Endurance rotation using some premixes - Advanced

I finally had time to do up an endurance rotation. This rotation has some very high impact cardio workouts in it, so listen to your body. I think it will be a fun one. I've included some premixed workouts as well. Also, I encourage you to do some yoga workouts in the evenings or when you have a spare 1/2 hour to 1 hour. It really helps us keep our muscles flexible and decreases our chances of injury. Here is the rotation:

Day 1: Low Max (70 min.)
Day 2: Power Hour (55 min.)
Day 3: IMAX 3 (60 min.)
Day 4: Step, Jump & Pump Step & Weights premix (46 min.); Coremax #3 (20 min.)
Day 5: Kickmax - Low Impact Kickbox premix (58 min.)
Day 6: Legs & Glutes Extreme premix (67 min.)
Day 7: Rest

Day 1: Step Blast (55 min.); one ab workout from Ab Hits (7-10 min.)
Day 2: Muscle Endurance (65 min.)
Day 3: Step Fit (71 min.)
Day 4: IMAX Xtreme (70 min.)
Day 5: Kick, Punch & Crunch (68 min.)
Day 6: Super Sets Lower Body Blast (33 min.); Stability Ball Work from Pyramid Lower Body (approx. 15 min.); CoreMax #2 (20 min.)
Day 7: Rest

Day 1: Rhythmic Step (60 min.); one ab workout from Ab Hits (7-10 min.)
Day 2: Muscle Max (72 min.)
Day 3: IMAX 2 (55 min.)
Day 4: High Step Challenge (68 min.)
Day 5: Cardio Kicks (60 min.); Step, Jump & Pump abs (7 min.
Day 6: Pyramid Lower Body Up Only premix (40 min.); Bootcamp Lower Body Only premix (10 min.); Stretch Max #2
Day 7: Rest

Day 1: Power Max (64 min.)
Day 2: Maximum Intensity Strength (74 min.)
Day 3: Step Blast Combo 2, 3 & Challenge premix (45 min.); Coremax #1 (20 min.)
Day 4: Viper (80 min.)
Day 5: Kickmax Kickbox/Bootcamp Challenge premix (50 min.); Bootcamp core only premix (10 min.)
Day 6: Low Max 1-4 premix (45 min.); Muscle Max Lower Body only premix (23 min.)
Day 7: Rest



ALRIGHT! Now we're talking some serious endurance training here w/ unique variety! This is just what I needed! Thank you soo much for taking the time to put this together! You are MY official rotation guru ;-)



This may have to be my December rotation...looks like a good fat burner for sure. I may alternate each week of this rotation with a strength week...hmmmm.....thanks a lot!


Hi Debbie, thank you for taking the time to do this. It's great!

Mariángeles a spanish terminator,TAEBO and Turbo Jam junkie.


This looks great I am excited to try this. Can you or anyone give me a sub for kickmax premix and kickmax/bc callange premix? Thanks!



Hey Deb...the rotation looks great! I just wanted to mention a combo of Cathe's I've been using for upper body. I'm doing one body part per day. I paired up Slow&Heavy using a 4-4 count instead of the count Cathe uses, then I do that same body part from CTX....talk about feeling the burn during CTX! A few body parts I couldnt complete the sets b/c I'm still not in the best of shape after I had taken a workout hiatus, so I'm going to be incorporating this combo again sometime soon.

Hi Stacy,
I've done that combo as well, but I did the six counts that Cathe does on the S&H workouts. Its weird to go from the slow count to the faster paced/endurance type workout but it really gives you a great burn.


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This looks like an amazing rotation. I have a lot of Cathe's DVDs, but also took advantage of buying alot on her VHS blowout, incl. Legs & Glutes. So, here's my question....you mention a Legs & Glutes Extreme premix. I am assuming this is an option only available on the DVD version. Could you briefly describe what it entails? (Additional reps, sets?).




L&G Xtreme

Hi Ann,

This is indeed an amazing rotation! You will get results ;-)

Here's the L&G Xtreme outline:

Leg and Glutes Xtreme:

Leg press on high step
Hover squats
Rear lunges
plie squats
Rear lunges
plie squats (varied tempo)
drop squats on high step
explosive plie squats w/ curtsey
calf raises
one legged dead lifts
plie squats (traditional)
sculpting drills on high step
explosive lunges
Do All Over Again!! Twice through.

Outer thigh leg press on high step w/ ankle weights
calf raises w/ ankle weights
standing leg extensions w/ ankle weights
standing outer thigh leg lifts
Do this section All Over Again!!


Any suggestions on the yoga workouts? Would love some good DVD's. I have Kathy Smith set on VHS but have never done it. What do you workout to?

Try Bryan Kest, he is awesome! He has a Power Yoga DVD that has three workouts on it, Energize, Tone and Sweat. They are all awesome. I also love Karen Voight's YogaSculpt and Yoga Focus.


> Try Bryan Kest, he is awesome! He has a Power Yoga DVD that
>has three workouts on it, Energize, Tone and Sweat. They are
>all awesome. I also love Karen Voight's YogaSculpt and Yoga
Wow. This is going to be my January rotation.
I finally own all these DVD.s
Thanks so much for the "New Years" present.


This is a great rotation, I will definitely be using this. Thank you! I wanted to ask your opinion (I am new to this website and the forum-as well as the Cathe workouts). Do you do strength training at all during this rotation? I like the high intensity endurance workouts you have here and also would like to do strength training because I really need to build muscle. Do you think it'd be alright to workout each muscle group once per week with this rotation? If not, is it alright to take that long of a break from doing any strength work at all?

Thanks so much for your time and advice!!!



I really like this rotation and would like to maybe do it in Jan. But on week 4, I only have Step Blast and Low Max. Any suggestions for substitutions? Esp. for Viper!! Plus how does it effect your body, working out with weights for upper body only once a week? Will I lose definition? Thanks Deanie:)
PS- What is Imax Xtreme?
Well, its kind of hard doing both strength training and endurance together. If you are looking to lose fat, this is the rotation to do. If you are looking to add muscle, follow one of the rotations I did not too long ago. One is entitled "One body part a week" rotation and the other one is called "Another Strength Training Rotation". You cannot lose fat and gain muscle at the same time unless you are genetically gifted.

I included workouts for weight training with Power Hour and Maximum Intensity Strength and others like that with this rotation. Although they will not "build" muscle, they will tone you up really well and make your muscles more defined.
I don't know what substitions to give you for workouts you don't have. I specifically made this one up to use some of the premixes Cathe does. And no, you won't lose definition working your upper body once a week. With the interval workouts I've included, you also work your upper body so technically you are working your upper body twice a week.

IMAX Xtreme is on the DVD with the Viper and Terminator.


Thank you Debbie. I need to lose fat and also get muscle definition. So would you recommend me doing an endurance rotation one month and strength training the next? Or, should I stick to the endurance rotation until I have lost all that fat I need to?

Sorry for all the questions! ; ) Thanks again.



Oh!:( I'm bummed. Well, I am getting Kickmax with my gift card(have to wait till 12/24 to use)& I'll have to get a few more dvds. I printed out this rotation anyway and when I have the right dvd's I will try it. I would like to use the premixes more and I never know when to do it. Thanks for the rotation:) Deanie:)
PS That Imax xtreme, viper and terminator dvd looks scary!!:)
I would suggest doing endurance until you reach your goal of where you want to be. Then start strength training. I am down to my goal of 15% body fat and got there around July of this year. I started really increasing the weights and using S&H and GS workouts. I did that until November and really added some good muscle tone. I'm doing endurance for a few months now because my body needs a break from all the weight lifting.

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