordered an Infared light matt to lay on while in bed watching tv to see what it does for my back and collarbone. Wow, I am just thrilled with the results.

Yesterday I did a 3 mile walk with the pup through the hills. Today I did the workout that Debbie did on Monday, RAW R & R 2019 and did the boxing for the cardio. I liked this workout a lot but I need to go heavier on a few exercises now that I have done it one time through and know what to expect. I used the same weights as Debbie, she posted the workout on Monday. Next, I did RAW Upper Body Finisher Arms and Shoulders and had a good workout. This workout was 13 minutes long and a great thing to add onto your workout if you feel you want more weights for the day. Total time was 53 minutes and I burned 433 calories.

Traditional Bicep Curls- 15's
Lateral Raises long arms- 8's
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's

Hammer Curls- 15's
Upright Rows- 10's (must be careful for my collarbone)
Seated Overhead Ext.- 12's

Bicep Curls with a Twist- f=15's
Front Raises Alternating- 10's
Kickbacks- 10's

Debbie, great job on the workout yesterday and I am sorry that you are not feeling well today. Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon.

Diane Sue, great job with the step workout, I must try that one soon. I just got my step out and might do an Yvette Bachman workout soon, boy do I miss those workouts. They are so hard and fun at the same time. However, I will have to make my step lower now because I am too scared to hurt myself with the higher step.

Belinda, way to go on the dance workout, it sounds like so much fun! Also, how did you do Slow and Heavy legs with your knees? I have not done that one in probably 15 years LOL!

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Today I did Slow & Heavy Chest/Back + Planks. Too raining and cold for a walk today.

Debbie - sorry you’re not feeling well today. Feel better soon my friend. Last 2 weeks I had a wicked sinus going on. Maybe it’s the change in weather? My lasted for over 2 weeks. I am glad it’s gone now. I hope yours leave soon too.

Diane - thank you so much for the link. I am following Cathe’s March rotations, she has HiiT on the rotations. Low impact is fine, I stay away from high impact. That step would be perfect. It gets your HR up, without the high impact.

Jolie - LOL, I am on high doses of prednisone. I am tapering down this week, my knees are not liking it. I also modify/work around some of the exercises. I am glad the Infared light fixed your knee problem.

Roselyn - enjoy your workout today.

That’s it for me today. Have a great day today.

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