December 2010 rotation Check in


Morning everyone,

Starting a thread for the december 2010 rotation.

It just so happens I started this on Sunday and didn't realize it. I was doing the new workouts and they happen to be in the same order as what Cathe put them in.

Let me tell you doing STS TB, Intensity and LBB back to back to back, my legs were feeling it. today is actually the first day I don't feel my legs. The hamstrings/butt area were the main DOMS areas.

yesterday I did Powerstrike 6 for the kickboxing workout and this morning (I don't run) so I got on my spinning bike and did a 50 endurance spin workout.

Not sure about Friday. I am thinking of doing another cardio or splitting up High Reps and do upper body tomorrow and Lower body on Saturday.

So I plan on starting week two on Monday.

Hi Rhonda.

Thanks for starting this check in thread! Hopefully others will join us!

I started the rotation yesterday. I have DOMS in my lower body from doing STS so INTENSITY was extra special fun this morning! ;) Tomorrow is LOWER BODY BLAST...I may need a wheel chair to get around come Saturday morning! :eek::p

That's so cool that you were doing the rotation without even realizing it. That means you think like Cathe and we all know that is GREAT thing! :)

I will likely throw in a few modifications to this rotation. I am probably going to do an Insanity w/o in place of the running and may be using Kimberly Spreen for most of the kick boxing. She is a recent discovery of mine so every time I want to do k/b right now I am doing one of her work outs. I love her style and she is doing amazing things for my core/obliques!:D

Guess that's all for now. I'll pop back in later to see if anyone else decided to join in!
Hey girls! I'll be starting this on Sunday. I was planning on starting tomorrow (Fri), but after looking at my LIFE calendar it just works/fits better starting it Sunday. I've printed up my monthly calendar and worked the rotation in pretty much as-written. A few double workouts on days when I have races or running events scheduled (for instance, I run every Saturday morning with my running group, so I'll do the run AND whatever's on tap that day).

I've played with ALL but STS TB....I can't wait to do that one.

I'm not sure how much/often I'll actually POST here, just because I kind of limit my PC time so I actually get stuff done around the house, but I'm on FB DAILY if you'd like to join my list of friends. (Wendy, I believe I already have you there, lol. Rhonda, not sure if I have you there yet.)

Anyway....REST DAY today then a run or other cardio tomorrow plus core. Saturday is my weekly run with my group and then I START SUNDAY!!!!
Morning Wendy and Gayle,

This morning I did another spinning workout. Left High Reps for Saturday. Figured I probably need a bit more energy for that workout so tomorrow will be High Reps, the only workout I haven't done yet.

Wendy - glad I am not the only one doing a few modifications.

Hope you have a good weekend. I am usually not on the forums on the weekends as I am on a computer 8-10 hours a day and just need to rest my eyes from it.

Good Morning.

Gayle, Glad you will be joining us. If I don't see you here, we'll have to touch base on FB during the course of the rotation.

Rhonda, I took spin class once a week for a few months at one time. It's a killer work out. Good job!

Today was Lower Body Blast for me. I overslept so I had to nixx the floor work but I made up for it w/heavier weights. WOW! I am gonna be hurtin' tmrw! :eek: I also added on standing, weighted oblique work from a kickbox work out I have. I have been doing abs 5 days per week for the last 6 weeks+ and I am loving the results so I'm not stopping now!:)

Ok, that's all for now!

Hey girls.

Wendy, really....abs 5 days/week? Tell me more. I HATE working abs, but I am DEDICATED to making 2011 The Year of Gayle's Ab Reveal! LOL

After yesterday's rest day, I was FIRED up this morning and was soooooooo tempted to do STS TB....but again, my calendar kept me from doing so. I ended up doing an awesome iTread workout, the p/u from GS Chest (I varied the TYPE of push ups....the set of 16 was decline p/u, the 14 were regular on toes, the 12 were elevated, and repeat as the sets went down), and stability ball abs from B&G. Tomorrow I have a 9mile long run planned w my running group then SUNDAY...SUUUUNDAY is MY official start of this rotation.

