Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Check-In for August, 2019


Hi guys,

DD and I took a live yoga class at a vineyard this morning .What a difference taking a live class vs a dvd. My daughter and I were the only ones taking the class. Lots of people signed up, but nobody showed up. We had hour own private session. The instructor was amazing, we had a lot of fun. The instructor corrected my form quiet a bit, to help me to open my hip more. Showed me exercises I can do to help strengthen my hip/knee and lower back. I will take another class with her soon. She had us do exercises I have never done or seen before, I felt an instant relieve in my lower back/hip. She told me just to do them 5 min each day to strengthen my hip. The yoga class was at one of the vineyards outside deck, the view was breathtaking.

Diane - Dirndls are still very popular in Bavaria. Very popular with young German adults too. The Octoberfest in Munich the most popular in Germany. Octoberfest celebration here in the US are nothing like the ones in Germany. We have all different kind of celebrations where we wear the traditional Dirndls dresses. If you visit on of the restaurants in Munich/Garmish-Partenkirchen they wear them daily. I will post a picture of mine. I should have a picture wearing mine. I will look for that picture.That's a good idea to move all the coats out of my closet too.

Time to relax, didn't sleep well last night.


Jolie Fit

Today I walked 4.8 miles, 1 hour and 30 minutes and I burned 840 calories. I did a different route today with lower hills but they were longer. I thought I would have burned less calories, but to my surprise I got a great calorie burn.

Belinda, your private yoga class sounds amazing! I would love to do something like that but because of my fused toes I couldn't possibly take a yoga class with bare feet. Thanks for adding the pictures.

Doreen, I am glad you are checking back in, I was wondering what happened to you! I will check out the Rippedism workouts, I have never heard of them.

Happy Sunday
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This morning I did Raw Just Step and Barre Amped Stretch and strength stability ball bonus stretch. Total time 30 minutes. Heart rate for step was 151 average, 176 max, 2,011 steps, 197 total calories (16 was from the stretch) I have grandchildren here tomorrow and am headed to bed. Wish this arm and shoulder issue would stop!!

Belinda, nice work getting Pyramid upper body in. The dirndl skirt is much like what I remember. Cute outfits. I bet it is fun dressing up and enjoying those special events. The view you had while doing yoga is very nice. It is a shame for the instructor to have a lot sign up and not show up. Nice for you and your daughter though.

Doreen, I always felt male instructors tended to want to work chest and biceps a lot. Mostly upper body. I cannot think of male instructors that I felt had "fun" workouts. Some good workouts, but not fun.

Jolie, don't they make yoga socks or something that you could wear? I wonder if everyone goes barefoot in a yoga class. I know Kelly Coffey wore shoes in some of her stretch and yoga stuff like body design yoga section. I think at one time she said was not a barefoot kind of girl. But, then she does do the stretch on Raw without shoes. She wears shoes in the foam roller workout.


Good morning,

KCM Circuit Burn is done.

Jolie - I have PF in my heals, I have to wear shoes with my insoles. The yoga instructor and my DD were barefoot. Just can't do it. Nice calorie burn yesterday.

Diane - I only wear my dirndls to German events. Yes, it's fun wearing it to special German events. Dirndls are not for everyone, especially if you are not German. A lot of foreigner wear them at the Oktoberfest in Munich, lol. The instructor got payed either way, lol. You had to sign up/pay upfront. It wasn't cheap. The regular price was $25. Pre sale price was $20 online. You also got a class (or flight) of wine at the end of the class :D The wine at the vineyard isn't cheap. Not a bad deal if you like wine and yoga. The instructor teaches at a near yoga studio, I will sign up for one of there classes. She said, usually the class at the vineyards are full. DH and I were really lucky yesterday.

Have a great Monday!
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Today I did Body Beast: Bulk - Chest. Had a great workout!! Didn't feel much like working out, but when I got started I forgot all about feeling that way!!

This is what I did:

Super Set
Incline Chest Flies:
17.5's/22.5's/25's - 15/12/8 reps
Incline Press: 20's/22's/27's/20's - 15/12/8/8 reps

Force Set
Chest Press w/Rotation:
20's/20's/20's/20's/20's - 5/5/5/5/5 reps (killer!)

