Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Check-In for July, 2019


Today, I wanted to avoid my shoulders so I did Coffey Fit Raw Step 2, 41 minutes, met 7.5, heart rate average 137, max 164, 265 calories, 3,668 steps. I then did Raw Hips and Glutes, 25 minutes, met 5.5, 121 calories and finished off with Raw Stretch, 28 minutes, met 2.5, 67 calories. Total time was 94 minutes and calories burned 453.
Weights today
Hips and Glutes Raw
4 sets each move Kelly says she is using a 22 # barbell Moves are timed
Squats I used 15's because I did not want to lift the bar over my shoulders
Bridges on bench 35# barbell
deadlifts 1 set regular 35# barbell 4 sets dead, squat, up
pizza push 5# ankle weights
hydrant 5# ankle weights
alternating lateral leg raise (pendulum) 5# ankle weights
alternating pizza push 5# ankle weights
seated knee ups
plank on bench knee pulls (I did 2 sets) This is where the camera stops and I did not want to do four sets as the planks were irritating my shoulder.

Debbie, you are right, I worry about all of those tests. Now I am going to the arthritis center and they have already done x rays. I worry about pointing out things thinking they will want to do more. I had a doctor years ago that gave me chest x rays all of the time when I was trying to get help with all of the coughing. I know now that it is mostly from the itchy allergy throat that makes me cough. Doing this routinely does not seem good. Great workout. I am sure that money is the goal for all of this stuff. It makes me sick that my husband spent years teaching drug abuse education to children and then because it makes money they legalize it. I could go on and on about the stupidity and ignorance. I would imagine that you are getting some extremely good benefits from those Max Trainer workouts. Enjoy your vacation time :)
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Jolie Fit

Good morning! Happy Wimbledon Semifinal day! I love tennis! I don't play, I used to when I was in high school but want to get back into it. I wonder how my back would feel? :( Today I went for a 4 mile walk, I think I should say hike, those were the steepest hills I have ever walked up besides hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains! My son called me when I was going up a long steep hill and I couldn't even talk to him! Anyway, 4.2 miles, 8,546 steps and I burned 601 calories. I also took my dog for a walk prior, 1 miles and 181 calories. I already hit my 10k steps for the day so that makes me happy. I feel so good today, my hip is a little sore still but other than that life is good. :) I think this month I will walk one day and do a Cathe Live weight workout the following day. I love being outside in the summer, walking and getting fresh air makes me happy, and I get a good calorie burn. I think these hills will really work my legs too.

Debbie, nice shoulder workout today. I used to use 30's for overhead presses too, now i can only use 25's when its low reps. Shoulders are my favorite body part to work. I have a mamogram next week and that will be the last one I do. I found a thermography place but i went to make my appointment and they are no longer in business? All of these tests they want us to do is ridiculous, i could see if cancer ran in the family, but with my family there is no cancer, heart disease is the issue.

Diane Sue, nice job on Raw hips and glutes today. I am going to take it easy this month with lower body because of my back but look forward to getting in a leg workout soon.

Nice workouts everyone.

Jolie Fit

I forgot to post about my dentist appointment. I didn't get the tooth put on because it didn't come out perfect, so my dentist will do it on Monday. I did get everything prepped so when I go in to get my other crown re done, she will put the implant crown on and then I am done with dental work for a while!


Hi everyone,

Busy day today, just getting around to post my workouts I did this morning. I did Strong & Swaty Ramed Up UB and did a 3 mile walk with my friend. I also did Clean Max. Now I am done and tired, lol.

Jolie - nicely done on your 4 mile hike and step count today. your poor dog :) I love being outside and get my walks in too. Sorry about your tooth. Hope all goes well with your dental appointment.

Diane - that one is my favorite on that DVD. I don't need anything.Good job on Step Blast, I almost pulled that one out yesterday. Great job today as well. A lot of Cathe's older workouts didn't had premixes, she did put 3 workouts on 1 dvd :)

Debbie - It's that one :https://shop.cathe.com/HiiT-High-Intensity-Interval-Training-Exercise-DVD-p/767.htm
Cathe has 3 HiiT workouts on that dvd. The Pyramid is my favorite. I don't like a lot of HiiT workouts, but I really like that one. Great job as usually on your workout.

Doreen - Nice job with your leg workout this morning.

Have a great day, everyone.