I haven't tried the extra leg work on the LBB (the segment using the bar or chair).

ANYWAY....sorry to ramble...the endorphins are flying around here! :)

I have some other goals I want to achieve during this Dec 2010 rotation...I'll share them with you this weekend. I need accountability, ya know! ;)
Wendy, really....abs 5 days/week? Tell me more. I HATE working abs, but I am DEDICATED to making 2011 The Year of Gayle's Ab Reveal! LOL

I know how you feel Gayle. I was never a lover of ab work either and so I would conveniently "forget" to work abs or blow it off for time or whatever excuse I could come up with! :p Doing them every day enables me to hit them quickly if I so choose to w/o feeling guilty for it and it also keeps them at the forefront so they don't slip my mind. I try to alternate my focus between oblique/standing work and regular floor work. Recently I have also thrown planks into the mix. I pick one of the three to focus on every day. Now that I am doing Cathe's rotation that includes ab work a few times a week, I do whatever the rotation calls for and I will just fill in the other days with the standing work or planks. I realized how great daily ab work is for me while using the Slim Series. Debbie works abs daily in that routine and I really noticed a big difference in definition when I did it. HTH! :)
Thanks....I just might try this. I'm thinking that this rotation plus my running looks a lot like freestyle training for the LB, and with your ab thoughts it might be the same for ab work. Does that make sense?

Thanks....I just might try this. I'm thinking that this rotation plus my running looks a lot like freestyle training for the LB, and with your ab thoughts it might be the same for ab work. Does that make sense?


Yup! It makes perfect sense! I am seeing increased definition and my stomach is flattening out. The dreaded lower ab "pooch" as they call it, has definitely decreased in size since training my abs this way. :D
Good Morning Girls.

Well, to my surprise, I am experiencing NO DOMS from LBB y'day! :eek: I was sooo worried I'd be in major pain but nope. Not at all! :D

Today calls for KPC on the rotation but I'll be subbing in a different k/b work out. It will either be Kimberly Spreen's Kickbox Boot Camp OR the new one I just got in the mail last night - Rapid Fire Kick, Box and Core Burn by Susan Chung. Decisions Decisions! ;) I will also be trying the new Jillian Michaels ab dvd I just got called 6 week 6 pack. The dvd has 2 different 30 minute abs/core/cardio circuits on them. They look great! I want to try to add one on to one weekend work out from now on. Fingers crossed that it's doable!

Off to get my 2nd cup of java! Have a great weekend ladies!
I'll be joining you this Dec rotation

Hi ladies, I'll be joining you for this rotation. I've never really finish a whole cathe rotation,i mean i've done them b4 but not completing it to the "T":rolleyes:
Im excited to do this,usually I do spinning on mondays, so other than that I'll got all the dvds except STS Total body which I'll be getting this month sometime.

Look forward to working out with you all!

Welcome to the December Rotation Check In Terri! No worries. You are not alone. I've been working out with Cathe for probably about 6 years now and can count on one hand how many of her rotations I've done. :eek: I love her work outs but stink at following rotations so don't feel bad! :)

So I had a lot to do y'day and my work out got pushed to the end of the list. I got one in but did not have the time to do what I had originally intended. I ended up doing about 30 minutes of a new kb dvd I got in the mail the other day along with the ab work that went with it.

The rotation calls for a run for me today but since I haven't run in over a year I'll be doing an Insanity work out instead! Have a lot on my plate again today but Shaun is quite good at exhausting you in short time so it should be okay! ;)
Welcome aboard, Teri! Like you and Wendy, I've done very few Cathe rotations, and the ones I started just never finished. THIS ONE, however, I'm committed to doing. It's perfectly timed for me, as I want to use December to totally change up what I've been working on and what I'll be working on starting in January. So.........................I will NEED ACCOUNTABILITY when I start to think about changing up this rotation! :D

So, Wendy, I'm gonna ask for some input on this abs-5-times-a-week thing. I did STS TB today with that ab work....what would YOU do tomorrow, looking at the rotation? I'd like to play with it like you do.....obliques one day, floor work upper ab concentration another, overall core/planks the next, etc. So...teach me. ;)

