Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for week of March 25

Cross Fire Extreme today, Diane Sue I was lost without your rotation:) But had not done this in awhile.

12 inches of snow dropped yesterday, biggest March snowfall for St. Louis ever. So crazy, it is so pretty though.


Roselyn, I just finished up my rotation plan for this week. Funny thing is I fit in a little of Crossfire :) I wanted to try out the two new workouts that arrived. Next week I will get a little more into their rotation. They have two rest or recovery days a week which I won't do that way. These are much longer and I still like to fit in some other cardio. You do get some in these like hopping on one leg etc.. It may take me a bit to remember each. I do have notes though.

P90X 2 starting week
Monday X2 chest + shoulders + triceps 49 min, Ab ripper X2 16 min, Turbo Fire fire 30 Approx 95 minutes

Tuesday X2 Plyocide 57 min, X train legs standing, ball and chair and stretch Approx 90 minutes

Wednesday off

Thursday X2 V sculpt(Back and Biceps) 53 min, Crossfire premix Fitness blast and Firewalker tabata 27 min Approx. 89 min

Friday X2 Core 55 min. X train all out low impact hiit 39 min. Approx 94 min

Saturday Turbo Fire Hiit 25, X2 yoga 64 minutes

Sunday X2 Balance and Power 62 min, Combat 30 Kickstart


Roselyn, we had snow yesterday too. Really weird since a week ago we had some upper 70s temps.
Diane Sue, I am going to follow as well as I can, I do not have P90X2 yet, been almost ready to buy so let me know how it is as you do these workouts, I will follow with what i have here.

Still snowing today, lightly but snowing. The snow was so heavy. Sadly, a man from our church was shoveling yesterday with his wife, I think he was about 55, and he had a massive heart attack. They have 3 daughters from 22 to 18. So sad. I would not let my husband shovel, he is 50 and in great shape but our son is 17, guess who shoveled:) He has to head to grandma and grandpa's today.


Today I started with P90X2 Chest+shoulders+triceps, 49 min, 351 calories. I then did P90X2 Ab Ripper X2, 16 min, 85 calories. I finished off with Turbo Fire fire 30 31 min, 280 calories. Total time was 96 min, 716 calories.
This was 11 moves done then repeated again.
chatarocker push up which is sort of a tricep push ups drop down to elbows and you walk quickly with toes forward and back. Really kind of hard to explain. I got 14 in both times
Strip press#1 I used 20s. 8 reps Tony has you stand with one foot on a chair or box, I used the high step and you rdo an overhead press starting to the side and turning them at the top
Strip press#2 I used 17.5's 8 reps
Strip press #3 I used 15's 8 reps first time 10 reps second
Tricep Extension on stability ball this is lying prone on the ball and doing the tricep extensions, I used 12#' dumbbells and dud 14 reps the first time and 16 reps the second
3 ball extravaganza there are variations of this. Some are having their feet on one ball and hands on 2. some do it with just two balls for hands and some do it on the floor. I used my bosu for the 3rd ball and two med balls They do a push up between the two balls while balancing. I did 14 reps the first time and 12 the second.
Calahan press left leg then second time it is right leg That is just the leg on the bench, chair or high step. You do an overhead press and do a pec deck move I used 20's and did 10 reps the first time then 15's and did 13 reps the second time
Iron Man Kickback, for the life of me that one is not coming back to mind I used 12 # and did 14 reps the first time and 16 the second
Push up side arm balance with two med balls. You do a push up between then do a side arm balance with only one ball and return then do the others side I did 14 the first time and 12 the second
X2 circle fly, this is prone on the ball with arms in a y and you do arm circles 15 sec one way the 15 sec the other. I used 5# dumbbells the first time and 3's the second
3 ball dip, this is triceps dips with hands on two balls and the most difficult variation is with feet on a 3rd ball. I used the bosu for my feet.

Roselyn, I downloaded an P90x app to my iphone. I think it is .99 cents right now. It has P90X2 on it as well. You can download the tracker for Ab Ripper X and the fit test for free from the original P90X. I can time my workouts and put the weights and reps in. THey have a tracker where you can pay for workouts and tony demos the moves along with the tracker. I did not see that option for P90X2 yet though. But it does have the times and the exercises for free on P90X2. Just not the demo option. Not sure if I am making sense. Tony does these with an individual using tubing for an away from home option as well. For balls he says you can use med balls or a basket ball will do.
That is sad about the guy having a heart attack shoveling snow. Last year I did it myself because my husband was in Afghanistan. I have had grandchildren help. Now we are almost 2 hrs away so it is just us to do that sort of thing. I am a little older than my husband at 60 :) I kind of like shoveling snow, just not the cold. But if you have teenagers at home then they should be doing it.
Today was cardio and I chose Cardio Coach #4. I'm not a huge fan of this workout, but I wanted something that was around 45 minutes. This one fit the bill.