Progressive Set
Incline Press:
17's/20's/25's/25's/20's/17's - 15/12/8/8/12/15 reps

Combo Set
Close Grip Press to Fly:
12's/15's/20's - 15/12/8 reps

Multi Set
Decline Pushups:
15/12/8 (did regular pushups on toes)
Cobra to Airplane: 10 reps (did Russian Twist w/8#)
Russian Twist: 8# 30 seconds

Workout was 32 minutes, burned 272 calories and did 708 steps. HR was 154/183.

Then I did Max Morning Jump Start w/Jeni and that was 10 minutes, I burned 66 calories, went .27 miles and did 676 steps. HR was 132/166.

Also got on my treadmill and walked for 20 minutes, burned 131 calories, went 1.03 mile and did 2470 steps. HR was 117/138.

Can't believe I did all this in an hour!! It is possible!!! LOL!!

At work so I will be back later for personals. Have great workouts!


I did Sydney Cummings Lean Legs and Abs this morning. (I was going to do the Rippedism Legs/Core but my tablet was dead and I didn't want to download the app to my phone. ) Lean Legs starts with some heavy leg work and then switches to some bodyweight leg work. Ab exercises are included throughout. My knees have been feeling so good this summer - I think that I've been doing more leg workouts in my schedule and less cardio and not doing any impact and my right knee - which has always been cranky - hasn't been bothering me. Its getting darker in the morning for my outside workouts and with school starting its about time to move my workouts back to the basement!


No workout yet. I did not get much sleep. I don't know what it is about lying down and the pain, but it is mentioned with certain types of problems on the Physical therapy site. As soon as I got in bed things started throbbing. I kept wondering if I just thought I took Motrin before bed. Finally at two a.m. I got up and took one Motrin(just in case I did take 2 at 10:00). I got out the ice pack and set up the sleeper upstairs. I read for awhile and finally fell asleep. I guess I got around 4 hours. Crazy though, I lifted up on my elbow to adjust my position and there was an audible snap sound and feel in the front of my shoulder. It really hurt. Still hurting this morning. When I get up and walk around it seems to feel better. I was going to do a barre/chair lower body workout, but when I got upstairs I got really nauseated, then my daughter called and said she was on her way with my grandson so I decided to shower and wait till maybe later. I think the nausea was from so much ibuprofen, turmeric, boswella and the like. Plus I just had taken my multi vitamin along with a folate b12 combo which is said to help nerves heal. Usually I wait till after lunch for the multi.

Belinda, you lucked out on the yoga class :) I don't always do yoga without shoes. I suppose the main reason they are barefoot is to get a bit more flexibility in the foot. My daughter in law was told to do yoga for her foot problems.

Debbie, great workout today. You got a lot in.

Doreen, my knees and hip issues seem to have subsided. I guess because I have changed up what I am doing. Less impact, not burpees, and no really heavy weight lately. Although I am missing my workouts that I was doing. I have downloaded apps and then ended up removing them for various fitness things. Smart not to download it till you know you would want it long term. I have been removing some from my Google account because they were piling up in there and I know I will never use them again,

Jolie Fit

Today I did Cathe Live workout #163 Buff Upper Body and had an awesome workout. I had to force myself to lift today, I wanted to go for a walk again, I love getting the fresh air. Anyway, workout was 1 hour 10 minutes, I added Leg ext. and Leg curls at the end. There is a long AB segment that I did but had to modify for my back, this is a great workout. I did different reps than Cathe, I did 12 reps for each set and there are 3 rounds of each giant set. I burned 456 calories.

3 rounds of each giant set

Seated Overhead Press- 20's x 12, x 12, x 12
Seated Sweeping Curls- 15's
Upright Rows- 12's
W Curls- 12's
Finisher- Hammer Curls- 12's x 24 ( Cathe did isolation curls)

Rear Flies- 8's x 12, x 12, x 12
Incline Front Raise- 8's
Finisher- Lateral raise from the side then to the front of the leg- 5's
8 Side
8 Front
6 Side
6 Front
4 Side
4 Front
2 Side
2 Front
Alternating 1 rep for each x 10
These were killer!

