Fit Split Shred Cardio & Push Day Premixes


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Basic Premixes:
  1. Main Program (Pull Day instead of Push Day)
  2. Push Day First
  3. Push Day + Pull day

Timesaver Premixes:
  1. Just Shred Cardio (includes warm up & stretch)
  2. Just Push Day (includes warm up & stretch)
  3. Just Pull Day (includes warm up & stretch)
  4. Push Day Single Sets (includes warm up & stretch)
  5. Push Day -Two Sets (includes warm up & stretch)
  6. Shred Cardio – Only 6 Blast (includes warm up & stretch)

Scrambled Premixes
  1. Double Shred Cardio
  2. Double Shred Cardio + Push Day
  3. Double Shred Cardio + Pull Day
  4. Shred Cardio + Push Day + Pull Day
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I was thinking the same thing Elsie
Loving the scrambled premixes too !!!
And I hope the 6 blasts are with the step as shown or at least most of them
I love step blasts Lol ! I think I've said that before
By the way I was at a Salvation Army store near the Base and got a Step
For around 30 bucks still in the box !!! The box was a little beat up old faded looking, but the Step inside was brand new or at least looks it and never been used with 4 new looking bright pink and purple risers !!! Happy Dance!!!
Slowly collecting toys in BC Lol !

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