STS TB today for the first time. I should have previewed it, I admit; I learned the same thing with LBB too. I like having a mental picture of what's coming next, plan ahead where my equipment is, etc. And...I admit I didn't think I was going to like it simply because I haven't done total body weight work in AGES. I mean A-G-E-S!!!!!!!! got me good. I did a tri-set, thinking this is the hardest, then we'd move past the killer bonus burn and then I'd think THIS tri-set is the hardest. Push ups on my knees? I haven't had to do that in a long time, but I did today! LOL It was great, and although I felt it worked LB more than anything else just because there were more tri-sets for LB, I felt WORKED and was really sweating! I think I'm gonna learn to love this one!
I'm in too

There are days that I cannot do the entire workout but I know I can commit to do something everyday with all the pre-mix options.

I am beginning my New Years life style clean up early. My husband and I are going try to migrate toward eating more of a Mediteranean Diet.

I began today and did the premix without the power bursts. Tomorrow I will do an Intensity workout. Tuesday I have late meetings at work so that will be an off day.

Rhonda: Thanks for starting this check in.


Rhonda (aka Lemoncustard)

Quickie check in for me. I just now finished my work out. :eek: I don't know why but this weekend just seemed packed for me and the work outs were the last thing to get done. :rolleyes: Consequently (and unfortunately) they suffered for it but what can ya do? You can't go full throttle ALL the time, right? Even though we secretly want to!!!!! lol

I was supposed to do an Insanity work out in place of the run that the rotation calls for but by the time I got around to doing anything I was exahausted from my day AND I have major core DOMS from y'day's work out! Between those two things, Shaun was not happening. Sorry! :p That being said, I decided to go in the short n sweet direction today w/ Step and Intervals and then added on the superman/plank segment from S&H.

Gayle, I looked back at what I did and since day 1 of the rotation w/STS TB was an overall ab focus on the floor, on day 2 of the rotatation I did planks/supermans. On day 3 I did standing oblique work. Day 4 (y'day) was seated abs with an all over focus again and then ofcourse today was superman/plank day! HTH! :)

Rhonda/LemonCustard, Welcome to the check-in! :D

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Hey Rhonda.....let's have fun this month, shall we?

That DOES help, Wendy, thanks! I want core DOMS too! ;)
Monday 12/6

Good Morning Ladies.

I couldn't do it this morning. I reset my alarm and rolled over. JUST.TOO.TIRED. and ya know what? I FEEL NO GUILT AT ALL! :) I technically have 6 work outs in b/c I did a cardio work out the day before I started this rotation so :p. lol Tomorrow I will do High Reps and Wednesday will be the start of week 2 with....*drum roll please*.....INTENSITY! :D

Gayle:: No problem and good luck! If you stick with it I think you will be pleased! :)

Hope everyone has a good Monday! I'll pop back in later to see what everyone is up to!
Sounds like you're right on task with the rotation, Wendy. Great job!!! I've jotted down the ab work you noted and will keep ya posted. Thanks again.

INTENSITY, coming right up. Day 2. Hammies and shoulders are sore from STS TB yesterday. I need quad and core DOMS soon! ;)
Morning everyone,
Glad to see a couple others have joined. Welcome aboard.

Today was the start of week two and I did intensity. The step portion I modified for me. I am not one to jump up and down from the step so I did those jumps on the floor, the richochets I just do a knee repeater. The step Imax, and both HIIT portions I did as is. Still tough and doing it at 4am I think was even tougher. hard to get moving at this time of day and being so cold out the body just wanted to stay in bed where it was warm : )

This weekend I had planned on doing high reps on Sat but just couldn't get downstairs and motivated so I used it as my rest day. Sunday I did a great hill routine on the treadmill, it was tough and I barely made it through but it felt good when I got done.

I am not good at following rotations. The only one that I have really done was STS doing Meso 2 and 3. I followed this for 8 weeks and was proud of myself. Not sure if I could do it again or not.

Tomorrow is STS TB which I enjoy so it should be a good workout.


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