Lying Triceps Ext- 12's x 12, x 12, x 12
Lying Cross Body Ext.- 12's
KickBacks- 10's

Chest Press- 20's 12, x 12, x 12 Should have gone heavier
Chest Flies Knees up- 15's
Close Grip Chest Press- 20's
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 60#
1 Arm Rows- 25#
1 Arm Horizontal Row- 15#


Leg Ext.- 50# x 16, x 16, x 16
Leg Curls- 20# x 12, x 12, x 12

I thought these would bother my hip but they do not. I have to stop doing deadlifts, and just do these instead. I think it is all of the deadlifts that Cathe does in her workouts that is killing my Sciatic nerve

Debbie, nice Body Beast workout today. The Bulk phase is my favorite out of the workouts. I do like how they are short so you can get in the cardio as well. I might cancel Cathe Live this month and move on to something new. I might do STS Meso #2 and walk on the alternating days. I don't like Meso #1 because of all of the pushups, but I could modify instead. Also Meso #3 is where I get into trouble lifting too heavy. I am not sure yet.

Diane Sue, I am so sorry you had a bad night last night. I too had pain all night and had to sleep with a pillow between my legs. However, I can fall asleep, it is a big problem trying to turn over and get out of bed. I am going back to the Chiro tomorrow just to stay on top of things so I don't have what happened to me last month happen again. Great job on the stretching. Maybe don't do upper body at all for a while and walk on the tread climber. Give it a total rest for a week or so and see what happens. Whatever you are doing is aggravating it just like me with my Sciatica.

Belinda, way to go on the Circuit Burn. I have a lot of KCM workouts but just don't love them for what ever reason. I wish I did like them, I do like Shape Up, I think that is what it is called.

Doreen, great job with the lean legs and Abs today.

Roselyn, i hope you are getting in some workouts, i know you are so busy selling the house and going to school.

I hope you all have a great day.
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Jolie - I am running slowly through all my dvd's to see if I will hold on to them or not. I have to downsize before the move next year. Some of KCM workouts I like and some I don't. Wow, your workout today looks intense! WTG! I am glad to hear you keeping everything low impact.

Debbie - great job as always. Your weights are impressive.

Diane - we sure lucked out on the yoga class. You can do yoga with or without shoes it's up to you how you prefer it. I had a really bad case of PF/heal spur a few years ago, I get flair ups. When I wear my shoes with my insoles, I have no problem with PF/heal. My orthopedists told me to wear my insoles even when I do yoga. I tried doing yoga without shoes, but I get lots of pain in my heal, probably from too much stretching. I do not want to go through month of cortisone shot in heel ever again. The last time I had PF/heal spur I could hardly walk/or put pressure on my foot for 8 month. I don't want to go through that ever again. Sorry you didn't get any sleep. Must be frustrating. Hope you feel better soon.

Waving Hi to Roselyn, Roxie and Doreen.

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Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

Saturday I did two workouts to try and catch up to everyone else one was a stretch the other was cardio and then I scraped wallpaper border for four hours. Today I did Upbeat Strength workout #12.
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Back for personals.

Belinda - Your yoga class sounds like heaven!! So glad you found some stretches to help you. The pictures are really nice and I love those Dirndls! Never heard that name before.

Diane - I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I had not idea you were still struggling with that. Will you have an MRI? I know you said if the pain persisted, your doctor would do one on you. Maybe you should? I wonder what that snap sound was, that's disturbing! Hope you can figure out what is going on. I know how frustrating it is.

Doreen - Great job with your workout and glad to hear your knees have been ok. Mine too, which I'm thankful for! I try not to over do it with leg work.

Jolie - Great job with your live workout today. Be careful with those leg extensions. They could hurt your knees. I don't do them anymore because they hurt my knees.

Roxie - You have been busy! Great job with your workouts, are you caught up now?

Have a great evening everyone!


I did finally do a short workout. Great Glutes, skipped the compound and floor segments that used arms. I did the gliding discs, stability ball, and bonus chair work. That is it. Workout was 30 minutes and 151 calories. I just was not feeling much of anything else. I had to go out and get gas and hit Sprouts. I picked up some more Boswella. I got some house cleaning done. Laid down to rest for awhile. Hopefully tonight is better. I have a grandchild tomorrow so won't be napping. He is the 7 year old, so not a lot of work.

Jolie, great workout. I found that when rotations have deadlifts in them more than once a week, I start feeling it in my low back and hips. I never could understand why they would have deadlifts for back and deadlifts for legs in the same week.

Debbie, the doctor wants me to do physical therapy first to see if it helps before he orders an mri. I couldn't get in for physical therapy right away because all of my obligations did not coincide with times they had openings. So I will be doing physical therapy Friday morning. School starts so hopefully I can keep it up. I don't know what that snap was, but it sure hurt. I dragged out the heating pad. There is something unpleasant about using a heating pad when it is so hot already.

