Finally found the perfect Step and interval training shoes

Hi ladies. I have owned Cathe tapes for years now and at one time was posting on this forum but it's been so long I cannot remember my username! Anyways just got back to being serious about working out and love Xtrain and the Low Impact series. I have needed new shoes forever and especially that somehow my old Ryka n-gage hi tops somehow got thrown out?!

Anyways I have ordered several pairs of new shoes trying to find the right one for high impact and step. I just thought I would share what I found since shoes are so important! Especially since my feet are all jacked up from Rheumatoid Arthritis. But that's for another post lol

1. Ryka Enhance. I did not like these at all. The toe box is huge! My old N-gage were so much better than these so I sent them back

2. Asics UpTempo. Felt so-so abut these. The lacing system is kind of weird and I didn't feel like the ball of the foot had a lot of cushion. Also felt flat footed in these so back they went!

3. Asics Gel Intensity 2 - WE HAVE A WINNER!!! These are terrific. I just used them today for TABATA and step. They have great lateral support and arch support and lots of cushion in the ball and heel area.

Just thought I would pass my info along in case it could help anyone as I have scoured these forums for shoe recommendations!!

Have a great day!


thanks for posting! I always struggle to find shoes with cushion AND lateral support. the shoe store people get so confused. will definitely check these out.


Me too. I need cushion but i dont need to much arch suport. I need lateral suport and cushion on ball of foot and my heel! I may try these. Thanks
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Great recommendation! I've been using Asics Gel for the last two years (I buy a new pair every 6 months) and I love them.:eek:


I have had several pairs of Asics Gels, and I do like them. I recently purchased a pair of Brooks running shoes for Cathe workouts and for cross training. So far, I am very pleased with their performance, support and comfort. :)


Welcome back, backpackingmom!

I have a pair of Asics Gel Intensity and agree, these are great. I had been searching for a good high-impact shoe and was happy with these. They did seem pretty cushy but then I got a pair of New Balance 877s and they were even more cushy. If you're super sensitive to high impact, you might want to try the NB. If not, then the Asics are great.

Hi girls! Me again. Just wanted to update you on the Asics Gel Intensity 2 shoes

1. Great lateral support, especially since the sides have less mesh and more leather-type material
2. Awesome ball and heel cushion especially for all the Xtrain HiiT work
3. Sizing is good. I always wear an 8 in Asics and these are true to size

Cons (there always has to be cons doesn't there?!)
1. Break in period - yes I feel I will need to break these in a little. Since the sides have very little mesh which helps with the lateral support, they are a little stiff
2. The edges of the tongue are stiff and I sometimes feel it when I am doing squats. I am hoping this is part of the break in period

Overall I am still pleased with them as I really need super cushioned and shock absorbing shoes since I have RA.

******I also bough RYKA ENDURES*****

I am trying them out today with Hard Strikes. These shoes remind me of my old N-Gage's. They fit ALOT better than the Enhance which I thought had a humongous toe box and not a lot of cushion. Got these for around $51 ! Not too bad considering the Asics Gel Intensity 2 cost $110. (yikes). If these Ryka Endures perform well I am ordering another pair at this price.

Hope this helps anyone looking for shoes!

Have a great day!


I found them on amazon a couple of weeks ago for $89.99. I ordered them based on everyone's glowing recommendations, and I love them. I agree that there is a break in period - they are a bit stiff, especially around the ankles, but nothing that adjusting the laces won't fix.


In my ongoing quest for a deal, I found them on

Also, when you sign up for E-mail with them they send savings codes now and then. I recieved a 25% off code. Unfortunately, Asics won't allow the code. but I did use it on a pair of New Balance and a pair of Reeboks.
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******I also bough RYKA ENDURES*****

I am trying them out today with Hard Strikes.
Just curious as to how these worked for you. I've been using an old (OLD!) pair of asics running shoes and finally decided it was time to get some better shoes. My DSW didn't have the ryka transpires that Cathe and crew wore but I tried the Devotions and they seemed pretty good. Used them for hard strikes today and my feet were killing me (not the arches, more like the forefoot/balls of my feet). I took them off the last 5 min of the cardio it was so bad. I'm trying to avoid spending $100 on shoes but might have to try those asics out if I can't find anything else.

thanks in advance!


I can tell you that I have wasted more money on Ryka's over the past few years. In my opinion, they just do not make a good sneaker for high impact anymore. The quality has also gone down hill.

Any of the Asics gel models work really well. I have several different pairs and I love them all. I know they are much more expensive, but it makes a high difference.


So far i like asics and brooks. I tried gravity defyers and all kinds so far only asics and brooks. I loved brooks defyance 5 but i want less mesh in the sides. Brooks has to much mesh for lateral movements but i use them for step aand jogging. I wish brokks made a crosstrainer!


I bought some Asics Gel, and I love the fit, support, and cushion. The ONLY complaint I have is they are very 'grippy' when I workout on carpet. Mine are running shoes, so they are made for gripping the road. I get that. But when I do any kind of a workout where you need to pivot or move easily, they prevent that. Just a warning for carpeted workout rooms.


Thanks for the shoe-share!

It is funny that you said you joined a while back and forgot your passwords/and or email that go with them!!!

I did the same thing back in 2004 when I first found Cathe's workouts...I joined then but had dropped that email and then I know I joined at least one other time and forgot what email I used then too!!! So there are ghost members who are really me on Cathe's member rolls. I finally joined again in 2011 and this time I have been somewhat faithful!

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