50 minutes total
5 minutes below zone
20 minutes in zone
25 minutes above zone
412 carlories burned
2.5 miles traveled

Roselyn - We also got snow, but not as much as you did. We probably got about 3-4". It is pretty, especially on the trees!


Today's workout was P90X2 Plyocide 54 minutes, 385 calories. I forgot that a large part of this one is warm up and foam roller and a long stretch that is really good using tubing and stuff to get a deeper stretch. The actual workout is about 34 minutes. I like it a lot though. I then did X train legs standing and ball and chair premix 39 min 175 calories. Total time today was 93 minutes and calories burned 560.
Plyocide goes like this
w/up twist with stability ball
squat with stability ball overhead
side stretch with stability ball
alternating back lunge with sall
atlas with ball
foam rolling 3 min
roller sphinx using the roller
worlds greatest stretch (runners lunge raising right arm then left alternating legs several times)
inch worm
Workout :)
5 rnds 1st exercise on each is non plyo
rnd 1wide leg tip toe squat
killer katherine lunge with med ball
fast feet chair jumps (in chair position fast feet and jumps when Tony calls it)
slalom line jump (forward and side to side jumps which they have tape on ther floor for) I use my puzzle mats for the lines
rnd 2 warrior 3 lunge
jack in the box knee tuck
think drill (follow as Tony makes the calls)
spartan squat lunge
rnd 3 super skater kick
depth charge step up on box(I use my high step) and jump off and and jump up then turn repeat other leg 1 minute)
frog burpee hop
1 leg slalom forward back side to side 30 sec on each leg
rnd 4 1 leg squat
power 90 cross hop hopping in an x pattern as Tony calls directions
wide leg jump press with medicine ball
launcher lunge with medicine ball
rnd 5 toe tap 360 med ball
flying fighter kick,( jump kick to front then back)
set, sprint, plank, plyo, jump as Tony calls it
Cool down 12 minutes

Debbie, nice work even if you don't care for that workout as much. Maybe you could put together a shorter version of some of your favorites?
Today was yoga and I chose the first workout from Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. You know, I would get such a better workout if my cats would just let me do my workout. Today Fuzz was attacking my feet everytime I was in Down Dog and Jillian has you do leg presses to the sky. Every time my foot went down and then up, Fuzz would jump on my sweats and dangle from the air hanging onto dear life. He did that over and over again. I was laughing so hard I couldn't do this part of the workout very well. He was biting my toes as well, all during the workout. Gross!

I guess they must think I'm playing when I'm doing this. It's so funny. But seriously, I'm not getting a great workout with their help. :) Oh well, I wouldn't trade that in for anything.

I'm not much into working out right now anyways. And I think next week will be an entire rest week since I'll be taking care of my mom for most of it.

Diane Sue - I do need to make up more CC mixes. I love the ones I've done so far.


Hi Everyone,

I've been away for a LONG while now...been keeping up with Cathe on FB and I did get very lax with my workouts...:-(
Started back last year with LOTS of walking, hiking, kayaking, biking, but now wanting to lift heavy and trying to get in some running. So far it's not a complete fail. It's hard so I thought I might find some support here. Right now I lift with my husband at the gym we go to and do his workout after my cardio on the TM.
Debbie do you still post rotations of what you do? Not dvd's, but weight work, seems like I got some stuff from you several years back and are you on FB?

Hope everyone is well and Charlotte I was just wondering about you the other day! Are you still checking in?

Hope you all have a great week!

Char - Thank you girl. I miss you too! I think about you often. You are so sweet to remember my birthday! I wish you'd start checking in here again. :(

Sandy - Good to see you again as well! No, I'm not lifting much anymore. I've injured my upper left part of my back, between the shoulder blade and spine. It is finally starting to feel much better. I will try and start lifting again slowly in the next few weeks, but I won't be lifting as heavy as I was. I've only been running and doing yoga for the last 6 months. I throw in a weight training workout every now and then, but then the pain starts up again. So as soon as I feel I can start lifting safely again, I will. I'm glad to see you back, hope you start checking in with us each day.

So I probably won't be on here much the next week. My mom's surgery is tomorrow and after that I will be with her to take care of her for a week until I have to go back to work. So my I will have a rest week and post an update on my mom when I can. Please say a prayer for her!