Roxie, I detest removing wallpaper anything. It is rarely an easy task. Good work catching up some of your workouts.
Today I mixed Bulk Arms and had a great workout. I was going to add Bulk Legs like I did last week but just didn't have it in me this morning. I might just skip legs altogether this week.

Body Beast: Bulk - Arms.

Progressive Set
Standing Dumbbell Curls:
10's/12's/16's/16's/12.5's/10's - 15/12/8/8/12/15 reps

Single Set
Overhead Triceps Extension:
15#/20#/25#/20# - 15/12/8/8 reps

Force Set
Wide Grip EZ Bar Curls:
35#/35#/35#/35#/35# - 5/5/5/5/5 reps

Single Set
EZ Bar Skull Crusher:
20#/30#/35#/30# - 15/12/8/8 reps

Progressive Set
Concentration Hammer Curl:
10's/12's/15's/15's/12's/10's - 15/12/8/8/12/15 reps
(I do NOT like these at all. I feel nothing when doing it with my right arm but cannot complete the reps with my left arm)

Progressive Set
Single Arm Kickbacks:
5's/8's/10's/10's/8's/5's - 15/12/8/8/12/15 reps

Single Set
Weighted Crunches:
10# - 30 reps

Workout was 38 minutes, burned 292 calories, and did 835 steps. HR was 148/181.

I also walked on my treadmill for 21 minutes, did 1.06 miles, burned 132 calories and did 2548 steps. HR was 115/126.

Roselyn - I forgot to mention last night when I did personals, great job with the weights on Bulk Shoulders. You are a lot stronger with shoulders than I am. I remember when I could push 30# dumbbell over my head with no problems. Where did those days go?

Diane - I am just shocked at how much pain you must be in. It reminders me of when my shoulder and neck hurt for all that time. I couldn't do anything at that time. It ended up being a really tight muscle that traveled from my upper back between the shoulder blade and spine all the way down to right beneath my ribs. Massages made it worse and the only thing that worked was the tennis ball pressure. I held the tennis ball between the knot and my couch with a hard pillow propped up behind me and I would press and hold until the muscle released or at least felt better. Then I would lower it and do it again until I got to where I didn't feel tightness anymore. I was shocked at how far down the pain went. I still do it occasionally when I feel that muscle tightening again. Maybe try it? It hurts to do it, but once the muscle is released it actually feels good. I iced it afterwards because heat aggravated it. I also took Aleve. Just a thought.

Have great workouts everyone!


I got more sleep last night. I just finished doing 36 minutes on the treadclimber, 1.63 miles, 3,183 steps, heart rate average 128, max 165, met 7.0. I found that my new tablet can sit in the pocket on the tread climber so I can read while I am walking :D It is a 10 inch one, but my last one was 12.2 and it did not sit anywhere on the tread climber. I then did Cathe Lean legs and abs premix #3 chair, firewalker, bonus barre, 38 minutes, met 4.5, 135 caalories, 96 average, 150 max heart rate, 602 steps. Total time was 338 calories, 74 minujtes, 3,785 steps.

Debbie, I have used my yoga tune up balls and they are wonderful for finding those certain spots that go from my shoulder blades and up into my neck. So far I have not found a relief spot directly for this problem since it seems to start in the front of my shoulder and almost into the armpit and wraps around to the back of my elbow and back around to my forearm and wrist. It is even hard to hit some of the spots with ice. Nice workout today.



I did Amy Dixon Breathless Body 4 Going Strong. I did all the high impact on my rebounder. Love using my rebounder for high impact.

Debbie - the yoga class was heavenly :) I am glad I told her about my arthritis in my hip/back/PF, those stretches will come in handy. Which reminds me I have to do them today. Yeah, these dresses called Dirndls. Fantastic job on your workout today.

I will try to be back later to catch up on personals.
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This morning I did Cathe Live Warrior Kickboxing. Love this workout, got real sweaty doing it. It's very humid today although the temps aren't that high.

Workout was 60 minutes, burned 471 calories (holy crap!), did 5166 steps and HR was 143/199.

Love the ab section until she gets to the hands and knees part. I don't have room to do those so I just did other ab work.