Jolie, I bet that your legs feel it after the hill climbing. I am sure you will be happy to have the dental work done with. I will keep my mammogram appointment this time, but am reading up and think I will change to thermography instead from now on. I do have a lot of cancer in my family and have had cancer surgery about 38 years ago (no chemo back then) So, they have had me getting mammograms yearly. Funny, I was reading that it is common to recommend mammograms every 2 years. My grandmother died from cancer. She went through breast cancer and years later, passed away with lung cancer which was probably from second hand smoke. My mother had tumors and two of her sisters had breast cancer which they both survived from. One passed from alzheimers a little later. So, it is something I have to watch for. I think doing what Debbie does would be better and if it shows something, then get other tests. Just reading about the safety of the radiation and even the fact that squeezing the tissue can set off cancer cells that are dormant is frightening. What they use now is not as strong as what they used years ago.
Evening :)

Yesterday’s workout, STS Strength Legs, next time I do this workout adding 10 lbs.

Today’s workout, Cardio Coach ‘press play. Have a great evening all.
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Jolie Fit

Wow oh Wow, my legs are feeling those hills today :)! I wanted to do upper body today but I got up too late. I have a new garage door being installed this morning and I just don't have the time for a workout. I will try to go on a shorter walk today if I have time otherwise now workout today except for the regular dog walk.

DOZ, great job on the leg workout last night and the cardio workout this morning. How is the weight loss going?

Hot flashes are officially gone since taking the supplement to naturally produce more testosterone. yeah!!!! I use such a low dose, I am surprised to get such quick results but I am sure happy about the break from them.

Have a great day and some good workouts!
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This morning I did BB Brazilian Butt + UB.

Jolie - great job on your DOMS today. Those hills get you good, lol. Glad no more hot flashes. I never had any, so thankful for that. I did had other problems :(

I will be back tomorrow. We have a company dinner in DC tonight. Those are always fun.
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Jolie Fit

Today I went for a 6 mile steep hill walk and thought I would die, in a good way! :) Going down steep hills is very hard, not on my knees but I get shin splints. Workout was 1 hour 56 minutes and I burned 1,098 calories. I think I will be feeling this walk tomorrow. Average heart rate was 142 and max was 189. I literally couldn't talk when going up the steep hills, my lungs were burning. I guess I had a puke status walk :)

Belinda, I hope you had a great company dinner last night.

Have a wonderful day.
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A quick check in before I head to bed. I have a mammogram in the morning and am feeling a bit apprehensive about it after our discussion and reading some stuff. One report said that even the squeezing the tissue can move inactive cancer cells and set them off, along with all of the other stuff. Then I started wondering why I am doing it once a year when most things I read say every 2 years like that is probably too much. I also have , tons of errands and cleaning to get done. The 3 days after I will be running my grandson to camp and maybe picking him up. My son in law is going to come here and sleep upstairs Tues and Wed because he works nights this week and they will be hammering away on his roof. Who could sleep with that? So, I won't be doing noisy stuff will have to be tomorrow or Friday.
I got in Lite Cardio Party today. I am waiting till my shoulder and arm stop hurting completely before I tackle any upper body work again. I saw Kelly put up a new Raw Upper Pyramid workout. I think the first one was focused on a different side or something. I can't remember. I got a new Step Company Step with the risers that have grooves for holding the platform in a recline position without slipping and a smoother surface rather than the grooved grid. Mine started cracking and has bubbles in it. I have had it a long time. Every time I get another one and even the high step top, I get more risers. I have 14 risers now!


Good morning

We had a blast at our company dinner. The food was so good. DH and I came home early Sunday morning. I ended up taking a rest day. I was beat.

Today I did:

Superset 1: 10 reps/ 3 rounds
Inline bic curls on the ball - 15's
Seated overhead Tricpes Extensions on the ball- 15's

Supersets 2: 10 reps/3 rounds
1 Arm Seated Concentration Curls - 10 reps each side/15's
Triceps Push ups with 2 DB's- 10 reps (or do triceps dips instead of push ups!)

Superset 3: 10 reps/3 rounds
Preacher Curls on the ball - 15's
1 Arm Kick back - 10's

Supersets 4: 10 reps/3 rounds
Scull Crushers - 12's
Biceps curls - 12's

Diane - good luck today.

Jolie - amazing job with your hike yesterday. That's a lot of walking.

Waving Hi to the rest of the gang. BBL!
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I also did a lower body butt workout. Getting my butt ready for Hawaii :p in August. We changed the Hawaii Trip to August. We forgot their gonna be a lot of kids in September. August they all should be in school, lol.

5 Exercises/20 reps each exercise/3 Rounds
1 Jacks with loops around the ankles - I did the jacks on my rebounder
2. Straight Leg kick back - hold on to a chair kick 1 leg back with loops around
3.Jacks with loops around your ankles
4.Elevated single glute bridge -switch to the other legs without the loop
5.Fire hydrant side kick/back kicks = 1 rep/ 20 reps each leg

Bonus Burn: 100 reps of 4 sets/ do 25 reps count until you reach 100 reps each side:
Outer thigh lift Right leg /with loops - do 4 sets of 25 peps no break than switch to the other side

My booty is on fire. I think I kicked my own booty today :p This work hurts!