First of all Debbie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I am late. DH is off for a few days to celebrate our 40th and we were gone most of the day. I did get my workout in this morning though. I think that tomorrow will be a bigger calorie burn though from what I remember and have recorded on P90X2 Core. I am sure it will be tons more balancing.
I did P90X2 V sculpt, 53 minutes 254 calories. I then did Crossfire premix cardio blast and firewalker tabata, 27 minutes 214 calories. Total time was 80 min and calories burned 468. There was a lot of balance moves on V sculpt along with pull ups. I had to sub with foot on the floor and my vkr tower or use the Bowflex lat attachment. The balances were things like hand on one ball renegade row. Then there were renegade hammer curls and renegade bicep curls. I was all over the place and unsure of what I could do with the weights and the balance. I am sure I will do better next time.

Anne, that is great that your husband is working out with you some. I love that :D I love heavy weight work. I did Body Beast from Beach Body few months ago which was really good. I built some nice muscle. I added Cathe for cardio. This is my second time with P90X2 but I did a 3 weeks each phase rotation the first time and had some good cuts and definition. I think that it really helps with balance and alignment as I get older.

Charlotte, so good to see you post here. I miss your posts. :)

Debbie, I know that you can work out something on the CC. You are good at that :)

Roselyn, nice work. :) Next week I will work with the rotation somewhat and some more intense stuff. I am actually sort of wondering about putting P90X2 Yoga in this week but I do generally burn over 200 calories with it. I will do the cardio first though.
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Bummer Debbie, I hate hearing that. Hope you heal up soon and can get back into it...glad you didn't give up completely! I'm also sorry to hear about your mom! I will keep her in our prayers. Hope you had a HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

Hi Diane Sue! You are still going strong too, it wears me out reading your workouts...awesome!

I'll try to start posting again and checking in with you ladies! It's nice being back! Hope you all have a great week!
Happy Birthday, Debbie,

Today I did Les Mills Lower Body Lean Out and Cardio Leg Blast all blasts, core 1 and 100 hip thrusts, (one of your workouts Diane Sue);)


Knowing it's been a long time since I've checked in this forum but I feel a need to stop by every now and then. Will that be OK?

Char, I do hope you come back to this wonderful group, as Deb says. I miss you as well.

Deb, Left you a message. So sorry you and your Mom have to go through all of this. Get better and stay well. Oh, it would be great if you created something different from CC. I'm also doing cardio and yoga because of my tennis elbow that seems to not want to heal completely.

WD, Seeing you keep up with your workouts are so inspiring to me. Glad you are not having injuries. I'm battling tennis elbow for about 6-7 months now and hoping eventually it will heal. Happy 40th Anniversary! I'm considering putting balance in my routines as well. Will have to look into what is available out there. Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend everyone,



Today I did P90X 2 Core 56 minutes, 301 calories. I also did Cathe's Xtrain All Out Hiit Low impact. 39 minutes 337 calories. I also added to this and did the 100 rep challenge scarecrows 5 minutes 31 calories. I finished with cardio blast ready to sweat yoga 20 minutes 83 calories. Calories burned today were 752. Time spent was 2 hrs 2 minutes. I felt the need for some yoga and I tend to use that when throwing on a hair condition mask or something. The ready to sweat yoga is not too intense but does have mountain climbers and donkey kicks so I guess that is supposed to make me sweat.

Roselyn, nice workout choice:) I am still pulled on the yoga tomorrow. I did have a nice calorie burn today :) I
need to get something together to start next week. Today's core workout was pretty tough. Dreya rolls with a med ball,

Anne, well I workout hard still but I generally try to keep it under 90minutes.

Janey, I love that you are here :) If you want to check in once in awhile that would be great! I see that you check in in other areas so that is great. I had tennis elbow at one time. It takes some patience getting it to heal but it will. It is something that is not fun. I went to a doctor after tying and not getting it to heel. I kind of cut down on kickboxing workouts for awhile.
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Thank you all so much for the prayers.

My mom’s surgery went fantastic. She was in and out of the surgery in 3 hours, 2 hours recovery and was in her own room by 10 last night. They didn’t even start the surgery until 5 p.m. and we had to be there by 8:30 in the morning. Oh well, I"m so thankful she did so well. She is doing well, she is coherent and knows what is going on and who we are. She said her vision was better but she was so medicated that I doubt she really knows yet. The tumor was the size of an egg, can you believe that?

I’m going up there here in a few. Again, thank you so much for the prayers!

This is the best birthday present ever!

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