Diane - That doesn't sound good at all. I wonder if you injured your rotator cuff somehow? I hope the physical therapy helps.

Have great workouts everyone!
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Good morning,

Today I pulled out Gilad Step Aerobics. Glad I pulled this one out wasn't in the mood for high impact today. This one kept moving nonstop. Great steady step aerobics. I am running through all my dvd's, whatever I am in the mood for. I think, I will hold on to this one.

We got a call about my mother in law. She is in hospice. The doctors took her off all her meds, they only giving her morphine for the pain. There isn't anything the doctors can do anymore. Her body is shutting down :(

I have a Orthodontist appointment today. I am getting rescanned. BBL.


Quick check in. I have an appointment this afternoon and much to do catching up. Also prep for Sunday's birthdays. I started with Party Rockin Step #1, 54 minutes, heart rate 144/173, met 7.0, 362 calories, 5,013 steps. I then did Stretch Max with the stability ball 19 minutes, 46 calories, heart rate 91/119. Total time was 71 minutes, 408 calories, 5,078 steps. I had problems with sleeping again. The Motrin did not help. I got up and read and iced for awhile.

Jolie Fit

Yesterday went to the Chiropractor and had a great check up. My problem with my Sciatic nerve issue is this. I do a lot stretching because it feels great, but in the end it actually irritates the area and then inflammation sets in and presses on the nerve. So, my doctor said no stretching till the pain is gone. That makes sense. Diane Sue, you might want to let it settle down first and I am curious to see what your PT says also. I also ordered a lower back brace to wear when working out and house cleaning. I think that will help, I have on but it is falling apart.

Today I did a Cathe Live workout, #52 Upper Body with Ball, I didn't use the ball I used a bench and had a great workout! I loved it but I modified it to my liking :) I did higher reps than Cathe and I did the last set To Failure. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 462 calories. I did skip the ABS because I didnt want to do that to my low back today. However, that is one killer AB segment. I added on another set of exercises and a Finisher Set.

3 Rounds of Each Giant Set

Chest Flies- 15's x 16, x 12, x 14 TF
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 16, x 12, x 17 TF
Chest Press- 20's x 16, x 12, x 16 TF

Seated Overhead Press- 15's x 16, x 12, x 16 TF
Incline Front Raises with an Arc at the top- 8's x 16, x 12, x 14 TF ( killer )
Seated Lateral Raises- 5's x 16, x 12, x 15 TF
Smile Rear Delt Flies pinkies to the sky- 8's x 16, x 12, x 12 TF ( killer )

Incline Bicep Curls- 12's x 16, x 12, x 16 TF
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's x 16, x 12, x 17 TF

2 Rounds of Upper Body Circuit each set To Failure

Incline Chest Press- 20's x 21 TF, x 18 TF
1 Arm Rows- 25# x 16 TF, x 15 TF
Seated Hammer Bicep Curls to a Shoulder Press and Down- 15's x 16 TF, x 14 TF
Kickbacks- 8's x 20, x 21 TF

Seated Bicep Curls with a twist- 15's x 17 TF
Triceps Cable Pull Downs- 30# x 18 TF

I skipped Core and ABS

Wow! loved it!

Great workouts yesterday everyone!

Debbie, nice job on the Arm workout today! I like the concentration curls because it shows you how imbalanced we can be so it makes the weak muscles work harder than usual. I only do the leg ext. with light weight, i never go heavy. They have never irritated my knee but i always am aware while doing the exercise. I will be giving up Deadlifts for the time being, those are out! I love the Cathe Warrior kickboxing workout too, but the jumping jacks in her workouts kill my back so i am going to modify with body weight squats instead.

Diane Sue, i am glad you slept a little bit better last night! Nice job on the Tread Climber too! Maybe you should give upper body a total break for a while, i have to lay of lower body except for walking for a while too! I hate having to do it but i think it is neccesary.

Roxie, nice job catching up on your workouts! Scraping wall paper is a workout in itself!

Belinda, I cant believe you have Gilad DVD's!!!! I used to do those years ago, he was one of the first TV workouts that I tried beside Denise Austin. I hope you enjoyed it and that really takes you back to the good old days of working out. I am so sorry about your Mother In Laws health declining. I will pray for her that she does not suffer and has time to spend with her family. Give your DH a hug from me!

Roselyn, i hope you have a great workout today and good luck with the packing.

Happy Wednesday.

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