FYI! On Friday my husband and I will go to a wedding to Ohio. We will come back Monday. I will take my workouts with me. BBL!
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Quick check in as I have to get to my appointment this morning. I did Kelly Coffey Cardio Blast workout 1 Step blast, 34 minutes, heart rate average 146, max 175, 3,200 steps using an 8 inch step, 250 calories, met 8.8. I then did Cathe 4 day split higher intensity step cardio, 6 inch step, 35 minutes, heart rate average 132, max 169, met 7.4, 212 calories, 2,719 steps. Total time spent 69 minutes, 462 calories, 5,919 steps.

Jolie Fit

Today I did Cathe Live Upper Body Core Crush workout number 245 and had an awesome workout. My left hip is bothering me a bit but other than that I feel great. Calories burned were 353, and I did not do the AB work because of my back.

I am running late this morning, I am off to the dentist to have my dental work finished for the year!

Diane Sue, I have a mammogram this week myself and I am worried now about getting it done. I might kick it out 6 months because it has be 1.5 years since I had one and that would make it 2 years. However, that last two years I have been under incredible stress and that makes me worried since stress can trigger a lot of bad things in the body. :( I am not sure what to do!

BBL to read all of your post and Belinda, Doreen and Diane Sue, you killed it this morning with your workouts!

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I did BeachBody LiiFT 4 WK2 D1 Chest and Triceps. We got to go to the lake this weekend even though it’s still full. We live in a duplex that has an HOA that I was not aware of until we moved in an the neighbor complained about the trailer we had to move in an then our boat being parked in the driveway so we store it at our oldest DD’s house well this weekend we brought it in so we could just go to the lake when my DH got home an then we brought it back For the night so we could leave Sunday then we returned it to DDs well she called the property management company and complained about it being in her driveway but we had it parked on our side that we pay 1100.00 a month to have. Sorry for the rambling but I am so pissed. I told DH we will not be renewing our lease next year.
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Belinda, Debbie said she was taking some recovery time because her and her husband were going to be on vacation and just doing some things together this week. I bet that you are getting pumped for your Hawaii trip. That makes sense to go when schools are back in session. I doubt I ever see my Brazillian Butt Lift Masters set again. I loaned them to someone my husband works with. I really do not know her. I doubt I would do them again anyway.

Jolie, that was some walk. Wow on the over a thousand calories. I hope the dentist visit today went well. Well, I left the Breast care center thinking I got my radiation for the year. It never takes very long. They are pretty quick in and out.

Roxie, we own a detached town home. Many of the homes here are duplexes. Our house is close to the neighbors and we have a HOA that is very strict. Even over people parking their cars in the spare parking overnight that are guests. They don't seem to act on everything though. They have rules on travel trailers. But, I believe rules say they can park here for two days max. Someone had a boat out here in our extra parking 4th of July week through the weekend. No one made them move it. There was a pick up sitting out here with a flat for over a week and they finally put a note on it and had it towed off. Some of it depends on if someone complains. When we moved in we did not know trash day and sat some boxes and things on the curb and they brought out a complaint. It was out one day!! Then we got one of those big bulk trash things you rent and they come and pick up. I was afraid they were going to complain about that, but they let that one go. It was not a nice start. You have to get pain color approval, approval even if you are repairing your fence, things cannot be taller than your fence in your yard. My husband has always hated HOA's. Some are not so ridiculous though and some seem to like having the power.

Doreen, nice work on Cathe Live Step Sweat.

Doz, nice work on Sts. Good luck with raising the weights 10#.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Hiit , 36 minutes, 250 calories, 3,289 steps, heart rate average 143 max 164, met 8.1. That is it for today unless I manage to fit in a stretch later. I am taking my grandson to his camp in a bit. On the last part of the workout Kelly does squat thrusts and plank stuff and I subbed plie jacks and speed skaters.


Good morning,

I did Upper Body this morning again. I will try to post what I did later.

I need to get all my weight workouts in before we leave on Thursday, the family wants us to came up early so we can spent some time before the wedding on Saturday. I am trying to get all my workouts in, not sure if I will get any in while we in Ohio. I will defiantly bring my my workout clothes. My booty is so sore today. Not sure I can do another butt workout today, lol. It may have to wait until tomorrow.

Diane - thank you. I forgot about that. Getting old, lol. I love Butt Lift, it gets me every time. You should get your dvd's from her. Great job today.

You all doing an amazing job with your workouts. Keep up the good work, everyone. BBL

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